12 Day Ayahuasca and Huachuma Healing Retreat

  • Iquitos, Peru
  • Nov 15 - 26, 2018 (12 days)

Event Highlights

  • Ayahuasca ceremonies led by indiginous healer with over 42 years of experience.
  • Huachuma (san pedro) ceremony
  • Option for dietas with other master plants
  • Talks about beliefs systems, how our thought patterns affect our lives, mostly from the subconscious miind, and how to change them.
  • Introduction to Shamanic Journeying with a drum. Meet your power animals and spirit guides and learn tools you may take with you.
  • Bone doctor, a specialist in aligning the skeletal system

About This Event

The Hummingbird Ayahuasca Retreat Center is a shamanic healing center specializing in the plant spirit medicines of Peru. Our reasonably priced retreats are centered around transformative and healing ayahausca ceremonies, and also include work with the visionary healing cactus San Pedro and dietas with other master plants as needed.

Our shaman Manain Amacifen is a fourth generation healer with over 40 years of experience with ayahuasca. Since 2010 the owner Jim has been directly involved in guiding over 1000 people through this healing process We are committed to your healing and growth and provide a safe, compassionate and loving environment that allows fully opening to transformative potential of these powerful spirit medicines.

Located outside of Iquitos, Peru, for the past seven years the Hummingbird has been getting excellent results for our clients, with most saying they received more than they thought was possible in such a short time. We are highly skilled in helping people understand their experiences, how their journeys relate to the changes they desire in their lives, and in helping people shift their perspective to see themselves in a more positive and empowered way.

Our methods combine proven shamanic techniques with the latest understanding of human consciousness and how our belief systems influence our lives.

In addition to deep healing through ayahuasca, in our retreats we also strive to help you understand fundamental aspects of being human and how to harness the innate power within all of us to live healthy, contented lives. In group meetings and one on one coaching, we teach how our minds and belief systems work together to determine our perception and experience of life, and how we can shift that dynamic to bring positive, desirable results. This teaching is done in simple language free of spiritual and psychological jargon, with plenty of personal examples so the principles are easy to understand and apply to your own life. The Hummingbird Center works to not only heal and transform your lives, but to provide you with knowledge and tools you can use to create the life you desire.

The focus of our work is on healing and personal transformation - physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. We spend time with each individual to understand why they came and they are looking to address with ayahuasca.

Our shaman uses this information do do specific healing work in ceremony to achieve those goals. For over six years the Hummingbird Center has consistently gotten excellent results for people, with the majority saying that received much more than expected. We foster an atmosphere of open communication that encourages dialog about the problems of their past, insights received during ceremony, and any struggles releasing and leaving their stuff behind. Our circle meetings on the day after ayahuasca ceremonies reinforce this work, interpreting and expanding on their experience within the context of their intentions and goals for their time with the medicine. To ensure everyone gets the attention and support they desire we limit our group sizes to no more than 12 people.

Additional cleansing processes are planned to help you get the most out of your time with the medicine plants. Most planned activities are intended to facilitate the healing process, being one form or other of traditional healing practice. All meals and lodging are included and you will stay in our new guest house overlooking the lake.

We recommend participants arrive in Iquitos the day before the program begins. This allows you to enter the healing journey well rested and relaxed. You will be picked up at 10 AM and brought to the Hummingbird Center. We will meet at La Noche, a restaurant on the "Boulevard", a park fronting the river a block away from the Plaza de Armas that has a number of restraurants. La Noche is the only one with a balcony so it is easy to spot. The Boulevard is within easy walking distance of all the hotels near the plaza and very easy to locate. You will arrive at the center with time to get your rooms assigned, relax a bit, then have lunch. We will have an orientation meeting in the moloca at 3 PM, followed by a plant bath to prepare for your first ayahuasca ceremony.

Highlights of our 12 day retreats include:

Six ayahuasca ceremonies      

One Huachuma (san pedro) ceremony   

Two informative talks on how our beliefs and subconscious minds influence our experience of life and how to change them.

Cleansing steam bath

A series of medicinal plant baths to cleanse and strengthen your energy body

Individual healings by the shaman during ayahuasca ceremonies

Art supplies for painting and drawing to bring your visions to life using color and texture.

Group circle meetings where you can share your experiences, gain new insights from them and ask questions of our shaman.

Shamanic diet with delicious, wholesome and simple meals suitable for working with medicine plants.

Guided jungle walk to view the plants in their natural environment and understand their healing purposes

A mud bath to draw toxins out of your body

Venue Highlights

Our center has beautiful grounds, a very comfortable common area and first rate kitchen. We have gone out of our way to make our facilities as comfortable as possible while people go through what is often a difficult healing process.

See the photo gallery on our web site for pictures of your home during the retreat!


All guests get a private room with double beds and high quality matresses. Laundry service is included. We also have tambos (huts) set in the jungle for those on longer stays that will be doing a dieta. The tambos have two private rooms that contain a toilet and hammock. When space is available, guests may chose a tambo at no extra charge.

For couples, we have a room with a king size bed available at no extra charge.

Menu Types

  • Vegan
  • Vegetarian
  • Includes Meat
  • Gluten Free
  • Dairy Free

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