Individual Shamanic Work

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This is a all-year round offering.
The individual shamanic work requieres a minimum of 2 weeks of your time...

This is the ideal opportunity to go deeper on your life journey, to receive  instructions from the traditional knowledge and directly from the spiritual world,  to heal, to learn and to celebrate and understand life in its most original way.   This work supports you at the point where you are right now; If you are in need of  a time-out, if you wish to transform a life issue or are looking  for healing and  clarity on other levels...The ancient secrets are for those who are in search of a  true connection with the Self and the whole universe. For those who are seeking  authentic and original directions to find themselves in the depth of the mysteries  of life again.  

Intentions of the individual work:
 -Physical, emotional, mental and spiritual cleansing    
-General illness / suffering treatment    
-Orientation and purpose of our lives    
-Development, consciousness, healing and self-knowledge    
-Find causes of our problems and learn to heal ourselves 

Depending on your wish / situation / arrival, the individual work can include of  the following:    

-Personal conversations, positioning and orientation of ones own intentions  and healing processes  
-Purification rituals and blossom baths with medicinal plants  
-Ingestion of various preparations and teas from healing medicinal plants
-Visits to the primeval forest (tour of great variety of medicinal plants and  other species present on the site)
-Temazcal (traditional sweatlodge) ceremonies
-Work on the family tree and the family history  
-Guided visits to the sacred waterfalls  
-Meditations and dynamic exercises in nature  
-Participation to collect and prepare Ayahuasca  
-Ayahuasca Ceremonies "Ayahuasca is called doctor because she heals,  Master, because she lives, and Mother because she leads, she gives strength,  knowledge, and vision."  
-Intensive retreat "DIETA" (at least 8 days, depending on each person)  

The Shamanic Dieta or SASINA (in Kichwa) is an intense process of clarifying  and purifying all the parts and layers that make up mankind: body, mind,  heart and soul. The person who seeks to reach equilibrium with himself,  whether for knowledge or healing, retreats in a place in the jungle. There,  through silence, the organic cleansing, the limited food and by the taking of  various tree barks and plants, the person meets himself. Through reflection,  meditation and conscious dreams, the person comes into contact with her  true nature and finds the strength that is in all the beings of the Amazonian  jungle.  
Every plant, every tree, as well as every river and mountain has a life force,  which the shaman calls power / force or Mushkui in Kichwa. This force, which  has a very high frequency, can come into contact with the person who is in the  process of dieting. This happens especially through very conscious and strong  dreams, which are called ensueños in the shamanic language. In the nights of  Dieta, you consciously dream of various aspects of your personal history:  friends, families, partners, work, and all sorts of situations that have not been  properly processed in your unconscious; through this they can be  transformed, healed and understood, thus creating space for a frequency in  harmony and peace. 

This automatically leads to a body and mind without  suffering and pain. During the day, you have all the time for yourself, within a process of  not-doing, where all energy is focused on the inside and the reflection. Also  the dreams of the night become even more clear through the day, and there is  more and more room for understanding and peace, thus leading to a  psycho-emotional and physical balance.    These traditional ways are always led by a shaman. He protects, cares and  teaches the person in their process through short and deep conversations.  The priority in this process has always the silence and self-knowledge 

If you are interested to recieve the complete INFO PDF on this experience,
please contact us on info(at)

We are looking forward to hear from you and your call!

With Love

Your Centro Amazanga Team

Event Highlights

  • Purifying baths with medicianl plants, holistic therapies, ceremonies, sweatlodge, shamanic dieta, jungle visits,
  • waterfall walks...

Venue Highlights

A magical place with all comfort in the middle of the amazonian rainforest.


  • Free Wifi
  • Spa
  • Pool
  • Towels
  • Free Parking
  • Coffee/Tea
  • Cafe
  • House-Keeping

Menu Types

  • Vegan
  • Vegetarian
  • Gluten Free
  • Dairy Free


During this experience you will be accomodated in a luxery jungle cabin built in sacred geometry and with natural materials.
Each Cabin has its own bathroom, terrace, sleeping- and sittingarea.


4hrs from Quito, lays a town called Tena. From there our Taxi will fetch you and bring you on a approx. 45 minutes Long journey, directly to our center.

Thank you!

We're glad you've joined our retreat community. See you around :)

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