Eight Week Initiation Course – $5850

  • The Ayahuasca Foundation The Ayahuasca Foundation
  • Inkan Kena Plant Medicine School Iquitos, Peru
  • Apr 7 - Jun 1, 2019 (56 days)
  • $5,850.00 - (US)

About This Event

Eight Week Ayahuasca Initiation Course

A Deep Immersion into Shipibo Curanderismo

Our Ayahuasca Initiation Course provides students with the opportunity to learn the healing tradition of curanderismo. It is truly an amazing experience to diet with the plants and receive teachings from genuine authentic Shipibo curanderos as well as from long time students of the tradition, who are great examples of what new students are striving to achieve. This ayahuasca training course provides a very unique opportunity to diet with one of the most powerful plants in the Amazon Rainforest, a tree named Noya Rao. This luminescent tree is vary rare, and we are lucky to have two of them near the plant medicine school, which was built in its location because of its proximity to these trees. The plant medicine school, Inkan Kena, is located in a different part of the Amazon Rainforest than our healing retreat center, and requires a 90 minute bus ride and a 45 minute hike to get there.

Students on this ayahuasca training course will receive as deep a teaching as possible in two months, with the chance to each lead ceremonies on their own, as well as perform a variety of healing treatments. Because of the way this course has been developed over the last decade, an immense amount can be learned and understood about the powerful healing tradition of ayahuasca and plant medicine. This is definitely not a vacation. It is an intense immersion into the world of curanderismo and the plant spirit healing traditions of the Shipibo. It is intended for people who have had experience with ayahuasca or shamanic practices and want to go much deeper in the work. It is for people who truly wish to be curanderos and to one day treat patients and/or hold ceremonies.  If you feel called to learn more and to follow the path of ayahuasca, then this course is a great step forward down that path.

Learn More about the Eight Week Ayahuasca Initiation Course

Cost of the Eight Week Initiation Course: US $5,850

The $5,850 price includes:

Accommodations for five nights at a hotel in Iquitos

The first night, during the break, and the last two nights – hotel has wi-fi

Accommodations for fifty nights at the Plant Medicine School

Rustic accommodations in a beautiful jungle setting

24 traditional ayahuasca ceremonies (3 per week)

There may be more or less ceremonies depending on the flow of the course

An mp3 player with twenty Shipibo icaros to be learned

Being able to repeatedly listen to the icaros is a huge help for learning them

Transportation to and from the Camp

Comfortable buses take students to the trail to hike in

At least two meals a day, following the ‘dieta’

Fresh fruit, juice, eggs, steamed vegetables, rice, lentils, quinoa, grilled fish, potatoes, etc.

Translation of all lectures, presentations, workshops, and discussions

Course assistants will also add their own experiences, teachings, and explanations

Healing tools like mapachos, agua florida, and massage pomades

Essential for the study and practice of curanderismo

USBs with photos taken and audio recordings from the course

Lectures and ceremonies will be recorded and pictures will be taken

Many more gifts and educational items that you’ll pick up along the way

You’ll receive other gifts and healing tools as well

The content of each course is guided by the plant spirits and catered to the specific group of students participating in that course. Therefore, it is difficult to provide an accurate timeline or schedule. Below is an example of what took place during a previous course and can demonstrate the amount and variety of content covered.

An Example Itinerary for the Course:

A Daily Schedule of Lectures, Workshops and Activities


SUNDAY: Stay in a hotel in Iquitos for one night. Meet with the teachers and other students.

MONDAY: Go to the school and get settled. Ceremony discussion. CEREMONY #1

TUESDAY: Take a powerful purgative called Sangre de Grado. Private Consultations.

WEDNESDAY: Begin the first plant dieta with a two day fast. CEREMONY #2

THURSDAY: Tobacco and soplaying/ceremony preparation workshop with mapacho.

FRIDAY: Begin vapor baths.  Icaros workshop. Soplaying preparation. CEREMONY #3

SATURDAY: Continue vapor baths. Assistant led workshop.  Icaros practice.


SUNDAY: Take a day to rest, focus on the dieta, and process the previous week.

MONDAY: Continue vapor baths. Icaro lecture and workshop. CEREMONY #4

TUESDAY: Continue vapor baths. Soplay and Chupando agua florida workshop.

WEDNESDAY: Continue vapor baths.  Mucura sinus cleanse. CEREMONY #5

THURSDAY: Vapor baths continue. Ayahuasca ceremony procedure workshop.

FRIDAY: Pinon blanco cleanse. Icaros lecture and discussion. CEREMONY #6

SATURDAY: Assistant led workshop on vision navigation and healing work.


SUNDAY: Take a day to rest, focus on the dieta, and process the previous week.

MONDAY: Cold water plant baths begin. Icaros workshop. CEREMONY #7

TUESDAY: Continue plant baths. Ceremony procedure/soplay/healing review.

WEDNESDAY: Continue plant baths. Ceremony procedure workshop. CEREMONY #8

THURSDAY: Continue plant baths. Catahua purgative for protection and strength.

FRIDAY: Continue plant baths. Opening a ceremony workshop. . CEREMONY #9

SATURDAY: Assistant led workshop of complimentary healing modalities.


SUNDAY: Take a day to rest, focus on the dieta, and process the previous week.

