Event Highlights

  • * 2 sacred plant ceremonies with Taita Juanito
  • * 1 Yopo ceremony
  • * Healing and consultation circles with female shaman Jairzagua of the Muisca tribe in Colombia. Jairzagua will also introduce us into the art of traditional, sacred crochet weaving and/or jewelery weaving (beadwork) in a workshop. She will share her ocean of wisdom and experience with us in stories, lectures and healing sessions.
  • * Tobacco healings and consultations with tobacco shaman Don Florentino
  • * Meditation, Chakra Healing and Aromatherapy
  • * Introduction to different plant medicines and their traditional uses
  • * Personal herbal consultations with Maji
  • * Healing our relationship with our parents and our inner child
  • * Building a strong connection to mother earth and nature
  • * Workshop on creating an altar with Yara
  • * We will learn valuable tools that we can apply in our life afterwards
  • * Daily yoga and healthy food
  • * Fun time, sun, green mountains, ocean breeze, peace and recreation time – massages and Reiki sessions available at all times….


Wednesday Nov 1, Day 2
7:00am- 8:15 am- Yoga / Meditation Class
8:15- 9:00am - Breakfast
9:15 am – 12:00 pm – Weaving of womanhood sharing circle & Weaving Workshop (Start weaving)
12:00 pm 1 pm - Light Lunch, Rest
1:15 pm - 3:15 pm - Talk about Ancestral plant medicines (Yage, yopo, mambe, ambil, and rape)
3:30 pm -6:00 pm – Yopo Ceremony & cleansing
6:15 pm-7:30pm - Dinner
7:45 pm - Reconciliation with mother, father & inner child workshop

Thursday Nov 2, Day 3
7:15- 8:15 am – Morning Flow (yoga)
8:15 am- 9:30 am - Breakfast
9:30-12:00 pm - Pre-Consultations
12:00 pm-1:30 pm - Light Lunch (1st ceremony night)
1:30 pm -2:00 pm - Pre-Consultations
2:00-5:00 pm – Talk about plants to use to support moontime and menopause & weaving workshop.
5:00 pm -8:00pm- Rest and Relaxation before 1st Sacred Ceremony
8:00 pm - 1st Sacred Ancestral Plant Medicine Ceremony

About This Event

Join us for an awakening of the heart and soul. This eight day/seven night retreat is for women seeking a profound spiritual, mental and physical cleansing and healing, or anyone who would like to deepen their spiritual practice. 

If you are feeling the call within your heart to connect deeper with what it means to walk the path of womanhood, this is a beautiful opportunity to gain clarity and break through barriers that may have been keeping you from realizing your highest potential. As women, we learn, grow, and heal even more deeply when we tap into the resources and support of a tribe, remembering the traditional ways that women have gathered since the beginning of time. Here we will gather in sisterhood and journey under the guidance of the medicine, inviting deep healing, profound understandings, and shifts in consciousness that can help us to live our lives more fulfilled. 

As you join us, you are welcomed into this family of this circle, one that will support you on your journey infinitely. We will spend eight days honoring the strength that comes when we walk our path, learning shamanic traditions, and healing in yagé ceremonies as we build a bridge of love to connect with all women. All is welcome here, and we build a safe space for you to heal with acceptance, equality, understanding, and compassion. 

During these ceremonies, songs and music are forms of prayer that bring healing energies into the ceremonial space. The sound vibration connects the shaman and plant medicine to the people, and in the ayahuasca tradition it is said that the shaman and musiqueros sing the sickness away.

