Pachamama : A Yoga Retreat Adventure and Trek to Machu Picchu

About This Event

Experience the Magical & Cultural Wonders of the ancient and mystical land of Peru.

If you are a modern warrior looking for a higher guiding principle or are you looking to embody spiritual practices in these modern times while balancing community, business and family? Then get ready for an epic spiritual adventure that will take your day to day life to the next level!

Join international teachers, Mike Ninomiya and Patrick Harrington on this 9 day journey as you trek along the infamous Inca trail to the magical ruins of Machu Picchu.

Mike and Patrick will guide you in a safe and supporting environment through the principles of yoga, martial arts, meditation, energy and group work, so that you can realize the higher self that you are meant to be.

Surrounded by the Andean mountains, the Sacred Valley is an ideal and energetically conducive setting for personal transformation and growth. We arrive first in the ancient city of Cusco, the culturally rich hub of activity, where Incan majesty and Andean baroque exist side by side on cobbled stone streets. We then embark on a 4 day trek along the infamous Inca Trail. We finish the trip in quaint Pisac, the picturesque village that has Incan ruins and a traditional Quechua market amidst the majestic Andes mountains. This all inclusive experience combines the traditional customs, foods and shamanic rituals of Peru, with a modern day spiritual quest.

You will be deeply immersed in the way of the peaceful warrior and come away with an inner peace that is immovable.

Both Patrick and Mike live and teach the path of spiritual mastery in their own unique way. With the aid of the bestselling book, the Way of the Peaceful Warrior, Patrick and Mike will share the tools they use to embody the principles of yoga and martial arts. You will come away from this experience with a deeper sense of integrity, accountability, and an awareness of how to be spiritual warrior.

Prepare yourself an unforgettable and spiritual adventure of a lifetime!

*Mike sees martial arts as a moving meditation and will show you the way to mastery by honing your abilities and practices while learning to lift others up around you. No previous experience is necessary as Mike strives to make modern day martial arts practises safe and accessible for everyone.

**Altitude and walking/hiking must be taken into consideration as the trek, altitude and exploring the ruins requires good health.***

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  • Sarah Luey   September 03, 2018


    Would highly recommend Bella retreats. Everything was planned perfectly! Hotels were amazing! Excursions (especially Balos beach) were incredible. Would love to take this trip again!

  • Jasmine Richardson   June 16, 2018

      Thank you

    I can't speak highly enough of Adam and Una as a team. They are experts in their fields and lead by inspiring guests to relax, have fun and learn Astrology. I'm grateful getting to know so many like-mind like-spirit folk who truly enjoy sharing and being there for one another. I look forward to the next Astrology retreat in Hawaii January 2019. Thanks Bella Retreats!

  • Morgan Stewart   May 15, 2018

      Feed-back on the Tulum Retreat

    The retreat in Tulum was truly amazing. I expected to just do yoga but instead I had a very powerful soul opening experience. The issue with the bugs in the bed helped me realize that in life we sometimes have things that suck our life and love light, it is okay to be uncomfortable and to also change the environment you are in. I know how much comfort and safety are truly important to me. I also was able to asses a lot of internal issues I have from past childhood traumas. I came out with an understanding that we fears that we can address. We all need healing and we all need love. Realizing how broken I am but also knowing that my experiences have made me a more empathetic and compassionate person that I can see the pain and struggle in others without being judgemental and by accepting these things in myself allow me to accept the beautiful flaws in others as well. Through the tears and the laughter I was able to find myself again the beautiful person whom I buried to avoid getting hurt. The most important is self love that I feel I have neglected myself throughout much of my life. The healing sound session was amazing and I felt that the healers were able to open my soul and heart to be able to see what it truly is that is holding me back to be the best person I can possibly be. I am truly grateful and thankful to be able to share my experience even though some of it was quite painful. I feel I came home a better and more open person to be able to continue my path in healing and walk in light and love. I am eternally grateful. The classes with Shigecko were amazing, heart opening and healing. The activities and writing has gotten my to start writing again as well. I love all of the people I was able to experience this with. Love and light. Morgan

  • Tim Halladay   April 25, 2018

      Life Changing!

