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Unique Trek to the Mystical Lands of the Q'eros Nation to receive ancient Inca Initiations

  • High Andes of Peru
  • Jul 12 - 15, 2020 (4 days)

Event Highlights

  • immersing yourself in the wisdom and rituals of the mystical Andean Cosmovisión;
  • going on enchanting but also physically challenging treks (on 3 days) across the mystical Andes and sharing space, traditional food, invigorating stories, and heart-warming smiles with a Q´ero master and his family in their modest traditional stone houses. They live in breathtaking landscapes at above 4000 m altitude far away from roads, shops and phone networks. The daily trekking time varies between min. 2.5 h and max. 5-6 h.
  • participating in ceremonies and initiations from the Inca shamanic tradition (Coca Leaf Reading, Offerings to Pachamama (Mother Earth), Introduction to the Great Initiations/ Hatun Karpay, Seven Goddesses Rites/ Nusta Karpay led by the Q´ero master and his wife surrounded by powerful Apus (mountain spirits).


~Drive to Okongate and check-in at hotel or beautiful Q'ero guesthouse with views of the Sacred Mountain Ausangate
~Lunch in Okongate
~Traditional Coca Leaf Reading and Despacho (Offering) to Pachamama (Mother Earth) and the Apus (Mountain Spirits) requesting permission and protection for the journey
~Joint dinner

~Drive to the mountain village Perki (2.5 hours)
~Trek (5/6 hours) to Q'ero village, includes lunch overlooking a mystical mountain lake
~Local Q´ero dinner and sleeping in tent under amazing stars and the energies of the Full Moon

~Local Q´ero breakfast
~Hike to the foot of the powerful Mountain Apu Huamanlipa (2 hours) for the ceremony of the Great Initiation (Hatun Karpay)
~Lunchbox and hike back to Q´ero village (1,5 hours)
~Receiving the Nusta Karpay (Seven Goddesses Rites)
~Local Q´ero dinner and sleeping in tent with the sounds of absolute silence

~Local Q´ero breakfast
~Trek to the Q´ero village Cochamocco (2.5 hours)
~Drive to the town Paucartambo for lunch
~Return to Pisac or Cusco

This tour will be conducted in English, but we do also speak Spanish, Italian, French, German, and some Farsi and are happy to assist and stimulate our minds with any of those languages.

Horse rides to and/or from the Q´ero village can be arranged for additional 80,- USD/ day.

Please visit the website of Moonay Mystical Journeys for more information.

We look forward to welcoming you on this enchanting and adventurous journey.

Con mucho amor

Francesca & Daniy ♥

About This Event

Aloha amigas y amigos ✮

Join us on a transformative heart-opening journey into the world of the spiritual Q'eros community in the high Andes of Peru and receive traditional Inca initiations (Hatun Karpay and Nusta Karpay). 

We offer 

* an authentic and very special experience completely off the beaten tracks and far away from roads, phone networks, shops and other travellers.

*an unforgettable spiritual adventure and enchanting (but also physically challenging) treks in a breathtaking mountain environment in the mystical Andes at almost 5000 m altitude. 

*receiving ancient initiations dating back to Inca times and exchanging spiritual insights, invigorating stories, and heart-enlightening smiles with the remote indigenous Q'eros nation living above 4000 m in the majestic Andes of Peru.

*experiencing a very different reality of living life and viewing life.

Living in five tiny and remote modest stone house villages in the breathtaking Peruvian Andes, the Q´eros community of approximately 600 people and ca. 6000 llamas and alpacas has been largely hidden & isolated for the past 500 years. They have had only very limited and rare contacts with the Peruvian government or the church, which allowed them to maintain an ancient spiritual knowledge which originates directly from the Incas. Q`ero actually means Sacred Glass which was formerly used in rituals and signifies the recipient of Wisdom.

Interacting with the Q’eros and participating in their traditional ceremonies and pure way of life is a very inspirational experience. You will view and experience Pachamama (Mother Earth) with the eyes and hearts of the Q’eros and become more aware of our relationships with each other and with our planet.

During your visit you will have the special opportunity to participate in the Q´eros devotional practices to Pachamama and undergo ancient initiations such as the Hatun Karpay (Great Initiations) and Nusta Karpay (Seven Goddesses Initiation) which have been practiced only by the Q´eros since the Inca Empire.

The Great Initiations (Hatun Karpay) are two hours long sessions that involve: a ceremony of opening of the heart (munay) for unconditional love, the opening of the third eye (yanchay) for transcendental wisdom and the opening of the energetic stomach (llankay) for harmonic action.

The Seven Goddesses Initiation (Nusta Nuna Karpay) rites are given as energetic seeds of the Feminine Goddess Archetypes, and transmitted into your seven chakras and luminous energy field. Through the healing energies of the Nustas, you awaken a deep rapport with the divine feminine, not only within yourself, but with the feminine in all of creation. You will recognize and begin to heal your true relationship and connection with Mother Earth and all living beings.

Through the powerful initiations of those rites you will experience a real “quickening” in your spiritual growth and personal healing.

Please let us know if you would like to join us on this journey, or if you would like to set up new dates with your group of friends. Our journeys at Q'ero are always available from April till October.

“Life begins where fear ends.” ― Osho

Venue Highlights

During this journey we will provide:
- Purification and sacred initiation ceremonies with a Q'ero maestro in the high Andes
- Camping equipment (tent, sleeping bag, sleeping pads)
- Rental of horses for transportation of goods

Horse ride (for yourself) to the Q'ero community can be arranged at additional cost of 80 USD

Happy vibes!!​


We provide 3 nights accommodation (1 night in a beautiful Q'ero guesthouse with views of the Sacred Mountain Ausangate; 2 nights in tent under the stars), transportation and vegetarian meals

Menu Types

  • Vegan
  • Vegetarian
  • Dairy Free
  • Nut Free

ceremonies healing indiginous people nature peru spirituality trekking wellness

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