Peru Odyssey – A Spiritual Retreat Adventure May 2019

About This Event

Join us on an amazing journey of spiritual awakening through the sacred and magical lands of Peru.

Dear friend

Did you ever read a book like The Celestine Prophecy or The Alchemist and think ‘I wish I could have my own life-changing spiritual adventure in far-off mystical lands and meet shamans and keepers of ancient mystical knowledge’ Well, you absolutely  can! 

You can now embark on your very own spiritual journey by joining us on our 22 days of life changing adventure to the incredible land of Peru; a land that’s abundant with mysticism, shamans and ancient sacred places. A land whose magical beauty can ground you, align you with your higher self, and fill you with a positive force and unconditional love that is strong enough to transform your life.

Amazing Peru

Peru is a country like no other. It’s a place that either calls you or it doesn’t and if you’ve found this page then you’ve surely already felt the call to come here! Peru is one of the most beautiful, interesting and mystical countries you’re ever likely to visit, and being here really is like living in your very own spiritual adventure. If you desire to connect more deeply with Pachamama (Mother Earth), see wondrous locations that will take your breath away and learn about ancient spiritual wisdom that is needed in the world now more than ever, then Peru is where you need to be.

Ancient Wisdom in the Modern World

Sadly, western cultures have almost completely lost touch with their ancient spiritual traditions that once thrived before being stamped out by the destructive, almost unstoppable, juggernaut of organised religion. The Catholic Church decimated shamanic and pagan traditions across Europe, and they made a pretty good attempt to do the same in Peru, but thankfully they didn’t quite succeed. Many of Peru’s ancient spiritual and shamanic traditions survived the onslaught by going into hiding for several hundred years.  Now that the world is finally starting to awaken, these traditions are being re-discovered and re-learned.

A Land of Sacred places & Natural wonders

Peru is home to not just one, but several of the most mysterious and awe-inspiring places on the planet. A list that includes Machu Picchu, Saqsayhuaman, Ollantaytambo, plus many natural wonders such as Lake Titicaca, the Andes mountains and the amazing Amazon Rainforest. These are all places we’ll be visiting on the trip. Here is a brief description of most of the places we’ll be taking you to over the 3 week tour:

The Amazon Jungle

Your adventure starts here!

In 2018 we’ve decided to do the most intense and transformational part of Peru Odyssey first. It’s our week-long ayahuasca retreat in the Amazon jungle.

Ayahuasca is the name given to a sacred plant medicine that comes from the Amazon rainforest where the indigenous people of the jungle have likely used it for thousands of years.

However, ayahuasca is no garden-variety plant medicine. The effects of ayahuasca are as extraordinary as they are profound. Most other plant medicines do not heal you by altering your entire perception of reality!

Working with ayahuasca is an intense, profound, and usually an incredibly transformative experience that can facilitate deep healing on all levels of your being – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Ayahuasca is a doorway to inner worlds that allows us to enter expanded states of consciousness and the experience of spiritual awakening. For many people, ayahuasca reveals the multi-dimensional nature of both reality and ourselves, and it leads us back to the knowledge of what we truly are – spiritual beings having a human experience.

You’ll get to take part in 4 ayahausca ceremonies (you can do less if you wish).


After leaving the jungle you’ll get to spend a day in Iquitos, a unique and interesting city like no other, and then we’ll all fly to Cuzco where we begin our adventure through the incredible Andes mountains.

CuZco – the Ancient Capital of the Incas

Every band of merry adventurers needs a beautiful fairy tale city to pass through! Lord of the Rings had Rivendell, and The Wizard of Oz had the Emerald City. Our little fellowship has Cuzco – the ancient capital of the Incas. Cuzco is a stunningly beautiful city in an amazing location. Surrounded on all sides by the majestic Andes mountains, you can never get bored of exploring its nooks and crannies, ancient cobble-stone streets, Inca ruins and other places of great interest.

The meaning of the word CUZCO comes from the Quechua word QOSQO which means navel, attributed to “The center or navel of the world.”

