8 Day Amazon Nourishing Detox & Yoga Retreat in Tarapoto Peru

  • Tambo Ilusion Tambo Ilusion
  • Tambo Ilusion, Tarapoto, jungle of Peru
  • Ongoing package (8 days / 7 nights)

About This Event

This nourishing detox retreat is perfect for anyone who feels that their body and mind need to rest and their health needs a reboot. This retreat features a simple and safe cleanse based on a diet of superfoods, fresh fruit extracts and healthy and exquisite vegan meals. Coffee enemas and a liver flush will eliminate toxins that have accumulated in your body, especially in the liver and gallbladder. The peaceful natural surroundings, along with daily yoga and meditation practice or Reiki session, will help your body rest and clear your mind. And you might lose some extra weight too. The surroundings of the Amazon rainforest provide a spectacular backdrop for what is guaranteed to be a life changing experience; you will leave feeling like a brand new you!

The focus of this detox is on cleansing the liver, the workhorse of the body. With the exception of the skin, the liver is the largest organ in the body and performs over 500 functions, far more than any other organ in the body. It is a vital organ that supports nearly every organ in the body in some facet. It is only the liver that can purify the bloodstream, and you only have one liver so come take care of your liver and yourself!

Your hosts, Johanne and Armando, a Canadian/Peruvian couple are happy to greet you in their little paradise and provide the perfect environment to do such a cleanse.  Being surrounded by nature is the ideal setting for such a process.  Your retreat leader, Johanne is a Hatha yoga instructor, Reiki master/teacher, vegetarian cook and wellness coach.  She has hosted more than 15 detox retreats and each participant has felt the benefits of investing in their wellbeing in such a way.  Johanne treasures creating authentic connections with her guests through fulfilling conversations and sharing some of her passions for holistic health (yoga, Reiki, equine (contact info blocked)).

This retreat is offered all year round (except for March and August). There is a maximum of 6 participants per retreats to ensure an intimate experience for all.

We offer this retreat at these fixed dates at the price of 1500 USD per person in single occupation.  If you are two people sharing a room (that has two double beds), the cost is 2400 USD (1200 USD per person).       

Nov 18th - 23rd 2019

If these dates do not work for you, this retreat can be hosted at a date that is convenient for you depending on availability, of course.  The cost of running a private retreat for you is 1500 USD.  We guarantee that this retreat runs even for only one participant! If the reservation is for two people sharing a room, the cost is 2600 USD (1300 USD per person).

Come experience the peace that comes from cleansing! You'll practicing yoga and becoming more connected with nature.  This retreat offers the perfect opportunity to connect with your Self and nature by slowing down, breathing fresh air, observing the present moment and developing physical and mental health. Practice relaxing and reducing stress in your life through a program based on a healthy lifestyle and diet!

Be prepared to get pampered during this retreat.  You will receive a massage, a Reiki session, practice yoga, meditation, breathing exercises and more, you will eat very well (healthy and tasty food) and much more!  You will benefit from equine therapy just by spending time observing a pregnant horse graze and accompany her to her paddock and feed her.  

The yoga sessions will be gentle yoga, yoga nidra, restorative yoga.  We will guide the body to twist and to deeply relax to help it heal and detox.

There is a good balance of activities and down time in this retreat. Every morning starts with mindfully sipping a cleansing and alkalinizing cup of warm lemon water on your porch watching nature wake up around you.

You will be encouraged to keep a journal for the week. Suggestions and writing exercises will be provided to get you started.


"I was at this beautiful sanctuary in February 2017 and did an 8-day detox with Johanne. Everything went smoothly and Johanne has always been available and very thoughtful about each step of the program. The food was very delicious, yet simple and made with lots of love and care. Johanne has tons of knowledge on nutrition and health which she enjoys sharing during meal times.

The place has a very homely feel and the land is very beautiful with no disturbance or pollution. Though possibly the best thing is the lagoon. It is great fun to jump into and to swim on a hot day.

As a result of the detox, I have been feeling an improvement in my metabolism and while I had done liver gallbladder cleanses before, this time I had actually quite a lot of stones coming out. It was a relatively easy and certainly freeing process. Since Johanne provides extensive material on the detox, it will be easy to redo the procedure every now and then by myself. Overall, I am very grateful for the experience and want to thank Armando and Johanne for a very beautiful and unforgettable time."

