Ayahuasca Healing Experience (5+ Nights)

About This Event

We welcome you to stay at Caya Shobo at any time of year to receive Ayahuasca Healing and other Plant Medicine treatments according to your own schedule.

NOTE: We ask guests to arrive on a Monday or Sunday when reserving this 5 day retreat.

Stays of 5 days or more are offered at US$200 per night. A great option if you have limited time in your itinerary or want to experience a brief introduction to Ayahuasca ceremonies. This retreat will allow you to awaken a spiritual path and help you discover key insights about yourself and your deeper healing needs. Price is all-inclusive of Ceremonies, accommodation, meals and plant medicine treatments.  Airport or hotel transfers are available for a small fee (of US$20 return).  Massage/body-work is also available with experienced practitioners ($30 per hour).

Please note that a stay of 10 nights or more is required if you wish to work with the medicine plants in master plant dieta. This also allows time for the Maestros to refine your treatment program during your stay and change your prescribed dieta plants if necessary. Prices are also discounted to US$150 per night with a stay of 10 days or more.

Cancellation Policy

100% deposit refund for cancellation 30+ days before event.
50% deposit refund for cancellation 15-29 days before event.
0% deposit refund for cancellation 0-14 days before event.
The remaining balance (total price minus deposit) is due upon arrival.
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  • Tim Firkin   November 07, 2019

      Caya Shobo - House of Great Spirit

    having little knowledge of centers in peru i was guided to caya shobo, primarily, through reading the overwhelming positive testimony from others who had previously attended the center coupled with having a strong intuition to sit with arturo. i had sat with the medicine many years previous but knew instinctively that i needed to rekindle that connection, and to deepen my healing journey - it was decided that caya shobo would be that container. i first arrived at caya shobo during the November retreat last year and was immediately put at ease by the facilitators and support staff at hand after a long journey from my home in new zealand. the level of care and attention to the guests, a lot of whom were embarking on their first journeys with the medicine, went above and beyond expectation. everyone there has such a strong dedication to upholding the tradition and in facilitating deep healing work. i immediately felt at ease, and during my most difficult times with the medicine i was supported in every way possible. those that have embarked on this journey themselves know how confronting it can be, and i was often moved by the level of care given. i feel it worthwhile to also note that the center is primarily owned and operated by woman and the safety of all the guests is of the upmost importance to them. the scrutiny of the curanderos that they utilise at the center is not taken lightly and the slightest hint of misconduct would not be tolerated. arturo opened my first dieta during this retreat and i could use all the hyperbole in the book to describe the transformation in those first two weeks but they would all fall short. he is so dedicated to his craft and approaches it with a rare humility. it's hard to overestimate the sacrifices made by an honorable healer in this space and from what i have I witnessed firsthand, he is no exception. during this short initial visit i made a strong connection with one of the co-founders who has since become a close friend and someone who, along with the other founders, has dedicated her whole life to healing and does so with the upmost integrity. this year I returned to the center for two months to document, on film, the inner workings of the center and to deepen my own connection with the medicine. the transformation i not only experienced for myself during this time but amongst the guests in attendance was profound and i look forward to being able to share this, in the not so distant future, with those who have a real interest in discovering the true depth of the centers commitment to healing, the shipibo tradition and above all else the pasajeros that make the journey there. whilst this is a center that holds ayahuasca ceremonies this is not somewhere to experience ayahuasca tourism, the health screening process of all guests is rigorous and they are heavily focused on master plant dieta which is at the core of the shipibo healing tradition. the medicine that is brewed on site, in clear view, is a mix of ayahuasca vine and chacruna leaves only. it is prepared with the upmost care, and careful intention. the guidance given by the facilitators, founders and support staff comes from deep personal experience with the medicine developed over, sometimes, years of dieting. there is a reason why they are the only center endorsed by the shipibo - conibo tribal council COSHICOX. the friendship, and support of the community that surrounds this center are of great value to me. the after care / integration support is ongoing and always available. i am so grateful to have found this center and this community of which i imagine will be a part of my life for a long time to come.

