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5 Day Vegetarian / Vegan Culinary Retreat in the Amazon of Peru

Event Highlights

  • 4 nights' cozy accommodation
  • 3 vegetarian meals a day
  • 4 hands-on culinary workshop of 4 hours each
  • A guided nature walk in Tambo Ilusion's protected forest trail
  • A sunset stroll
  • Free time for swimming in the amazing fresh water lagoon, or relaxing in your hammock
  • Johanne's cookbook which contains more than 100 recipes
  • Natural purified water
  • Nutrition guidance
  • Airport transfer from and to Tarapoto airport by moto-taxi (a 20-minute ride)
  • Visit to a local market


08:30 Preparation of breakfast and enjoy a sit-down breakfast
10:00 cooking workshop preparing midday meal
13:00 Lunch
14:30 Free time to swim, relax on the dock of the fresh water lagoon, read and nap in your hammock, etc.
19:00 Supper followed by free time for stargazing and relaxation

About This Event

Cooking, preparing homemade meals is an important self-care practice as food nourishes us on all levels.  Cooking is a creative activity that is good for the soul.  Cooking and eating brings people together.

Johanne is thrilled to share her passion and knowledge of plant based food preparation, yoga and holistic health in a retreat setting. During this retreat, you will prepare and eat delightful plant-based food, learn, explore, rest, improve your health, and so much more. Come discover new recipes, your talent as a cook, a special place and new people, as well as information that can inspire you to live a healthier and richer life.

If you love cooking and want fresh ideas for vegetarian options, or if you want to learn to cook, or maybe you are a foodie, or a health enthusiast, then you will love this culinary adventure! Held at the stunning Tambo Ilusion Retreat Center, this retreat will give you the chance to get a real taste of vegetarian cooking with this perfectly blended 6-day retreat.

If you already follow a vegetarian or vegan diet, you might become savvier and will come away with tasty recipes, as the possibilities of vegetarian dishes are endless. There's so much you can do with fruits, vegetables, legumes (beans, lentils and peas), whole grains, sea vegetables (seaweeds) nuts, and seeds, which are all part of a balanced vegetarian diet. Come learn to transform these ingredients in delightful dining experiences that are sure to excite your palate and engage your senses.

You will accompany Johanne on an outing to the local market in the early morning once. The market experience is one that should not be missed while traveling. You will visit a food market so you can be part of the local scene and get a feel of the local culture. You shall get to explore regional cuisine and witness the variety of produce offered. You'll see the locals, including what they eat, how they dress, how they relate to each other, etc. This little adventure will enrich your travel experience as you practice your language skills, take a few pictures, and maybe buy a few souvenirs.

Following her guests' advice, Johanne has created a cookbook from her recipes that are most popular among her guests. You will receive this cookbook (in PDF format) by partaking in this fun cooking vacation. It will be a souvenir to cherish and relish! 

Your hosts, Johanne and Armando, a Canadian/Peruvian couple are happy to greet you in their little paradise and share some of their passions for nature and self-care practices.  Your retreat leader, Johanne is a Hatha yoga instructor, vegetarian cook and wellness coach.  She treasures creating connections with her guests through fulfilling conversations and sharing some of her passions for holistic health (nutrition, home made food, yoga, Reiki, equine therapy...).

This retreat is offered all year round (except for March, August and October). This retreat is hosted for one to two participants to ensure an intimate experience for all.

Before arrival, you will be asked what foods you love, what foods you dislike, if you have any food allergies or intolerances, and if you want to focus on lacto-ovo vegetarian recipes (no meat, no fish, no animal tissue products), vegan recipes (which consist of only plant-derived foods, no animal products at all, i.e. no eggs, milk, cheese, nor honey) or raw recipes. The recipes and menus are then further customized to honor such requests.

Imagine five glorious days spent in a beautiful natural reserve, eating well, spending half the day in the kitchen learning the how-tos of vegetarian, vegan, and raw food preparation including raw desserts! 

Did you ever consider that cooking is meditation in disguise? 

Although completely submerged in nature once on the property, Tambo Ilusión Retreat Center is conveniently located 15 minutes from the local airport and from the center of town (Tarapoto).  It is easy to get here, but you won't want to leave once the retreat ends!  


