Event Highlights

  • 8-days and 7-nights of eco-friendly accommodations at a premier Costa Rican Eco Resort
  • Miles of secluded jungle beach front along which to walk, run, surf or swim
  • 3 farm-to-table meals and 1 snack daily (vegan, vegetarian and fish menus)
  • Daily yoga and meditation
  • Workshop sessions and group discussions
  • Daily housekeeping service
  • Optional pre-dawn Kundalini Sadhana
  • Open-air yoga studio
  • Chemical free lap pool
  • Wi-fi
  • Airport transfer from Puerto Jimenez airport to Blue Osa and return

About This Event

Find sun and relaxation during the middle of the cold winter at Blue Osa, Costa Rica. Come take yoga classes, enjoy the beach, surfing lessons, take adventure tours such as kayaking, zip lining and jungle hikes, and have spa treatments!!!  Plan your warm winter vacation now to relax and enjoy all that Costa Rica has to offer. Each day will begin with a light breakfast followed by a yoga asana practice. You will then have the balance of the day until 4:30pm to either take spa treatments, read and swim by the pool, walk along the private beach, or take adventure tours. Before dinner, we will take a lighter workshop practice that will stretch both our bodies and our minds.

The location is just as beautiful as the pictures and it was heavenly to practice in a yoga studio that overlooks the ocean! The kitchen and office staff are incredible. And the FOOD is delicious - every meal farm to table. ~ Azlisa

Venue Highlights


Private Yoga Retreat Getaway Package:

If you crave the 1-on-1 attention of an intimate experience, work with a private yoga instructor to guide you and develop a personal practice in this package. Together you will increase your strength, stability and comfort on your life’s path. Your yoga teacher will take an in-depth journey of self-discovery.

The Best Of Costa Rica Package:

Experience a little bit of everything in just a few days! Want to mix adventure and rejuvenation while in paradise at Blue Osa? The Best Of Costa Rica Package allows you to choose your favorites from our most popular spa treatments and eco-adventure excursions: Includes: Accommodations, meals, and so much more!

The Rainforest Eco-spa Getaway Package:

Pamper yourself in the Costa Rican rainforest and indulge in nature’s bounty with a personalized spa retreat. Inspired by the purity of our natural surroundings, we have created a holistic approach to treating mind, body and spirit through the use of natural rainforest botanicals and various Ayurvedic healing modalities.


With 12 rooms and a capacity for 32 guests, this intimate beachfront eco-resort offers the ultimate sanctuary if you’re seeking solace from the hectic world. Nestled off-the-beaten-path in the virgin Costa Rican rainforest of the Southern Osa Peninsula, guests have an endless selection of quiet places to meditate and reflect. Only 50 meters away from the waves, you can see the private beach while practicing yoga from our elegantly designed second floor Yoga Studio. Onsite, there is also a chemical-free lap pool for an afternoon swim.


At Blue Osa we believe that nutritious, wholesome food is not only the foundation for a productive life but is also essential for a happy one. Food that nourishes our soul not only needs to be healthy, but it also needs to be tasty and delicious! Blue Osa is devoted to serving the freshest ingredients possible that are delivered daily to our kitchen.

Our locally-sourced red snapper and mahi-mahi are freshly-caught by neighboring fishermen. Whether it’s pineapple from the Blue Osa property or eggs from the farmers down the road, all produce supports the local economy.

Loving hands knead homemade bread, gardeners gather herbs from the greenhouse, and knowledgeable chefs create a gourmet menu under the guidance of Chef Marie.

This is truly a “farm to table” dining experience.


Blue Osa is located about 8 miles (11 km) south of Puerto Jimenez on the Osa Peninsula of Costa Rica which National Geographic Magazine labeled “the most biologically intense place on Earth.” We are nearest to the border of the world-renowned Corcovado National Park and on the warm shores of the Golfo Dulce. While visiting our tropical eco-resort you are likely to spot some of Costa Rica’s shyest and most endangered rainforest inhabitants, including the red-backed squirrel monkey, scarlet macaws, harpy eagles, and maybe even a jaguar.

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  • Kristina   July 05, 2019

      Blue Osa - deceptive

    So my experience at Blue Osa has yet to be described anywhere online [that I can/could find prior to going]. I was recently there with my step-sister to do a 200hr yoga teacher training (“YTT”) and it was slowly getting more Hindu/new age/chants & mantras with the goal being Shakti. When we tried to explain that we were uncomfortable engaging in these practices (but fine with learning about them) we were essentially told that we wouldn’t receive our teacher certificates. I will state, preemptively, that they seem to heavily monitor and respond to perceived criticism by focusing on the faults of the poster, so I expect that they will post and try to explain that I did not give them adequate time to make accommodations to allow me to refrain from participation in things I didn’t agree with. However, I gave them (as described below), about 6 hrs and we were NOT staying longer than that given the feedback received throughout that time. No amount of money is worth your mental/spiritual health. I can’t even describe the negative vibes adequately, but I will try: there were cameras everywhere, we were followed everywhere, approx. 10ft behind [whenever we were out of the areas people were congregated in] by a “maintenance member,” we were expected to do trance-meditation (which resulted in my sister and I having foggy mental states and little recollection of the hour) and chant to the Hindu Gods. We were essentially being taught how to view life from one perspective; for e.g.: that there is no good or bad, only your own conscience, and that you can be your own god, etc. I expected to learn history, I did not expect to be preached at (side note: “Yogi Aaron” - whose last name I have yet to find, was extremely condescending and describes himself as a “judgmental [jerk]” edited for profanity) When it was clear that they wouldn’t/couldn’t make accommodations to allow us to refrain from worshiping Hindu gods/ourselves as gods, we decided to leave. Of course we asked for a partial refund and to date have been denied. When we tried to leave, we were told by the front desk staff that “that’s not how it’s done” and then got a 30min+ lecture on how we “didn’t understand” (not even from the owner, but from his co-teacher, Karina and assistant, approximately SIX HOURS after my step-sister and I told them that we were uncomfortable “practicing” the Hindu-related religious rituals such as the 61pt meditation and chanting) and had to have an outside source call a taxi for us. I liked their website, it seemed spiritually neutral and focused on mindfulness and for yoga. I also did so much research: read trip advisor/yelp reviews, read the yoga alliance reviews, and even spoke with people who had been there, and not once did I hear about their Hinduistic-view on spirituality or I would have declined to attend. This was deceiving and not at all what was expected of us. We felt like we were being brainwashed, like a frog in warm water, with the heat being slowly being turned up. Maybe others have had no problem with this - I’m not sure. The food was fine, not great to my taste buds, but nutritious. We read reviews and bought bug tents which made sleeping perfectly fine. It was pretty, but we had no down time to enjoy the beach or pool because we were essentially in training/lectures/classes from 4:50am to 9pm with three 55 min breaks for meals (oh and 4-8am is silent time and any talking/phone use results in a minimum of 15mins/$200 make up work). Anyways, even if no one has had a similar experience yet, I am posting this as the alert that I wish I had gotten about the practices at Blue Osa before spending 3k+ on this negative experience. We left 4 days in to a two week training and 3 days later have yet to hear back from staff or “Yogi Aaron.” Do with this info what you will, I just wish someone had posted it for me to read prior to going.

Thank you!

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