Spirit of Peru Retreat

  • QLD, Australia
  • Sep 1 - 15, 2018 (15 days)
  • $3450

About us

Spiritual and transformational Tours to amazing Peru!  September 2018

A 15 day Spiritual journey/adventure visiting sacred places and temples - what makes this trip different? We travel with local guides and shamans and participate in authentic ceremonies, find hidden places off the beaten track, visit mysterious Inca ruins and archaelogical sites such as the Temple of the Moon in Cusco  you will experience the real Peru!  Experience a three day trek through the Andes and  the magic and mystery of Machu Picchu, the Sacred Valley and also a homestay with locals at Lake Titcaca

 Our trek begins with a very special Andean Blessing and offering to Pachamama - Mother Earth performed by an Andean Shaman(a very heart warming experience).   Immerse yourself in Peruvian culture, hear their legends and learn about their traditions still very much alive today!

Step off the treadmill of life and experience the magical energies that lie deep in the heart of the Andes! As modern life puts up more barriers to the natural world, many people feel that something important is being lost from their lives
Travelling through the Andes (Apus - or mountains) and being in  nature puts us into a state where all the elements fall away, and we are left to face our minds activity. To truly connect with our 'wild selves' we must strip away our conditioning and open our hearts!

This is the place where transformation and healing can happen! 

Having just returned from my Spirit of Peru trip, I would absolutely recommend for anyone who has always wanted to go, you won't be disappointed and will definitely be amazed. Ang K, Sunshine Cst

Event Highlights

  • Journey through the Sacred Valley and visit sacred sites at Ollantaytambo and Urubamba
  • Shamanic Ceremonies in Urubamba - Blessing to Pachamama (mother earth)
  • Meet & teachings from authentic local Shamans
  • Inca Trail or Machu Picchu Treks and legendary Machu Picchu
  • Beautiful historical Cusco and San Blas
  • Visit to Wirracocha Temple
  • Visit the Floating Islands of Uros
  • Homestay at Lake Titicaca
  • Secret Places off the Tourist Trail
  • Personal & spiritual transformation
  • Yoga & Meditation
  • Merge energetically with the Sacred sites of Ollantaytambo,
  • Amuro Muni Gate - the Secret Gateway


  • Air Conditioning in Rooms
  • Free Wifi
  • Tour Assistance
  • Coffee/Tea
  • Cafe
  • Restaurant
  • House-Keeping



Peru will expand your world beyond your imagination - the mountains (Apus) in this place have a strength of their own and at times you may feel pushed outside your comfort zone and be discovering new things about yourself! Many of the people in this place do not have many material possessions but are warmhearted, compassionate and deeply connected to the land so be open to all the new and wonderful experiences to be had

Are you ready for this journey of transformation?

Day 1 - Our adventure begins - Lima
Our journey starts in Peru's cosmopolitan, ever-changing and culinary capital, Lima. Lima the capital of Peru, sits on the countrys arid Pacific Coast. Though its colonial center is well preserved, today Lima is a bustling metropolis that's one of South America’s largest cities. It’s known for its vibrant food scene, encompassing specialities from ceviche and traditional coastal cooking to refined global fare. It's also home to the fascinating Museo Larco collection of pre-Columbian art and the Museo de la Nación, tracing the history of Peru’s ancient civilizations. Limas Magic water show is also well worth a visit and only a short distance from where we will be staying - here locals gather whilst a spectacular fountain show is put on each night! Tonight will be a great opportunity to learn about the journey ahead, some tips for travelling in Peru and to get to know your fellow travellers as we dine together overlooking the beautiful Pacific Ocean. Lima is situated 10km from Jorge Chavez International Airport As there are many activities in Lima from culinary tours, to visiting the historic centre, sea lion spotting and ancient temples you might want to arrive to Lima a day or two early to take everything in.

