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  • Cultivating Self-Intimacy - Sometimes our Ayahuasca experience can leave us feeling quite shaken, as our understanding of reality gets turned upside down and old wounds come flooding to the surface for healing. Grounding and self-care, which are a crucial part of leading a balanced life, become especially important during this transition.
  • Empowering Your Connection to Spirit & the Natural Reality - Part of what makes Ayahuasca work so magical is the experiential connection to the realm of Spirit— the world beyond our normal mundane perception, the place where all of our stories and struggles and pain dissolve into pure Love.
  • Reprogramming Unproductive Habits & Cultivating Inspired States of Being - So much of our work with Ayahuasca is about gaining awareness of the unconscious patterns and beliefs that sabotage our health and happiness. While the ceremony work can help to clear some of this, a huge part of integration involves taking steps in daily life to ground these changes and replace the self-destructive habits with new, inspiring and empowering alternatives.
  • Shadow Work & Radical Self-Love - in many ways, this is the biggest and perhaps most challenging part of the work of integration.
  • ​Our “shadow” is comprised of the unhealed and rejected parts of ourselves. These are the wounds, beliefs and patterns that haunt us, yet are ultimately calling out to us for reclamation, reconnection and healing.
  • Weekly Group Calls: In addition to the guided coursework, we will gather online via video chat every week to connect, process and support each other in this integration journey. This will be a powerful anchor for your work, and will also serve to fortify a sense of community and family with others who are undergoing a similar process. The power of group work and tribal connection can not be honored or emphasized enough. As I’m sure you will notice, something incredibly powerful and medicinal happens when we gather in circle, and are able to both provide and receive support from our fellow travelers. It reminds us that we are not alone, and allows us to receive powerful insights and reflective wisdom from the common threads of experience that weave us together on this journey of Becoming.
  • In the interest of giving everyone a meaningful amount of time for their individual sharing, groups are limited to 7 people.

About This Event

Ayahuasca work initiates a powerful and dynamic process of transformation which, like life, is simultaneously both renewing and deconstructing. As you move from the ceremony space back into daily life, it is helpful to create a container that supports you in anchoring new perspectives and changes into your reality. 

This course will guide and support you in activating a solid foundation upon which your continued journey of growth, healing, embodiment and awakening can rest. By the end of the course, you will have a solid set of tools that will help you in the process of integrating your experience with Ayahuasca.

This online course has two components: self-guided work and weekly group integration calls. In addition, you will have the option to join a Facebook group where you can interact with other people who are also participating in this process.

The self-guided work arrives as a course packet, which will be sent out every week. These packets will include practices, insights, and tools aimed at strengthening four pillars of support for your onward process of growth, healing and integration. Each week, you will have the opportunity to fortify your life in new and empowering ways. 

We will also meet each week for group calls to support each other in our journey home.

"Working with Marni has been such a blessing. The combination of her safe and trusting space with her beautifully authentic and deeply intuitive energy has allowed me to access a level of depth to which I haven’t previously been able to open up. Every single guided meditation and facilitated process has been truly profound. Marni’s graceful and divine presence has been deeply impactful to my life, and it is a gift to work with her."​ ~ Marta U

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  • Jenalle Dion   July 11, 2018

      Open, Understanding & Helpful

    After participating in 4 ayahuasca ceremonies in Costa Rica, I was left a little confused. What even happened during my ceremony? I was confused on the next steps and how I was supposed to work with all of the emotions that came up. Working with Marni was super helpful. I was able to go deep into detail and express all of my emotions fully -- doing this already felt like a weight lifted from my shoulders. We did a few meditation practices to help me really get in touch with the sensations my body was feeling. Marni helped me realize what the medicine was teaching me. I could tap into my senses and really understand where this sense of fear/sadness/hurt was coming from. She gave me resources to read into and it was really reassuring when she opened up about her life and past problems as well. I would recommend Marni to anyone who is left confused or unsure after experiencing the powerful impacts of plant medicine <3.

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