28 Days 300-Hour Authentic Tantra Yoga Teacher Training Ubud, Bali

Event Highlights

  • Daily yoga classes
  • Various styles of meditation and pranayama
  • Preparation materials available prior to start date
  • Water blessing ceremony and Sanur Beach excursions
  • Certified Yoga Alliance International School
  • Daily breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  • 27 nights' accommodation


Daily schedule

This is a true immersion program so please come prepared to go on an inspiring journey and give 100% of yourself for you as well as your yoga family. The classes will run from 07:00 to 19:00. Below is the daily schedule but it is subject to small-time changes based on special classes, guest teachers, and outings. For your first Sunday session, please check in to the villa by 10:00 as you will have a special schedule for the first day but it will finish on time at 19:00.

07:00-08:00 Sun salutations and morning movement
08:00-09:00 Pranayama and morning meditation
09:00-10:00 Silent breakfast and journaling
10:00-13:00 Morning class
13:00-15:00 Lunch and study hall
15:00-16:00 Posture clinic: yoga anatomy, alignment, adjustments, and transitions
16:00-17:00 Class design and practice teaching
17:00-18:00 Dinner and open space
18:00-19:00 Closing circle

About This Event


Upon completion of this yoga teacher training, students will receive certificate affiliated with Yoga Alliance. Registration with Yoga Alliance provides a globally recognized credential.


In this training, you will not only gain a profound understanding of what it means to step into the role and responsibilities of being a qualified yoga asana teacher but also join in an expedition within yourself as YiA Yoga will empower you to define your own personal philosophic ideas, morals, and values that will then guide you to create a more precise and clear vision of the person you desire to be and the potential you hold to create the life you desire. Here, you will experience a life filled with peace, love, compassion, purpose, joy, and passion.

You will start your journey by uniting together as one by sharing your personal "unexpected moments of magic" that you have experienced in your lives with one another. Through this exercise, you will turn a group of strangers into a supportive yoga family and create a strong foundation of unconditional love as well as positive support for personal growth and transformation. Once the foundation has been built, you will move through exploring the eight limbs of yoga and tantric philosophy in a great detail.

You will come to a profound understanding of the different yoga paths which will help and support you in connecting to your own personal beliefs, values, and life philosophy. During this phase of exploration, you will hold a space to open a communication that will empower you to freely express yourself, your ideas, and values. Then, together you will learn from one another. YiA Yoga's philosophy and vision as a school are never to "convert" anyone to believe something, rather it is to empower you to gain a sense of personal clarity in your own journey.

YiA Yoga fully supports yogis on all spiritual paths or yogis who may not have a spiritual path. Next, you will move into the physical aspect of yoga. You will explore as well as dissect the anatomy and alignment of the most important postures. You will explore peak pose sequencing, class structure, and give you all the tools necessary to fully prepare you to be the best teacher you can be, coming from your authentic style and voice. You will also cover safe and effective yoga adjustments, discuss the benefits and dangers of yoga, and discuss working with special populations.

YiA Yoga's training design

Below, you will find the strength and power of the YiA Yoga teacher training design. It possesses the heart and soul of YiA Yoga's vision for their students. YiA Yoga's design is created with you in mind, prioritizing your personal growth, yoga education exploration, and transformation first and foremost. YiA Yoga's training is designed to be intimate and personal in order to fully support individual transformational growth in a safe, calming, and supportive environment. 

YiA Yoga will make time for you to express yourself, to share your ideas, visions, goals, and desires. By keeping your training groups small, it will allow for the one-on-one attention and teaching time you deserve to transform you from a student to a teacher. At many yoga teacher training, students leave without even have had the opportunity to teach a complete asana class, but not at YiA. Upon completion of your training, you will feel confident in your ability to guide an inspirational yoga class using your authentic teaching style to empower your students.

The trainers are able to hold sacred space filled with unconditional love, transparency, non-judgment, and open communication yet at the same time, understand their "humanness". United, they build an unbreakable foundation empowering you to feel comfortable within your own skin within the yoga family. Instead of telling you what YiA Yoga thinks you should believe, they will use motivational interviewing techniques and guided exercises to empower you to choose your own path. 