I had a great and relaxing time at Tambo Ilusion. Johanne and Armando are both giving people that helped me with everything I needed/wanted. Tambo Ilusion provided me with a much needed escape from society, the internet, and social media. I enjoyed doing the trip on my own for some solitude and time for self reflection, but can also imagine this being a great place to go with loved ones. I'm not sure if I would do the culinary immersion with others, as the kitchen is a bit small for several people. I spent the mornings learning healthy and delicious meals that I have already made in the 3 days I have been home! I even had the opportunity to explore the local markets to buy some of the ingredients. Between cooking, gentle yoga, and swimming and the lagoon I had a lot of fun and left feeling restored. Tambo Ilusion provides an amazing experience for a great value. There is also an opportunity to do ayahuasca for a night if you ask in advance. 

Rebecca T., USA

This has been an experience that completely answered my needs, my wants, and my desires. I searched through the USA before I found Tambo Ilusion and my heart soared with excitement. Johanne was offering a vegan retreat - and to push the envelope further, I asked for gluten free as well. There’s no stopping Johanne’s enthusiasm for great nutrition and sharing her knowledge. What a privilege to have met Johanne and Armando. People with loving hearts, strong focus and ethics. Tambo Ilusion is a beautiful conservation property. It is beautifully presented. The accommodation is incredibly comfortable. Best bed I have slept in in weeks. Coming from many thousands of miles away in the world is emotionally busy, travelling is physically challenging in its many forms. Tambo Ilusion has been the respite I needed after weeks of being on high alert in foreign lands. Here I have relaxed, unwound and rejuvenated over five days and I am ready to go on for many more weeks of travel. I have addressed physical aches and pains. Johanne organized a massage for me by a local woman. I have eaten the most delicious, nutritious meals in abundance. Never did hunger visit me here. Emotionally, I am feeling calm in a state of inner peace thanks to the yoga from Johanne. I would never hesitate to return here should I return to Peru and see my new friends for a follow-up retreat. Susan Lee - New Zealand

Venue Highlights

We are happy to share with our guests our unique home and the activities we do in order to achieve to live in harmony with nature in a sustainable manner. You will enjoy the gorgeous and peaceful natural surroundings. The jewel of Tambo Ilusión is its secluded fresh water lagoon which is a cool and refreshing natural spring, just a joy to swim in. Relax and meditate on the dock while enjoying the chant of the birds and the murmur of the creek's running water. It's the perfect spot to do some soul searching.

Excellent reviews!

Tambo Ilusión Retreat Center is a proud winner of the prestigious Certificate of Excellence designation received from TripAdvisor: "Certificate of Excellence 2015”, “Certificate of Excellence 2016", “Certificate of Excellence 2017" and “Certificate of Excellence 2019". This award recognizes establishments that consistently earn glowing traveler reviews on TripAdvisor. Tambo Ilusion is a 2018 and 2019 winner of the LTG Award (Luxury Travel Guide).
Tambo Ilusión was also chosen as one of Peru's top five yoga retreat centers in a publication of El Comercio, one of the main national newspaper!

Guests rave about the food as well as the personalized attention, the beauty of the surroundings and the quality of the self-care practices offered (yoga, Reiki session, guided nature walks, etc.).

You can trust you will have an unforgettable and lasting experience in this oasis.

Tambo Ilusión offers an environment that is conducive to many A-ha moments.

More highlights of Tambo Ilusión:

Ideal location - close to the local airport and the center of town yet, surrounded by forest.
It's owner, Armando Rodriguez is a visionary. He is passionate about his 34 acre (14 hectare) garden!
Everybody that sets foot on this property is taken by its beauty and its energy. No one wants to leave!
Tambo Ilusion Retreat Center is family run. Expect very personalized attention. We offer an intimate experience.


The wooden bungalows are rustic and quaint. They have two very comfortable double beds and mosquito netting, its private bathroom with heated shower, a screened-in veranda where two hammocks hang for your enjoyment. Each bungalow has electricity as well as a solar lamp. There is a total of 6 bungalows.