  • James Ransome   September 27, 2019

      A beautiful, safe space to work on healing yourself

    I recently finished an 11 day dieta at Caya Shobo; I can confidently say it was one of the most powerful and guiding experiences in my life to date. My first time working with ayahuasca, so I was a little anxious before arriving at the centre. However from day one, I felt the loving support from all of the staff and facilitators. For me this was a vital aspect in allowing me to fully relax into myself & open my heart to the medicine. I must emphasise that the care and support the staff provided me as an individual was exceptional, something I'm very grateful for. The centre itself is set in a lush jungle environment. I stayed in a private tambo which was very comfortable, set back into the forest allowing me lots of time to connect with nature and be with myself. The food was delicious, healthy and nourishing. The ceremonies were beautifully conducted in the awesome maloca. Words will never do justice to the effects of the ayahuasca but I can attest to the centre using a very potent brew. Caya Shobo has empowered me to begin the process of working with the plant spirits. I'm only at the beginning of this journey but thanks to Caya Shobo I've had the door opened into this new chapter of my evolution. Thank you Jonathan, Lia, Angela, Natasha, Iryna, Walter, Wilder, Miguel and all of the Caya family for an unforgettable experience. Forever grateful. Much love <3

  • Mario Gibney   July 18, 2019

      Best Money and Time I Ever Spent

    I spent 11 days at Caya Shobo, and I cannot recall a better week and a half of my life. I was introduced to the centre through earlier ceremonies with Miguel (one of the shamans there), and felt confident that it would be worth my while, but the experience still exceeded my expectations. It is a quick (about 40m) and enjoyable (albeit a little bumpy) tuktuk ride from the airport, but despite this convenient distance, when you arrive at the centre you still get the atmosphere of being deep within the jungle, far from the hustle and bustle of the outside world. The physical space and buildings are arranged in an easy-to-navigate setup, and the buildings and paths are very much integrated with the natural forest around. The staff and volunteers are impeccably polite and helpful. The food is delicious as well as healthy and diet-friendly. Alongside the intriguing wild critters and exotic jungle plants, several cuddly cats roam the premises to keep it free of undesirable pests. The rooms are simple and minimalist, yet undeniably hospitable and welcoming. If possible, try to book a private tambo to really merge with the jungle when you sleep. The organizers' proficiency is clear in their scheduling of daily activities and events - there is just enough to keep boredom at bay, but with enough spacing for you to still get all the time you need for rest, self-reflection, and to bond with the attendees if you desire. And most important of all are the ceremonies. While I'm not qualified to assess the relative skill of various shamans, I can say that the effect the healing ceremonies had on me was nothing less than astounding. While I won't go into personal details, I can honestly say that before my experience with these Shipibo masters, I was wholly unaware that any process, chemical, or technique could help my mental health improve so completely in such a short period of time. Not only do they create an incredible experience the maloka during ceremony nights, but the plant medicine experts are highly approachable and willing to share their knowledge, as long as you are respectful of their time. To me, this was a slice of paradise, and I cannot wait to return (there is no question in my mind I will be back again). I'd give it 6 stars if I could.

  • Felicia Celeste   June 07, 2019

      Amazing Healing Center

    I had done tons of research on different centers for awhile before I chose Caya Shobo. I went for healing and was floored by how deeply the medicine went into my consciousness. This is the real deal. The healers know exactly what they are doing. I was treated with compassion, love and respect throughout my process and there was always someone there to help out or talk to whenever I felt I needed to reach out. The facilities are beautiful and clean and the food was excellent. Thank you so much to the team at Caya Shobo. What a beautiful experience. I will definitely be going back in the near future.

  • Lily Marfisi   May 19, 2019

      A transformative experience

    My stay at Caya Shobo was so transformative ! I had many resistances before coming here since I had had a very bad ayahuasca experience in the past (in another place), but I felt the call and the need to go there and to trust these people. I am more than happy that I did. I felt safe and in the right place. All of the facilitators (Katy, Sonia, Rex) and maestros (Arturo, Dominga, Guillermito) were very attentive and listened to me, took care of me, and helped me to overcome my fears and to let go of my trauma. Wilder who was doing the plant medicines and flower baths was also of very good help to me. They did their best to make it as personal for everybody as possible so that we could all get the adequate healing we needed. I felt like a rebirth during the last ceremony, which made me leave with a feeling of liberation and lightness. This was not an easy experience for me, but I gained so much out of it and I am so proud of myself and so thankful for all of you to have been there with me. Thanks again and I wish you all Love and Light on your journey ! Lily