YiA Yoga will guide and empower you to teach your authentic voice and style. Although this is an alignment-based Vinyasa training, YiA Yoga will encourage students to teach yoga in a way that feels most authentic to their true self. Students leaving YiA Yoga's training have gone on to teach not only Vinyasa, but Yin, Restorative, Power yoga, AcroYoga, Partner yoga, yoga Nidra, yoga for kids, and Thai yoga massage (to name a few). They empower you to shift the way you look at the world and assist you to the best of our ability in putting on a "positive lens". Along with the above foundational support, you will also have access to a plethora of educational resources to enhance your learning including:

Daily asana practiceDaily meditations, but not limited to Metta meditation (loving-kindness), Vipassana (practicing equanimity through breath and body awareness), and guided gratitude meditationsExploration of ancient yoga philosophy and learn how to adapt these powerful teachings into the modern-day life to further enhance happiness, compassion, equanimity, and gratitude (you will web teachings together from Tantric Buddhism, Taoism, Hinduism, and Shamanism, but respect and honor for all belief systems are always held at YiA Yoga)Exploration of the eight limbs of yoga to further understand the holistic approach yoga possesses including mind, body, and spiritAyurvedic body type quiz that each student will receive and gain access to valuable teachings on Ayurvedic health according to your doshaEclectic energies Riso-Hudson enneagram type indicator personality test that you will receive and access to the 16 personalities quiz to assist you in self-study, self-love, and self-acceptance Investigate and anatomize the most important yoga postures together, including alignment, adjustment, transitions, anatomy, and Sanskrit using the specially designed YiA Yoga's posture clinic worksheetClear understanding of peak pose sequencing and learn how to build a safe, effective, and inspirational yoga class using the YiA Yoga's class design worksheets made just for youEmpowerment to teach using your authentic voice and gain vital communication skills Mastering sun salutation A and B and learn the powerful meaning behind them

Prior to arrival

Because this is an immersion YTT program and your time is precious, YiA Yoga will start to prepare the students prior to arrival by offering a free one-on-one life coaching session with Kaytee, the lead trainer. During this session, she will guide you using motivational interviewing techniques to set your intention for the training and start to support you in exploring your personal philosophy, life vision, and goals.

YiA Yoga also has their students to submit useful information that starts the self-study process prior to the start date. This will ensure you to be able to make the most out of your time together and to go as deep as possible in your personal transformation. All the materials are available for you at no additional cost. Please schedule and complete your private one-on-one life coaching session with Kaytee and send YiA Yoga your completed:

Ayurvedic body type testEnneagram personality test16 personalities test

Note: Please also make sure that you have read the required readings. The suggested and required reading lists are accessible directly on YiA Yoga's website.


Hindu Balinese water temple purification ceremony

During your YTT course, you will not only be working with learning to let go of thoughts, patterns, and behaviors that are no longer serving you. You will also participate in ancient spiritual rituals and ceremonies to support you in this journey of transformation. These rituals are optional, but if you choose to participate, they can be a powerful cleansing experience. The water temple ceremony will be held on the final day of your training. 

There is a total of 13 Balinese ceremonies concerned with life from conception, but not including death. Each has four elements to the rituals which are placation of evil spirits, purification with holy water, wafting of an essence, and prayer. As seen in other world religions where water plays an important and symbolic role in religious ritual, ceremony, and worship, Bali is no exception. Water plays a vital role in Balinese life. The Balinese call their flavor of the Hindu religion as Agama Tirta which means the religion of the holy water.

There is even a hierarchy of water in their language. "Yeh" is everyday water, "Tirta" is holy water, and "Amerta" is the term for water that is said to have powers that can cure the terminally ill. Water represents a circle of life and death in which it symbolizes wholeness and is believed to act as a medium for spiritual regeneration. It is, therefore, intrinsic to every Balinese ceremony. The Balinese believe that Tirta is the doorway to God. All offerings, ceremonies, and persons can be purified by Tirta.

The Balinese Hindus and travelers alike flock to the temple because they believe the springs offer spiritual cleansing and hold magical curative properties. In the inner courtyard of the temple is a large walled off rectangle that houses the spring itself. The water is fed into a series of fountains in which the devout Balinese Hindus will ceremoniously bathe (with the exception of one fountain which is kept for the deceased). Worshipers will first make an offering in the main temple, then proceed to the 15 fountains, and allow it to wash over them several times.

