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At “El paraíso de la medicina”, we use the medicine of the Earth with a lot of respect and we focus on the communication with the spirits of the medicines. In the healing process with the natural medicine we need to open the doors of our world and interact with the guardians of the medicine. So our inner work can receive the kind service of the medicine. Our world is revealed to us, our true path of life is lighted on, our thoughts and feelings are guided by what our heart transmit. We can breathe and grow in our life with awareness and wonder.

During our retreats you integrate the knowledge of the natural medicine in a kind, respectful and careful space. We will find the answer to your questions, understand your deep intentions and become the actor of your transformation. We elaborate the program according to the group and give a personalized attention to each. Everybody react differently to the medicine, so we accompany you and give you the tools to grow in your own process.

Our 13 days retreats one the Aucayacu River includes:

• Coca ceremony ( Day 1)
• Cleaning bathes ( Days 2,3,4)
• Ayahuasca ceremony ( Day 2)
• Ayahuasca ceremony (Day 4)
• Kambo ceremony (Day 6)
• Ayahuasca ceremony (Day 6)
• San Pedro ceremony (Day 8)
• Flower bathes ( Days 9,10,11)
• Ayahuasca ceremony (Day 10)
• Ayahuasca ceremony (Day12)

A place where those who work are giving the best of themselves for the others. With love, purity, transparancy and humbleness, the medicine men guide the healing process into the best of what is inside us.

Event Highlights

  • • Coca ceremony ( Day 1)
  • • Cleaning bathes ( Days 2,3,4)
  • • Ayahuasca ceremony ( Day 2)
  • • Ayahuasca ceremony (Day 4)
  • • Kambo ceremony (Day 6)
  • • Ayahuasca ceremony (Day 6)
  • • San Pedro ceremony (Day 8)
  • • Flower bathes ( Days 9,10,11)
  • • Ayahuasca ceremony (Day 10)
  • • Ayahuasca ceremony (Day12)

Venue Highlights

Our camp is designed to increase the connections with the medicine and receive the healing in the best way all along your stay. In this abundant jungle, remote in the Aucayacu River, 6 hours from the city of Iquitos, you will be able to develop your art and your creativity, meditate, walk, navigate and let you go deep into yourself.


During your free time, you will enjoy the energy of the nature to understand the reasons of your coming and to reach the doors of yourself. You will be invited to do a deep work inside you and your willpower is your best ally. If you accept the strict diet, you show the plant spirits that you want to grow. So they can share all their healing potential. You will be free to choose the simple or the strict diet to work according to your intentions.

Menu Types

  • Vegan
  • Vegetarian
  • Organic


In order to get the most of the medicine, the meals we serve are according to the strict diet requirement for master plant integration. Grilled bananas, grilled fish and fariña. We can serve vegetarian meals for those who require.


The accomodation in the camp is simple and sufficient for a good reconnection with yourself. The camp has private rooms and dormitory for the guest with all the necessary bedding for a journey in the jungle. The camp is built close to the Aucayacu River where we get the fresh water to hve showers. We use ecologic dry toilets.


From the city of Iquitos we get a fast boat to Jenaro Herrera ( 4 hours) and then a small boat brings us to the camp on the Aucayacu river (2 hours)

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Retreat back to the essential
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Retreat back to the essential

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