Day 2 - Cusco/Urubamba (Sacred Valley)
Today we fly into the energy-fused Andes Mountains to the beautiful City of Cusco and will journey through winding roads straight to the lower altitudes, warmer climes and more peaceful environment of Urubamba in the Sacred Valley. Set in the valley and surrounded by mountains this is a beautiful pictureque spot to start our adventure. Blessing for Pachamama & Ceremony in the Sacred Valley. Participating in a Pachamama ceremony is something you will never forget. Today we will participate in a genuine Andean offering to Pachamama (Mother Earth) facilitated by an Andean priest. The ceremony is a ritual where gifts are offerings to Pachamama, thanking for the food and protection she provides, asking for abundance, releasing negative energies and apologising for any offence committed against the Earth. The gifts are charged with intention and love. After the offering to Mother Earth, the priest will take the package and gently place the package with all the offerings into the fire. It is a magical and spiritual scene - a blessing to participate! After the ceremony you will have the chance to purchase handmade items from the Andean Priest which have been made by family and other members of the community in support of their traditional way of life.

Day 3 - Pisac / Ollantaytambo
Travel through the Sacred Valley stopping at the Shrine of Senor de Huanca or Lord of Huanca Temple, located on the Apu Huanca mountain. He is considered the 'Protector of health' in this part of the Andes. We will then visit Pisac Inca site, twenty minutes up the mountain, where the sun temple lies, this large site had various purposes ranging from military, religious and agricultural. Pisac, is also home to one of the Sacred Valley’s most vibrant markets which takes place daily. Ollantaytambo, one of the gems of the Sacred Valley, is the only continuously inhabited Inca Town that is still laid out to its original Inca design. Climb up to the top of the 'Wind Temple' and enjoy the beautiful panoramic view from the top. Before dinner you will have the opportunity take in the ambience and to wander its quaint cobbled stone streets lined with water channels that have been running since the time of the Incas.
After a day of exploring we will return to our retreat centre at Urubamba to relax before the start of the trek tomorrow

Camping is for 3 nights only with reasonable comfort and 5 star food!
NB - If the traditional Inca Trail is booked out we will do the Lares Trek instead (Please click on Lares Trek tab for more information on Lares Trek)

Day 4 - Start the Inca Trail
Today we will start the incredible 4-day adventure on the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu. The energy infused mountains and the scenery are indescribably beautiful - you do need to be physically fit to do the trek but it's 'doable' for most people, and the rewards are well worth it ! In the early morning, travel with our experienced guides and Shamans to Piscacucho, the trailhead for the trek. Before departing on your journey, we will participate in a traditional Andean Blessing ceremony to guarantee safe passage. Meet the porters (or Chaskis) and the team who will be carrying your luggage and setting up camp for us. Cross the bridge over the Urubamba River and walk along the south bank, shortly arriving at Miskay and ascending to the highest part of the look-out, the impressive Inca city of Llactapata. Continue through the valley and climb until you reach Ayapata, our first campsite.

Day 5 - Ayapata / Chakicocha
After a traditional Andean breakfast, we begin the most difficult part of the trek, climbing landscape changes from sierra to puna (a dry and high grassland with little other vegetation). On the way to the first mountain pass, the Abra Warmihuañusca, see domesticated llamas and alpacas and cross an area of cloud forest, the habitat for many different kinds of birds, like hummingbirds and sparrows. Descend into the Pacaymayo valley and enjoy a traditional Peruvian lunch. On our way over the second will pass Runkurakay, a small look-out point as well as a small lagoon that according to legend is home to sirens who used to drag sleeping porters into its icy waters as they sleep!! The porters are the modern day version of the 'chaskis', or runners that used to do a type of relay run to pass messages to Cusco. Each year they run a marathon race on the Inca trail and what takes us three and half days takes the record holderof this marathon only 7/8 hours! Our campsite will provide us with a view of Salkantay, one of the most important Apus (Mountains) of Cusco. It is traditional to honour the mountain and your achievement when you reach the top, or the pinnacle by building a small (or large) stack of stones - you will see lots of these as you travel around Peru.