According to Dr. Masaru Emoto, a Japanese entrepreneur who is known for scientifically proving that the molecular structure of water takes on the shape of thoughts, feelings, intentions, and words, he showed that prayer, music, intentions, feelings, and placing words onto containers of water changes it. Love increases water’s stability while fear fractures it. So just imagine the powerful sacred water the Balinese temples hold by constantly being given offerings, prayers, and devotion, then imagine the benefits your bodies can receive from this sacred ritual as you are composed of over 70% water.

Sanur Beach adventure

It would be a sin to be in Bali and not taking at least one trip to the beach. Together, you will venture to Sanur and bath in the beauty it has to offer, along with an asana practice on the beach.

Student reflection by Merishka Naidoo: "One of the most profound educational and spiritual journeys I have been on. Kaytee is an excellent mentor and after the course I feel component to teach Yoga. I enjoyed class design and having the opportunity to conduct my own classes as well as meditation. I am a much more compassionate person with a deeper understanding of others. I feel grateful and enriched with vast knowledge and experience, making me a better rounded individual. This Yoga journey changed my outlook on life. I have such a deep understanding of myself, self love and compassion for others. I really feel competent as a teacher and am grateful for the amazing journey. Yia Yoga will always have a special place in my heart. Amazing, enriching, life changing experience that I recommend everyone does once in their lifetime."

Venue Highlights

During this YiA Yoga training, you will discuss energy centers within the body known as Chakras, therefore, YiA Yoga has put a great deal of time and energy in traveling the world and selecting the best energetic bodies or chakras of Mother Earth to host their transformational training and the vibrant island of Bali is most definitely one of them. The energy, culture, resources, and the beauty mother Bali possesses is indescribable, only experiential.

The vast majority of the population in Indonesian identify themselves with the Muslim faith, but on the island of Bali, a unique population of Balinese Hindus exists. Hinduism was introduced to the island in the fifth century CE when seekers from India arrived. With the presence and influence of the Indian Hindus, the Balinese started to fuse their beliefs with elements of Hinduism, while infusing their own local animism, honoring Pitru Paksha (ancestor worship) and Bodhisattava (reverence for Buddhist saints). This combination makes the spirituality of Balinese Hindus one of a kind.

As an island surrounded by the through-flow of water traveling from the Pacific Ocean to the Indian Ocean, Balinese spirituality has a strong cultural and religious connection with water. Often referred to as the island of holy water, Bali has a myriad of sacred springs and a complex irrigation system which navigates through the island’s temples. These temples hold the spring water that has become intrinsic to Balinese purification ceremonies and religious practice.

Nothing epitomizes the significance of water more in Bali than the island’s notable temple of holy water known as Pura Tirta Empul (translating roughly as pure holy water / spring). Located in the village of Tampaksiring, the temple is over 1,000 years old. Locals will tell of the legend that the sacred spring was created by the God Indra; its water infused with curative properties for spiritual cleansing. It is considered one of the holiest temples in all of Bali and is perhaps the holiest water source in Indonesia.

From Ayurvedic consultations and treatments to sound healing, Tantric life coaching, cuddle parties, organic raw food restaurants, sober ecstatic dance parties, amazing breathwork classes, spas galore, flower baths, water and dance rituals, sweat lodges, nature hikes, monkey farms, hot springs, waterfalls, white water rafting, and an abundance of natural healing modalities such as colonic irrigation, liver flushes, acupuncture, and juice fasting to name but a few, below, YiA Yoga has highlighted a few to give you a taste of Bali.

The location of your training is deep in the mountainous center of Bali where a yogi heaven, the picturesque Balinese town of Ubud, lies. It is surrounded by sun-kissed green rolling hills of rice paddies, drizzled with hanging banyan trees, radiant steep ravines, and refreshing flowing rivers. It is filled with history, vibrant energy, and is known as the spiritual as well as the cultural center of Bali. As you walk around the streets, you will be in awe of the Balinese architecture and design that include sculptures of various deities and holy temples that will guide you along the way.

Everywhere you look, there are offerings being placed to send blessings to the people, homes, and business. You too will feel this energy being blessed upon you from the inside out, filling the air with exquisite aromas of flowers and incense to further lure you into her energy, her presence, her aura. And on top of all that, it hosts some of the most inspirational yoga and breathwork teachers YiA Yoga has ever had the honor to worked with.