  • Free Wifi
  • Towels
  • Free Parking
  • Tour Assistance
  • Coffee/Tea
  • Yoga Studio
  • House Keeping
  • Ceremony Space

Menu Types

  • Vegan
  • Vegetarian
  • Gluten Free
  • Dairy Free
  • Nut Free


Guests rave about the nourishing and delicious food served here, especially omnivores who were a little concerned about eating a vegetarian diet for the duration of their stay!
Healthy, colorful, varied, delicious and nourishing meals are prepared with care and love.
Special dietary needs can be accommodated with advanced notice.


Tambo Ilusion is situated in the high jungle mountain region of the Amazon rainforest (400 meters or 1300 feet above sea level).
It is a short 1h15 minute domestic flight from Lima's International Airport to Tarapoto. There are many flights daily.
Tambo Ilusión is located only 20 minutes away from Tarapoto's local airport and from the center of town.
Transfers to and from the airport by mototaxi are included in each of our programs.

Cancellation Policy

100% deposit refund for cancellation 60+ days before event.
50% deposit refund for cancellation 30-59 days before event.
0% deposit refund for cancellation 0-29 days before event.
The remaining balance (total price minus deposit) is due upon arrival.
Get full details...

amazon cooking culinary guided walk health meditation raw vegan vegetarian wellness

Reviews     To review this event, visit the page for the venue or retreat leaders (above).

  • Amar Parkinson   January 11, 2019

      Amazing 5 day yoga retreat and more!

    I signed up to the 5 day yoga retreat at Tambo Ilusion for a few reasons. I wanted to take some time out in a relaxed environment to reflect on some recent challenges I had been experiencing. I also wanted to strengthen the foundations of my yoga practice so I have something to take back to the UK with me. I can honestly say that being at Tambo Ilusion has helped me to achieve both of these aims and more. Eating a fresh vegetarian diet has done wonders for my digestive system making me feel lighter and healthier. Every meal has been varied, colourful, tasty, thoughtfully put together and beautifully presented. Moreover, during mealtimes Johanne is happy to discuss enthusiastically the health benefits of the different elements that make up the meal we are eating. I have been able to experience how living amongst the serenity of nature and practicing yoga and meditation within this beautiful setting has really helped to calm my mind and take a step back to reflect. Johanne’s yoga instruction pays particular attention to the importance of alignment. Along with a variety of classes each offering a slightly different perspective, this has really allowed me to deepen my connection with my own personal practice. Not to mention the tips and additional resources that Johanne has provided so that I can keep developing my practice. I have had a really amazing time at Tambo Illusion. Both Johanne and Armando are very welcoming and I thoroughly recommend this retreat to practice yoga and connect.

  • Jade van Putten   December 10, 2018

      I was humbly welcomed as part of the family

    The retreat itself is nestled in a perfect part of Tarapoto, not too far from the city but far enough away from the hustle and bustle of motortaxis and the plaza. I was welcomed with open arms by Johanne, her husband Armando and Daniel and Gabriela who looked after the meals and additional services. I travelled from Australia and wasn’t sure what to expect. But my time there was relaxing, rewarding and I feel I left with a great sense of clarity that I had been searching for. I completed the Level 1 Reiki initiation which was informative and really helped me understand the principles to go forth and practice on myself, friends and family. I can’t wait to return!

  • Onnik Mikaelian   June 14, 2018

      Tambo Ilusion is the real thing!

    Armando and Johanne create such a wonderful atmosphere, which feels like home. The place is serene and tranquil, yet full of life. One almost immediately forgets the noises of the big city, when stepping foot through the gates of Tambo Ilusion, as rain, wind or the animal life in the jungle create wonderful harmonious sounds. The rooms are comfortable and the breakfast provided a healthy start to the day. Daniel is the Master Chef and his skills to create a perfect blend of healthy and nutritious food for breakfast, lunch and dinner is evident with every meal. My time at Tambo Ilusion was wonderful and I enjoyed talking with and learning about Tarapoto and Peru from Armando, Johanne and Daniel. Thank you. Look forward to visiting again. I want to thank you again for your hospitality. My stay at Tambo Ilusion was absolutely wonderful and I enjoyed every moment of it. My experience with the master plant ayahuasca was memorable and incredible. I can really truly appreciate everything about it and Lucho's passion in creating the proper set and setting. Look forward to staying at Tambo in the near future and experiencing more of what the Amazon has to offer. I plan to organize a trip to Tambo Ilusion with a number of my friends, so they can experience the magic as well.

