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The Shift - A Psilocybin Retreat (sold out)

About This Event

*This Retreat is full*, please look at our next Retreat in September: (contact info blocked)28916/the-shift-a-psilocybin-retreat-1#partner

The Shift Retreat will be 7 Days to Rediscover your Path, Find Clarity and Create Lasting Change. The Shift is a Retreat Experience of Deep Personal Growth, Clarity, Direction and Togetherness. The week will include 2 x Psilocybin Ceremonies, 2x Microdosing Psilocybin experiences, a Rapé Snuff Ceremony, Integration Therapy, Trauma Resolution, Deep Emotional Support, Vegan or Vegetarian Food cooked by our private chef and Luxury Accommodation and of course some Fun!
 We will offer only 8 places to this retreat to insure maximum attention for each participant and an intimate setting.

The experience: 


Psilocybin and Shamanic Rapé snuff are the Entheogens we will work with during this retreat. Psilocybin is the substance found in magic mushrooms and truffles that has shown excellent results in clinical trials to be a promising tool to help cure depression and anxiety. Rapé snuff is known to move energy and bring emotions into flow. 


During this retreat you will learn how to work with entheogens in such a way that you can have access to the parts of your subconscious mind which hold the answers that you need. Through this you will learn self-trust, intuitive knowing and an understanding for why your life has been the way it has been.


You will learn how to move forward in your life. This retreat is not a “pause” on your regular life, providing enough of a break to sustain you to go back to your old ways, allowing you to temporarily “cope” again . This retreat is “A SHIFT”. It is an opening to discover why you are stuck and discover how to create movement to carry you forward because going backwards … is no longer an option.


During this week you will learn the strength in vulnerability, the power of vulnerability and the joy, relief and freedom you can receive through your own expression of vulnerability. Allow us to support you, hold you and to create a safe space of authenticity together where we can cry, laugh, scream, rage, release our pain, our fears, our shame and our beauty in absolute safety and celebration.
Why work with ENTHEOGENS?
Entheogens are psychoactive substances that induce a spiritual experience. They offer opportunities that go beyond what is offered in spiritual traditions or psychotherapy sessions. They bring us into non-ordinary states of consciousness and help us to unfold our personality. Insights that may take years for people to achieve through meditation and learning, if they even arise at all, can be revealed within moments during an experience with entheogens. Even so-called “bad trips” and breakdowns can be turned into a process of moving through the pain into the direction of release, liberation and awakening. A journey deep into the unconscious, with the right guidance, preparation and integration not only offers highly therapeutic benefits, it also moves further into the spiritual spheres of the transcendence of the self and toward the formation of a whole new life!
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It was not without some considerable anxiety that I approached the “Shift Retreat” as I rode on the train from Amsterdam. I had never taken Psilocybin and was quite worried about the potential for a “bad trip” to be frank. I was fortunate in meeting up with another retreat participant for the 2 hour train ride and her stories of working with Kerrie and Alice on a private basis previously really helped “ease my worried mind”. All 7 of us were met at the train station by Karl, (a lovely fellow and a great chef ) and ferried over to the house where we were warmly met by Kerrie and Alice. Over the next 7 days that warmness grew until I think we all felt a real sense of family as a group, something I had not expected at all. Alice and Kerrie had a full agenda that kept us either experiencing through the different ceremonies or integrating and sharing and learning throughout the week. What was also unexpected was how much we did outside of a ceremony and how truly valuable we all found this time. However, their experience with these substances and their deep understanding of the issues different participants were having was truly a remarkable thing to witness. I for one had absolutely no idea this week was going to be so powerful and valuable in helping me “shift” from where I have been to where I want to go. I can’t say that my psilocybin experience was easy, but at a couple of points where I felt in duress first Kerrie and then later Alice came over to help guide me through. I can’t even begin to describe how important and valuable their intervention was. They did it with love and compassion and at a depth I have never really experienced before. Not only that, they seemed to instinctively know what and where the issues lay, they helped me see them and move through to a truly magical, even sacred place; an experience that I can’t describe in words but will never ever forget. The location, the food, the atmosphere of relaxed comradery they created were all wonderful, but it was the depth of their wisdom and compassionate insightful guidance that made it one of the most memorable, perhaps the most important weeks of my life, and I will be forever grateful to them both. If you are considering this retreat, I have only one final word for (contact info blocked)GO! - John B.