Along with the spiritual beauty Ubud has to offer, it is also a culinary delight as it is home to a plethora of healthy food restaurants featuring some of the best vegetarian, vegan, and raw food options out there. Ubud has long been known as a mystical place that is rich in healing powers. It was originally founded as a great source of medicinal herbs and plants. People traveled from all over Indonesia to experience the healing powers Ubud holds. Ubud gets its name from the Balinese word "ubad" which translates as medicine. Ubud, since that time, has continued to hold that power and has grown into a full-blown health and wellness mecca, offering services and experiences that go far beyond.

Because Ubud is historically known as a place of healing (both the land and its inhabitants) and now known as the famous final destination of the movie "Eat, Pray, Love", it has truly transformed into the perfect environment to fully support a healthy lifestyle filled with holistic wellness and plenty of love to go around. The creativity of possibilities in Ubud are endless. If you have heard of it (or more likely never dreamed of it), Ubud has it.
Pyramids of Chi Center and Cafe

These incredible pyramid structures are built to scale with the Great Pyramid of Giza and offer unique, relaxing, and energizing experience for all.
Ubud Monkey Forest

The Ubud Monkey Forest lies within the village of Padangtegal and it is viewed as an important spiritual, economic, educational, and conservation center. There are around 700 monkeys, 186 species of trees, and 12.5 hectares of forest. Once you are finished at the park, you can stroll over to Wamm and have a scrumptious meal.
Sanur Beach

Sanur is a breathtakingly beautiful white sand beach located on the eastern side of the island's isthmus. Sanur is home to some of the most luxurious beachfront hotels, along with an eclectic mix of restaurants, amazing shopping, and an assortment of innovative as well as modern entertainment venues. Known for its laidback atmosphere, Sanur Beach maintains its wealth in arts and culture, making it an ideal destination to enjoy the best of both eras, classic and contemporary.


The luxury Balinese villa awaits you. The beautiful colonial style villa sits amongst the gorgeous rice paddies featuring its own private pool, open style French kitchen, an abundance of outdoor terraces, a beautiful garden with a lily pond, and furnished with beautiful designer furniture and breathtaking art.


  • Air Conditioning in Rooms
  • Free Wifi
  • Spa
  • Pool
  • Towels
  • Free Parking
  • Kitchen
  • Tour Assistance
  • Coffee/Tea
  • Cafe
  • Restaurant
  • Yoga Studio
  • House-Keeping

Menu Types

  • Vegan
  • Vegetarian
  • Pescetarian
  • Ayurvedic
  • Meat
  • Organic
  • Gluten Free
  • Dairy Free
  • Nut Free


During this retreat, YiA Yoga's specialized private chefs will offer our yoga family delectable blends of mouthwatering high vibration, healthy, and gourmet Ayurvedic foods. The menu includes a plethora of flavors from all over the world that will fill your body with energy, health, and vibrancy. YiA Yoga's meal plan is able to accommodate vegetarians, vegans, gluten-free, and raw foodists. Please contact YiA Yoga for special dietary requirements. Our meal plan gives you the best of both worlds.

Not only you will have healthy delicious meals catered to your yoga family on site, YiA Yoga also gives you the opportunity to taste Ubud and all the culinary delights it has to offer. All meals on the property are included 80% and meals off property are at your own expense 20%.
Sample March meal plan

Sunday, March 4 (arrival date): Lunch and dinner
Monday, March 5: All meals
Tuesday, March 6: Breakfast and dinner, lunch out in Ubud
Wednesday, March 7: All meals
Thursday, March, 8: All meals
Friday, March 9: Breakfast and lunch, dinner out in Ubud
Saturday, March 10: Breakfast and dinner, lunch out at the beach
Sunday, March 11: Breakfast followed by free day
Monday, March 12: All meals
Tuesday, March 13: Breakfast and dinner, lunch out in Ubud
Wednesday, March 14: All meals
Thursday, March 15: All meals
Friday, March 16: Breakfast and lunch, dinner out in Ubud
Saturday, March 17: Breakfast, water ceremony, and lunch out

The following meals are included:



Please book your flight to arrive at Ngurah Rai International Airport (DPS). Transfer from and to this airport is available upon request.

The nearest airport is Ngurah Rai International Airport (DPS) and it is located in Denpasar which is around 40 kilometers from Ubud. When booking flights, if you are coming from the USA, there are cheap flights from Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) transferring through China and then on to Bali with China Southern Airlines. For those traveling through Europe, you can check KLM. If you are interested in booking an airport transfer, please contact YiA Yoga and send them your flight details. The cost ranges from 25 to 35 USD depending on the date and time of your arrival.

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