Shamanic Soul Journey

  • Casa Magica Casa Magica
  • Cusco, Peru
  • Apr 6, 2018 - Apr 14, 2018 (9 days)
  • $2800

About us

Our Peru Ayahuasca retreat came in Number 1 as an ‘Event Not To Miss for 2018’ in LA YOGA MAGAZINE. Check retreat media coverage on the website!

Are you a visionary, leader, entrepreneur, holistic practitioner, business person, or simply a human looking to elevate your life in a way that will create massive transformation? Do you want to heal deeply, open your intuition, awaken to new gifts, connect with your essence, strengthen your purpose on this planet in a way you never have before? Do you want to create new opportunities, better relationships in and abundance your life?

Then join us on our next Soul Journey! This is a unique sacred medicine journey to Peru. On this journey we work on activating you to your highest life force energy and align and heal your life in the aspects that matter the most: spirituality, relationships, life purpose, health, family, career, finances, business, intuition, creativity, and contribution. You will experience profound life altering ceremonies guided by powerful shamans and spiritual healers from the Quechwa and Queros traditions. It’s time to rise up and above the mediocrity of these times and imprint a new vibration that raises the individual and the collective. This journey does just that. It is designed for creators who see possibilities in their lives and the world. 

Whom have we helped?
We attract a mixed group of entrepreneurs, business people, techies, artists, actors, holistic practitioners, designers, homemakers, yoga teachers, non-profit leaders, and any one who is truly interested in healing their life, reaching their highest potential, and exploring higher states of consciousness.

This is one of the best retreats of its kind, we combine four trips in one with the Quantum healing and activation work, shamanic journeys and six medicine ceremonies, cultural immersion, with land activations and hikes in sacred caves and locations. We spare no cost in working with the best shamans, best medicine, high quality organic food, a chef, high vibration centers, excellent accommodations, transportation and so much more. This includes trains, buses, hotels, food, entrance tickets, guides, shamans and so forth. 

We have many additional excursions and events that are usually not added on similar trips to add value to your experience. You will be transforming on a very deep level and that is difficult to explain in words, we have tried to capture the experience with the photos you see here. Most people physiologically change, look younger and healthier. This journey also has a direct affect on business, career, abundance as it literally creates new opportunities in your life as you raise your vibration to meet them. You will also improve in many other areas of life including relationships, self awareness, health, fitness, finances, creativity, and intuition. Basically a new and more powerful and connected you that sees and manifests life differently will emerge.   

Myself and the team of shamans look forward to going with you on this sacred journey as we collectively improve ourselves and the world.

I feel as I have given birth to a new reality. The way I sense myself has changed completely. Everything seems to be clear, I am at peace with everything. I do not have the same patterns or triggers any more. I have never felt myself so full of joy, yet grounded. But most importantly – I have deep knowing of myself, deep knowing of my Soul, deep love of my Soul. It is such a sweet feeling to finally capture the essence of my beloved Soul – it is the deep feeling of love with certain qualities that have always been so close and familiar to me, yet I have never been able to look so deeply into my Soul before. Everything really starts from knowing Thyself.

Event Highlights

  • Why choose our journey?
  • Deep healing and activation work, we work with individuals who are serious about reaching accelerated consciousness through spiritual healing and shamanic journeys.
  • The Ayahuasca, San Pedro and Kambo medicine we use is pure and safe, prepared by master shamans
  • The shaman team is experienced and fun to work with. We have male and female shamans to balance the energies and bring both perspectives, some of the shamans are fluent in English
  • Excellent accommodations provided, optional laundry service available
  • Our sanctuary is in the perfect natural setting setting in the Andean mountains
  • Healthy delicious organic food grown on the premises that is aligned with the Ayahuasca diet, private Peruvian chef
  • Andean Sweat lodge shamanic ceremony offered to rid the body of all the toxins and to cleanse and purify
  • Fire circle to meditate, discuss, share, and just relax
  • Healing and consciousness acceleration activation work encompassing spiritual awakening, relationships, money and business, health, awakening intuition, inner child healing, future self, life design, and integration.
  • Unique Activities
  • – Cultural immersions
  • – Mountain walks and hikes
  • – Nature and cave activations
  • Special locations we visit
  • – Temple of the divine mother, receive activation
  • – The Inca temple of love where the high priest of Incas married couples on two chairs carved in the stone rock.
  • – Shamanic markets with special crystals, shamanic talismans and amulets, hand made scarves, lama ponchos, etc.