  • Lily Marfisi   May 19, 2019

      A transformative experience

    My stay at Caya Shobo was so transformative ! I had many resistances before coming here since I had had a very bad ayahuasca experience in the past (in another place), but I felt the call and the need to go there and to trust these people. I am more than happy that I did. I felt safe and in the right place. All of the facilitators (Katy, Sonia, Rex) and maestros (Arturo, Dominga, Guillermito) were very attentive and listened to me, took care of me, and helped me to overcome my fears and to let go of my trauma. Wilder who was doing the plant medicines and flower baths was also of very good help to me. They did their best to make it as personal for everybody as possible so that we could all get the adequate healing we needed. I felt like a rebirth during the last ceremony, which made me leave with a feeling of liberation and lightness. This was not an easy experience for me, but I gained so much out of it and I am so proud of myself and so thankful for all of you to have been there with me. Thanks again and I wish you all Love and Light on your journey ! Lily

  • WILMA BOLSONI   May 13, 2019

      Amazing Healing for body qnd soul

    An amazing place to take care of body and soul. The shamans are experienced and very careful masters. The powerful ikaros guide us high during the ceremonies. Proper nutrition, plant diets and a well-maintained environment in the middle of the jungle inspire us to connect deeply with ourselves. If you feel ready to take this dive of self-awareness to expansion of consciousness. this is a great place!

  • Larinda Sawyer   May 13, 2019

      Deeply Healing

    I just came home from a 10 day plant dieta retreat at Caya Shobo. WOW! The integrity of the center and staff plus the skill of the Maestros ….it was very palpable from day one. I felt totally safe to go deep during ceremonies and process whatever came up. The additional plant dieta brought on a whole new level of healing that I hadn’t anticipated. The way the Maestros use the additional plants and use their Icaros is something I can’t fully describe, but it is profound. I could feel the plants and the Icaros moving through my body and clearing it. I arrived at Caya Shobo with a systemic fungal infection…from my mouth all the way through my gut to the other end. I had been on three different prescribed anti fungals, two herbals and a carb restricted diet for over 5 months and was still infected. I left Caya Shobo completely clear…..just 10 days! During ceremony I was shown the underlying emotional problem that I have been storing in my body which is causing my health issues. I feel like I finally have an answer to life-long health problems that western medicine AND naturopathy have been unable to help me with. I plan to return next year to go further in my journey towards greater levels of health and joy in my life. Amazing place!

  • Alex Simmons   May 09, 2019

      Wonderful month-long diet

    I had a wonderful month-long stay at Caya Shobo. The maestros are beyond incredible and the rest of the staff provided excellent support at critical moments of my diet. They brew strong batches of Aya and are judicious in how much they pour, but allow the Aya to guide you rather than just them. In the tri-weeklly maestro meetings, Maestro Arturo provides excellent guidance without interfering with the plant medicines. I dieted another master plant, pinon blanco, in addition to Aya and reaped its teachings. The facilities are comfortable and clean and the food is quite satisfying. I plan to return to Caya for my next diet and highly recommend you do too!

  • Matti Rintala   April 29, 2019

      Fantastico !

    Fantastic! I made a decision based on logistics, uniqueness, professionalism and easy, open door access. Very well kept beautiful spot, beautiful Malokka, clean kitchen, clean food, friendly and warm staff, intergalactic shamans. Strait to the point center, deep and transformative healing, profound trust on the medicine, your “right” dosage and plant dieta healing. One of the most profound, beautiful life experience can be done at Caya Shobo

  • Kurtis Buyze   April 09, 2019

      Profound Healing

    I have been on this path for over 6 years but this past December was my first time at Caya Shobo and also my first time on a master plant dieta. I had a profound experience on the 11 days I was there. The staff were amazing, and if you know some Spanish, very interesting to get to know better. The gardens and surrounding jungle, the friendly and supportive staff, the beautiful buildings and environment set the stage for powerful healing. The team of maestros and maestras were incredible. The plant dieta I was prescribed was exactly what I needed and the healing effects, and lessons learned, continue to this day almost two months after the three month dieta I started down there. I will definitely return again and highly recommend anyone who is looking for healing, especially in the Shipibo tradition, to go to Caya Shobo.

  • Oleg   March 14, 2019

      Caya Shobo

    Oleg Caya Shobo - In the center was twice very much recommend! in my opinion one of the best places in Peru for an Ayahuasca ceremony of obtaining sacred knowledge and healing plants for those who decided to touch the source of the secret forces of nature with the true conductors of the shamans of the tribe of Shipibo-Conibo. In the center is very warm and friendly atmosphere, quality food to choose depending on diet, comfortable accommodation with all facilities, fair and responsible staff. It is a magical place of power in which you want to return again and again !!! Thank you from the heart !