The Cuzco of today is an amazing amalgam of the ancient Inca capital and the colonial city it became after the Spanish invasion. From the Incas, it preserves impressive walls of meticulously cut granite or andesite, rectilinear streets running within the walls, ruins of the Sun Temple of which the Golden Garden, once covered with sculptures of precious metals, was pillaged by the Spanish soldiers to enrich the coffers of Charles V. Of the colonial city, there remain the freshly whitewashed squat houses, the palace and the marvellous Baroque churches which achieved the impossible fusion of the Plateresco, Mudejar or Churrigueresco styles with that of the Inca tradition. But, as cute and quaint as it is, our main reason for visiting Cusco is not to see the actual city (although you’ll have time for that as well). Surrounding Cusco are several important ancient temples that are still standing, the most impresive of which is Saqsayhuaman.


In many respects Saqsayhuaman is the most impressive of all the ancient sites in Peru (and perhaps even the world). The location isn’t quite as mind-blowing and magical as the location of Machu Picchu, but take a closer look at the stones and you’ll notice what an amazing feat of engineering it is that almost certainly could not be replicated today. Officially Saqsayhuaman is said to be an Incan construction less than  600 years old, however our guide Amaru (and several other reseachers) believes it was built by a much older and far more advanced civilization that pre-dates the last ice-age. Remnants of Atlantis or Lumeria perhaps? In his groundbreaking book “Fingerprints of the Gods” Graham hancock also writes about this impressive location.


After leaving Cusco we will head into the Sacred Valley of the Incas, a magnificent, fertile valley with stunning views that will have you regularly picking your jaw up from the floor! This is one of our very favourite parts of Peru and the energy in the valley is incredible and it’s not hard to understand why this valley was considered so sacred by the Incas. You’ll be spending 5 days in the Sacred Valley and visiting several beautiful places including: Pisac – A beautiful village that is situated below one of the most impressive Incan temples in the Sacred Valley. A large ruin that wraps all the way around a mountain and part of which contains The Sun Temple. Moray – This incredible site contains many concentric agricultural terraces. It is believed that Moray was an agricultural laboratory where the Incas created different micro-climates to grow a large variety of crops. Ollantaytambo – The location of another amazing Inca temple or fortress, we’ll spend a full day exploring this village. This is also where we get on the train to Machu Picchu.


Machu Picchu has been designated one of the Seven Wonders of the World and it’s really not hard to see why. It truly is a staggering achievement guaranteed to fill you with awe and wonder from the moment you arrive. Just standing in this place is enough to raise your consciousness to a whole new level! Machu Picchu is sometimes known as the “Lost city of the Incas”, “The City of Light for Initiates” and the “Crystal City”.

It is an ancient and very sacred power place that is fed by grids of powerful natural energies. The shamanic belief is that Machu Picchu served as an initiatory centre for higher learning. The morning after we arrive in Aguas Calientes we will rise early to catch the first bus up to Machu Picchu where we will watch sunrise (weather permitting) over this magnificent place. It will literally take your breath away.

Lake Titicaca – the lake on top of the world

Surrounded by beautiful snow-capped mountains high in the Andes mountains, Lake Titicaca is the perfect place to end our tour. At almost 4000m above sea-level it is the highest navigable lake in the world. And it is HUUUUGE! It’s like a mini-ocean at 233 km long and 97 km wide; it’s so vast you can barely see across to the other side. The surface area of the lake exceeds 8,300 km2, with an average depth of over 100m. But not only is it big and beautiful, it’s also a very sacred and spiritual location. It’s a place of immense power and is said by some to be the location of the Earth’s second chakra. According to legend it is the birthplace of the Incan empire, and it’s home to several indigenous communities such as the Aymara and Quechua Indians who have inhabited this magical place for over a thousand years. The Lake Titicaca region is home to several powerful ancient temples and power-spots that we’ll be visiting including Sillustani and the temples of Pacha Mama and Pacha Tata on the island of Amantani. Here are some of the incredible sights around Lake Titicaca

The Mysterious Doorway of Amaru Muru

We’ll begin the tour with a visit to Amaru Muru, a mysterious ‘doorway’ carved into a rock face. Some legends say that the doorway is an active working portal that can transport beings into and out of the world, and others call it the gateway to the 4th dimension.


Are the Chullpas of Sillustani just Inca Burial chambers, or something far more mysterious? One thing for sure is that this location is a powerful energy vortex that most people can sense. Silustani is also the location where the popular researcher and author David Icke had a very powerful spiritual awakening experience after feeling called to visit Peru.