  • Towels
  • Coffee/Tea


Trips to local markets
Visit to Inca Sacred Sites
Sound healing ceremonies
Delicious organic meals with Peruvian chef
Ayahuasca Ceremonies
San Pedro Ceremonies
Despacho Ceremony
Trip to Pisac Botanical Garden
Sweat lodge Ceremony (Temazcal)
Spiritual healing and Meditations
Activations with Yazan

Our journey is with the sacred medicine; Mother Ayahuasca, Wachuma (San Pedro) and Kambo. It is a journey of creation and manifestation. If you are a visionary, conscious entrepreneur or business person, coach, healer, social leader, or have a deep longing desire to reach an even deeper and higher level of life vibration, then this journey is for you.
What makes this journey unique:

Powerful medicine ceremonies with Mother Ayahuasca the Sacred Feminine and Wachuma the Sacred Masculine, and an optional ceremony with Kambo medicine.

A combination of advanced spiritual, shamanic and personal development work
Queros and Inca tribal shamansFocus on opening your intuition
Family and ancestral healing
Money, abundance, and prosperity deep work
Nature walks and activations in ancient Inca caves, wombs, and dimensional portals
Awakening / Deepening you Purpose
Heart opening
Love and forgiveness
Surrender, gratitude, and faith

Day 1 – Arrival Cusco.
Private transfer from Cusco airport to Sacred Center.
Check in get acquainted and relax!
Begin a once in a Lifetime transformational journey.
Group briefing with the Shamans.
Brief preparation guidelines for San Pedro ceremony.

Day 2 – San Pedro Ceremony ‘ Teacher Plant’
1st San Pedro journey – Reaching higher states of truth and consciousness.
Connecting you to the planet, cosmos and your higher self.
Shaman’s spiritual cleansing ritual smudging for purification and blessings.
Enjoy the evening fire

Day 3 – San Pedro Ceremony ‘ Teacher Plant’
2nd San Pedro journey – Reaching higher states of truth and consciousness.
Connecting you to the planet, cosmos and your higher self.
Shaman’s spiritual cleansing ritual smudging for purification and blessings.
Enjoy the evening fire

Day 4- Sacred Valley Tour – Pisac Market – Night Ayahuasca Ceremony
Early morning departure from Mountain House.
Travel through the majestic Sacred Valley
Visiting Pisac a picturesque Andean Inka village with colorful outdoor indigenous artesian markets.
Brief preparation guidelines for Ayahuasca ceremony.
Experience the mystery, exploring the Master Plant entering into higher worlds of dimensions.
Overnight Ayahuasca ceremony

Day 5 – Mother Earth Ceremony – Ayahuasca Ceremony
Offering to Mother Earth spiritual ceremony.
For participants to express gratitude to Mother Earth for everything that has brought them to this point and brings them into alignment with their personal intent for the future.
Afternoon guided tour exploring the sacred sites

Overnight Ayahuasca ceremony

Day 6 – Temazcal (Sweat lodge) Journey with the Shamans – Kambo Ceremony

Afternoon guided tour exploring the sacred sites

Day 7 – Mountain caves hike, Activations, Personal Development work

Day 8 – Final San Pedro Ceremony (Huachuma)
3rd Final San Pedro journey.
San Pedro the sacred teacher a doorway to expanding consciousness.
Reflection on previous ceremonies.Evening fire.
Over night at Mountain House and dinner

Day 9- Departure Day.
Adios Amigos! Go home with a lifetime of incredible memories and transformed to another level of being.

Please note we will cover all the activities listed above but not necessarily in that order as the itinerary changes.

Menu Types

  • Vegan
  • Vegetarian
  • Organic
  • Dairy Free


We have a Peruvian chef that specializes in Mouth watering vegan and vegetarian soups, salads, and hearty dishes to give you the energy you need during the retreat.


You will be picked up a Cusco Airport in Peru. The center is an hour away. You just need to get to Cusco, Peru!

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Our Peru Sacred Center, join us for a week of deep life transformation, April 7-14!

Posted by Yazan Rah on Thursday, February 1, 2018

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Shamanic Soul Journey

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