Light and Dark: A Shadow Tantra Journey

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  • Saturday night play party let your shadow out to play!

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Light & Dark:
The Shadow Tantra Journey
Reveal and explore your erotic nature.
3-day retreat @ Tilba Tilba, nestled in the foothills of Gulaga National Park.
Riding the waves of the wildly successful Shadow Tantra retreat in April, Isy and Phil have been dreaming big.
"We ran the first retreat simply for our own LOVE and JOY because we saw the potential of this unique partnership combining our work with our passion for conscious sexuality, Shadow work and Tantra. We never imagined it was going to be so overwhelmingly well received." Phil
"The work we share generates more LOVE. By exploring all sides of ourselves, our self-love grows, no longer ashamed of these parts, embodying our power we were previously in fear of." Isy
To wake up in the morning feeling more alive than yesterday is truly an obtainable goal. Embracing ALL THAT WE ARE AND ARE NOT is the key to taking the next step in this journey of life.
Sexuality is a perfect avenue to explore those parts of yourself you are afraid of. It's a safe, playful , conscious and tantric. The spiritual journey requires integration of our shadow selves to bring forth the fullness of the love that we are.
What we bring is sexy deep work of light and dark Love.
Testimonial for Light & Dark A Shadow Tantra Journey:
'This has to be one of the most incredible experiences I’ve had! The synchronicity was mind blowing and I had this deep knowing sense that what was coming out was exactly what was needed. The way I feel post-retreat redefines those terms for me. I feel different in my body; a lightness and liberation I didn’t know was possible. The weight in my stomach that I thought always was and always will be has disappeared. I find myself hungry for this incredible magic in all other aspects of my life too." X: April 2018
This is your chance to leap into the shadowy unknown and
discover how powerfully you can love. Places limited to 12.
23- 25 November 2018
$595 Fully Residential and Lusciously Catered
$475 First 4 passionate seekers get $120 off!
"On your morning walk you reflect on last night's explorations in Shadow Tantra. You start to feel a quickening in your soul as you realise this work is sacred and has an aspect of magic that it really hard to put into words.... its awakening in the body. With excitement you wonder what they have in store at tonight's play party? Will I dare to explore deeper into my erotic nature?"
What is Shadow Tantra all about?
Bringing our dark erotic nature into the light of love and consciousness.
When our darkness is not met it casts a shadow over our light and has the power to hurt ourselves and others. Come play with the intention of pleasure, self discovery, conscious intimacy and connection. Explore your forbidden desires and unleash your true power, potential and capacity to Love.
"Tan - Tra = Expansion of consciousness"
Shadow tantra being the conscious exploration of shadow and erotic intimacy with the intent of expanding our awareness and love.
"No mud, no lotus" Thich Nhat Hanh
This retreat includes the powerful group healing work of Constellations and pelvic-breathwork.
For more details please call:
Isy Gabriel (contact info blocked)
Phil Morey (contact info blocked)

Menu Types

  • Vegetarian

Cancellation Policy

100% deposit refund for cancellation 60+ days before event.
50% deposit refund for cancellation 30-59 days before event.
0% deposit refund for cancellation 0-29 days before event.
The remaining balance (total price minus deposit) is due upon arrival.
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  • G.a. Gregory   October 09, 2018


    I had a amazing BreathWork Session with Phil, I was experincing some Anxiety and had Made some big changes in my life moving interstate & insecurity career wise. The session was an opener and helped me see a bigger picture but best of all I enjoyed releasing some old hurts and have felt major adjustments since the session in which some 'stuff' still comes up but much easier to deal with & I feel much more on track! Highly Recommended!

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