The Jaguar Odyssey—14 days, Four Ayahuasca Ceremonies

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The Jaguar Odyssey is a full-on spiritual immersion in Dawn of Eden’s modern-day resurrection of ancient shamanic arts. Participants experience four transformational Ayahuasca ceremonies facilitated by the Jaguar-Shamans in the unique-throughout-the-world Jaguar Temple of Transformation.

“Every ceremony is a divinely orchestrated dance with mystical agents of healing and transformation.”  

  —Dan Reynolds, Jaguar-Shaman, Dawn of Eden



 Welcome to Dawn of Eden®: Gateway to the Gods

Humanity has entered a phenomenal new era in support of an entirely new culture and spiritual paradigm. We have arrived at the Dawn of Eden—the imminent coming of the so-called “Golden Age.”

Ceremonial Temple PhotoGiven we are living in such fortuitous times, many will be pleased to discover the Dawn of Eden® Ayahuasca-retreat in Iquitos, Peru. It isn’t a jungle lodge nor a commonplace shamanic center. Dawn of Eden® is home to the Jaguar-Temple of Transformation—unique throughout the worldconsecrated by Egyptian gods and goddesses to accelerate the evolution of human consciousness.  


The Dawn of Eden® Project

Ma'at Over Mesa PhotoTo realize their aspiration—the advancement of human consciousness—the Egyptian deities instigated the Dawn of Eden® Project. This is a celestial initiative [orchestrated by Horus] to usher in the much-anticipated “shift of the ages.” As the initiative’s divine architect, Horus tailored the Dawn of Eden® temple to be the preeminent destination for individuals seeking spiritual evolution.

The temple’s sanctified ceremonial space is infused with supernatural energies—the transcendent energies of the Egyptian deities. The miraculous power [and truly magical quality] of such energies provide a supreme catalyst for evolutionary change. Combined with Dawn of Eden’s hallowed Ayahuasca, these ascendant energies provide the consummate opportunity to achieve deep cleansing, spiritual purification and personal growth.

The “Fast Track” and the “Holy Grail”

Ayahuasca, the revered“vine of the soul,”is an undeniable gift to humanity— a divine agent of transformation. It is the proverbial “FastTrack” for the advancement of human consciousness empowering one to achieve communion and alignment with the divine.

In a league apart, Dawn of Eden-Ayahuasca is prepared following a divine protocol [imparted by Horus] to achieve a holy alchemy. Dawn of Eden’s hallowed brew—like the temple’s sanctified ceremonial space—is infused with the supernatural energies of the Egyptian deities. Miraculous and magical in their nature, these heavenly energies add a celestial component—a supreme catalyst for evolutionary change. Consuming Dawn of Eden-Ayahuasca in the sanctified temple—in ceremonies with the Jaguar-Shamans—unveils the “Holy Grail” of spiritual transformation.

The Dawn of Eden® Facilitators

13-Copiar-208x300Dan Reynolds, a shaman-priest (top), facilitates Dawn of Eden‘s ceremonies with his close associate, Denis Montes, a gifted shaman-Oracle (left).They are devoted practitioners of ancient shamanic arts and serve as spiritual intermediaries for Horus and the Egyptian deities in the Dawn of Eden® Project.close associate, Denis Montes, a gifted shaman-Oracle. They are devoted practitioners of ancient shamanic arts and serve as spiritual intermediaries for Horus and the Egyptian deities in the Dawn of Eden® Project.

A sanctified coalition with the venerated gods and goddesses enables these accomplished shaman-facilitators to interface directly with high-order ascendant beings. The result is a holy undertaking—a deified human/spirit collaboration aided immeasurably by powerful metaphysical influences from heavenly realms. Every ceremony is a divinely orchestrated dance with mystical agents of healing and transformation.



The Jaguar-Shamans’ Preparation


To prepare for their service in the long-awaited Dawn of Eden® Project, Dan and Denis relinquished their former lives. Their readiness required they accept arduous apprenticeships with the sacred medicine-plants, Ayahuasca and Huachuma.

Rigorous training, overseen by Horus and their jaguar-spirit mentors, resulted in the resurrection of rarely seen shamanic abilities—gifts bestowed in past lives [including Egyptian]. As Jaguar-Shamans—between-world mediators of a high-order—they consider their anointed roles in the Egyptian-initiative to be the crowning glory of their spiritual lives.

Dan and Denis attribute all healing and transformation occurring in their ceremonies to the Egyptian deities, the spirit of Mother Ayahuasca, their jaguar-spirit collaborators and other divine beings in service to humanity.

We wish to be clear, Dawn of Eden is not a commercial organization nor are we connected in any way to what’s popularly known as “Ayahuasca Tourism.” The Egyptian deities, however, in keeping with their celestial initiative, planned to share the fruits of the Dawn of Eden Project with others. Consequently, to begin, three guest rooms (each with double occupancy) were constructed so others might benefit from our modern-day renewal of the ancient shamanic arts. A private room can be booked at a small upcharge for participants so inclined.

Future plans include added capacity. At present, we can comfortably accommodate small groups of up to six people. We enjoy engaging with smaller groups as this enhances the personal attention we can extend to each participant.

Food Services

Fernanda PhotoAt Dawn of Eden, we know the menu plays an important role in one’s ceremonial work. For that reason, we arranged for Fernanda Guevara, an international “Holistic Chef” to come to Iquitos to develop our menu and train our cooking staff. Every meal is visually appealing and sensationally delicious and each has been tailored with local, “Ayahuasca-friendly” ingredients to provide optimum nutrition. Our meals are prepared with purified water in a modern kitchen and purified water is always available for drinking.










From food services and room amenities to enjoyable sight-seeing outings, considerable attention has been focused on making the Jaguar Odyssey the adventure of a lifetime for those seeking to deepen their connection to spirit.

Dawn of Eden’s® transformational work is tailored to individuals who desire a greater alignment with their authentic-self and to those awakening to a higher purpose in service to humanity.

The deities are grateful to everyone following their evolutionary impulse; in whatever manner they feel guided. The rising tide of higher-consciousness floats all boats.










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The Jaguar Odyssey—14 days, Four Ayahuasca Ceremonies
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The Jaguar Odyssey—14 days, Four Ayahuasca Ceremonies

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