  • Annonymous   November 28, 2017


    I left Lima with the only intention to participate in a Yoga Retreat and receive the New Years helped and motivated by the Asanas. I was so lucky to have found a place that gives you so much in just a few days. Johanna is not only a Yoga instructor, she is a spiritual guide, a kind and devoted one. She is a great nutritionist so while you are breathing your fears away your body is expelling toxins without suffering from hunger at all. Armando is responsable for the amazing sustainability project the have developed in Tambo Ilusion, not only the place is Beautiful but it is Meaningful. He is recuperating animals, plants and trees that otherwise would be "eaten" by irresponsable construction developments. They are a simple yet sophisticated couple with a mission and they have an extraordinary network of shamans and curanderos that help you with your different issues. It is a life changing wonderful experience I recommend. ~MilanoMusi

  • Annonymous   November 28, 2017

      A must visit if in Peru! Inspiring in many ways <3

    I did the 5 day yoga and nature retreat, I don't know where to start this review as it was 10/10 for me. It was just amazing. I wanted to do more than one retreat in a row but I had run out of travel time. All the retreats look amazing and after visiting I want to do them even more! Tambo illusion was beautiful and Armando and his team do an amazing job at keeping it protected and conserved. It was very inspiring to see and meet someone so dedicated to this. It was very hot so don't forget some cooler clothing but also remember to bring long cloths for mosquitos. Don't forget your swimmers either because the lagoon they have is so so so relaxing, you can't not get in it!! I only wore bug spray once on the trek and only gotten bitten once by a sand fly so bonus of this area is the mosquitos aren't crazy. You just need to where socks and long cloths early morning and early evening. The yoga was in depth and Johanne was an amazing teacher. She has so much knowledge and patience to be able to create an amazing schedule for you and I can see she can customise depending on level. I have been to a few classes back at home all ready and honestly nothing compares to Johannes teaching! I also received reiki from Johanne which was incredible and she also reikied my room after I had some bad dreams the night before. The food was amazing cooked by Daniel and Gabriella. I had lemon tea brought to me each morning by Johanne which was a great start to the day. The meals were created with love and passion, they were absolutely delicious. On my last day I also got to prepare a breakfast with Johanne and it was an amazing end to my stay. I've come home very inspired to eat better, live better and do the thing I love doing more. This experience was more than I could have asked for and I really hope to return one day! Tambo ilusion is rustic and would be amazing to just stay a few nights at through out your travels but it was an amazing way to finish my 5 week trip in peru by attending the retreat and delving deeply into mind body and spirit connection. Would highly recommend :) ~SamVau

  • Annonymous   November 28, 2017

      Finding yourself in the Amazon

    Tambo Ilusion is exactly what you would want in an Amazonian resort. Comfortable, yet simple. Stunning yet natural. Remote yet accessible. I spent a week with Johanne Delisle at Tambo Ilusion to detox and meditate. It was a life changing experience and would recommend to anyone who is seeking to find inner peace. Her yoga style is one that I have been looking for for nearly ten years. It focuses on perfecting the alignment of simple poses, on deepening the breath and clearing the mind to truly feel the benefits of yoga. There is a reason that she only gets 5 stars reviews on Trip Advisor; there is no 6 stars option. Johanne is more than a retreat host, she is now a new friend. What an amazing week at Tambo Ilusion where I have learned so much about myself, about my body and about life. Detoxing for 8 days is much more than just removing gallbladder stones from your body. I feel reborn and ready to live my life in a new healthier way. It is amazing how taking a simple pause can make you so much stronger. Tambo Ilusion is a great little secret hideaway in the Amazon. The cabins are adorable, the beds are five stars and the hammock is great for napping or daydreaming. The land is just what you imagine the Amazon to be, minus the scary insects and animals. The natural pond is breathtaking and perfect for an afternoon dip. Johanne just told me that she is getting certified as a SUP yoga instructor. I can't wait to return to Tambo Ilusion to try it. Johanne was much more than a host. I found in her a new friend as well as a new yoga/wellness/nutrition coach. Her style is one of peace and serenity with no judgment making it easy to open up. Since Johanne also offers virtual consultancy services, I am keeping her in my life to ensure that I always stay healthy. Armando was also very nice. He guided me for an afternoon walk along his property, showing me medicinal plants and trees that he has planted for his kids and grand-kids to enjoy in 30+ years. His love for his land is truly inspiring. All in all, my retreat changed my life and I am sure it will also change yours. And this is coming from a successful travel blogger ( who has been to over 70 countries in the span on 170 months, staying at hundreds of luxury hotels along the way. I am a nomad, and I am sure to return to Tambo Ilusion next time I need to take a pause from the rest of the world. " I hope this review will help Johanne stand out as one of the best in her field. If you have any questions, do let me know. Regards, Roxanne Genier

