Yogacruising 'İsland-hopping'' GREECE Northern Dodekaness. Hiking, Sailing and Yoga.Tour nr GR2.

  • Yogacruising Yogacruising
  • Bodrum, Türkiye
  • Oct 13 - 20, 2018 (8 days)
  • 1.395,-€

About us

YogaCruising ahoy! Yoga & Sailing

Combine yoga & sailing on one of our swimming hotels – traditional wooden Gulet yachts

YogaCruising is offering dreamlike adventure tours along in the Greek İslands, the Croatia Coast, the Montenegro Coast and the Turkish coast. Our tours combine yoga with culture, hiking, bathing, water sports and culinary delights.To enhance your relaxation and recovery we also offer a variety of massages and therapeutic body work.

Yoga on the sun deck

Enjoy a replenishing relaxation in the sun or under a shady sail on one of our YogaCrusing yachts. Already the stunning views over the sea and undeveloped stretches of shore line, will give you peace and harmony. Enjoy a new perspective over your life and you will discover a new serenity and composure within yourself.  Moreover our experienced yoga teachers  will guide you through modern yoga exercises for recovery and strength. These yoga sessions are suited for beginners and advanced practitioners. Your body will become more flexible and stronger through the yoga postures; breathing techniques and meditation provide inner balance and harmony; the final relaxation is a perfect tool to let loose of stress – you’ll be able to intensely enjoy your holiday and will return with new strength to your daily life.

YogaCruising in a single view

Certainly the region of the Greek islands and the Mediterranean and Aegean coastline of Turkey is a sunny blossoming paradise. Enticing bays with crystal clear water, immersed ancient cities, and magical archeological sites, remnants from old civilizations together with the healthy and tasty cuisine will make each day into a most colorful experience.

YogaCruising in details

YogaCruising is certainly one of the most enticing ways to travel the Turkish Mediterranean, the Aegean Sea and the Greek Archipelago. The traveling period lies between April and November.

Living on our YogaCruising yachts

Our yachts provide from 6 – 12 cabins with twin beds or 2 single beds. Each cabin is equipped with WC, shower, air condition and a hair dryer.
Comfortable sun loungers, sun beds and cushions as well as a shower can be used on the front deck. On the rear deck you will find a spacious dining area as well as a shady relaxation terrace.  Moreover there is a saloon with a cozy bar and sound equipment. A WLAN is available on the entire boat. A canoe as well as fishing and snorkeling equipment are available for our guests free of charge.

Dine and savor

Each meal on board is freshly prepared. We serve a healthy, vegetarian, Mediterranean cuisine that consists of traditional and newly conceived vegetable dishes and fresh salads. These are accompanied by classical pastries, bulgur, rice and potatoes; in the evenings we serve fish if on demand. We always serve fresh fruit of the season as a dessert or as a snack for in between meals. These are delicately prepared fruit trays, ready to be enjoyed. Water, coffee, tea and ginger tea are included and there for you, anytime. Soft drinks and alcoholic beverages are available at reasonable prices.

Yoga on the sea

Twice daily (mornings and evenings) you can enjoy a yoga session under guidance of experienced, internationally renowned yoga teachers from Germany and Switzerland. These sessions will be given on deck or on the beach. You will practice a versatile and modern yoga for body and soul, as well as deep relaxation techniques in order to experience a restoring regeneration that you can carry home.

Dive into the yacht life on board – experience freedom, expansiveness and independence! Give a break to your daily life, through the beauty of nature, the enriching company and your yoga practice. The day starts with a sun salutation, or a smooth awakening yoga practice, in the pleasant light of the first sunbeams, as the sun climbs over the horizon of a deep blue sea. In the daytime you can decide to swim and snorkel or just enjoy some lazy times sunbathing. In addition to spoiling yourself you’ll have the pleasure to completely restore your energy levels – bringing body and mind into harmony. Depending on the trip and the seminar leader, a choice of massages and therapeutic body work from all over the world is available: Lomilomi-, Ayurveda-, Thai Yoga massage and reflexology to name a few. Ca. 60 € for 60 minutes.