We are looking forward to spend time together as sisters, as self-realizing women, as weavers of life, as the healers we naturally are because we are women. It is time to leave envy, self-doubts and self-sabotage behind in old forgotten times and start over to heal our wombs, to heal the relations with our mothers as with mother earth herself.
The name Adriana received by the Muisca tribe is ‘Jairsagua’ which means ‘black jaguar woman of the magic and the mystery of the hidden ancestral medicine’. Part of this journey is to access a lost culture which opens the doors to our female intuition and to a deep connection with mother earth.
Adriana will teach us how to weave the sacred mochila bags like girls of many tribes do from a young age on. The magic of the traditional crochet weaving reveals itself as we understand that we weave our intentions, our healing and our families’ healing into manifestation and use the Mochila (which symbolizes the uterus) as our tool. Not seldom women started weaving their life in visions in dreams and ceremonies. Like this we weave a new design for our life and carry our intentions on us as living prayers.
Adriana will share many stories and experiences about the use of the menstruation as sacred medicine to heal, avoid diseases and call love and abundance into our life through the use of herbs and prayers during this powerful times.
This are just two topics of an ocean of wisdom and love this medicine woman is open to share with us, blessed we are to have her in our life!
We will enjoy 2 ceremonies with Taita Juanito and one Yopo ceremony with Abuela Adriana, do Yoga and Meditation, receive Reiki and Aromatherapy, create an earth altar, meet in sharing circles where all questions and concerns can be addressed, learn about different plant medicines and valuable tools to apply the magic afterwards in our daily lifes.

Our personal experiences with Taita Juanito, Adriana and her partner Don Florentino, a tobacco Shaman, have not only transformed our lives and opened our hearts, but totally expanded our belief of what is possible in life. We believe in these healers, we believe in this medicine, we believe in this path, we believe in you, and we believe that anything is possible. We want to make this sacred gift of Ayahuasca (yagé) available to all that desire healing, rebirth, clarity, change and connection with all life. 

Our deepest desire for this retreat is that everyone that gathers learn how to explore their strength, connect with other sisters in unconditional love and compassionate support for one another, and tap into a larger vision for our world and what is possible. Huge shifts are taking place on this planet. The change we all have been dreaming of is here. Its happening right now. We are the chosen ones and its time to own our power for great manifestation, teach our friends, family and future generations new ways of creating a life of love, peace and freedom. If this resonates with you, please come to this amazing gift of sisterhood, expansion, healing, knowledge, laughter and love! If you have been called to change, come. If you have friends, bring them. You are welcome, you are safe and you are unconditionally loved here. Aho! 

Included: Transportation to and from Liberia airport pick up Oct 31st and departure date Nov7th *** Beautiful Accommodations at Rayos Del Sol with Air Conditions, 13% hotel tax *** Two Transformational Sacred Plant Ceremonies (yage/ayahuasca) with Taita Juanito *** One Yopo ceremony with Medicine Woman Jairzagua Furativa Gagheta *** One-on-one Consultations before and after ceremonies Shamanic Teachings *** Sacred Weaving Womanhood workshops (traditional beadwork and Mochila-crochet weaving, awareness & healing-practices, teachings on plants, moontime and menopause, and much more..) ***  Altars & earth altar creating workshop Mindful Living Practices and Integration *** A few Surprises to be disclosed later Daily Yoga and/or meditation Fire Ceremonies Three Organic Meals Daily

Excluded: 10% Gratuities (optional) Airfare Tobacco reading and consultation (includes a healing if nessecary) - $30 *** Massages and Reiki sessions  *** Private herbal consultations with Maji - $15
If you feel the call to be part of this transformation to receive more joy, more love and more light into your life, to reveal yet a little more of your true potential then get in contact with us. The time is now and life is waiting for us!
An ocean of blessings!
With so much love,
Donna and the Weaving Women

"Weaving is a path of light. Weaving is how I study; a path of discovery, slowly unveiling the depths of my being and existence in this world. Weaving is how I heal; illuminating the dark corners of my mind, bringing clarity, beauty and trust to the unknown. Weaving is the way I pray; each bead, stone and feather a seed of hope, of trust, of love, of joy, of abundance and of beauty. Weaving is how I express the manifestation of visions, dreams, desires. Weaving is how I do my work in the world. As one we weave this beautiful life." - Yara

Venue Highlights

This colorful and comfortable retreat center is beautifully private, far from distractions of the outer world, surrounded by nature, owned by a loving family, no other guests, just us and the medicines


Beautiful, colorful rooms with air condition and jungle and or ocean view.
Shared occupancy (3-5 women in a room) with Shared Bathroom
Double occupancy Shared Bathroom
Single King or Queen with private bathroom
* If you have interest in sharing a room, but do not have a roomie, we pair you with someone!