  • Dmitri Grigoriev   March 06, 2019

      Life changing expirience

    Had an amazing time in Cayashobo centre. The centre itself is very cozy and atmospheric. Simple, natural but at the same time everything you need for meditative times with yourself, plants and nature. Very caring staff, as if you are home. Guys try to meet the demand of particularly every need of the guests. Super caring )) The prices are also relatively low but include many many things starting from ceremonies, wonderful food (which is prepared specialy for the type of diet you are) and also other different bonuses like medical plant treatments and room cleaning and loundry. Once came to this centre I dont look for anything else. Completely satisfied. Very special place I would leave for healers. These guys are top class respectful leaders of Shipibo community. Well known and expereinced. They also bring a feeling of protection! Thanks a lot!

  • Lia Light   March 06, 2019

      The skill and knowledge of the traditional healers here is

    I spent extended amounts of time (a period of two months and one of four months) at Caya Shobo, in the past two years. I was doing a plant dieta each time, and I found the skill and scope of knowledge had by the traditional healers there to be phenomenal. They supported me through the process of my diets, in working through the emotional and physical dificulties that i had come to heal. I have had some profound medicine experiences at caya shobo and the healing I've experienced through plant medicine, including physical, has been profound. Caya shobo has heart and it has amazing healers. Excellent place

  • Jon Jacques   March 04, 2019

      Highly recommend

    I highly recommend Caya Shobo. I was extremely impressed by how well I was looked after and taken care of by the staff and maestro’s. The food was great and the lodging was clean, quiet and comfortable. I would recommend Caya Shobo to anyone and will definitely be returning regularly.

  • Richelle Marie   February 24, 2019

      Safe, powerful healing centre

    Caya Shobo is a traditional Shipibo medicine centre whose owners, staff, and maestros/maestras genuinely care about the spiritual, physical, and mental health of all their guests. Since beginning my journey on the medicine path and with Caya Shobo I've personally grown inordinate amounts and my life has slowly but steadily transformed. This work is deep and profound, and Caya Shobo is the only group that I place my trust in on this path.

  • Richelle Marie   February 24, 2019

      Safe, powerful healing centre

    Caya Shobo is a traditional Shipibo medicine centre whose owners, staff, and maestros/maestras genuinely care about the spiritual, physical, and mental health of all their guests. Since beginning my journey on the medicine path and with Caya Shobo I've personally grown inordinate amounts and my life has slowly but steadily transformed. This work is deep and profound, and Caya Shobo is the only group that I place my trust in on this path.

  • Vickie Meyer Bouthillier   December 27, 2018


    Le choix par excellence, communauté inoubliable! Expérience #cayashobo est unique, riche en émotions et en rencontre. Les facilitateurs/maestros sont hautement qualifiés et te font sentir en confiance dès votre arrivé. Les installations sont confortables et adaptés aux gringos. Caya Shobo est la destination #ayahuascahealing #retreatcenter, c'est marquant et donne l'envie d'y retourner! Merci mille fois xx

  • patricia whitebuffalo   November 26, 2018

      I highly recommend Cya Shobo

    I highly recommend Caya Shobo if you planning to go to Peru for plant healing this is the retreat center for you! The owners are dictated to creating the highest quality healing center for all those seeking healing at all levels. I have gone to the center 4 times and each time the healings I receive go deeper. I am dedicated to returning annually and bringing my students to receive the gift of the plant medicine and the maestros. The maestros are gifted healers with humble reverence to the gifts of healing they bestow. The staff are welcoming and caring I feel I have a family now at Caya Shobo that greets me with MUCHO AMOR! Muchas gracias a mi familia un Caya Shobo

  • Paula Hansen   October 29, 2018

      I Love this place!

    My friend recommended Caya Shobo and I went with her and loved it so much that I have gone back on my own. The maestros have helped me heal in incredible ways, that I never really imagined possible. I can feel that my field is cleared of heaviness that had been there pretty much since forever it felt like, and I am just so grateful. I so appreciate the help from the medicine and the maestros to take the next step on my journey. I have worked hard for a long time, and I was so so happy to get this boost. It really is powerful medicine that works on so many levels. Doing ayahuasca is not something I ever would have done in my wildest dreams, but I trusted my friend, and I found that I could deeply trust the maestros and people at Caya Shobo. Everyone is super supportive and very kind. The food was great, the rooms nice, it really has become a place that feels like home. It has made a world of difference for me. I am lighter and happier just being alive. I am really so grateful for this experience.

