Ceremonia de Yage & Kambo Peguche Ibarra

  • Otavalo, Ibarra, Ecuador
  • Ongoing

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Family of Ecuador  Contentments of invitarl@s to sharing a weekend of pure detoxification of our body - mente-espíritu with the sacred medicines of the Yage and Kambo. Here we leave all the information him it brings over of these two sacred remedies. We will begin on Saturday, the 13-10th to them 8pm with Yage's ceremony and will continue in the morning of Sunday, the 14-10th to them 8am with Kambo.'s meeting they feel all the welcome ones to living through this wonderful opportunity.  that is the KAMBO and in order that it serves? The frog big monkey or the kambó is a species of amphibian anuro that lives in his most in the Amazon. This wonderful ranita produces a secretion that is used as vaccinates and has been the remedy in her priest of the most diverse diseases of a traditional way for the indigenous peoples

This vaccine serves to treat differently types of physical and spiritual diseases activating your immunological system.?? The one who us brings the medicine of the Kambo? The session of kambo is guided by Rafael come from Brazil, 5 years ago it comes studying and practising with the aborigens Katukinas, sharing his science, wisdom and medicinal traditional knowledge with them, in all this time.?? Dynamics of Kambo's ceremony. Our ceremony is composed of two parts, the theoretical conversation and the practical therapy. Since both are necessary to understand better the process of cleanliness and strength of the powerful medicine. We are we katukinas, my relatives and family that they work with the medicine of the kambo. The form since we work it is the only and special, our education is a form of sanación effective for those that they seek to improve to if same cigar and fort to transform in something more. The maintenance of the health of the heart, as the care with the nutrition and diet performs great importance in order that we could receive the force and wisdom of the frog monkey, known as Kambo, Kampün, khempo, canbo (TWO-COLOR PHYLOMEDUSA). We are going to realize the therapies with the perception of which our recommendation is the process of 3 applications, since the first one is purgative, the second one, to give you more firmness and the third one in order that it makes you protect forever and for all the way.?? Yage's ceremony. *Quienes were guiding Yage's ceremony they will be our dear brothers Gabriel Guillén and Aldo Olivares, who get out of a jam themselves as apprentices of Traditional Indigenous Medicine under the guide of his Teacher Taita Oso Oscar Giovanni Queta.?? That is the Yage/Ayahuasca? The Yage or Ayahuasca for the peoples of the Amazon forms a part of his daily life being the plant a way of communication between the physical - spiritual world this way to find the origin where there take root the diseases that the man suffers and this way to liberate and to bring relief to the mental physical and spiritual body, hereby this one demonstrated nowadays by doctors of the scientific community that the Ayahuasca this one indicated against diseases that attack the human being. The Yage or Ayahuasca is a preparation based on two plants that grow in the Amazonian jungle bindweed captain and a shrub so called charuapanga, cocktails form this magic medicine, in this opportunity our brothers have prepared together with his major ones this remedy that they are going to offer to us guaranteeing us his origin and source 100 % native done with very much love for our treatment.?? THAT TO BRING FOR BOTH CEREMONIES? - an intention of sanación for your life?. - it waters down for personal use. - hygienic paper for personal use - a sleeping bag or something to put to bed and to be comfortable - coat and / or ridge-tiles. - clothes extra - fruits to share in the morning.?? Been interested in communicating to any of these numbers. Calls or whatsapp 0995570256 - 0969905757 (Daiana Isolabella) Only whatsapp +57 3162367084 Calls to Ecuador 0962804811 (Wendy Zabala Whatsap

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