  • Annonymous   November 28, 2017


    Tambo Ilusion is the most beautiful environment for anyone that wants to relax, reconnect with themselves and nature and benefit their overall well being. I went for the 5 day yoga retreat and it was everything I was looking for. I loved the yoga classes, focused on alignment and connection with the breath, incorporating meditation and intentions. All of the food was extremely tasty nutritious - every meal will leave you feeling satiated and nourished. Johanne is so knowledgeable about nutrition and I loved chatting with her about food, recipes, and all things health and wellness. Johanne and Armando are such genuine, loving and caring people and so passionate about conserving their land. The rest of the staff are great as well. "Tambo" huts and beds are very comfy and well kept. Being surrounded by lush nature and the sounds of the jungle was paradise. Swimming in the beautiful and refreshing lagoon is a must! Overall, I can't say enough good things - experience for yourself and feel the changes in your mind, body, and spirit. I hope to return one day. OH and Johanne has made an amazing cook book with her recipes, so I can't wait to make to make them at home :) ~Jenn

  • Annonymous   November 28, 2017

      "Amazing experience"

    This has been the best gift I've given myself. I went to Tambo Ilusión for a 5 days-4 nights retreat and I definitely consider them to be among the best days of my life. The place invites you to relax and just indulge with your surroundings. Days went by so fast, when you leave you already want to go back. It almost feels as if leaving an intense body and mind spa treatment. In addition to the breathtaking views of the jungle, the bungalows are super comfortable, the food is amazing and all the activities are so well planned and instructed. Johanne is an amazing yoga and meditation teacher, and when you think it couldn't get better, she amazes you with her Reiki, cooking and nutrition skills. Armando, on the other hand, is such a dedicated and passionate conservationists. He is such an interesting and entertaining person to talk to; and you can see he is slowly but steadily making his own self-sustainable paradise in this land. They're both kind and inspiring. I recommend Tambo Ilusión hands down. A weekend or a whole 10 days retreat. It is time and money well invested on your well being. Fiorella S

  • Anonymous   January 24, 2017

      Rating: countless stars!

    I arrived for a detox retreat and had anticipated significant hardship and sacrifices for the process of it. Holy Smokes, how mistaken I was! Cabins were spacious and clean, I rested in the most comfortable beds of the entire Amazon (yes, I have tried many...), hammocks just outside each cabin were the perfect spot to watch the sunset in betwwen the trees, and the lagoon just added to an incredibly enjoyable and succesful experience. The vegan food, its combination and flavors, just blew my mind on a daily basis and melted some extra pounds away, too. Johanna´s passion, compassion, dedication to her guests, her open ear and yoga classes are both fun and priceless, and the setting in a legally recognized private conservation area that offers beautiful and relaxing surroundings in charge of Armando just add to the whole experience. For me, this is the place to go in Peru if you are truly committed to reconnect with yourself and nature. I feel blessed to have had this outstanding experience.

  • Lawrence O'Connor   October 26, 2015

      A Vacation from the Vacation

    My girlfriend and I did a weeklong yoga retreat with Johanne in the jungle. It was honestly one of the most restorative weeks of my life and we cannot thank Armando and Johanne enough for our hospitality. If you're looking for a ritzy, pampered stay at a resort, this is not the place for you. But if you enjoy immersing yourself in nature and the company of good people, I would highly recommend coming to Tambo Ilusión. The staff made themselves only as available as was necessary so that when we wanted to be alone, we felt COMPLETELY alone, yet when we wanted connection and interaction, someone was always there to help. I could probably write this entire review about the food if I wanted, but let's just say it was absolutely incredible and extremely healthy. I'm not a vegetarian by any standard, but I did not consume one ounce of meat and was absolutely satisfied at every meal. Also, not only did I not lack energy. I actually felt MORE energetic during my time there. I would love to come back and do a cooking retreat with Johanne, just to learn how to make all of her delicious recipes.

