Embodied Expression

  • Ubud, Gianyar, Bali, Indonesia
  • Nov 3 - 5, 2018 (3 days)
  • $432

About This Event

Embodied Expression Retreat

Sound of Body and Mind joins with The Evolutionist for this 3 day retreat in Ubud, Bali. 

Awaken your Voice and Evolve using sound channeled through mind, body and spirit. 

The throat chakra is the most commonly blocked energetic center in our systems, it is the pressure valve that expresses and helps to release the whole system. It is the pathway to self-mastery, embodiment, and integration of our divine selves through physical expression. Clearing the blocks makes way for this divine resonance to emanate from the depth of our being, the soul space, the 5th chamber.

Do you want: 

to speak and live authentically? to feel grounded and in touch with your body? to find your true voice? to unleash your inner song to the world?

We’ll explore:

Embodied Expression 

Dance and Movement

Hemi-sync movement patterns (neural / brain synchronization) 

The Power of the Mind


5th Chamber of the Heart - the Seat of the Soul


Vocal Awakening Experiences

Solfeggio frequency and their chakric correlations

Language of Light

Awakening touch 


To Speak and to Live in Our Authenticity Allows Us to be Truly Free. 

Communication is 85% non-verbal and our words, our tone, and our voice compose the last 15%. Through Embodied Expression learn the keys to present your truth to the world with clarity, precision, and the insightfulness that we all possess and seek. 

Come and embark on a journey to the core of your beings and the root of your own authentic voice. Give rise rise to the power that lies dormant in us. Allow yourself to re-write your narrative and lend to the shift that is taking place globally. 

Utilizing the masculine and the feminine approach, we will work to honor and upgrade any psycho-spiritual imbalances and clear those patterns that have been holding you back. Our curated exercises, journeys and experiences will focus on your evolution and deep integration within this physical realm. 

Retreat Details:

Every day we will explore 3 tones, 6 movements and 9 concepts.  Melvin and Christina will be weaving a tapestry back and forth between their masculine and feminine approaches to align the spirit, mind and body.

Included in Retreat:

Lunch: We will provide a balanced, nutritious vegetarian lunch each day.

Water: We will have Balian water available for you, just bring your water bottle

Coconut Water: We will also be providing fresh coconut water for each guest 

Special Workshops During the Retreat

Embodied Expression 

    How do we capture that ethereal essence of our true selves and share that with the world? Here we delve into the nature of our truths and beliefs. We move from the space of passive inheritor and evolve into the space of master of our domain. We learn how to live out our authenticity in every movment, every word, and every breath. 

Dance and Movement

    Movement and is one of the cornerstones of non-verbal communication. Our gestures, our posture, all of the micro-expressions we use to impart our voice is part of our power. Dance is the sensual art of expression and freeing up of stored energies that may be blocking us from taking control of our evolution. In this section we explore how our movement and correlate to our state of being and learn how to convey our truth clearly through the language of the body.

Hemi-sync Movement Patterns (neural / brain synchronization)

    There are 2 hemispheres of the brain, the right which controls our creative abilities and processes, and the left which is our logical/rational side.  When the hemispheres of the brain are in sync we move with purpose, with intent, and with control. Here we have created movements to help create more communication between the hemispheres of the brain, allowing us to process using both sides in true holistic fashion and express ourselves succinctly, directly, and with clarity of mind. 

The Power of the Mind

    In these satsang styled sessions we cover principles like: the law of polarity, the law of reciprocity, the science of the mind and its inner workings. We explore the unconscious, the subconscious, the conscious, and the rarely spoke on supra conscious states of being and how they are accessed and how they are mastered.


    As we delve into this journey of expression we learn to integrate these new concepts and anchor them into our everyday operating system. We will conduct a series of guided meditation using, voice, frequency, and stillness to allow you to anchor these concepts into your cellular matrix. This is the reprogramming phase of the journey that allows the embodied expression to take hold and find its home in your body and mind. 

5th Chamber of the Heart - the Seat of the Soul

    The often spoken on section of our heart we have learned is the true seat of the soul. In the 5th chamber lies that divine spark that is present in each and every one of us. During this satsang/meditative portion of the journey, we dive into that chamber and connect with it on the deepest levels of our being. It is said, “the greatest block in accessing the soul is the mind.” Here we connect the 2 to allow ourselves to converge those pathways and manifest them into the physical realm.


    In the world of text messages and social media, the art of communication is dying, it is being replaced with emojis and useless and mindless banter. In this mini workshop portion of the retreat we hone our own unique way of communicating with ourselves and with the outside world. We will explore on a deeper level our language programming, the power of words, body language, and creating boundaries through using our whole being as a vessel to communicate.  