Event Highlights

  • WALK YOUR PATH: Find your path, find the courage within to walk it and answer the questions you need answers for. Leave old, seemingly ever repeating patterns behind and discover how to create real change.
  • CONNECT: Connect with the Spirit of Psilocybin, learn how to open up your subconscious mind to trust and work with this Fungi’s’ wisdom. Bond and connect with like-minded people and learn what is needed to create lasting, intimate, safe and fulfilling relationships.
  • INTEGRATE: Learn how to receive the wisdom that is shared with you in the entheogenic experience to connect the mystical with the practical. Hold uncomfortable truths with such care that they can transform from fear into freedom.
  • RELEASE: Discover how to hold your pain, Not how to face it, or to escape it, but to allow it to be held, comforted, supported and loved. Find out what you pain needs, so together can meet those needs, we can hold it closer, not push it away.
  • SUPPORT: Experience what true emotional support and being fully seen feels like. You were never supposed to be in this alone! The intimate setting of the retreat allows for everyone to get the attention they deserve.
  • FUN: Uncover your repressed joy and make personal transformation feel fun and light. Bring yourself into alignment while laughing tears of joy and find out how life can feel exciting again.



We will arrive in the afternoon, get to know each other, settle in, get cosy, and share dinner.

Microdosing Experience and Preparation Day

We will start with an opening circle and sharing our intentions. We will microdose Psilocybin to prepare you for the Psilocybin experience the following day. We will teach you how to microdose at home as well. Emotional connection exercises will create a safe space within the group. We will also teach how to let yourself fully receive, how to connect to your inner child and give more important advise on how to navigate the stronger dose the following day.


Our first Psilocybin Ceremony is about diving into our pain and looking into the eyes of our fears and unknown patterns. We will discover that underneath layers of pain and fears we find an inner child who needs our attention, support and care and we will create space to meet this child's previously unmet needs

* Note: You are also encouraged to come with your own personal intentions to both ceremonies which we can assist you to find clarity on if needed.


Using tools such as Parts-Work and Sharing Circles and more we will help you to integrate the insights gained from our Psilocybin experiences of the past two days into your daily lives.


This Psilocybin Ceremony is about meeting your inner beauty. What do you need to create a healthy relationship with yourself and how can you trust connection to others?

* Note: You are also encouraged to come with your own personal intentions to both ceremonies which we can assist you to find clarity on if needed.


Integration can be fun. We will connect to our inner children and play games, create art and have fun.


On Day 7 we will focus on combining the mystical with the practical by breaking down the wisdom you received in a understandable and relatable way. Together we will create individual action plans on how to create the now wanted changes in our daily lives so that our lives feel congruent with our truth. We will offer a second opportunity for a microdose of Psilocybin on Day 7 to show how a microdose can help us to integrate a Psychedelic experience.

We will ground ourselves with a Rapé Snuff Ceremony (shamanic snuff powder) in the evening.


Closing Circle and Departure at 11:30am.

Venue Highlights

The Shift Retreat will take place in The Netherlands where Psilocybin truffles are legal. We have chosen one of the countries most beautiful spots: Friesland. Only a 2 hour train ride away from Amsterdam we find the land of waterways, lakes and canals, beaches, as well as old villages and vast pasturelands. The tranquility that radiates from the breathtaking nature of Friesland will guide us to a place of tranquility within ourselves.


We have carefully chosen a beautiful home, with luxurious surroundings and amenities to further enhance and compliment the healing possibilities this week can offer. We will enjoy our own private garden lake, outside pool and private sauna to detox and release in. The Shift Retreat combines, comfort and nature along with the Entheogenic Experience to bring you a week of renewal and rejuvenation.

You can either book a private room or a shared room.


  • Free Wifi
  • Sauna
  • Pool
  • Towels
  • Free Parking
  • Kitchen
  • Coffee/Tea

Menu Types

  • Vegan
  • Vegetarian
  • Organic
  • Gluten Free
  • Dairy Free


Our private chef will cook vegetarian and vegan meals with glutenfree options. We cook our delicious, healthy food with organic products.


You can take the train from Amsterdam or Amsterdam Schiphol Airport to Heerenveen. From there you can take a taxi (20min) to the Retreat house.

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