The Island of Amantani

The Island of Amantani is a truly special place and it’s where we bring the tour to a close.

After a boat trip of several hours across Lake Titicaca we will then arrive on the sacred Island of Amantani. The island is home to two ancient temples including the temple of Pachamama, a place designed for connecting with the energies of our beautiful planet.

Outer Travels Inner Journeys

This sacred journey is more than just a tour of places in Peru. It’s also a journey into yourself. During the course of the trip you will have the opportunity to take part in several shamanic plant ceremonies that will enable you to experience profound inner journeys into your true and authentic self.


No sacred journey in Peru would be complete without experiencing Mother Ayahuasca, the sacred vine of the soul. She is the mother of all plants, the mother of all medicines and, in my opinion, a gift from God to mankind. No words can adequately describe what can happen to you during a powerful Ayahuasca experience, and we know of nothing else on this planet that can so radically change peoples lives so quickly and so completely within such a short amount of time. Ayahuasca can heal on every level of your being – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. And yes, the things you might have heard are true – she’ll probably have you puking and shitting half the night, but trust me, don’t let that put you off – it’s all a very important part of the process as she cleanses your entire being. I sometimes think of her as being like a car wash for the soul! The experience can sometimes be overwhelming and intense, but you’ll come out the other side feeling all shiny and new!


San Pedro (known as Wachuma to the indigenous people) is a cactus that grows all along the Andes and it’s another amazing visionary plant teacher that has been used for thousands of years by the shamans of the Andes. San Pedro is used for healing as well as mystical purposes. Its incredible energy opens up your channels, allowing you to connect deeply with yourself as well as the entire cosmos and other spiritual dimensions. San Pedro activates your heart chakra and often leads to incredible feelings of bliss and profound connectivity with nature. Whereas Ayahuasca ceremonies are done at night, Wachuma ceremonies are usually done during the day, out in nature. Wachuma gets you out of your mind and into your heart. Greater acceptance, love and compassion towards yourself and others are often the results of working with this powerful teacher.

Who Should Register?

This a sacred journey for people who are sincerely interested in empowering themselves and expanding their own consciousness. However, it is not a journey that takes itself too seriously.

We like to appeal to fairly down to earth spiritual people. This is not a ‘new age’ journey for people so full of love and light that they deny their own shadow. And it certainly isn’t for people on dark egoic power-trips. Balance and integration is the name of the game.

At 22 days it is quite a long journey and we’ll all be spending a great deal of time together, so it’s important to maintain a certain amount of harmony within the group and attract the right people.

To date, all the people who have resonated and participated in this journey have been truly amazing people and there have never been issues with disharmony in the group and we hope for that to continue.

To ensure a more harmonious experience please only consider this journey if:

You are sincere and open-minded.

You are seeking to deepen your spiritual understanding and expand your consciousness.

you have a sense of humour and don’t take yourself too seriously

You welcome challenges and being out of your comfort zone at times

You easily get along with other people

You feel young at heart, no matter what your physical age may be

What People are saying…

In October 2014 we had 9 amazing people on the Peru Odyssey tour. Each of them gave a video testimonial on the final day of the trip. Click here to hear what they had to say

How Much

So I guess by now you’re wondering how much this amazing adventure is going to cost you! Keep in mind that this is a 3 week (22 day) adventure, and the price includes pretty much everything except your international flight to Peru and most of your meals.

Included in the cost of this trip is:

3 Domestic Flights in Peru

15 Nights in 6 different hotels

Boat trip and 2 nights with the locals on the Island of Amantani

5 nights at Gaia Tree Center in the Amazon (inc. all meals)

4 Ayahuasca Ceremonies

Jungle excursions with Amazonian Bushman and optional Kambo ceremony

1 San Pedro Ceremony

Train to Machu Picchu

All Entance Fees

Breakfast Everyday

What’s not included:

International flights to Peru

Lunches and evening meals (except in the jungle due to dieta)

The cost of this amazing 3 week adventure is just $3990 per person You don’t need to pay the full amount up front, however you do need to pay a deposit of $1000 in order to reserve your place.