  • Dean   September 26, 2018

      Deep healing

    Caya shobo ! What an experience. God bless you guys . That's my first time with the medicine and I didn't know what to expect. I wasn't sure where and how things will look like. All I knew before that I want safe environment and auténtico Shamans (Shipobo) with the right intentions. I really wished to experience some of the authentic experience with a western touch of comfortable place to eat and sleep. So it was perfect match . The combination was absolutely right. It's was comfort as I wish with great food for the diata and the decision of how stick you wanna go with the diata . And comfortable room to sleep. And el Shaman was a real doctor. Like he already know what is your problem before you can tell. Thank you for that Caya . Definitely see you again . Good like in your journey.

  • Alexander Brant   May 26, 2018


    LEGIT : if you’re looking to heal trauma, physical ailments, expand your consciousness , or just some personal development I can’t recommend a better place. Great maestros, staff, food, and management. Good medicine with a strong focus on master plant dieta . I will diffidently be back soon.

  • Arin   December 23, 2017

      Real healing happens here!

    Choosing Caya Shobo was a wonderful decision. My experience there was one of the most transformative experiences of my life. I went to Caya Shobo during a time of transition amidst a bout of acute fatigue and other ongoing chronic struggles, including 20 years of ongoing depression and anxiety. I was hoping to breakthrough into new ground and get to the core of what was going on holistically-speaking (mind, body, emotions, spirit), and that definitely happened. When I returned home I felt so much lighter (and not just from losing weight on dieta), as though I was no longer carrying around the heaviness and weight I had come to know. From the moment of arrival the entire staff was very supportive, kind, warm, knowledgeable and safe. The Shipibo Maestro that was there during my stay, Arturo, was incredible - a very modest, unassuming, kind, honest, skilled Maestro. I trusted him immediately, which is unusual for me. Working with Arturo, Ayahuasca, medicinal plants, the facilitators onsite (Julien & Katy - also amazing), the staff and the sanctitude of the jungle, in a spacious, compassionate environment designed for deep and holistic healing, allowed me to lay down ways of being; ancestral inheritances; old and outdated feelings, thoughts and stories; align my mind and heart and heal a lot of old hurt/wounding that I had been actively working with for years (generations), yet was unable to fully access on my own. During my time there the Facilitators were available for support, to listen, to provide assistance when needed, and share their experience. Space was created to interact with the Maestro a few times a week for check-ins, to ask questions, receive guidance and partake in conferences to learn more about Shipibo culture, Ayahuasca and medicinal plants. Those staying at Caya Shobo are given plenty of space to be in their own process; however, assistance is always just an ask away and willingly offered with great compassion. You can tailor the experience to meet your needs, staying a couple days, a couple weeks, a couple months (or longer) and working with Ayahuasca alone or if staying long enough, also opening a dieta for deeper support and healing. One can also choose to be in isolation and follow a strict dieta if desired.The food is delicious, the rooms are pretty basic, but cover one's needs. The Treehouse (one of the lodging options) is phenomenal, if you want indoor/outdoor living, a beautiful view and some space from others. There is so much I could say and yet it is challenging to put such an experience into words and do it justice. If you feel called to work with Ayahuasca and plant medicine and want to give yourself the greatest gift you could imagine, that of truly investing in your own healing (which is not for yourself alone but will affect and heal past and future generations and enable you to evolve and more effectively navigate and contribute to the present) then I highly recommend Caya Shobo, especially staying long enough to experience a dieta. I also recommend laying down any preconceptions around what will happen or even who you will be following your experience, which does NOT end when you leave the center, but continues to unfold. If you choose to engage in this work, I recommend a willingness to embrace not knowing, as the reaches of the ensuing transformation are deep, wide and potentially completely restructuring. Real healing happens at Caya Shobo!

  • Rex White   June 16, 2017

      Have stayed here twice ...

