Divine Feminine - Divine Masculine (Sicily Oct 2018)

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Sacred Feminine and Sacred Masculine Retreat

Ying Yang empowerment

28 Oct - 4 Nov 2018

Ragusa, Sicily, Italy

with Aiste & Thomas


The group is limited to 12 participants to guarantee the most comfort and intimate experience.

Our fullest potential is found in the weaving and balancing of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies within ourselves.  Both men and women carry feminine and masculine wisdom and tools.  However, sometimes one or both of these energies is out of balance, silenced, wounded, misunderstood or disrespected. A balanced energy system is important for healing. When your energy system is out of balance It can lead to manifesting itself into an emotional, physical, or any type of stress related dis-ease.When the energy in your body is balanced and strong, you will enjoy vibrant health and happiness. 

Retreat is carefully designed to help the participants reach greater harmony, completeness and higher level of power within in a beautiful and nourishing way by working with the Yin (feminine) and Yan (masculine) energies.This blissful 7-day retreat offers an opportunity for both men and women to find the growth and opening that can occur through working with members of their own gender as well with the opposite sex. To explore the issues alive for men and women and how to align ourselves with our core and offer love and strength to ourselves, others and the world.

It is time to learn how to embrace each of these energies where they are and understanding what they need to become more whole and integrated within you for a more balanced Divine version of yourself! This will be unlike any retreat you've experienced before, featuring one on one conversations with Aiste and Thomas, delicious meals prepared by our private chef, and the gorgeous surroundings of the wild mountains, crystal blue Atlantic Ocean and bright African sky. Our time together will deepen self-love, increase vitality, provide a source for enduring confidence and bring you back to your balanced bodies. 

Join us for the blissful week of reconnection, movement, nourishment and bring more energetic balance into your life and your body!


Since our society “rewards” more of the attributes that are concerned with the male energy, like achieving, setting goals, powering through and dominion, most women have been taught to bring out their male qualities but have forgotten or even suppressed their female qualities. 

Together in a circle we will be exploring and awakening our feminine resources. Which are love residing in our heart, sensuality, creativity and totality residing in our womb and belly.

Facilitators will create a safe and sacred space for women and man to explore the awakening of femininity and of Shakti energy. Ancient shamanic, yogic and Taoist practices will be used to helpus sink deeper into the body, to discover the body as a temple, to awaken our self-love and to bring that self-love into a deep radiance within and without.


This part of the retreat is about Yan energy. We will be teaching how to be supporting men in being powerful, sensitive, authentic, open-hearted men they can be, so that they can share their deepest gifts with other men, women and the world. As well it is about the art of finding the divine Yan energy within a fragile Yin type of women.

Facilitators will teach you how to reclaim your individual masculine power and strength. During Yan workshops we will share ancient practices and precepts to cultivate grounding, sexual energy, confidence and sensitivity. We include our experiences on what it is to be a balanced man in a modern world as well advantages and disadvantages of being a strong leading women in today’s masculine society.
Some exercises of work with divine masculine and divine feminine energies will be offered, so that we can appreciate the importance of working together.


€ 1990 per person - last minute prices payed in last 2 weeks before the retreat

€ 1750 per person - standard prices
€ 1500 per person - early bird prices for payments at least 60 days before the retreat

20% discount is offered for 2nd person when booking together and sharing a room.

What is included in the price:
* quality accommodation, private room unless sharing
* quality food
* all activities
* return transfer to the airport: Catania

Please note: This retreat will run with 4 people signed up. The group is limited to 12.

Bookings and contact:

Aiste Anandi

(contact info blocked)

Thomas White Eagle

(contact info blocked)

WhatsApp: (contact info blocked)

Private retreats are available by special arrangement for groups of 4 or more.

Cancellation Policy

100% deposit refund for cancellation 30+ days before event.
50% deposit refund for cancellation 15-29 days before event.
0% deposit refund for cancellation 0-14 days before event.
The remaining balance (total price minus deposit) is due upon arrival.
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  • Lisa D   February 19, 2019

      Careful, he is a scam!

    I contacted Thomas for an Ayahuasca retreat in Czech Republic. He offered a weekend to do so, answered my questions in detail and asked me to send the full payment straight away, and I did so. A week before the retreat we were planning to skype and have a preparation talk. When I had to cancel our first skype appointment, he was impossible to reach for the next days. Three days before the retreat I expressed my concern, he revealed I was the only signed up participant anyway and suggested we could cancel it and he would refund me. I agreed. After a week I asked about the money and he wrote me refunds take 2-8 weeks. After that time was over I asked again and he told me he forgot about it but will do it straight away. Another week later when I reminded him he got aggressive and insulting ("you cancelled as you didn't want to be alone in a retreat. What are you 5 years old?"). Do not do any business with this man!

  • Terence   February 04, 2019

      BEWARE - Thomas is no Shaman, HE is a Conman

    As with another review published by Tekjot Love dated Nov 12, 2017, Thomas 'White Eagle' cancelled the retreat 2 days before it was to take place without reason. He then offered to refund the airfare and suggested alternate dates but he never paid us back and his tone in his emails had become more condescending. We agreed on his suggested alternate dates for the retreat but he would come back with other dates. We had paid a considerable amount of money for 4 persons and have a record of all our email exchanges. Thomas is dishonest and we would advise others to AVOID him and not pay him a penny.

  • Tekjot Love   November 12, 2017

      He took my money, canceled my retreat, still no refund!

    Thomas “White Eagle” took my money and then canceled my retreat. As a single woman traveling alone, I asked him some precautionary suggestions regarding best way to deal with money (bringing or withdrawing at ATM), phone service options and a few other practical things when traveling to another country. He was pleasant enough until he got my money and then disregarded anything I had to say with, “I don’t know. Maybe.” He then decided to cancel the retreat and made it look like he was sincere and was refunding me, stringing me along, but he never intended to and hasn’t. He ignores phone calls and WhatsApp messages and only communicates by email, if he feels like it. The last emails I sent him were well over his ‘30-day refund policy period’. I inquired about the refund. He responded “sorry still pending”. I asked him what he meant and if he was referring to Paypal. I simply explained he needed to reissue the refund, because the first attempt with Paypal expired. He did not respond to this last email and I have not been refunded. I sent the last email October 26th. This all began Sept 5th when he cancelled the retreat two days before I was to fly out. He obviously knew Paypal’s policy that a transaction made as a personal gift could not be disputed (only payments for services or products can be disputed, but Paypal will not advertise this tiny, important detail). Yes, I sent the payment as a gift to avoid him having to pay fees for services. Dumb and trusting I was. When he issued the refund there was no money is his bank account, so it was in perpetual pending status with Paypal. After two weeks of lack of funds in Thomas’ bank account, Paypal “removed” the refund transaction. He needed to reissue the refund, but conveniently chose not to and kept the money.

  • anastasios tsirikos   August 13, 2017

      Ayahuasca ceremony

    I joined an ayahuasca retreat for 2 nights, first night for a tobacco ceremony, second night for the ayahuasca ceremony, in Ikaria. The island is beautiful. The ceremony, on the other hand, did not have any effect at all on me, except throwing up and bowel movement. The shaman did not strike me as a knowledgeable one, as he steered away from any conversation about the effects of the plant chemicals on human biology, and only used vague concepts like <<cleansing energies>>.

Thank you!

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