We are now using the Retreat.Guru service to manage bookings and payments. You can pay by credit or debit card.

You can choose to either pay the full amount when you make your reservation, or you can pay a $1000 deposit and the remaining balance will be billed to your credit/debit card 6 weeks before the tour begins.

More Testimonials

“I loved the ancient/sacred sites we visited and I loved the deeper explanation of these sites that came from Amaru.  I loved how the group that came together was remarkably cohesive and accepting of each other.  I don’t think you typically find a group that became as close as we became on your average tour.  I was surprised at the ceremonies we participated in and wasn’t expecting the depth of explanation we were given at some of the ancient/sacred sites.  The San Pedro ceremony with Javier and the Ayahuasca  ceremonies with Don Lucho and his son were topnotch and very professional.  Peru was shown to me under the best of experiences, with the best of friendships and memories.” – Tracey P, USA [ale_divider style=”thin” text=”notext”] Divider Text [/ale_divider]

“For me the odyssey was a last minute trip, thrown together on my part, at the last possible moment; however, I am so happy that it came to fruition. It was more than I ever expected. This trip delivered!  The high’s were high and there were no low’s. The entire group was made up of very like minded people. It was comforting. They are all honest, sharing, caring, good-natured people that truly have lasting friendship qualities. Thank you all!  This journey has the ability to heal mind, body and spirit, and I felt it. I felt it all the way down in my core, where I needed it the most. I came on this trip because I suffer chronic pain and had pushed myself and my family to it’s limits…and my amazing wife sent me the link and told me that I needed a vacation. Boy was she right. Actually, she always is, but boy was she right!

The ability to reflect on what happened on this odyssey and the ability to continually draw power from those experiences, will benefit me and my family for the rest of my life. Peru has been calling my name since I was a child, and now I know why. Generally speaking I have always felt that we get out of life what we put into it. Sometimes I struggle to see and realize what we are doing in life and more importantly, why are we doing it. What is the purpose?  What does it all mean?  What does it all have to do with me, and why am I here and what am I supposed to be doing in this life?

While I was on this odyssey, I came to realize many of these exact things. The answers came to me. Not in the ways I imagined they would, but they came, and in many beautiful ways. They were all there inside, Peru just allowed me to understand them.  All the “stuff” that seemed so important, stressful, painful and overwhelming back home, is not really that at all. I had to come to Peru to realize that I am the master of my own universe, and I am capable and responsible for healing myself and those I love. If you have questions like these, if you have pain in your life, if you feel hurt, unloved, lost or filled with doubt or fear…it’s okay.

Just be honest with yourself and everyone you meet and you will find yourself starting to relax and putting things in perspective. For me, I needed to be on this odyssey, there is no doubt in my mind. I can’t imagine there being any better place to relax and heal than on this journey…which is what life is, a journey. We have to live in the present, every moment of our lives.  It is now my goal to live, every day, as if it is my last day I have left on this planet. It is my goal to love, heal, learn and experience life with passion. The past is gone and the future never turns out like we predict, so don’t worry about them. I know to be happy, I must live in the present, because that is what it is, a gift. Peru taught me that. Staying in the present, always raising the bar, doing my best to love and listen and learn and heal is how I would want to spend the last day of my life. So to me, it is like basking in beautiful, golden-green light.

Thank you for a wonderful odyssey, and thanks to my wonderfully, beautiful, brilliant wife!  When I said she is always right, I meant it. Especially after this journey. I have come to realize that everyone is doing exactly what he or she wants and, needs to be doing…all the time! Therefore, they are always right, and I don’t have to worry about them, and that makes living life, in the present, so much more fantastic!!” – Shawn Haywood, USA [ale_divider style=”thin” text=”notext”] Divider Text [/ale_divider]