All navigation work is taken care of by the crew. Of course participants may give a hand while we’re sailing. The crew will be pleased!

YogaCruising leisure time

A choice of excursions on land will give you plenty of opportunities to get to know the nature, the culture and the history of this region. Exquisite jaunts to historical, archeological sites, herb hiking tours, a visit to a nomadic village or a traditional Turkish bath – a hammam.

On our yachts, you will be traveling in a small group and thus it will be possible for us to take care of you and completely attend your wishes. We will pick you up at the airport and bring you on board. Once on the yacht, there is plenty of time to get informed and ”to arrive”. Your yoga practice will start on the following day as well as your experience of the first boat trip and of course of the famous Turkish joy of life and culture.

Enjoy a holiday for body, mind and soul – we are awaiting you!

What does a Gulet look like? Gulets are large wooden boats with comfort and service. You don’t have to be at sailor to be able to love these boats. When you are strolling along the piers in the harbor of Bodrum or Marmaris, you will see these beauties all around. In fact the honey colored wooden details are dazzling in the sunlight. Turkish Gulets, as these boats are called, are built from pine wood and other precious woods, and then varnished and polished. Their bowsprit is pointing to the sea, through the opening of the harbor, their masts rise high into the sky and on the rear deck the Turkish flag is flowing all red in the wind, with its crescent moon and star Jupiter. A broad gangway brings you from the pier to the rear deck, where comfortable chairs around a large, wooden dining table are inviting you to spend some time. If you want to see the interior of one of our boats, click into the figures in the picture above.

Event Highlights

  • Highlights of your YogaCruise
  • * 2 times sailing an a traditionally built wooden yacht
  • * Dreamlike bays, crystal clear sea water, hidden islands.
  • * 2 Yoga sessions everyday
  • * Hiking on the Sea
  • * The enchanting harbor city of Patmos with its Church
  • * Yoga – meditation – massages under the clear, blue sky.
  • * Delicious and healthy traditional Turkish and Mediterranean cuisine

Venue Highlights

YogaCruising is certainly one of the most enticing ways to travel the Greek Aegean İslands and the Turkish Mediterranean- Aegean Coast.

Our yachts provide from 6 – 12 cabins with twin beds or 2 single beds. Each cabin is equipped with WC, shower, air condition and a hair dryer. These yachts are “Gulets”. Traditionally crafted wooden sailing boats, of a length ranging from 25 to 50 meters, with 2 or 3 masts.

Each meal is freshly cooked on our YogaCruising tours and we serve a healthy, vegetarian, Mediterranean cuisine. Already the traditional Mediterranean Brunch breakfast consists of a plethora of locally Organic produced, high quality ingredients from the honey to the cheeses and vegetables. For dinner the meals are composed out of a variety of traditional vegetable dishes and salads, accompanied by bulgur, rice or potatoes. We always serve fresh fruit of the season as a dessert or as a snack for in between meals.

The Yoga sessions will be given by experienced yoga teachers , mostly on the sun deck, at some occasions on the beach. During the trips there is plenty of time to relax, to read or chat under a shady sail, with a quieting view over the sea. Twice daily (mornings and evenings) you can enjoy our modern yoga sessions, giving you physical exercise and deep relaxation.