--  Anja plagemann, German

"What an experience!!! Tambo Ilusion is a magical place. I came for an 8 day yoga liver detox/cleanse. Cleanses can be such an awful experience but Johanne works her magic behind the scenes and makes it seem so easy. The meals are amazing – you are never hungry. The yoga at sunset in the yoga studio was my favorite way to end the day. Joanne has an amazing gift of making you feel so relaxed during the sessions. It is hard to capture all the positive changes that have happened to me during the 8 day cleanse. The biggest for me was that I was able to quit drinking coffee – that alone would be enough but no there is so much more. Normally, I start my day by taking an allergy pill but here at Tambo Ilusion, I was able to go a whole week without taking one pill. Those two alone would have been enough for me but there is more – my skin feels better, I know the true meaning of relaxation, I know I can be satiated with no fat in my food, no shoulder soreness from using a computer and learned to really enjoy the jungle rhythm. There is no set schedule – ½ hour before breakfast and lunch you get fresh squeezed apple juice that is how you know when to go for your meal. Dinner is after yoga finishes or your Reiki session is over but not on a clock. That is what I mean by jungle rhythm. Typically I was in my hammock reading or at the lagoon swimming so it was not hard to find me. Sleeping was another amazing experience. It is rare to find sheets that have been line dried and smell like fresh air but that is what you smell as you climb into bed. I arrived feeling bloated and tired and I am leaving feeling energized and calm. I think I lost a few pounds in the process which is always a nice bonus!!!

Room Tip: This is a rustic spa with shared screened in bathrooms adding to the amazing experience of fresh air."

--  Kimberly Fox, USA

"I highly recommend this relaxing and rustic jungle getaway. Not only are Johanne and Armando wonderful and caring but they are also wealths of knowledge regarding nutrition, health and nature conservation. If you are looking for a place to get away from the backpacker crowd and immerse yourself in a rejuvenating, slower pace of life, Tamboilusion is the place for you. Perfect for healing, grounding, being healthy, or just giving your body some good old R & R in the Peruvian jungle.

Situated on a large plat of land outside Tarapoto, Peru, you immediately feel as if you've entered a different sort of rhythm than city/town-life. Five lovely thatched roof house or Tambos (two queen/king beds in each, mosquito netting, hammocks, lanterns and candles - no electricity) serve as your home while staying at TamboIlusion. THere are shared bathrooms above and below on the hill the tambos are situated on. Birdsongs, monkey chatter, roosters crowing and a medley of insect and frog voices servce as your background music while you swing in your hammock or swim in the lagoon.

This was my second time back to Tamboilusion. The first time, earlier this year, I went for a lovely 5 day yoga retreat where I was relaxed and rejuvenated and heard about the 8-day liver detox that Johanne does. I came back for this this November.

I felt incredible - during and after the liver detox. Johanne takes so much care and is very organized and detail-oriented with your nutrition throughout the week. We always ate incredible food (despite there being no gluten, lactose, meat, salt, (contact info blocked)) and I never felt hungry. She also teaches a yoga class each day, a great way to detox. Yet the heights to which my body felt better afterwards were incredible.

The only downside to Tamboilusion (like any jungle getaway) is the bugs. You will come back with a few bug bites here and there. This is great if you want an off the beaten path relaxing jungle getaway, but be prepared for shared bathrooms and no electricity in your tambo. As long as your expectations are not that of a 5 star resort, then you will be pleased.

I highly recommend Tambo Ilusion!"

-- Karen E, USA

"Dear Johanne and Armando Thank you both for an unforgettable experience. This is the first time I made a significant investment of time into my body and spirit, and I could not be happier that my journey led me to Tambo Ilusion! These eight days felt like a lifetime of experiences, learning, growing and healing. Johanne, your spiritual and physical stewardship cannot be described in words: the yoga, the food, the spirit, the humor, the bottomless knowledge transformed every moment into an experience and an opportunity to learn about myself, others and the world, physical and spiritual. Armando, your dedication and perseverence are truly inspirational and one of a kind. You prove that if the mind can imagine, and the spirit believes, the body can achieve anything. I am forever grateful for this experience, and am leaving a different and better person than the one who came here just a week ago. Thank you truly". Mike, USA - Detox retreat April 2015