    I’ve learned more here than anywhere else I’ve stayed. In addition to knowledge sharing from the healers, the western staff has extensive experience and deep knowledge levels about the world of plant medicine. They offer an extensive range of dietas and plant medicine treatments and have on staff a Peruvian medicine person whose only job is to brew medicine and make the different dieta and medicinal preparations (and he’s available to chat with anytime if you speak Spanish). Other points worth mentioning: the food is plentiful and quite adequate (keeping in mind the fact that no one goes to an ayahuasca retreat for gourmet cuisine). The compound is gated and staffed with security personnel. The tambos/huts are quite nice with in room showers & flush toilets (nice perk). Bottom line, they’ve covered all the bases here and then some. I will keep coming back and it’s my opinion that you will be hard pressed to find a better center.

  • erez kramer   June 05, 2017

      Caya Shobo is home

    I have had another very good retreat experience before, but Caya Shobo is the place I'm going back to 100%. I went for the Visionary Art Retreat on March 2017 to get some inspiration for my art, and ended up getting so much more than I could imagine. As soon as I got there I could feel it. The location is beautiful and therapeutic, the staff is so very welcoming, insightful and happy to help. I went through a total of six ceremonies in Caya Shobo, the Maestros are very caring, gentle and strong. The medicine is very clean and strong. There are really no words I can say to express the deep deep healing, creativity, wisdom, insights and strength I received. Life had changed dramatically for the better since. All changes were long over due. I'm very grateful for the work that was done with me in the retreat. If you are experienced with Ayahuasca or if you are a first timer, with all the worries of safety and quality, this is the place you were looking for. Thank you Caya Shobo, see you soon! <3

  • Nagdeo Menninkainen   May 01, 2017

      Hospitality, Insight, and Integrity

    Caya Shobo stands apart in many ways from the several retreat centers I’ve experienced in Peru. The words ‘hospitality’, ‘profound insight’, and ‘integrity’ come to mind, and perfectly describe the center, ceremonies and staff. From the moment I arrived until the day I left, I felt welcome, seen, supported and cared for, that the staff and maestros were happy to have us there. The facilities are clean, lovingly maintained, and comfortable, while the food is ample, nourishing, and delicious (well, as delicious as diet food can be!). The medicine served there is the strongest and clearest I’ve had, and, coupled with the guidance of the maestros each night, keenly inspired my personal healing in ways I didn’t think possible. I felt supported to delve as deep as I wished into myself and the mysteries of ayahuasca. Some say that the jungle sings to you in ceremony. Surrounded by the sounds of frogs, insects, birds, and animals each night, guided by the curanderos, I felt enveloped and protected in a timeless, woven symphony of life, and inspired to continue living mine to the fullest. For me, one of the most significant aspects of Caya Shobo involves the humility and groundedness of the management and owners. Many other retreat centers in Peru have gringo owners whom actively promote themselves as ‘spiritual gurus’ or ‘visionaries’, taking center stage away from the hard-working indigenous healers. Caya Shobo’s management supports, promotes and trusts in the incredible skill, knowledge, and dedication of the resident maestros, and the indigenous people as a whole, from whom this tradition is shared. In doing so, the Caya Shobo team have built a solid relationship with powerful Shipibo healers, and holds a space from which each of their individual gifts and passion for life may shine through. I cannot recommend Caya Shobo enough, and feel so very grateful to have found this place. I look forward both to my next visit, and many more to come.

  • Jonathan Marc Huot   April 17, 2017

      Strong Medicine at a Shipibo Centre

    I was at Caya Shobo's retreat in December 2016, which offered eight ceremonies over two weeks. --- This was my strongest, most therapeutically-focused retreat to date. --- Both the intensity of the treatments and the level of communication and understanding shared with us about the treatment process, surpassed my expectations. The staff and facilitators went to great lengths to tailor the treatment to our individual needs. The Shipibo healers are absolutely wonderful. The medicine they brew is strong. The owners are present in the day to day operations, and are kind and genuine people. --- The overall condition of the centre is excellent, with private bathrooms and running water for showers. --- I feel like in Caya Shobo, I've found healers I expect to trust and work with for a long time to come. --- I would highly recommend this centre to anyone with previous experience and wanting to work at a deeper level with the medicine. --- If this is your first time working with the medicine, the only reason this place wouldn't be ideal is if you feel you need a larger cohort of people to chat with during the days. The groups here are smaller. You'll absolutely make lifelong friends, and there are always people around to help you integrate, but downtime for quiet contemplation is an important part of the healing process. If that sounds unbearable, keep looking for a space that's right for you.

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