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  • This course offers students the chance to learn authentic Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga as passed down by Sri K Pattabhi Jois with added depth from the Tantric principles of subtle energy. This beautiful combination teaches students how to journey inwardly from the physical to the energetic and beyond.

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Do you like a more dynamic style of yoga that still preserves the depth of practice?

Do you want to gain confidence and inspire yourself and others as a yoga teacher?

 The Heart of Ashtanga is a 200 hour Yoga Alliance registered Teacher Training course which offers students the opportunity to live, breathe and explore the real depths of this powerful and graceful practice over a study period of four weeks. In addition to learning philosophy, theory and the art of teaching, students delve into their own sadhana six days a week, directly experiencing the transformations that occur through yoga, which gives rise to a natural inspiration to share this with others.

This course has been growing organically for many years inside the heart of its founder Lorraine Taylor. A practitioner of yoga for over twenty years, she explored many different styles and methods of yoga before being blown away by the Ashtanga system. She describes how it took her from the superficial layers to a deeper place inside of herself and gives credit to the teachers who inspired her the most, Richard Freeman and Paul Dallaghan, both respected and certified teachers of the Sri K Pattabhi Jois lineage. A curiosity to understand more about the world of subtle energies led her to Swami Vivekananda in 2008, and it was there at Agama Yoga that she found the missing pieces of information she was looking for. During an intense study period of five years, the teachings of Tantra and Kundalini yoga taught her so much more about the flow of energy, chakras, drishtis and bandhas and created a more clear internal map to work with. She feels honored to be able to share this knowledge and to offer students a dynamic asana practice that also has incredible depth and devotion.

** Please note that this training course is for women only **

This course will cover 200 hours of course instruction and practicum training, including all the necessary components to qualify under International Teaching standards Yoga Alliance and the International Yoga Federation.

Instruction in Asana, Pranayama and MeditationStudy of Tristana (Breath, Bandha, Drishti)Yoga PhilosophyTeachings from a Tantric perspective on Subtle Energies and ChakrasInstruction in the art of teachingCorrect alignment and postureAnatomy and physiology related to YogaThe art of sensitive touch through massage and adjustmentAn introduction to Ayurveda and Yogic dietChanting, Kirtan and basic SanskritBhavana and the devotional aspect of practice

The course is designed for all levels of physical ability and spiritual maturity.

It is helpful to have a fairly good understanding of yoga and a regular practice before you sign up for the course, but it is not a pre-requisite. It is not everyone’s desire or dharma to be a Yoga teacher. Students who are sincere, dedicated and put in the effort to truly embody the practice normally feel inspired and confident to teach on completing the course. However, many people simply use the training as a way of deepening their knowledge, transforming their daily lives, improving their physical limitations or moving into a more healthy and disciplined lifestyle. All are welcome.

** Please note that this training course is for women only **


Ashtanga Vinyasa is a unique style of yoga that incorporates a combination of deep Ujjayi breathing (pranayama), bandhas (energy locks) and drishtis (gaze points) in every posture. This technique is called Tristana and is very much responsible for transforming the practice from a purely physical one into a profound moving meditation.

In the Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga tradition there are 6 series of postures – Primary Series, Intermediate Series and Advanced A, B, C and D. During this course, we will be studying a large portion of the Primary series, also known in Sanskrit as Yoga Chikitsa meaning ‘yoga therapy’. The Primary Series is considered by many to be the most demanding of all the series to learn. This is because when we come to it we are all beginners, and like any new practice it takes time and commitment before it becomes easier. It is also the point in our yogic journey when we have the greatest number of obstacles to overcome. However, as we journey through the Primary Series and practice the asanas to the best of our ability with dedication and focus, both the mind and the body go through an intense purification and the ability to be aware of oneself is strengthened. As the energy is sublimated during the practice, increased awareness, or a feeling of devotion (bhavana), is cultivated in the heart and ultimately the student moves from being identified solely with the physical body to the realization that ‘all is one’.


This Teacher Training course is strictly limited to 22 students in order to preserve the quality of the teachings. Hopeful applicants should read through all sections of this overview, which contain answers to many frequently asked questions as well as important information about the course guidelines. 

To apply please follow the steps below:

Read the Criteria for Certification, Terms of Agreement, and Payment and Refund Information pages on our website before completing the Application for Admission.Participants need to be in good physical and psychological health in order to participate fully in the Hatha Yoga sessions and to absorb the considerable amount of information presented.Participants must be able to read, speak, and comprehend English with a satisfactory degree of fluency.Complete the application form and return it with an attached photo (maximum 100K) by email to: TTC(contact info blocked). In order for an application to be considered, it must be accompanied by a PayPal deposit to Agama Yoga, which can be done through the website. Applications submitted without deposits will not be considered.HATTC Administration will send a confirmation receipt acknowledging the application submission, and will inform each applicant of their acceptance within three weeks of their submission.Following approval, full payment of the tuition will be required one month in advance.
“Lorraine’s passion and expertise were clearly evident, vividly bringing alive the Pattabhi Jois Primary Series of Ashtanga Yoga, inspiring all of us who were present – people of different levels of yoga experience – to explore and grow, and gently guiding us towards a deeper, instinctual understanding of the more subtle aspects of the Series. With an emphasis on being present in the moment as we stretched and moved, regulating the breath and the flow of energy, we methodically learned how to perform the Series with awareness and grace. The Series becomes a vehicle for self-evaluation and positive change. I am very grateful for the beautiful gift of Ashtanga yoga that Lorraine has given me, and for sharing it’s true essence. I hope to integrate some of the lessons learned from my regular practice of Ashtanga yoga into my daily life.

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  • Ana Paula Coelho   September 15, 2016

      Real Yoga

    I discovered Agama by "accident" in a travel to Thailand last year. It was supposed to be a 3 months travel through Thailand, but became a 9 months of deep, intense studies of yoga and Tantra at Agama. My story is not an unusual one: lots of people change their plans in order to stay more at Agama and learn the treasure that comes from their teachings. They have teachers from all over the world, all perfect aligned with the school's mission: help people to evolve. I've done all Tantra workshops they have and Levels 1 to 3 of the Hatha yoga course (1 month each). They have 24 levels of this course, dozens of workshops and retreats and a lot of other school activities. It's a Yoga university. I'm counting the days until I can come back to that paradise on earth.

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