Chakra And Kundalini Activation Retreat Bali

  • Bali
  • May 28 - Jun 4, 2018 (8 days)
  • $2999

About us

Chakra & Kundalini Activation Retreat
Bali, Indonesia
May 28 - June 4th

We have put together a program covering the three essential areas you need to work on for your spiritual growth and developing supernatural abilities. Namely:

1) Energy Cultivation: One of the few proven effective  methods to increase your energetic potential and psychic energy.

2) Meditation: The different states of consciousness: get to know, access and use them.

3) Practical Applications: If you don't learn how to use your innate abilities, you don't have much use for them.

Here is an overview of what to expect during these 7 days:

The program starts with a personal ritual for each student, during which your chakras will be activated.

This will allow you to absorb more spiritual energy and will speed up your evolution.

This is crucial for later on in the training where you will be testing your spiritual powers and will have direct experience with some amazing phenomena.

During the course your chakras will be cleaned several times. You will also be tought how you can keep them cleanse them yourself. Most techniques tought in the West for this are TOTAL nonsense.

It is important to keep the chakras clean because clean chakras can absorb pure, clean energy. With dirty chakras that is more difficult.

This will protect you from negative influences and black magic.

Cleaning the energetic body: this will make it easier for you to establish contact with the astral dimensions and will also make you more calm inside.

Cleaning the aura: here your energy field or aura is purified of negative energies. This also forms an energetic protection.

Activating Kundalini

You will be taught 10 physical movements, combined with a special breathing method, that will take your psychic energy to whole other levels. They will help you activate your kundalini safely and gradually.


This is an important key in awakening your paranormal abilities and is known by few. Without a higher energy level it is impossible to activate higher supernatural powers.


There is so much wrong information about this, yet it is crucial for bringing your spiritual evolution to its highest levels.


You will also be taught several powerful breathing techniques to increase the levels of your spiritual energy dramatically.


We will also tell you what exercise to do at what time of the day. It is a very well kept secret among spiritual masters that the energy is not equal at different times of the day.


There are certain moments during which specific energetic exercises are more effective than others. If you know these times, you can adjust your spiritual training to it. This way you are training in the most effective way. 

Energy Cultivation

Once you know the breathing techniques to increase your spiritual energy, you will discover how you can absorb this energy from different natural sources, like water, the sun, the moon, stars, the ground, plants and flowers.

These are the purest sources of energy and because their purity also the strongest.

You need energy. It is the fuel for your spiritual evolution, the healings that you do and the psychic powers you want to develop.

The increased energy levels are also necessary in order to give you the mental power that you need when you want to reach higher states of consciousness during your meditation.

This brings me to the second subject that will be playing a central role during these 7 days...

Subject II : Meditation

You will be taught a meditation method that integrates smoothly with the other subjects of this training and which is focused on stimulating your spiritual growth.

You will discover how to use this meditation to balance your energies. This is extremely important if you are doing any sort of energy work.

During this part of the training program you will receive the key to train your consciousness and deepen your state of consciousness systematically. Discover the deepest levels of your mind and increase your mind power.

We will be practicing these meditation methods on several locations with a high energy as well as in a couple extraordinary temples.

Subject III : Practical Applications

Special Abilities: Activating Supernatural Powers

Most courses are just theoretical. During this spiritual training in Bali, there will be a STRONG emphasis on the practical side.

Lets be honest, what is the use of studying all this if you can't apply it practically?

Discover how you can charge objects with a specific intent. You can use this for example to transfer healing energy or feelings of love to someone. The possible applications are endless and we will be discussing these in Bali.

We will also reveal a special technique to you which you can use to transfer certain things to a person as soon as he drinks or eats it.

You will be taught how to charge water with energy. This can be used in your healing for instance, or you can use is to neutralize black magic.

You will be introduced to techniques to protect yourself from people wanting to influence you. You are guaranteed to hear some amazing real life applications.

Increase your charisma, so people like being around you and become more compliant.

Discover what to do against black magic and also how to protect yourself and others against it. More than in the West, black magic is a true reality in Asia.

Revealed to you is also a special technique to neutralize the energy of an area. This causes people to enjoy going to that area and is ideal for a shop, office or practice. You can use this to draw more costumers to you.

A method to protect your house, shop or business. This will keep people with negative intentions and evil spirits away.

Discover how to use your energy to protect yourself against attackers or wild animals... without any physical contact.


You will be taught several healing methods. This too is a practical application.

For energy healing you need energy. This energy, you will already have learned how to collect during your training.

The stronger your energy, the stronger the effect of your healing.

You will be presented with one of the most complete methods for energetic healing that I saw, and I saw a lot of them.

Event Highlights

  • Learn the secrets of:
  • - energy cultivation: the cultivation of the life force itself, to increase your energetic potential which fills the dan tien and stimulates the kundalini to rise safely.
  • - meditation: different techniques will be taught so you can find one that fits you personally
  • - practical applications (siddhis): learn how to apply all of this in the real world through energy healing, energetic cleansing of an area, magic, telepathy and more...

Venue Highlights

The hotel is a simple, clean and practical hotel. Very close to the beach. Most of the time you will be outside.


  • Air Conditioning in Rooms
  • Free Wifi
  • Spa
  • Pool
  • Towels
  • Tour Assistance
  • Cafe
  • Restaurant
  • House-Keeping


We start the retreat with an energy cleansing to clean your energy body before taking in new energy.
Then we gradually build up the intensity of the retreat.

You will learn very, very effective breathing methods in complete detail. They are the secret to building your energetic potential and filling the dan tien, ultimately giving you access to supernatural abilities.

There will be energy cultivation training, lessons and meditation in the morning, afternoon and sometimes at night. With time to relax or take notes in between.

It is a pretty intense retreat.

Menu Types

  • Vegan
  • Vegetarian
  • Includes Meat


You will be experiencing the local kitchen.
At the same time, just let us know your meal preferences and we will do what we can to accommodate you.


You will get your separate room with private bathroom and hot shower.
Couples can get a shared room.


Take a flight to Denpasar, (DPS), Bali Indonesia.
Once you arrive at the airport someone will be there to pick you up to bring you to the hotel.
You can book extra days before or after the retreat at a very affordable rate. Just let us know. We do advise people that are flying in form outside Asia, to arrive 2-3 full days in advance in order to adjust to the time difference and climate.

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