Living Tantra Retreat - Bali 2019

  • Shambala Oceanside Retreat and Spa : Bali Shambala Oceanside Retreat and Spa : Bali
  • Pantai Bondalem Bali, Indonesia, Bondalem, Tejakula, Buleleng Regency, Bali 81173, Indonesia
  • May 11 - 18, 2019 (8 days)
  • 1800 - 2300 USD (dependant on exchange rate to AUD)

About us

Much more than a spiritual vacation, Living Tantra is an opportunity for rapid transformation in your relationship with Yourself, your Beloved and with Spirit.  Designed to move you closer to the most authentic Self you can be, this retreat helps you integrate Tantra into all aspects of the human experience.

Whilst spiritual traditions have generally aimed to achieve God-realization through transcending the physical world, Living Tantra is based on the understanding that every experience we have in this human life is an invitation to meet, realize and embrace our own Divinity. You will be shown the path to Inner Union; the realisation that all you are seeking– love, safety, connection, happiness, desire and confidence – is within you, so that Outer Union with a beloved is all the richer. 

Combining Tantric teachings and practices, ceremony, paired exercise, sacred land-journeys and dynamic movement, the Eliyah Tantra School offers a retreat that empowers you to live in a state of openness, certainty, joy and abundance long after you leave this Balinese Tantric Paradise!

- Full price: $3,200 AUD
- Deposit: $1,000*
- Early bird: $2,799, until March 31st 2019
* Based on twin-share accommodation

- Full price: $5,890 AUD ($2,945 pp)
- Deposit: $1,500
- Early bird: $5,510 ($2,575 pp), until March 31st 2019
* Based on king bed share
Deposit to secure spot: non-refundable, remaining due 20th April 2019


* Please note: The Living Tantra Retreat has limited spots so secure your spot early to avoid disappointment!

Event Highlights

  • Life Tantra: cultivate your inner masculine and feminine energies to create inner union, rather than depending on the external world as your source for pleasure or avoidance of pain
  • Sacred Sexuality: awaken your energetic and sexual body, release old sexual patterning, embrace an enlivened pleasure state. Learn tools for greater intimacy in and out of the bedroom
  • Ignite Your Power: access unconscious emotional & psychological blocks that sabotage your life and transform them into power. Own your self-worth
  • Relationship Tantra: learn inner Union so that outer Union with a beloved can be experienced. Make your relationship with your own inner feminine & masculine a priority so your relationships reflect two whole beings coming together in celebration
  • Mastery & Purpose: access your pure potential and unique essence as an individual. Open your self-expression to bring your purpose into the world powerfully
  • Mystical Awakening: blend your worldly and spiritual life harmoniously and synergistically by awakening to the support available from invisible realms
  • Awake in the Dream: embody Shamanic principles of transformation so life no longer becomes a distraction, but rather a present moment experience of being alive in the fullest possible way
  • Integration: leave this retreat with love, freedom, power and ease embodied, so you can take this in to your everyday life. Access a framework for regular self-practice to maintain your transformation
  • Certificate of Completion for ‘Level 1 – Eliyah Training: Tantric Philosophy & Practices’

Venue Highlights

Shambala Oceanside Retreat is situated in the magical & peaceful north shore of Bali. Your villas are located ocean front, or in the lush garden with only steps away from the ocean. Completely relax in your luxurious suite, each beautifully designed with layouts to maintain your privacy. The tropical gardens, architecture and ocean make it a surreal place to stay & immerse into your own retreat space. Find yourself at home and completely immersed in beauty, culture, and peace.

For more information on the venue, please visit or have a look at this video :)


  • Air Conditioning in Rooms
  • Free Wifi
  • Spa
  • Pool
  • Towels
  • Free Parking
  • Kitchen
  • Tour Assistance
  • Coffee/Tea
  • Restaurant
  • Yoga Studio
  • House-Keeping


The Living Tantra Retreat is based on Chantelle Raven's 8 Week Courses where you will explore the gifts and power of each chakra each day, integrating them into your being to live your life to the fullest!

Day 1 - Life Tantra
First Chakra (Base) - Incarnation & Survival, Overcoming Fear:
Chantelle Raven takes ancient principles of Tantra and presents them as simple, easy-to-understand concepts that you can embody. Learn to expand your mind, heart and body consciousness, so you can live an empowered life that no longer requires an external “fix” for your pain and pleasure.

Day 2 - Sacred Sexuality:
Second Chakra (Sacral) - Sense of Belonging, Sexual Connectedness, Relationship with Abundance:
On this day, you will learn how pleasure and sexuality can connect you more deeply to your own heart, your lover and to God/Spirit. By transforming old sexual patterning and blocks into an organismic state, you will experience the power of deep connection that goes far beyond the body and mind.

