Holistic Empowerment Retreat - Sleeping Child Hot Springs

Event Highlights

  • This water will bring up many lingering emotional and psychological wounds and old stories to the surface.
  • But you will be safe, with the space to do so, as you will feel the energy and The Children still hiding and playing in the woods.


Aside from team lead discussions and engagement from retreat leader, Lance Allred, and mandatory walkabouts/hikes and spa soaks, guests will have the flexibility to enroll in hourly rotations of:

- Yoga
- Massage
- Astrology
- Palmistry
- Cranial Sacral Work
- Psychosomatic Energy Reading
- Tarot
- Shamanic Meditation
- Reading/Journaling
- Bonfire


Thursday Night- March 14:

1-7 pm: Arrival: Swimming if they wish.

7 Pm: Dinner, Get to Know, Visit. Everyone stand and introduce themselves.
Coaches introduce themselves and their skills

8 PM: Lance Introduces First Principle: Accountability
Group Conversation: Personal Experiences

9 PM: Journal/Hot Spring/ Bed

Friday: March 15

6 AM Yoga

7 Am: Breakfast /Ang Presents Palm Discussion for Group

8:00: Lance introduces Acceptance/ Discussion

9 -12: Personal Session Rotations Begin

Rotations: 50 Min long : 3 session blocks

(With 12 Guests, we will stagger them properly, for quiet time in between sessions)

12:00 Lunch/ Another coach presents to the group

12:30 Lance introduces Compassion

1:-3:00 Mandatory Walkabout, hike, get lost, quiet reflective time away from the group.

Snack/Food will be present for when they return.

3-6:00 Pm Personal Coaching Sessions

50 Min Long: Three Block Sessions

7:00 Pm Dinner/ Another Coach Present

8:00 PM Fireside/Bonfire/Shaman Meditation Session

9:00 PM Lance Presents Discomfort



Saturday: March 16

6 AM Yoga

7 Am: Breakfast /Another coach presents

7:30: Lance introduces Acceptance/ Group Discussion

8 -11: Personal Session Rotations Begin

Rotations: 50 Min long : 3 session blocks

11:00 Lunch/ Another coach presents to the group

11:30 Lance introduces Surrender

12:-3:00 Drum making session. Personal drums to take home.

Snack/Food will be present for when they return.

3-6:00 Pm Personal Coaching Sessions

50 Min Long: Three Block Sessions

7:00 Pm Dinner/ Another Coach Present

8:00 PM Lance Presents Being A leader of Your Own Life
at the Fireside/Bonfire/Shaman Meditation Session
Group discussion


Sunday: March 17

7 AM: Yoga

8:00: Breakfast/Another teacher? Or let guests share more?

9:00 Lance closes with the Final Principle: Gratitude/Forgiveness

10:00 goodbyes/finals sharing of thoughts

About This Event

Born in the Bitterroot Valley of Montana, Lance Allred, the first deaf player in NBA History and Author at Sounds True, has always been a student of Chief Joseph and his teachings. Lance applied and further deepened his understanding of Chief Joseph's "Peaceful Warrior" methods throughout his 10 years of travel playing on every continent around the globe. 

Returning from an Alchemist's Journey, having experienced "many deaths" in the blinding highs and devastating lows within the illusions of the world, Lance Allred, understanding the importance of the directions, always goes North for clarity. 

Lance now invites a select few, only 12 people per event, to join him at Sleeping Child Hot Springs, where Chief Joseph once slept and Lance swam as a boy.

Sleeping Child Hot Springs is located in the Rocky Mountains of Montana, in the Bitterroot Valley, just an hour south of Missoula. 

For centuries the local warring Indian tribes declared the hot springs to be a sacred land and a neutral-zone where all had to lay down their arms. The last Indian lore of the sacred space was that of Chief Joseph of the Nez Perce when he led his tribe out of the reservation and through the Lolo Pass into the Bitterroot Wilderness. In pursuit of Chief Joseph and his people were General Howard and his soldiers. Trying to avoid a confrontation, Chief Joseph split his tribe into smaller groups. One such group traveled through what is now Sleeping Child Creek and facing a possible battle, they left their infants by the hot springs. When they returned, the infants were safe and peacefully sleeping, protected by the natural hot springs. Thus, Sleeping Child Hot Springs was named.

Sleeping Child Hot Springs is a unique holistic setting, perfect for empowerment and healing retreats from the 130 degree water (200 gpm), with 25 rooms, geothermal heating, spa, fresh water, roof top atrium, fireplaces and a sauna, hidden away in miles of uninterrupted wilderness.

With his team of trusted holistic partners and advisors who helped Lance ascend to his place as a recently signed author of Sounds True, Lance will empower you to be a leader of your life, to transcend and reframe your story and narrative. 

From yoga to cranial sacral/massage sessions, personal astrology decoding/interpretations to psychosomatic energy readings, tarot sessions to shamanic meditation, or simply soaking in the healing hot springs all day, you will be encouraged to attend and engage in whatever capacity you wish, with mandatory walkabouts in the surrounding wilderness with only the mountain goats to speak to. 

With only 12 people per event, you will receive true quality time with Lance and his trusted peers. 

Educational science has shown that where you learn your content is just as important as what you learn.

You won't forget what you learn here.

Lance Allred has paid the price to share his message and wisdom from his hard travels around the globe. He will help you and empower you to go within yourself. He doesn't want you to rely on him, but yourself. And that is where he differs from most teachers.

Venue Highlights

Private, secluded setting in the heart of the Rocky Mountain Wilderness. A true "getaway."

Healing, natural hot spring mineral water, which doesn't smell of sulfur. You can literally drink from out of the mountain.


Price is $3500 or $5000 when you bring a guest, totaling $2500 each.

Every bedroom has its own private bathroom. Some beds are queen and some are double beds if you wish to share a room with a friend.

Floor One:
Two queen beds in separate rooms with a shared bathroom
Floor Two:
Three kings one queen, and two twin beds. Twins are in a shared room.
Floor Three:
Two kings, one of which is considered the "master bedroom" with his and hers bathrooms. ($2000 and $2500 for "Master")
Floor Four:

All bedrooms have full attached bathrooms as well as access to the surround decking. The main kitchen is on the first floor, and there is also a kitchen on the second floor attached to one of the king bedrooms. The fourth floor houses the third kitchen, as that floor is it's own private suite.

Email for further details


  • Free Wifi
  • Spa
  • Sauna
  • Pool
  • Towels
  • Free Parking
  • Kitchen
  • Hot Tub
  • Coffee/Tea
  • Fitness Center
  • Yoga Studio

Menu Types

  • Vegan
  • Vegetarian
  • Pescetarian
  • Organic
  • Gluten Free
  • Nut Free


We will have our own personal chef there to accomodate any food order requests you may have. As well, there are major kitchens you may cook for yourself if you wish.


Hamilton, Montana is a one hour drive from Missoula International Airport.

Hamilton can be reached through highway 93 which can be accessed via I-15 and I-90.

Hamilton private airport can also be accessed.

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