Vocal Awakening Experiences

    In sound, song and circle we will explore various vocal practices to awaken the voice and bring into harmony the mind, body and spirit.  These practices are individual and group based and they may bring up deep rooted fears around being ‘seen’ and being ‘heard’, yet will ultimately feel expansive, freeing and inexplicably joyful as they unite the group and remind us of our interconnectedness.  Group vocal awakening experiences become group healing experiences.  As one opens and lets go it releases something in everyone else, opening the collective field so we may each travel deeper.  Some of these practices will include self-healing methods developed by Christina, activating the language of light sound circles, sacred instruments (drums, rattles, crystal bowls, etc), and more.  

Solfeggio Frequency and Their Chakric Correlations

    The mysterious solfeggio frequency is the original scale of which sound was measured. They hold special power and properties that correspond to emotion and the deeper healing process of the body. Here we learn the history of this scale and how it effects the outside world. Each frequency correspond to a specific chakra which corresponds to emotion, expression, and inner process. We will teach you each frequency, their chaotic correspondence and you will experience having your chakras brought into balance by these beautiful and simple frequencies. 

Language of Light

    Energy = Vibration =  Wavelength = Frequency = Light = Sound.  Everything that is has an energetic blueprint, its own unique expression that emits a frequency pattern.  The akashic records exist within our very own DNA.  When we awaken to the vast expression of sound within our individual beings then we connect and bridge to the vast expression of our ancestral lineage, both indigenous and celestial.  Throughout the retreat we will explore various aspects of this language in relationship to topics covered and group exercises.  

Awakening touch

    Touch is one of the most powerful tools of our beings. Awakening touch is designed for you to be able to communicate complex feeling, emotion, or concepts with simple touch. We learn the art of intentional touch- bringing awareness to certain areas of the body, as well as how to create boundaries energetic and physical allowing ourselves to hold space for ourselves in the most subtlest of ways.


    In this updated version of this Vedic principle we will explore the physical aspect of self-honoring. This is a guided journey of self massage using the highest quality of oil to bring physical awareness to our whole being. In this self honoring practice we will enter into a meditative state connecting with our body on a deeper physical level. An invigorating and grounding practice abyhanga helps to build mind/body connection and allows us to manually move stagnant energies about our beings bringing us back into balance. 

Meet Retreat Facilitators  

Christina Wells

Christina Wells is a Singer, Sound Healer, Vocal Coach and Wisdom Keeper.  She was born from a pagan lineage of healers and seers; with gifts such as clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience.  As a teenager she was taught about the physical body, emotional body and the auric body. Her life has been dedicated to bridging these bodies into a harmonic resonance with the natural world to free the heart’s pure soul expression.  

Integrating her 20 years of experience in the field of ‘healing’ with her natural born gifts, Christina has developed a unique self-healing method.  She has catalyzed, inspired and awakened growth and change in hundreds of people’s lives around the world.  For at the core of every human, we all want to experience joy, love and growth. 

Her current mission is about bridging the worlds between our indigenous ancestors and celestial ancestors so that humanity can move in a harmonious one heart expression with this planet for the benefit of the whole. 

Melvin Hart

Melvin Hart is a Neuromuscular Therapist, Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Personal Trainer from New York. He holds a degree in occupational therapy and furthered his spiritual education with indigenous shamans in the jungles and mountains of Peru where he was initiated to the art of shamanic medicine for healing and, most importantly, integration. For the last 15 years, his holistic approach to bodywork and movement combined with shamanic medicine practices and energy work has helped hundreds of people around the world understand, strengthen and integrate neurological, physical, psychological and spiritual practices on a truly holistic level.

Melvin takes a holistic approach looking at the human body as a whole, not just focusing in on pain patterns, or simply the symptoms. He focusses on the root of the issue and establishes protocols to correct misalignments and distortions. Understanding that there is no separation between physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual distortions, he uses touch, smell, sound, and talk to reestablish internal connection and heal from the inside out. He blends his western professional training with his shamanic understandings to create a truly deep sensory experience and helps them to integrate the experience into a cogent plan that they can apply in their everyday lives creating a renewed sense of connection, balance, and healing.

Let the beauty of what you love be what you do. ~ Rumi

Venue Highlights

The Retreat Center is a private location in the heart of Ubud. The space is gridded and charged with crystals, has a river running through the property, and various other natural plants that add to the frequency of this place.


Accommodation is not included in the retreat. If you need help looking for a place to stay please reach out as we are happy to help you find somewhere nearby.


  • Free Wifi
  • Free Parking

Menu Types

  • Vegetarian
  • Organic


A vegetarian lunch will be provided. If you have any dietary restrictions please contact us personally so that we can accommodate your needs.


Airport: Denpensar, Bali, Indonesia

Taxi: You'll want to get a driver to Ubud, which takes about an hour and twenty minutes from the airport depending on traffic. Cost is 300,000 rupiah.

Once you register for the retreat we will send you directions via email.

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