The property sits up atop a hill overlooking a river valley that opens up to views of the Pacific Ocean and epic sunsets. Up here, the air is a little cooler and pleasant breezes carry in the sound of crashing waves, birds chirping and howler monkeys calling. Pura. Vida. All. Day.


  • Air Conditioning in Rooms
  • Free Wifi
  • Pool
  • Towels
  • Free Parking
  • Coffee/Tea
  • Restaurant
  • Yoga Studio
  • House-Keeping

Menu Types

  • Organic


The diet is adjusted to get the highest results from the plant ceremonies. If you have allergies please let us know.
Little coffee, no alcohol.


Our property is on the Pacific coast of the Nicoya Peninsula of Costa Rica. It is situated between the towns of San Juanillo and Ostional, about 10km north of Nosara.
Shuttle service to and from Liberia airport is provided!

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  Write a review - tell others about your experience.

  • Freya SarahJane Borean   August 08, 2018

      Spirit shifting experience!

    To the dear ones reading this message, I speak to you from my full and honest heart. The experiences I have had with Jairsagua learning the sacred rythems of weaving and sitting in ceremony have truly altered the way I can be with myself, and in turn how I communicate that to the outside world. The insights that I received durning ceremony have time and time again come up in my daily life and, with the memory of those sacred visions I am able to live deeper in my truth and understanding of the natural world. I carry so near to my heart the hours that this dear elder spent teaching me the ancient and divine act of weaving. Every moment she spoke with stories or teachings had my entire beings attention. I feel blessed to have shared space with such a beautiful teacher (and the woman who fly under her wings) I would truly recommend this to other sisters! With love and gratitude, Freya.

  • Carolina Chavarria Pozuelo   August 05, 2018

      Beautiful sweet healing

    The healing opportunities offered by the Weaving of Womanhood retreat are a blessing. Taita Juan is one of the sweetest and most powerful beings, it’s just so nice to learn from him, participating in his ceremonies is a huge blessing. Weaving with the abuela Jairsa is beautiful! It’s not just weaving, she explains were the weaving tradition comes from and how it is used for praying and connecting. Tobacco Shaman don Florito is so gentle and wise. All the team is so sweet and ready to assist in our healing. Let’s not even talk about the beautiful venue...

  • Svetlana Bego   August 03, 2018

      Transformation complete

    Donna and I have been best friends for 20 years. Needless to say that when she embarked on this journey I was very very skeptical. I wanted to see results first hand before getting convinced to do anything about emotional problems that plagued me. I watched her for about three years and seeing the amazing impact this process had on body and spirit was finally enough for me to wake up and join the party. The journey for me has been utterly transforming. After years of physical and mental abuse I have experienced at the hands of a partner I was left with beyond crippling anxiety and self doubt, that I self medicated with wine. Through this process with the help of my best friend Donna and Taita Juanito I was able to rebuild myself whole and truly start living my life to the fullest at 43. Gone are the wine, anxiety and self doubt and a slew of other emotional issues we’ve unearthed during this process. Once I have changed my life went through a major upgrade. This whole thing was a gift from God. I highly recommend Donna and her women’s retreat to anyone suffering from various ailments. My journey has been magic.

  • Angela Brazeal   August 02, 2018


    With the gentle patience of someone who knows, Donna and her team led us into and through a process that taught us about love and community and the love of self through community. With their guidance we built strong bonds that will last. The week was an amazing experience into the feminine. I will look forward to the next time.

  • Damini Beth Alspaugh   August 02, 2018

      A love-filled experience

    I joined Donna on the Weaving of Womanhood retreat this past January. I had such a beautiful, transformational experience there and would highly recommend it. Donna and the other leaders held space for all of the women in a way that made it feel like we really were all sisters. I would suggest this retreat if you are seeking to know yourself better, want give yourself some self care and time for introspection, and feel the call to be in supportive sisterhood. We treated our bodies well with delicious healthy food, swims in the pool, yoga, and walks to the beach. The ceremonies and teachings we received were transformative for me and helped me get clear on my path in life. I left Costa Rica with a more hopeful outlook on life, and a feeling of support that still continues. I still check in with Donna and the other women, and I will attend this retreat again in the future.

Thank you!

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