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13 Day Ayahuasca and Iboga Retreat (sold out)

About us


Two sacred medicines in one healing program

iboga retreatNew Life Ayahuasca is the first center in Costa Rica, and one of only a few in the world that offers both sacred medicines ayahuasca and iboga together in a single program. We feel that each medicine offers something unique that contributes to overall well being. Through out the years of working with ayahuasca and iboga we have seen a wide range of reactions to the experiences. Some people connect more with one medicine over another. Since it is impossible for us to predict which medicine will be most beneficial for any particular person, we created our 2 week program with both.  Iboga centers exist all over the world and most ayahuasca centers are in Peru but almost none offer both. New Life Ayahuasca offers the convenience of having a program with ayahuasca and iboga, offering each participant an rare opportunity to experience both medicines in one location for maximum benefit.

Duality and Balance

Duality is so important in regard to healing. You can not have light without darkness. We must learn to embrace both the positive and the negative to really know our whole selves and grow which is what makes our joint program so effective. Ayahuasca and Iboga have such duality that it creates balance. Iboga is largely recognizes as a masculine energy while ayahuasca is feminine. The balance of male and female energies helps bring balance into our psychological state. Iboga is said to be stern while ayahuasca is soft. Ayahuasca is said to be external while iboga is said to be internal.

Ayahuasca Ceremonies

Our ayahuasca ceremonies are let by Owner Matthew Mormello. He has been traveling to Peru for the last 2 years to complete diets and learn more about traditional ayahuasca use.  Matt’s intentions and passion in his work are unparalleled. There is no question of his integrity and his sincerity in his mission to help others. His presence during ceremony is strong and grounding. Matt sings Icaros, plays the Gong, Tibetan Singing bowl and guitar to help guide the participants’ experience.

Iboga Ceremonies

Our iboga ceremonies incorporate elements of Bwiti, the spiritual practice that has surrounded traditional iboga use for centuries. The process with iboga spans the course of several days and involves many smaller preparatory ceremonies that lead up to the large dose. We try to include these rituals to honor and respect the medicine. In 2017 owners Jeanae and Matt traveled to Gabon where Matt underwent a full initiation and then the two were married in a Bwiti ceremony.

Iboga Safety

We place the safety of our guests as our highest priority. We offer ceremonies based on traditional iboga use while applying a western medical approach. We require all patients to complete medical screening to be certain ibogaine treatment can be safely administered. Based on the answers to these questions, we will determine what tests need to be done to determine if an individual is a candidate for ibogaine treatment. These tests always include blood work and an EKG.

Psycho-Spiritual Iboga Sessions

There are people are many people today who battle with depression, anxiety, PTSD, or just feel a strong disconnectedness within themselves. Medications to combat these issues are often over-prescribed and ineffective. Some types of medications prescribed for these issues often leave the user emotionally and/or spiritually numbed. An ibogaine psycho-spiritual retreat can help restore internal balance and offer an individual a renewed vigor and lust for life. In Gabon, where use of iboga originated, bwitists believe that when one undergoes a flood dose (a large yet controlled amount of iboga/ibogaine) the spirit goes through a process of death and re-birth. The symbolic dying allows you to rid yourself of past toxins and traumas. Visions are common during an ibogaine treatment and may offer insights to past patters, behaviors or events creating an understanding and clarity that can help lay the foundation for new life. Ibogaine psycho-spiritual treatment can help bring out the best version of yourself. Many people value this experience as one of the most profound and beneficial of their lives.

Dear Jeanae and Matt, Gratitude from the depths of my being for all your love, support and service over these last two weeks. I had high hopes for my time at New Life Iboga / Ayahuasca and these have all been surpassed beyond wildest of dreams. I have received clear answers to the life questions I came with and found my allies and support. I have connected to the deepest Mystery and learned more about this spirit magic, where I am a novice but open to learning. I have had the most profound healings and blessings and shed so many skins. I leave with strength, love in my heart and a renewed passion to work for a more beautiful world. Thank you so much for all you are doing here. Your service is a sight to behold. That's a lot of work you guys are carrying. I felt very held and cared for, with space to be. I also felt very safe you've figured a good balance between the sacred ceremonies and some medical attention. May you always know how important your work is. May you receive all you need to support your work. So many blessings and prayers for you both to move forwards on your own paths of understanding and peace. Love G xx

Event Highlights

  • 2 Ayahuasca Ceremonies
  • 2 Iboga Sessions - 1 Flood Dose and 1 Follow up
  • 2 Integration Sessions with Therapist
  • 2 Complimentary Massage
  • 4 Yoga Sessions
  • 10% Donation to Blessings of the Forest and Ebando
  • All Meals
  • Private Room with Ensuite Bath
  • Complete access to Pool & Spa
  • 2 Off-site Activities
  • Airport Pick-up and Drop off

Venue Highlights

We provide complimentary pick-up from SJO airport on the start day of the retreat between 11am and 1pm. Our center sits secluded on a lush 20 acre property in the mountains of San Ramon, Costa Rica. We have beautiful panoramic views of the Nicoya Gulf. Guests have unrestricted access to our large indoor pool and hot tub as well as hiking trails surrounding the property.


  • Free Wifi
  • Pool
  • Towels
  • Free Parking
  • Kitchen
  • Hot Tub
  • Coffee/Tea
  • Yoga Studio

Menu Types

  • Vegan
  • Vegetarian
  • Includes Meat
  • Organic
  • Dairy Free
  • Nut Free


FULL BREAKFAST - local fruits, bread, organic jam, eggs, oatmeal
FULL LUNCH (non-ceremony days) - A balanced vegan meal with protein(veggie or chicken on side) and local vegetables.
SOUP LUNCH (ceremony days) - 2 soup options, one veggie and one chicken
FULL DINNER (non-ceremony days) - A balanced vegan meal with protein(veggie or chicken on side) and local vegetables.


- Private
- 1 Queen Sized Bed
- Full attached bathroom (toilet, shower, sink, hot water)
- Towels and Basic Toiletries provided (shampoo, conditioner, soap)

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