Event Highlights

  • 1 60-minute massage
  • 2 coffee enemas (a personal enema kit is provided)
  • 2 daily fresh fruit extracts and daily natural supplement
  • 1 Reiki session to balance the chakras, 1 chi session to oxygenate the body and 1 herbal bath to cleanse the aura
  • 4 yoga classes (gentle yoga, restorative yoga, and yoga Nidra)
  • 7 nights cozy accommodation
  • A private mind-body nutrition coaching session
  • Daily plant-based, gluten-free breakfasts, lunches, and dinners (except for the one day juice fast)
  • Documentation to support your detox
  • Natural body care kit (toothpaste, soap, shampoo, deodorant, repellant, sunscreen and lip balm)
  • Natural loufa sponge for exfoliation
  • Natural purified drinking water
  • Plenty of time for napping, swimming, observing the wildlife, reading, journaling, or relaxing
  • Suggested journaling exercises to emphasize positive habits and emotions
  • Transfers to and from the local airport by mototaxi (15 minute drive)
  • An equine-imity stroll. Accompany Johanne and her equine friend Ayla to her paddock and feed her. You'll witness spectacular scenery .


07:30 Cleansing lemon water tea
08:00 Fruit extract
08:30 Breakfast
09:30 Free time to spend at the lagoon
12:30 Fruit extract
13:00 Lunch
14:00 Free time for quality hammock time
16:00 Yoga and meditation practice
17:30 Herbal bath & free time
19:00 Nourishing supper and conversations
20:30 Free time to observe the stars and journaling followed by bed time

Venue Highlights

We are happy to share with our guests our unique home and the activities we do in order to achieve to live in harmony with nature in a sustainable manner. You will enjoy the gorgeous and peaceful natural surroundings. The jewel of Tambo Ilusión is its secluded fresh water lagoon which is a cool and refreshing natural spring, just a joy to swim in. Relax and meditate on the dock while enjoying the chant of the birds and the murmur of the creek's running water. It's the perfect spot to do some soul searching.

Excellent reviews
Tambo Ilusión Retreat Center is a proud winner of the prestigious Certificate of Excellence designation received from TripAdvisor: "Certificate of Excellence 2015”, “Certificate of Excellence 2016" and “Certificate of Excellence 2017". This award recognizes establishments that consistently earn glowing traveler reviews on TripAdvisor. Tambo Ilusion is also the 2018 winner of the LTG Award (Luxury Travel Guide).
Tambo Ilusión was also chosen as one of Peru's top five yoga retreat centers in a publication of El Comercio, one of the main national newspaper!

Guests rave about the food as well as the personalized attention, the beauty of the surroundings and the quality of the self-care practices offered (yoga, Reiki session, guided nature walks, etc.).

You can trust you will have an unforgettable and lasting experience in this oasis.

Tambo Ilusión offers an environment that is conducive to many A-ha moments.

More highlights of Tambo Ilusión Retreat Center

Ideal location - close to the local airport and the center of town yet, surrounded by forest.
It's owner, Armando Rodriguez is a visionary. He is passionate about his 34 acre (14 hectare) garden!
Everybody that sets foot on this property is taken by its beauty and its energy. No one wants to leave!
Low magnetic field on the property. We encourage doing a digital detox during your time here.
There is no electricity in the rooms. Using candles creates a romantic atmosphere and guests claim to sleep so well here.
Tambo Ilusion Retreat Center is family run. Expect very personalized attention. We offer an intimate experience.


The wooden tambos (cabins) are rustic and quaint. They have two very comfortable double beds and mosquito netting. A hammock hangs on the porch of each tambo. Each tambo has a solar lamp. There is a total of 6 tambos. There’s no need to bring your nature white noise music, you’ll have the real thing right outside your door!

Although the cabins are simple, most guests' first reaction when they are taken to their room is 'WOW'.

Amenities: shared spacious bathrooms, flush toilets, hot water showers and we offer an electricity-free environment (except in the dining area). There is no wi-fi service at Tambo Ilusion. You will benefit greatly from a digital detox.

Menu Types

  • Vegan
  • Vegetarian
  • Gluten Free
  • Dairy Free
  • Nut Free


Guests rave about the nourishing and delicious food served here, especially omnivores who were a little concerned about eating a vegetarian diet for the duration of their stay!
Healthy, colorful, varied, delicious and nourishing meals are prepared with care and love.
Special dietary needs can be accommodated with advanced notice.


Tambo Ilusion is situated in the high jungle mountain region of the Amazon rainforest (400 meters or 1300 feet above sea level).
It is a short 1h15 minute domestic flight from Lima's International Airport to Tarapoto. There are many flights daily.
Tambo Ilusión is located only 20 minutes away from Tarapoto's local airport.
Transfers to and from the airport by mototaxi are included in each of our programs.

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