MONDAY: Ceremony procedure workshop. Student ceremonies begin. CEREMONY #10

TUESDAY: Chiric Sanango nervous system cleanse. Plant remedies discussion.

WEDNESDAY: Begin preparation of ayahuasca. Cushma charging. CEREMONY #11

THURSDAY: Continue ayahuasca preparation. Plant remedies discussion.

FRIDAY: Finish ayahuasca preparation. First plant dieta ends. CEREMONY #12

SATURDAY: Go into Iquitos for two night break. Recharge and Relax.


SUNDAY: Free day in Iquitos to rest, connect with family and friends, recharge.

MONDAY: Return to the school.  Student led ceremonies continue. CEREMONY #13

TUESDAY: Begin second plant dieta with a two day fast. Icaros workshop.

WEDNESDAY: Ceremony procedure/soplay/healing review. CEREMONY #14

THURSDAY: Walk in the jungle to learn about the plants and their medicinal properties.

FRIDAY: Patient-Healer workshops. Plant remedies discussion. CEREMONY #15

SATURDAY: Student led workshops on complementary healing methods.


SUNDAY: Take a day to rest, focus on the dieta, and process the previous week.

MONDAY: Workshops on diagnosing illnesses, finding plant remedies. CEREMONY #16

TUESDAY: Take Avilla purgative for stronger connections. Icaros workshop.

WEDNESDAY: Medicinal plant walk. Q&A with the maestro. CEREMONY #17

THURSDAY: Therapeutic massage workshop. Healer-Patient workshops continue.

FRIDAY: Vision discussions. Treatments continue. Practice the icaros.  CEREMONY #18

SATURDAY: Student led workshop on complimentary practices.


SUNDAY: Take a day to rest, focus on the dieta, and process the previous week.

MONDAY: Another medicinal plant preparation workshop. CEREMONY #19

TUESDAY: Student preparation of plant remedies in Healer-Patient workshops.

WEDNESDAY: Connecting with the spirits workshop and discussion. CEREMONY #20

THURSDAY: Deeper discussion of connecting to God during the icaros.

FRIDAY: Preparation for end of course dancing.  Icaros. CEREMONY #21

SATURDAY: Student led workshop on complimentary practices. Dance workshop


SUNDAY: Take a day to rest, focus on the dieta, and process the previous week.

MONDAY: Final ceremonies led by the maestro. Receive Arcanas. CEREMONY #22

TUESDAY: Final consultations with don Enrique. Practice dancing. CEREMONY #23

WEDNESDAY: Diet ends with a sacred ceremony and dance. CEREMONY #24

THURSDAY: Say goodbyes to the staff and head back to Iquitos.  Lunch together.

FRIDAY: Internet, laundry, etc. Visit the butterfly farm outside of Iquitos. relax.

SATURDAY: Receive course certificates and get gifts or medicines. Say goodbyes…

Click Here to visit the website: (contact info blocked)

NOTE: each course takes a maximum of 15 students

I can honestly say this was one of the best experiences I have done for myself in my life, thanks to the people and special place at the Ayahuasca Foundation. Highly recommended. - Amanda


Venue Highlights

We operate three separate facilities:
1. Chamisal Healing Retreat Center - Our original center accommodates 12 participants in 6 shared rooms. Each room has its own fully tiled bathroom. Solar panels provide full electricity. All buildings are connected by bridges including the ceremony maloca, the hammock hut, and the star gazing deck. A gorgeous river is just a few minutes walk away for swimming and relaxing. The center is located inside the Allpahuayo-Mishana national reserve, with hiking trails and 55,000 hectares of pristine jungle.
2. Riosbo Ayahuasca Research and Education Center - Our newest center offers eight private rooms sharing a balcony overlooking the river. En suite bathrooms, full electricity and hot and cold water. Ayurvedic based diet, yoga/meditation room, massage room, consultation room, lab/medical facility. Simply gorgeous.
3. Inkan Kena Plant Medicine School - Our most rustic and authentic center accommodates up to 14 students. Modeled after a true Shipibo community, this small village is located within walking distance of several Noya Rao trees, one of the most sacred trees in the Shipibo tradition. Running water and minimal electricity.


1. Chamisal Retreat Center - Two twin beds in each room, two nightstands, a desk with chair, and shelves for clothing. Private bathroom. Mosquito nets, laundry bags included. Towels are not included.
2. Riosbo Research Center - Two twin beds in each room (but registered as single rooms unless desiring to share with a friend or family member), nightstand, desk, chair, closet. Private bathroom (hot and cold water). Mosquito nets, laundry bags, towels included.
3. Inkan Kena School - One twin bed in each room, one desk with chair, shelves. Shared bathrooms. Mosquito nets included.


  • Towels
  • Kitchen
  • Tour Assistance
  • Yoga Studio
  • House-Keeping

Menu Types

  • Vegan
  • Vegetarian
  • Pescetarian
  • Ayurvedic
  • Includes Meat
  • Organic
  • Gluten Free
  • Dairy Free
  • Nut Free


All natural and whole foods: rice, quinoa, lentils, chick peas, split peas, variety of vegetables and fruits, fresh fish, eggs, cold pressed juices, (contact info blocked)


Iquitos, Peru is the final destination by air or boat. Participants are picked up at the airport.

Thank you!

We're glad you've joined our retreat community. See you around :)

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