Day 6 - Machu Picchu
Prepare yourself for what is possibly the most impressive day of your trek. We begin with a gentle ascent, arriving at the third pass, the Abra Phuyupatamarca, meaning town over the clouds. Immerse yourself in the ethereal shroud of mist and easily lose yourself in its mystery and in the moment. Follow our guides through a short tour of the site, fully engulfing yourself in the energy and experience before descending the long stone stairways that lead you to the Winay Wayna campsite. Winay Wayna is well worth the visit and is an impressive Inca complex of the same name, made up of an agricultural center with numerous terraces, and an irrigation system very much still in operation. It is close to where the camp is located and a wonderful way to end the day. The next morning continue along the path to the Inti Punku or Sun Gate where nothing will prepare you for the moment you see Machu Picchu coming out of the mist, an emotional moment and a dream come true!! From the Sun Gate we will descend to Machu Picchu. Tomorrow we will return to explore. Tonight our stay is in the local town Agua Calientes, enjoy a proper bed, have a warm shower and enjoy a lovely meal before turning in for the night.

Day 7 – Machu Picchu / Cusco
This morning we will take the bus back to Machu Picchu and begin a complete spiritual guided tour of this amazing Inca citadel, after which you will have time to explore on your own. Machu Picchu (Quechua - old mountain) stands at 2,430 above sea level, in the middle of a tropical rainforest - it is a staggeringly beautiful setting. It was the most amazing urban creation of the Inca Empire at its height. Built in a volcanic area, this magnificient structure built of interlocking stones with different angles all fitting together perfectly, allows for movement and you can see how the Incans adapted to nature using existing rock formations. Built around 1450 Machu Picchu was abandoned when the Inca Empire was conquered by the Spaniards in the 16th Century. It was discovered in 1911 by Hiram Bingham after remaining hidden from the Spanish for many years. The Inca trail was the original access to Machu Picchu and if you are lucky you may see the Condors flying through the valleys and mountains. There is also an opportunity today to climb Huayna Picchu (young mountain) before meeting in the town of Aguas Calientes and board the train back to the city of Cusco, arriving after nightfall.

Day 8 - Cusco (free day)
Cusco is a magical place with stunning views and a land rich in cultural heritage, it is also known as the City of the Sun. Located at an altitude of 3,400m Cusco was built in the shape of an enormous Puma! (one of the three archetypes important in Inca culture) Today you are free to explore the streets of this beautiful city, visit the Cathedral, Coricancha, and have lunch at one of the many restaurants in the square. San Blas is very pretty and quaint and as you wonder the cobbled streets you can see all the different layers of history in the local buildings where the present day Spanish Moorish style has been built upon the foundations of the Inca Temple ruins
Optional Extra Activities during your stay in Cusco
You can select these before you travel if you wish
Ayahuascha Retreat: 2 days
San Pedro Retreat: 1 day
Peruvian Paso Horseback Riding
Peruvian Cooking Class
River Rafting

Group Dinner this evening

Day 9 - Temples of the Moon and Monkey / Cusco
Cusco is known for being home to the most important Inca sites however there are many others about which most people have not heard about. Today we will visit three smaller Inca sites just outside of the city. Learn about Incan culture and spirituality, how the seasons of the year (solstices) were very important because the people lived off the land. The fascinating and mysterious Temple de la Luna (Moon) is an Incan ceremonial temple, a mysterious, eerie forgotten place containing alters and stone carvings - ancient carvings including a snake, puma and condor can be found at the entrance to the cave. Local Shamans still come to the nearby 'sacred pool' and bathe for purification before performing ceremonies for locals/tourists In the afternoon we will return to the city and be able to enjoy more sites. For tonight we recommend that everyone participate in a cooking class to learn not only how to cook the food but also a bit of the history behind the ingredients.

Day 10 - Sacsayhuaman / Inca ruins
This morning we will visit the Inca sites of Saqsayhuaman, Q'enqo and the temple of the water or Tambomachay. Lying on the northern outskirts of the city of Cusco lies the walled complex of Saqsayhuaman. The site is over 3,000 hectares and is remarkable for its large stone walls with boulders carefully cut to fit together tightly without mortar(without the use of our modern tools). We will explore the intricacies and importance of Saqsayhuaman and these age-old sites with our guide who will provide an explanation as to how each site fits into the greater plan of an amazing culture. As Cusco is full of great restaurants, we will go for dinner tonight as a group and appreciate some of the incredible flavours that the skilful Peruvian chefs are able to create.

