Yoga of Sound and Chocolate

  • Mundekulla Mundekulla
  • Mundekulla, Sweden
  • May 17 - 24, 2018 (8 days)
  • 944 Euro

About us

The Power of Sound Heals and Transforms Lives

Our current reality is a reflection of our vibrational state - Change your frequency and change your reality! 

We invite you on a life changing journey into sacred sound. It's time to live life in tune with your heart and soul purpose!

 Through this practice we open our hearts, come into allignment, access deep states of consciousness and healing, fully embodying our divine and creative potential.

What is Yoga of Sound & Chocolate?

Yoga of Sound and Chocolate is a revolutionary spiritual practice. A blissful fusion of, Heart Alchemy, Sound Healing, Sacred Chant and Sacred Cacao Medicine.

 Fusing ancient, contemporary, esoteric and yogic sound practices, this unique retreat and training will enable you to create and facilitate sacred sound and chocolate offerings. The immersion is a two-step experiential, learning-by-doing journey of empowerment. Starting with a deep experiential dive into the healing and transformation potential of sacred sound and chocolate - you will experience many different modalities of sound healing, sacred singing and ceremony. Then you will enter an accelerated learning journey where you will be safely supported into discovering and sharing your own power as a sacred sound channel and facilitator of sacred sound journeys.

Event Highlights

  • Experiencing the Power of Sound
  • "Divine sound is the cause of all manifestation. The knower of the mystery of sound knows the mystery of the whole universe.”
  • ― Hazrat Inayat Khan, 20th century Sufi Mystic
  • The purpose of Module 1 is to allow you to experience the healing and transformational power of sound through Ceremonial Cacao infused sacred sound journeys, singing and voice activations. Cacao and sound journeys provide a portal to very deep altered states of consciousness where profound healing, messages, visions and dreams can be accessed. We will guide you on this deep healing and transformational journey, harnessing the power of sound to shift stuck energy and move into your highest soul allignment possible. The sound journeys are created through an intentional alchemy of many sacred instruments: gongs, singing bowls, tuning forks, voice, flutes, drums, crystal bowls, shruti, harmonium, voice and song. The sound journeys are both active and passive – at times we use our voices to tune and activate through sacred sound or song and at times you are recieving sound as a bath. The journeys are multi-dimensional with many different experiential layers:
  • R E L A X I N G
  • Science has proven that pure sound immersion of min 20 min in a safe environment catalyses a deep relaxation response in our nervous system. Sound journeys at the retreat are designed to reset and destress – and allow a deep relaxation back into your body and heart. Saunas, dips in the lake and nature walks will also support this.
  • F E E L I N G
  • The deep sound journeys, meditations and voice activations will move stuck or suppressed energy to be felt and expressed. Be that sadness, joy, laughter or tears. You will be allowed to feel all that is alive and arising in you – and embrace it with love and compassion from your self and the group. Through daily heart sharings you will be able to share and be witnessed in your authentic expression and truth.
  • E M P O W E R I NG
  • Where intention goes, magic flows! What do you want from life? Ask and it shall be given! You will be invited to rediscover the power of directing your life force energy through setting sound infused intention and expressing gratitude every day. Its an ancient mystical teaching that we can create magic through voicing our desires and gratitude. You will find yourself having deeper access to your truth, desires and dreams.
  • R E M E M B E R I N G
  • Sound journeys at this retreat are portals to access our consciousness, guides and soul contracts – and assist us in remembering who we are and why we came to earth. During the sound journeys you may receive profound messages and download parts of your magic that is waiting to be reunited with you.
  • A C T I V A T I N G
  • Pure Sound journeys light up our right brain hemisphere just like a Christmas tree! Your brain will form new neuro-networks during this retreat and your light body circuitry will be upgraded – all backed by cutting edge research known as Biophotonic Science! This research shows that our light body emits Biophotons (measurable light) and the soundscapes during this retreat are designed to activate your energetic luminosity. A feeling of glowing more and deeper is to be expected!
  • H A R M O N I Z I N G
  • When we sound and sing from our hearts in a group setting our innate heart intelligence is activated: our bodies and hearts start to biochemically attune and pulse in harmony with all that is. Its experienced as a depth of stillness and silence. Of deep connection and oneness. And a peaceful humming of the heart.
  • A L I G N I N G
  • Our current reality is a reflection of our vibrational state and changing our frequency, changes our reality! The retreat is designed to support you in raising your vibration and shift your frequency into deeper resonance with your highest potential. This is also experienced as a deeper connection to and alignment with your soul.
  • ​Module 1 consists of a wide array of sound, voice and song activities:
  • ​Daily thematic Sound Journeys
  • Free your voice journey
  • Sacred Chant - we will sing heart opening mantras and songs
  • Tantra of Sound – an ancient mystery school toning practice
  • of clearing, activating, expanding and aligning your energy
  • bodies and chakras using your voice.
  • Sound meditations and activations from the mystical school traditions (Essenes and Egyptian High Alchemy) incl dream manifestation practice
  • Quantum Jumping with Sound.
  • Sound Healing Choir
  • Peruvian Whistle Vessel Ritual (a 3000 year old Peruvian ritual
  • using pre-hispanic clay flutes to enter a deep altered state of
  • consciousness for healing and transformation)
  • Light and Sound Journey with PandoraStar (a tranceinducing
  • light machine
  • Individual DNA-tuned and collective frequency therapy and de-stress
  • protocol using Spooky2 (the worlds most advanced quantum
  • mechanic frequency healing machine)gy for your dreams
  • Daily intention setting and heart sharings to support your journey.


Sample Schedule - Modules 1 & 2

06.00-07.00 Movement Practice

07.00-09.00 Yoga of Sound and Chocolate practice

09.00-10.00 Breakfast .

10.00-13.00 Manifestation Sound Journey – Essene Mystical School Toning Practice

13.00-16.00 Lunch and free time – opportunity for nature walks, lake dip and sauna

15.00-16.00 Deep Listening (silence and integration)

16.30-18.00 Gong Bath

18.00-19.30 Dinner

20.00-21.00 Sacred Singing Circle

Menu Types

  • Vegan
  • Vegetarian
  • Organic
  • Gluten Free
  • Dairy Free
  • Nut Free


A range of high quality accomodation available - from Private rooms with en-suite to Dormitory. All high quality and designed to support your transformational journey with ease and grace.

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