“Where to begin…AMAZING, LIFE CHANGING & PROFOUND summarise my time on the Peru Odyssey. Although even they seem to barely scratch the surface…there are no words to fully describe the truly wonderful experience. From the beautiful mountains to the green jungle the whole experience has left me with a deep desire to explore the world and  more importantly a heightened desire to explore myself. Andy has clearly put some amazing energy into the tour which is immediately evident. Everyday is oozing with new adventures, wonders and delights whether that’s visiting a sacred sight, holding a sacred ceremony or just soaking up the vibes in a new town/city. This is not just visiting Peru: it’s feeling Peru; feeling a deep connection to the history; connecting to the land and water; being prepared to breakdown all your prior knowledge & invest in new knowledge. Then we have the star of the show…Amaru…he is a gift, a force of nature to be reckoned with! He unleashes something magical in each and every person and let’s them run with new found strength, spiritual knowledge & Fire, bringing out your inner warrior. Plant medicine teachers have shown me so much which I am incredibly thankful for along with the amazing shamans I had the opportunity to work with. Meeting a group of people from all over the world and all walks of life who have now become my family was my highlight of the tour. Connections I feel to these beautiful people will last a lifetime and sharing the journey has just made every element so much more special & intimate. My whole life has shaken up since leaving the tour, and although that’s scary I’m finally heading to the place I’ve been trying to reach in my life for years. PURE HAPPINESS & LOVE whilst living in my light. My adventure just gave me a kick up the ass!!! For anyone who’s unsure, don’t be, trust that this is where you’re meant to be if you’re reading this! Also know that you are held in a loving & nurturing space to allow for your growth & development. Thank you OTIJ & my beautiful soul familia x” – Isha B, United Kingdom [ale_divider style=”thin” text=”notext”] Divider Text [/ale_divider]

“The trip was truly an amazing adventure where I met so many wonderful and loving people whom I felt in my heart that I have met them before, maybe in another life. They felt like my family and Peru felt like my home. I have been on a spiritual quest for some time and my experience helped me to explore more of myself and lead me to a deeper healing of my body, mind, and soul. This journey has showed me especially from my San Pedro experience that the divine is all around us all the time even if we do not see; her arms are always wrapped around us like loving wings. This quest was more than just a trip to a beautiful place; to me it was a journey into my soul.” – Michelle D, Canada [ale_divider style=”thin” text=”notext”] Divider Text [/ale_divider]

“The Peru Odyssey tour was my first trip outside Australia – I sure jumped in the deep end and I’m so glad I did! I truly learnt so much about myself on this tour and I’m forever grateful to all my travel companions for sharing themselves and the experience with me. Peru is an exceptionally beautiful land with a rich history, lively culture and ancient Apus constantly watching you from the mountains. I loved it! The sacred sites were awe inspiring and our tour guide’s unique knowledge of the sites was fantastic. From holding meditation ceremonies at Macchu Picchu ruins to an impromptu tribal dance circle in a Cusco restaurant and eating breakfast to the sounds of a nearby tobacco purge (look it up), it really was a life changing journey. And i cannot describe the lightness of being that comes with shitting an entity out of your body during an Ayahausca ceremony! I highly recommend the Peru Odyssey tour to anyone who has heard Peru calling to them. Take the plunge!” – Ana, Australia

Reviews     To review this event, visit the page for the venue or retreat leaders (above).

  • Caz Landon   May 10, 2019

      Not as expected nor good value for money

    Peru Pilgrimage - didn't deliver on its promise of connecting with a large group of like minded spiritual people with only two of us on the tour. There were significant changes to the itinerary which we were not advised about beforehand nor consulted about during the tour. The tour is advertised as 9 days but there was no itinerary of activities on day 9. The San Pedro experience was disappointing. Neither the 'Peruvian shaman' nor environment 'in nature' advertised on the website transpired. For me these were essential components of the experience I was seeking. I found the demeanour of the tour organiser - who seemed disengaged and uninterested - highly challenging. Were it not for Miguel Bellota - the Peruvian mystical guide - who was excellent in every way, this trip would have been a complete and utter disappointment. Miguel was first class. His depth of knowledge, spiritual connection and wisdom are exceptional and I was impressed with and highly engaged in his tours. I came away feeling I'd highly benefited and grown as a result of his teachings. The visits to the ancient, sacred sites with Miguel were a wonderful experience. In summary, overall the tour was not as expected and didn't deliver value for money in terms of the experience versus what was promised.