    The Seat of the Soul Yoga retreat in Chacala, MX was outstanding! Mar de Jade is a wonderful location and quite frankly, magical! The connection I felt to the world around me was breathtaking. I can honestly say I was able to live in the moment for most of my entire experience while there! What a perfect group of people to share the experience! The food was fresh, healthy, farm to table perfection! The daily yoga practice, journaling, group activities were done in such an open and trustful way.. everyone was honored and felt welcome! I can't wait for next time!

  • Tanya Hughes   January 28, 2018

      Live The Life of Your Dreams.

    This retreat was hosted by Una & Patrick. It was an excellent way to structure the year ahead with goal setting via journaling, meditation and group work. The setting at Bodhi Tree was perfect offering daily yoga and delicious healthy food and jucices/smoothies. I was also able to connect with an inspiring group of people who I look forward to seeing again!

  • Jasmine Richardson   November 15, 2017

      In Awe...

    I am still on a high from this Astrology retreat. I truly had no idea that being around so many like-mind like-spirit souls could effect me the way this retreat did. Una and Adam are true inspirations and it was evident in the people that attended. The love and light that transpired will stay with me forever. I am very much looking forward to the next one, and many more retreats with Bella. All I can say is thank you thank you thank you!

  • Eliza Robertson   November 09, 2017

      Exploring Astrology retreat

    I love astrology, yoga, mountains, hot springs, so I had high expectations for this retreat. Una and Adam surpassed every one. On an administrative level, everything ran smoothly and professionally... Una has that rare combination of incredible competence -and- warmth. I felt so welcome and taken care of. Adam is a powerful thinker and communicator. The astrology circles were always rich and layered-- encouraging thinking that reverberates long after the initial discussion. (Side note: I come from an academic background, and if grad conferences were like this, universities would be...healthier places.) One thing I didn't expect was to walk away from the weekend with such instantly precious friendships. Adam and Una cultivated a space where I felt safe and open--that's not easy. They're a special duo, and I'm counting down the days until the next one.

  • Nikoletta   November 09, 2017

      Astrology Retreat with Adam Sommer

    It was wonderful to sit under the Astrology tree amongst other beautiful souls and share our deep stories and feelings. Thank you Una for being such a loving and caring person and for being there for us. I would love the next retreat to be a bit longer. Can't wait :)

  • Lisa Lichney   November 09, 2017

      Exploring Astrology Retreat

    I attended my first ever astrology retreat and it surpassed any expectations I had. I went into this retreat feeling pretty nervous about meeting a bunch of people I had never met in person before and I can be quite shy at first... so this was on my mind. What happened instead, was a meeting of like-minded beautiful souls that were vibrating on a similar loving frequency that deep bonds and friendships formed in a very short amount of time. To me, it feels like a divine meeting took place and set in motion something much bigger than I can even fathom. Una and Adam created a lovely container that blended mindful practices, authentic and transparent interactions, fun and soulful connections, and yummy nourishment on a sacred piece of land, fully integrating the vibe and flavor of the retreat. I will definitely be attending future retreats thrown by Adam and Una.

  • Ruth Belda   October 18, 2017

      Turn Off, Tune In, and Transform: A Vision Quest in India

    I can't say enough about how absolutely fabulous this retreat was! Everything, everything was wonderful. Katherine Jane's knowledge is out of this world, and she is so entertaining to be with. Her partner Piyush Kumar is the quintessential Indian host and adds much to the discussions on world philosophy, religion, the Indian culture, and other fascinating topics. And Dunagiri itself? You really have to be there to experience it as there are no words to express how transcendent the environment is. Visiting shrines to Ma and hiking to lookout ridges for views of the distant Himalayas are only two things that will blow you away. The food, water, accommodations, drivers... all so excellent and accommodating. It was truly a wonderful experience that will stay with me forever. And oh! How could I forget to mention the Majaraj, the sweetest and most endearing baba who lives with anyone who resides there. His stories are incredible. I could go on and on.... Chanting, yoga, ritual... Love...

Thank you!

We're glad you've joined our retreat community. See you around :)

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This sounds like a dream! I am an education student and I have spent way too much time working all summer to pay for school. My boyfriend of 5 years is a government firefighter and has been away working most of the summer. His 30th Birthday and our 6th anniversary is coming up this winter, we would love to celebrate with a yoga retreat! We both love yoga but have barley had time to practice in the past few months. Keeping our fingers crossed! Jaimee and Dan

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