  • Air Conditioning in Rooms
  • Pool
  • Towels
  • Kitchen
  • Tour Assistance
  • Coffee/Tea
  • Cafe
  • Yoga Studio
  • House-Keeping
  • Bicycles For Rent


our daily YogaCruising program
* 90 minutes yoga session given in the morning
* 9 to 11:00 am Brunch-breakfast
* Fruid Lunch Time and Tee Time and Cookies & Biscuits 16:00 PM
* 2x a week an option of sailing between 11 am and 4 pm (depending on weather conditions). Our guests are invited to partake in sailing tasks, the crew is happy to receive a hand.
* Bathing, sunbathing and relaxing
* A 90 minutes yoga session is given around 5-6 pm
* 8 pm dinner will be served

Included services on a YogaCruising trip
* 7 nights’ accommodation / from – to harbor
* Full board (AP) of vegetarian meals: 7x BRUNCH breakfast, Lunchtime Snack & Fruid, 16 pm Tea-time with Cookies and 6x dinner will be served.(not included are: 1 dinner that will be arranged in a local fish restaurant).
* Tea as well as ginger tea are served free of charge on the boat, throughout the day
* 2 x 90 minutes yoga class per day (morning and evening on 5 days).
The yoga sessions start on Sunday evening and the last session is given on Friday morning.
* High quality yoga mats, blocks, belts and blankets are provided on board, in sufficient quantity.
* Equipment for snorkeling and some water sports are provided on board.
* 2x a week there is an option of sailing between 11 a.m. until 4 p.m.
(depending on weather conditions)
* Cabin s wit wc/shower - double or twinnbads
* Crew on the Yacht- Yogateacher, Capitan, Chef and sailors.
* All Harbour Tax
* Airport Transfers Bodrum or Cos Airports.

Menu Types

  • Vegan
  • Vegetarian
  • Organic
  • Nut Free


Food on Board
Ideal for vegetarians. The best diet in the world! Versatile and healthy.
Turkey is the purest paradise for vegetarians: countless appetizers and dishes come out without any Vegetable. Fresh salads are absolutely every meal.

The food on board a YogaCruising tour
A varied, healthy, traditional, vegetarian cuisine
Not only vegetarians treasure our food onboard as a culinary peak experience. The Turkish Mediterranean cuisine has already in its tradition a manifold of vegetarian dishes. Innumerable starters and main courses are traditionally cooked without meat. However our chefs onboard have acquired and accumulated the savvy to create well balanced, healthy, modern, vegetarian meals.
Each meal is composed of delightful vegetable dishes and fresh salads, all ingredients are of course locally produced, like the sun ripe fruits of the season, which are always part of a well balanced diet.
In the east of the Mediterranean, in Greece, Turkey as in the Lebanon it is the manifold of dishes that forms part of the culinary culture. Regardless of country the culinary concept is called “meze”. On our yachts you will always be served freshly prepared vegetable dishes for lunch. Most of the time the chef will combine these with some specialties for instance the famous Cigarra Börek (filled pastry sticks) or zucchini-fritters or other delights from the traditional cuisine.
In the evenings the chef will be happy to serve fish dishes if demanded.
All warm dishes are served together with a manifold of delicious, cold salads. The ingredients for these are celery, red beets, spinach, sea weed, tomatoes, cucumber, cauliflower, broccoli, common purslane and much more…. In addition the kitchen will serve warm dishes from the oven like stuffed aubergines, tomatoes, peppers, zucchinis and strudels – and many other specialties, served with bulgur or rice, tomato sauces, rice dishes, cooked or baked potatoes.
We always serve fresh fruit of the season as a dessert. These are delicately prepared fruit platters, ready to be enjoyed.


* 7 nights’ accommodation / from – to harbor
* Tea as well as ginger tea are served free of charge on the boat, throughout the day
* 2 x 90 minutes yoga class per day (morning and evening on 5 days).
The yoga sessions start on Sunday evening and the last session is given on Friday morning.
* High quality yoga mats, blocks, belts and blankets are provided on board, in sufficient quantity.
* Cabin s with wc/shower - double or twinnbeds- Towels
* Crew on the Yacht- Yogateacher, Capitan, Chef and sailors.


Airport Transfers included.
Airport transfer takes 40 minutes
Arrival and Departure Airports
Cos Greeke (KGS)
Bodrum Turkey (BJV)

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