  • Caitlin Rohrbeck   October 08, 2018

      Himalayan Odyssey 2018

    The past year I have been exceptionally struggling to do what other people my age are doing. My soul was craving deeper connections with meaningful conversations and present beings. I'm 24 years old and I consider myself an old soul who needed a break through. As soon as I saw Inner Journey Outer Travels online I felt compelled to register. Before I could over think it and back out I found myself on the phone with Omkar where I was immediately put to ease by his energy. I knew in my heart this was my next step. Both Omkar and Gulzar have significantly changed my perception and attitude towards life. I will forever be grateful to have crossed paths with such compassionate, caring, pure beautiful souls. This journey really has it all; from taking on crazy Delhi head on, to being drifted along calming waters to our stunning house boats in Srinagar, learning how traditional pashminas and meditative practises are created. Flying into Leh where for the first time in my life I was overwhelmed with indescribable feelings of pure gratitude- tears streamed down my face, my heart was wide open, I was living a dream. Followed by hiking through the Himalayas which was truly unbelievable! We all looked out for each other and the endless support and love was so refreshing to witness. The Oracle was an experience I will never forget and am so blessed to of had that opportunity! Wow. Then there's the nomadic school, giving me an insight as to how I can help give back to communities whilst inspiring me, reclaiming my faith in humanity and compassion. We all entered this journey as strangers and left as family. We bonded over trekking, encouragement, chai, camping, crying, food, vulnerability, laughing, meditation, bus rides and motorbike rides! Personally I went into this journey feeling insecure, weak, confused, needy, somewhat unworthy. I was validating my worth by how others (who aren't even similar to me) were treating me - not by how I treat myself. And I left this journey feeling strong, confident, grounded, passionate, faithful, inspired, hopeful and motivated. Just to name a few. The title "Inner Journey Outer Travels" means exactly that. I went within and healed a lot of aspects I didn't realise needed healing whilst in some of the most breath taking views some can only dream to see in their lifetime, I learnt to feel into my emotions to release them, I learnt its OK to be vulnerable scars and all and I am still beautiful, I learnt how to love myself and not look to others for love. This is only the tip of the iceberg as to what I have taken away from this life changing journey. I now have a soul family who loves me and I love them. I am passionate, motivated and inspired with life again. I am strong. I am ready to create the life I was meant to live here - all thanks to these two beautiful souls for creating such a divine space for spiritual growth. thank you thank you thank you.

  • John Soares   October 05, 2018

      2018 Himalayan Odyssey Tour-Experience of a lifetime

    This journey has been a highlight of my life this far. From the moment I stepped out of the Delhi airport until the day I left Rishikesh, I felt this trip was one of the best organized ( a relative term in India) and diverse experiences that could be provided. The combination of connecting with both the other travelers in the group and the people of India was amazing. I cannot say enough positive things about Omkar and Gulzar in their handling of any situation that arose, and ensuring the comfort of their guests. From hiking the Himalayas, camping in this amazing land, and refreshing ourselves in some beautiful hotels when it was most needed. The food was always delicious and accommodating, the lodgings were unique and beautiful, the places were inspiring and the group of travelers that I shared this journey with were amazing. As a person who normally travels solo and puts together my own travel plan, I can say that this truly changed my opinion of how to see a foreign land. I could never have had such a involved experience of India without the guidance and services offered bu OTIJ. For the price of this trip, the staff works unbelievably hard in ensuring your comfort, and I feel all my expectations in value were exceeded. The diversity of ages and nationalities in our group demonstrated this trip can be done and enjoyed by almost anyone. Thank you so much Omkar and Gulzar, I look forward to traveling with you again soon!

  • Ada Nazeman   October 01, 2018

      The Himalayan Odyssey Tour

    It was my first time in India. What an amazing place and what a memorable trip and a truly an extraordinary experience. I was able to enjoy so many great experiences in just 21 days that I never would have been able to do on my own in this beautiful country. The itinerary was full of unique and remarkable experiences and it was extremely well organized with a great blend of interesting places to visit and opportunity to interact with locals. The Himalayan Odyssey tour was incredible and I would positively recommend it to anyone of any age. Omkar and Gulzar; thank you for a great experience to enable me to see India from the perspective of locals. You both are knowledgeable and amazing guides and went out of your way to make the tour a great experience. Ada

  • Rune Weinreich   February 06, 2018

      Attend Peru Odyssey and you will never come back (quite the same) again!!

