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"Ayahuasca" is the term generally used to describe a home-brewed tea made from 2 or more psychoactive plants that grow in the Amazon rain forest. Hawaii and the Southwest Pacific Rim, however, host a variety of their own indigenous entheogens (psychotropic plants that induce a spiritual experience aimed at, literally, "becoming one with God"), and these Master Plants (plants that teach) have been used for thousands of years in sacred rituals, healing practices, and spiritual ceremonies..

"I didn't feel that different from how I feel in the opening rounds with Ayahuasca.  
Colors became a little more saturated, and I began to feel less like an intruder,
more at one and at peace with all of the nature around me.
 I felt like I was vibrating and somehow blending in with everything around me." 
-- A regular ayahuasca participant

This is to invite you to visit us on Hawaii Island to enjoy and celebrate the native magical plants that live here in the middle of the world's largest ocean, the ocean named after Peace. These psychoactive plant teachers have been growing in the surrounding Pacific jungles and have been breathing, propagating, rooting themselves and contributing to indigenous sacred rituals and ceremonies since ancient times. Furthermore, depending on where you are in the world, it is often more convenient -- and a heck of a lot more relaxing -- to come to Hawaii than it is to travel to South America.

By appointment and on Sunday evenings, starting at 5:30 PM and lasting for several hours, Muaisa Hale Pule ("As I Aum" Sanctuary) offers Master Plant circles in upcountry Kona on the Big Island of Hawaii. These ceremonies do not attempt to imitate or recreate Peru. Rather, they are a ceremonial opportunity, led by authentic, recognized shamans, who personally prepare psychoactive brews for people to interact with the entheogenic plant teachers of Hawaii and the Southwest Pacific Rim -- on location, in the plants' native habitat.

"This brew took a very definite hold of me in a way I hadn't quite experienced before.
It didn't have that heavy, physical, ayahuasca sensation; so it was clearer than ayahuasca.
The jungle around me took on a beautiful, crisp glow.
Things seemed to pulse and flow in a rhythm that I was part of.
The insects and frogs chirping away seemed to speak a language
 that I could almost understand." 
  -- A seasoned teaching plant explorer

After all, one of the central themes of working with Master Plants is to experience yourself as being one with nature and as an integral part of the natural world. What better place to connect to All That IS and to experience a greater sense of "being" and contentment than Hawaii?

Muaisa Hale Pule is an official Chapter of the New Haven Native American Church (NHNAC), which is in direct lineage to The Rosebud Native American Church, whose authority was legally established with the United States government in 1924. We are duly recognized as a 501(c)(3) by the IRS and are authorized to conduct our affairs in the state of Hawaii.

Feel free to get in touch via the "Ask host a question" link above; so that we may share our phone number ad website information with us and send you FAQ and Ceremony Guidelines along with the required Application form and Consent/waiver for the ceremonies.

Till then becomes now. . .

Great Spirit blessings!

SUGGESTED MINIMUM DONATION = $250 PER PERSON + 16% (contact info blocked) referral fee

I just want to thank Jack and ZZ for inviting me into their home and for sharing the plant medicine with me. It was truly a changing experience, and I have carried it with me back home, back to my "regular" life and career. These things don't feel so regular anymore, though. I am excited about my life and the world in a way I haven't been since I set out for college almost 20 years ago. Truly, thank you for your guidance and for being so warm and welcoming. If I'm ever back on the island, I'll be sure to say hello!


Upon receipt of your completed application form, signed waiver, color head shot, copy of photo ID and suggested donation* submission, we will email you a list of nearby lodging options. (Guidelines, applications and waivers will be made available once you contact us via the "Ask host a question" link above.) There is no camping or lodging on the shamanic grounds though, depending on the season, an abundance of free fresh fruit is often available in the environs for picking. Nearby rooms (.8 to 2.4 km / .5- to 1.5-miles from us) generally have kitchenettes and/or access to restaurants, grocery stores and a well-equipped shared kitchen for preparing meals and snacks. If possible, participants should book their accommodations to arrive in Kona at least one day before their first ceremony to allow time for settling in and getting familiar with the surroundings. You are also free to find your own lodging independently, if you prefer, and to commute back and forth to our area.

A of the few nearby, affordable rates that we suggest are listed as follows:

$40 per night / $198 per week (off season)
$43 per night / $258 per week year round
$72 per night / $432 per week year round
• DOUBLE ROOM OPTIONS (add $3 per night)


Muaisa Hale Pule ("As I Aum" Sanctuary) is located on the healing Kona Coast of the island of Hawaii. This is the Big Island, the "real Hawaii" with a population of only 45 people per square mile; it is not to be confused with Honolulu on the island of Oahu where the population is over a million. Rather, our serene location is at approximately 1600 ft elevation, only 3 miles above the shoreline. The bay below us, "The Pathway to the Gods," is the #1 marine life preserve in the State of Hawaii. It is where Captain James Cook first discovered the island in 1778 and where dolphins continue to come almost daily to feed, play, rest and nurture their young. You will want to be sure you are flying into Kona International Airport (KOA), which is about 19 miles (30.5 km) north of our locale.

Along with your ceremony booking details, we will also send you ground transportation guidelines to our locale from KOA. The best means of getting to us from there is to arrange for Uber, a rental car, a taxi or a shuttle in advance of your arrival. Taxis charge about $65 O/W; shuttles are closer to $46 - 51 O/W, and Uber drivers generally negotiate their own fares.

On Mon - Sat, the “Hele-on Bus” operates a regular schedule of $2 intra-Kona and $2 across-the-island bus routes from where we are located. The bus, however, does not go to many of the scenic hotspots, nor does it service this area from either of the 2 island airports at a time which is conducive to most people’s itineraries.

You'll be able to get by easily enough on foot and via bus as long as you're comfortable staying fairly local and walking .8 to 2.4 km (.5 - 1.5 miles) to shopping and environs. A rental car or scooter is advisable, however, for seeing more of the island and for ease in getting around. (contact info blocked) often has car rentals for as little as $18.99 per day, and Craigslist sometimes has local vehicles available for less. Car rentals can be arranged ahead of time or can sometimes be negotiated once you get here. People also have had fun and great success getting rides and meeting people via a Craigslist "rideshares" post. Others have simply taken an island tour at some point during their stay.

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