Day 3 - Ignite your Power:
Third Chakra (Solar Plexus) - Sense of Personal Power & Radiance:
Accessing your power requires the willingness to face and love your darkness. Today you will be guided through ‘shadow work’ uncovering the unconscious parts of yourself that keep you stuck in states of victim hood, saboteur, wounded child, addict and know-it-all. By exploring the uncomfortable parts of yourself and integrating their gifts into your being, life shifts from being an unconscious drama to a conscious creation of limitless potential.

Day 4 - Relationship Tantra:
Fourth Chakra (Heart) - Opening to Unconditional Love:
Relationships are said to be the quickest path for spiritual growth because of what they bring up between lovers. Learn how to navigate the realm of relationships so that they become your greatest teacher - not through separation or conflict, but through self-responsibility and self-love. Experience becoming an empowered, juicy and soulful partner to yourself and in relationships.

Day 5 - Mastery & Purpose:
Fifth Chakra (Throat) - Opening to Creativity Beyond Personal; Tapping into Divine Will:
Gain access to your pure potential and unique essence as an individual. You will be taken on a journey from goals you may not be able to reach, to accomplishments that flow naturally from who you are. By connecting to yourself deeply and feeling the joy that resides within, you will experience the inspiration that floods your heart and soul and yearns to be shared with the world.

Day 6 - Mystical Awakening:
Sixth Chakra (Third Eye) - Awakening Intuition & Extra-Sensory Perception:
Learn how to blend your worldly and spiritual life harmoniously and synergistically, so that the peace, happiness and freedom you seek can be realised. As your connection to Self and Spirit heightens through the teachings and practices given on this day, you will be awakened to the profound level of support available from invisible realms, yantra, mantra and tantric deities.

Day 7 - Awake in the Dream:
Seventh Chakra (Crown) - Merging into Unified State of Oneness:
By embodying Shamanic principles of transformation, whatever we do, 24 hours a day, can bring us closer to a state of wholeness, joy, self-realisation and fulfilment. This is Enlightened Living. You will be taught skilful ways of working with every-day aspects of life, to purposefully deepen your connection to Self and Spirit, to grow in unconditional love, and to engage with all of life with an awareness of ritual and ceremony.

Day 8 - Integration Day:
Receive practical tips and advice on how to live the practices and concepts learned throughout the week in your everyday life, so that Living Tantra isn’t just a retreat you attend but becomes a transformative way of life. Learning the sacred art of alchemy, you will be able to move forth in the world transmuting challenges into secret initiations, so your soul’s destiny of remembering Oneness is realised.

Menu Types

  • Vegan
  • Vegetarian
  • Pescetarian
  • Includes Meat
  • Organic
  • Gluten Free
  • Dairy Free
  • Nut Free


At Shambala you can be sure to be pampered by wholesome healthy food.
We offer vegetarian food, BUFFET STYLE (with more than 5 guests) including eggs, and milk / yoghurt, mild to mildly spicy, Balinese to European, depending on your mood.

At Shambala you can dare to eat healthy, fresh salads, which I am sure you will enjoy. In Bali it is generally not recommended to eat salads or any form of juice which uses ice. However at Shambala you can rest assured that our chefs are diligent in their food preparation. All our food is washed in filtered and ultraviolet treated water and is safe to eat raw!

Additionally to our Full Board food service, you can order fruit juices and other healthy drings from our drink-menu or create your own fruit juice mix, depending on the fruits available at the time.


Each house features temple carvings as do all our houses. As you enter the one-story garden bungalow a painting of three Buddhas will welcome you into the abode for your soul.

Each house has a King bed or 2x king singles as well as one Single bed, a writer's desk, a sofa chair, and a rocking chair on your patio.
Equally matched bed covers, as well as the large open roof structure and the uniquely carved beds in each villa create an artistic Balinese flair.

Bathrooms and bedrooms are equally beautifully crafted as in our Oceanfront Villas; filled with light and colors.

• 8 Days/7 Nights in boutique accommodation- Shambala Resort
• All Meals Included (vegetarian)
• Airport transfers
• Private bathrooms, private patio, air conditioning, fans
• Full use of facilities: Healing Pool, Day Spa, Open-air Yoga sanctuary
• Unlimited filtered drinking water and fruit
• Daily housekeeping


Shambala Oceanside Retreat is located in Bondalem, on the north shore of Bali, approximately 3-4 hours taxi ride away. Airport transfers are included and if you arrive early, you can ask the driver to stop at some scenic views of Mount Batur!

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