    I may have been a journey not lasting more than 21 days, but the inner travel I started back then is still going on now more than two years later. I was searching for "the deep kick". I got it. I promised myself never to use words to describe what I experienced during the Ceremonies. The words will always fall short of any explanation of my experiences. The Tour was well planed and Andy Metcalfe and Amaru did everything in there power to make it an experiences of a lifetime. Peru is wast and serves BRILLIANTLY in boldly going where you have never gone before (in this life). There is a great awakening going on in this world. For a lot of us Journeys like this one (Peru Odyssey) is a war to connect to this spiritual revolution. Attend Peru Odyssey and you will never come back (quite the same) again. -Rune Weinreich

  • Bob Lunn   January 10, 2018

      The Cosmic Chef

    This was my first overseas trip in over 15 years, so I wanted to make sure i chose wisely. I am a researcher and I have sun, moon and 5 planets in Virgo. I had a huge checklist of items that i intended to cross reference with at least a dozen different tour providers and I gave myself 3 months to find this. On day one of my searching, the 2nd provider I looked at was Andy's tour group. At the time, I had no idea why, but I just knew, with true gnosis that this was the one. I was right. The word tour is inadequate to describe the experience. It wasn't just the places we went to, it was who we were, collectively as a group too. Andy collected a dozen ingrediants from around our beloved earth (us), added the loving guidance of our touring Shaman, Amaru, and created a meal of true prasad. Then add to that; the spirit guidance of Kundalini Shakti through sacred plant medicine cermonies, and the resonance of the {still functioning} ancient sites... This was not a tour, it was a life changing (still ongoing, 2 years later) experience. A true boost to my own personal sadhana.

  • Andy Tapella   December 11, 2017

      Outer Travels Inner Journeys (Peru Odyssey Experience) This tour is an anomaly and the real deal.

    This tour is an anomaly, and the real deal. If you are a seeker, and are looking for the raw, true, and gritty travel experience. And want total immersion in to a culture, then this tour is for you. If, you are looking for a one size fits all tour(where you see all the tourist sites),stay at posh hotels, have full service at your beckon call and luxury transport & travel throughout, then this tour is not for you. But, if you want to go on a journey, to choice locations, stay where locals stay, eat and do the local seen, participate in plant medicine ceremonies, then this tour delivers. A truly transformational journey, great experiences, for travelers by travelers.

  • Will Vogelgesang   December 06, 2017

      Peru Odyssey

    Would have gone for 12 years if I could - the three weeks were incredible. The people were just spectacular. Hotels were exactly what you would want. So much nature and learning. Spiritual and fun. Inner Child and Wisdom. The plants were spectacular. Andy is low key yet on point. I would recommend gladly and eagerly. I had a ball. Amaru, our guide, knew the culture and the ancient stories well. What an important place on Earth. Blessed to have been. Thank you Andy for organizing.

  • jean briddell   November 29, 2017

      an unexpected level of adventure

    I felt the desire and pull to go see Peru...the ancient sites intrigued me-for me it was a journey to see 'truth' the construction of some ancient sites are beyond our current capabilities and I wished to see them. I researched so many tours and i connected with Outer Travels Inner Journeys for many reasons...a couple were -in the name itself and another was that i liked that some of the money was going back to preserve the rainforest in the Amazon. This travel was more than was an adventure traveling to the sites and it did take you on an inner journey of discovery...i will never forget the people in our group..they become part of your tribe. I travelled in 2015 and what is so beautiful is that the experience you have on this tour keeps unfolding as time goes on. It has broadened my curiosity- to keep going to find more truth of what interests me and connects with me. For me, and i believe for many, the energy at these sites stays with you...upon leaving Peru, i could still feel 'this hum' for quite awhile..i believe if you feel there has to be more than this designed matrix set in place for people, if you feel a bit 'dissatisfied' ...a tour with Outer Travels Inner Journeys could be right in line for was for me...enough to know that i will be back soon enough. I do believe our history has been written in a way that is not only incorrect and misleading, but also quite limiting and so far from the real truth of man's abilities and purpose. If you feel you are stuck, operate with a low vibration or just want more-take a tour, to a place you have never been, and see some sites that allow you to be still, wonder and open up. ~namaste

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