Untangling All of It—The Personality and the Root Self

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The conditioned personality—called attabhava in the Buddha’s teachings–is the locus of most of our pain: tangled relationships, painful memories, dysfunctional patterns of behavior, and other formations that rush through this life. The Buddha taught that the conditioned personality is a tangle that can be untangled: gradually, patiently, with care. The horse that the conditioned personality rides on is the root self of becoming, or bhava. The process of becoming is the most basic result of elemental clinging. Conditioned personality is a subset of this root process of becoming. This Insight Dialogue retreat provides a window into these two processes—attabhava and bhava—and points to a common theme of untangling. The personal is neither denied and rejected, nor is it clung to. The root process of becoming becomes familiar in the light of insight practice, and is engaged with skillfully in the untangling project with care and compassion.

The retreat will be held in silence except for structured periods of Insight Dialogue practice. There will be times of silent sitting, mindful movement, and dialogue in groups of two or more, with guided contemplations.

Registration: Associazione Italiana per la Mindfulness; (contact info blocked)

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  • Deryk Wenaus   July 04, 2014

      Wakeful teacher in all experiences

    I worked with Gregory on helping build a website and even during mundane conversations on the phone he was transmitting authentic presence. He was always bringing back the view of wakefulness in everyday life. I really appreciated this and hope to attend a longer retreat with him some day.

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