Day 11 - Puno
Travel overland from Cusco to Puno stopping along the way at the impressive Inca site of Raqchi, the temple of Wiracocha and the largest structure to be found within the Inca state. Built in the 15th Century it is considered by the historians to be one of the most audacious Inca constructions. The remarkable Wiracocha Temple, 100 metres long and 20 metres wide is made of adobe walls built on top of volcanic stone foundations. The complex also includes a residential area made for Inca nobles. Enjoy lunch along the way and for our last stop we will visit the village of Pukara, famous for its pre-Inca culture and the ceramic bulls that adorn the roofs of many family’s homes in the highlands. Arrive in Puno between 5:00pm and 6:00pm and will be transferred to the hotel for a relaxing evening.

Day 12 - Lake Titicaca
This morning we visit the world’s highest navigable lake, Lake Titicaca, which according to legend, gave birth to the Inca civilization.
Here there are thousands of local inhabitants making a living fishing its icy waters, growing potatoes along its edge or herding llama and alpaca. The turquoise blue lake was the most sacred body of water in the Inca Empire and is now the natural separation between Peru and Bolivia. During our time here we will visit the Uros Islands, the floating islands of reed named after the people who live here. The Uros build canoe-shaped boats from tightly bundled reeds for transport and fishing. A well-constructed boat can carry a whole family for about 6 months before beginning to rot! Amanti island is the location for our homestay where we will spend the night with locals and experience first hand how they live.
We also visit the southern side of Taquile Island which still has a more authentic feel to it. Taquile was part of the Inca Empire and is still home to a number of Inca ruins, these people are known world wide for their weaving and knitting tradition.

Day 13 -Amuro Muni
We will return to the mainland today but this time to the Chucuito peninsula and will continue south towards the border of Bolivia to explore the AMURO MUNI GATE, a pre inca doorway carved in solid rock near Lake Titicaca. In the Quechua culture Amuro means snake which represents knowledge. The serpentine-like rock formations make this a special and magical place. There are different theories about why Amuro Muni exists but many agree that it is a gateway/portal to somewhere else as the energy of the area is very special. We will take advantage of this energy by spending several hours here meditating and enjoying the calm of the area on our last day in the Andes. Tonight we will return to Puno for dinner

Day 14 - Lima
Today we will transfer to the airport in Juliaca, near Puno for our flight back to Lima. Here we will be able to enjoy our last dinner together and take in the energy of the ocean while saying good-bye and reflect on this life-altering journey. If you are staying on in Lima you may want to enjoy some of the many activities this lively city has to offer. Lima has some fantastic award winning restaurants, Central Restaurante in Miraflores is voted number 4th best restaurant in the world. Also in Lima is Maido voted 8th best restaurant in the world! Limas Magic water show is also well worth a visit and only a short distance from where we will be staying - here locals gather whilst a spectacular fountain show is put on each night!

Day 15 - Lima - Departure Day
Today you will transfer back to Lima Airport for your return flight home.
A magical journey to Peru - A journey of transformation and discovery! If you have some extra time in Lima make sure you visit all the wonderful museums and churches and sample the sumptuous award winning peruvian cuisine. If you are feeling more adventurous try paragliding off the cliff tops of Miraflores! Also well worth a visit and only a short taxi ride away is Barranco, which has a more 'bohemian' feel than downtown Lima. Here local vintage bars and chic lounges feature art exhibits, film screenings and great live music by local acts.

Menu Types

  • Vegan
  • Vegetarian
  • Pescetarian
  • Includes Meat
  • Organic
  • Gluten Free
  • Dairy Free
  • Nut Free


Breakfast is provided each day in the hotels we stay in - these are either continental or western style cooked breakfast
Lunch and Dinner is always varied options catering for all diets, western style food is available and also local peruvian cuisine (Peru is known for it's award winning restaurants/cuisine)
The three day camping trek is fully catered by amazing chef - food is traditional peruvian style such as pancakes, fruit, soup, vegeterian, chicken, rice and potato dishes. Food is excellent 4 star quality!


3 star hotels (10 nights), Retreat house (2 nights), camping (2 nights), local family (1 nights).


Transport to and from the airport is arranged by us - you will be met at the airport

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