Earth & Sky: A Return to Source: 7-Day Bluestone Ayahuasca Retreat in Cancun, Mexico - Sept 20-27, 2018

About us

If you have a sincere desire to change and the courage to look within, this retreat is for you. Change in the world begins with change in us and Ayahuasca is one of the most powerful tools for evoking that change. Discover you are pure consciousness and from that place of greater awareness all things are possible.

Healing Through An Expansion of Consciousness

Mother Earth has given us everything we need to heal body, soul and mind. The sacred Master Plants are those that heal through an expansion of consciousness.  Join us for a week of self-exploration and healing in a setting of stunning natural beauty wherein master ayahuasqueros, GERMAN VIRGUEZ and LUPITA CASTRO  create the nurturing, energetically sustained space which frees you to go deeply within.

Healers * Ayahuasqueros * Singers * Songwriters *Parents

German and Lupita are recognized masters within the world of sacred plant medicine bringing over 11 years of experience into every ceremony. They channel the healing power of Mother Ayahuasca, revealing her wisdom with clarity and compassion. The birth of their first child two years ago has enriched their lives and their work.

Ayahuasca has the uncanny ability to enrich musical gifts in those who are intimately connected with her and German and Lupita are a case in point. They are singer-songwriters of the highest order, their CDs in demand, their songs sung in ceremonies all over the world

This retreat is a rare opportunity to be personally guided by these inspired healers in a 7-day intensive encounter with the sacred plant Ayahuasca, greatest tool for personal transformation on the planet. The intention is go deep, to recognize the being of Light you are, and from that place of clarity restore yourself to physical, mental and emotional health.

Allow Mother Ayahuasca to open you to the truth that you are pure consciousness and a unique manifestation of consciousness at that! From a place of greater awareness all things are possible. Change your perception, change the world.

 The retreat is run in both English and Spanish. 

“If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you”. F. Devito

“We live in a society that demonizes the use of time-honored sacred plants to explore our own consciousness. Yet surely the exploration and expansion of the miracle of our consciousness is the essence of what it is to be human…” Graham Hancock



German Virguez and Lupita Castro work with the healing traditions of both East and West, of the Amazon and the Andes. They travel extensively conducting ceremonies throughout Mexico and South America. They give concerts and record as Ayahuapu. Sample their music on YouTube under their names or as Ayahuapu. German and Lupita live in Mexico with their two-year old son, Yaru.

Ayllu Masikunapa

Terran, USA 2018: My calling to plant medicine began out of a desperate need to overcome a drug dependence that threatened to extinguish my flame. In January of 2018 my journey began with a visit to an Ibogaine clinic outside of Cancun [that removed the addiction on a physical level]..I then realized almost immediately that my recovery was just in its infancy and that I needed to deal with the traumas that lead me down such a dark destructive path in the first place. A quick search led me to Sharon and Bluestone Ayahuasca and she had all the right answers and I felt a level of trust and ease that was unexpected. There is no way I can transfer into words the experience but I can say that I am a completely different person for the better in every way.... The reverence and respect given to the ceremony and the medicine by the staff makes the experience so profound and real I can’t imagine there is any way to improve on anything and I say that in a non patronizing way. The staff led by example…. Ayahuascs dissolved age, gender, race, religion and simplified each person as a human being with the utmost potential to change the world thru individual transformation. I can’t say enough about the selflessness of the staff and my respect for the incomprehensible energy they put into healing and transforming our group. There were times when people were literally exercising demons and the staff was able to work them thru everything which I found so powerful… It has been approx. 2 months since the retreat and I have lost 20 lbs and have found the strength and discipline to change my habits completely and focus on the positives in my life and not allow my emotions to manifest into a depressive loop. If you are called to experience mother Ayahuasca please listen to that call and I can guarantee you will be treated to a life changing experience with the team at Bluestone. I will forever be indebted to Arturo and Sharon and they are doing divine work and I now have a hopefulness that I never knew existed. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. WITH TOTAL GRATITUDE

Event Highlights

  • The retreat includes:
  • *Three (3) Ayahuasca Ceremonies
  • *Integration Sessions
  • *Deep-healing Meditations
  • *Two Temazcal Therapies
  • *A massage
  • *Day trip to a cenote
  • *Homemade Vegan Meals (based on regional fruits, vegetables, herbs, organic when available)
  • *All beverages (non-alcoholic)
  • *Unlimited purified bottled water
  • *Unlimited use of the on-site pool and all facilities
  • *Accommodation, double occupancy
  • *Airport pick up and drop off
  • COST: $1,600usd
  • We limit the number of participants to insure everyone gets the attention he or she requires.
  • If you have a group, get in touch for options.

Venue Highlights

Retreats take place at a center sited for its natural beauty, and we work to keep the energy high and clear. The center is located in the heart of the jungle with bungalows, a pool and the traditional space for Ayahuasca ceremonies called a maloca. Our property is far from the maddening crowd and alive with the murmurings of Mother Earth; a stress-free environment that is energetically contained and sustained. Our retreats are designed to let you take maximum advantage of the medicine and the processes it brings up for you. You’re free to go as deep as you wish and we’re there to support you as you do so. We interact with you on your request. All accommodations come with en-suite bathrooms and ceiling fans.


For Ceremony Days: Subject to change. Additional activities integrated into the non-ceremony days.
7am: Self-serve tea available in the mother house
10am: Breakfast
11am: Massage
12pm: Temazcal
2pm: Light lunch
Free time and resting before the ceremony
7pm-4am, approximately: Ayahuasca ceremony

Menu Types

  • Vegan
  • Vegetarian
  • Pescetarian
  • Gluten Free
  • Dairy Free
  • Nut Free


The optimum diet for working with Ayahuasca is vegan which we modify slightly with the occasional fish or egg dish. Our meals are homemade, right down to and including the tortillas. We work with regional fruit, vegetables and herbs in novel and traditional combinations. You’ll enjoy vegan tacos, gazpachos, vegetable soups, seawood wraps and more. Some light fasting on ceremony days is required.

*If you have special dietary needs, advise us and we’ll work with you.


The bungalows have two double beds each, a fan over each bed and a bathroom with a shower. The mother house has two bedrooms: one with a king-size bed, the other with two double beds, both share a bathroom. Bathrooms are also located in the mother house and around the pool next to the maloca (the ceremonial structure used for the ceremonies).


Fly into the Cancun International Airport. The ride from the airport to the retreat center is about 40 minutes and we meet your plane. Google Maps: El Ramonal, Cancun, Quintana Roo, Mexico

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