  • Empoder Alicia   October 25, 2015

      Once in a life time experience...I will be going back!

    There's a few places that I have experienced in my life time that I can say have truly changed my life. In the 5 days that I spent at Tambo Illusion with Jo and Armando with my love, my life changed through the amazing, healthy vegetarian cooking and gentle yoga classes twice a day with learning deeply about my yoga practice. As an intermediate Ashatangi, practicing 5 times a week, Jo's classes were deeply informative and taught me how to bring deeper alignment to my practice. I thoroughly loved her classes and her gentle guidance on how to continuously improve. I highly recommend the yoga retreat to anyone who is interested in learning more about themselves in a relaxing, beautiful environment. The reason why I chose Tambo Illusion is because it looks like a really authentic place in the jungle with still the comfort of a high quality hotel. Everything is perfectly clean, comfortable, with the chance to take your mind off all your troubles and truly relax. I've never felt so refreshed in my life!! My favorite part of the stay was Jo and Armando! Armando has such a deep passion for this land, as he has cultivated it for the last 30 years. During our long hike, we learned a lot about the jungle and explored. He took us to his secret spot which was so relaxing and fun to dip into the water. Jo is truly a magical, loving women with so many skill-sets. After eating her clean, vegetarian meals, that were better than anything I've ever cooked before, I'm inspired to learn more about healthy eating. If you have the chance to try out her cooking class, you will learn more than you ever imagined. The fact that she has so many creative, unique ingredients in the jungle is truly a surprise!!! We had long talks for hours and I learned so much about myself.  I love Tambo Illusion and I will be back with family and close friends. What a magical oasis! Visited October 2015

  •   Muchas gracias Johanne y Armando!

    We have had the most incredible 5 nights with you, thank you for everything you have taught us. You have the perfect place to relax and feel at peace, after 12 months traveling we were ready for an oasis of calm and that is what we found! The yoga and meditation sessions were wonderful. We both want to build on what you taught us. We couldn't have asked for a more tranquil setting, looking out to the beautiful nature and hearing the noises of the jungle. Especially the evening yoga sessions when the sun is setting and the shadows look incredible. Thank you for the amazing food, the colours and flavours and the delicious smoothies, we will attempt to recreate them at home! Hiking to the cascades with Armando was a beautiful day, he is a great host with lots of knowledge, we felt very looked after by both of you. Doing the 4 nights yoga retreat was the perfect way to prepare for the ayahuasca ceremony of the 5th night. Yoga, hiking, relaxing in the hammocks, swimming in the lagoon, amazing food, comfy beds and learning about the amazing environment we were in. The ayahuasca ceremony was in the perfect setting and we both felt completely safe and relaxed with the shaman recommended by you both. We are so happy we found you and Tambo Ilusión, hopefully one day we will return! Namasté -Charlotte and Stewart, England

  •   Surpassed all our expectations!

    We weren't quite sure what to expect on this trip but this time we spent in Tambo Ilusión surpassed all our expectations and we're sad that we have to leave so soon. It's not often that you meet people who are so willing to share their time and their home with people they've never met and have the ability to make them feel like family. You've given us more in these few days than we could ever hope to give in return. We'll do our best to make your dream of Tambo Ilusión grow in whatever way we can. Armando, it's really inspiring to meet a person who is so passionate about what they do and how everything in your life is focused towards making your vision a reality. You took the time to teach us that everything is connected and even the littlest action can have a direct impact on the big picture. Johanne, you are our first yoga teacher and we'll always be grateful that you were so patient with us. You made us feel comfortable and helped us connect to a part of us that we were not aware of before. We're excited to see what more yoga has to offer thanks to you. We've told you already how much we like your food but we're super excited for your cookbook and WE LOVE YOUR COOKING!! Thanks again for everything and this is just the first of many visits. - Malena & Richard, Peru/USA

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