Sacred Ayahuasca Healing Ceremony, South Africa

  • Cape Town, South Africa
  • Nov 8 - 11, 2018 (4 days)

About us

Dear friends

Your spirit, as an expression of the Great Spirit, thanks you for hearing the call to participate in one of this season’s medicine ceremonies. 

These sacred ceremonies are facilitated for the purpose of healing, self-discovery, spiritual ascension of consciousness and meeting with the ancient wisdom and powers of the plant doctors. 

Sacred Ceremony schedule: 

There will 2 Ayahuasca ceremonies on Friday and Saturday night. The Feminine Spirit, The Mother who will love you but also correct you.. Saturday morning we will do a Tobacco ceremony.  On the Sunday morning we do ceremony with San Pedro, the Father Spirit.

The ceremonies are usually announced on Face Book on my page ‘The Light In You under the title Sacred Ayahuasca Healing Ceremonies and several other pages.

All weekend ceremonies start on Fridays @ 19h30

Please ensure your presence an hour before start time so you can energetically arrive and meet the other participants.  

Saturday evening ceremony begins @ 18h00

Sunday, start at 9.30 am till about 15.00. After that there will be some time to get out of the medicine so you can drive home safely. In some cases there is a possibility to sleep over at an extra charge.

Following each sacred ceremony session there will be time and space for a meal before our night’s sleep. There will be a wholesome lunch prepared with the high vibration of love and gratitude. 

A little about myself as the facilitator:

I’ve been participating in shamanic ceremonies since 2008 and assisting in South African ceremonies since 2010.

Having completed intensive studies in Peru for 7 months with a traditional Shipibo shaman, I dieted/studied  Shipibo Master plants, who’s Spirits conduct the healing that occurs in the ceremonies. Under the traditional shaman’s tutelage and guidance I learnt to sing songs in the Shipibo language. These are called “icaros,” or “sacred songs.” The Shipibo language is specifically called, “The language of the Plants.” These songs are an essential and integral part of the ceremony and direct the healing and protection that takes place.  I also use musical instruments and everyone gets a personal healing session during the ceremonies.

I also trained in shamanic healing methods by Don Alberto Villoldo, the founder of the Four Winds Society in the U.S.A. Alberto Villoldo is the author of multiple books on shamanic healing and energy medicine. 

Please let us know in time should you wish to experience the weekend ceremony. So you can prepare yourself with an adjusted diet. The diet is more light vegetarian; no red meat or stimulants like spices. Get a feel for your personal intentions behind doing this ceremony. Intentions as in, 

Why do you want to do ayahuasca, 

What do you think or like to dissolve with doing this journey. 

Meditate on that and as it will be in your energy the spirits will work on it.

I also need to know which medications you might be taking as this may affect your journey. Antidepressants are a contra indicator for my medicine and you need to be off them for at least 5 days before taking the medicine. That means any medication inclusive supplements and homeopathic medication.

To receive maximum healing and clarity and out of respect for the spirits during the ceremony weekend, it’s recommended that you to abstain from recreational drugs, alcohol and sex for 5 days before the retreat.  During those 5 days we suggest you eat light vegetarian diet, lessen your salt intake, ditch the coffee and meditate on your intentions so that you come prepared for the journey we are taking you on. Do refrain from ingesting any pork products over this prep period. 

If you want to go deeper in your preparations you can leave out oil, sugar, citrus fruits, dairy, eggs.. 

The point is that your physical body is open to the medicine and has no competition with other stimulants or products that works against the plant's full experience.

The directions to the venues will be forwarded to you by email  or Whatzapp following confirmation of your participation and payment.

Because of my experience with the healing that takes place  over a whole weekend I only offer full weekends. 

What to bring:

For foreign guests everything will be provided.

Mattress - preferably a small camping mattress. No double mattresses or blow up beds as the make lots of noice during the ceremony.


Blankets as you sleep in the ceremony space.

Bucket . Just a normal one as you will not throw up 10 liters.. 


Roll of tissue paper

Water bottle and toiletries

Extra water for the tobacco ceremony. Preferably a 5 liter bottle… full… 


Please bring a stone that resonates with you. We will be doing some work that involves the elements of Nature.  

Price: USD 450 for the full weekend is inclusive of guided meditations, fire circle gatherings, healthy and nutritionally-balanced organic meals.

This excludes the accommodation as this varies per venue. I am trying to keep this as low as possible but it will be approx. around USD40 per night. 

Thank you

Johan Harlaar

Event Highlights

  • The theme of the ceremonies is ' Stand In Your Power' and to find 'The Light In You'
  • As I sing the icaros I call in the plant doctors who do the healing. We do this over two ceremonies on the Friday and Saturday evening.
  • The highlight will be your own journey during the ceremonies. There is no good or bad journey. The medicine will show you your truth and gives you what you need. Just look at it this way, when you dig for Gold (your Light) we have to remove the top soil. Or if you like, all the energies and belief systems that you have been holding on to for all this time and which don't longer serve you.

Venue Highlights

We disclose the venue to you after you have contacted us. The Cape Town venue is a 4 star guesthouse. In the Drakensberg we use a traditional healer's place with a ceremony hut. That can't get more authentic. In Johannesburg we use a spiritual centre in a very quiet setting.


  • Yoga Studio


The protocol for the ceremonies as follows.
Friday arriving before 6 pm at the venue which gives you time to set up your spot.
19.00 Ayahuasca ceremony followed by a meal if desired
Saturday morning; Mapacho ceremony. You drink mapacho tea which helps clean out the stomach.
Saturday evening; Ayahuasca ceremony followed by a meal if desired.
Sunday morning; San Pedro ceremony.
Closure by 14.00

Menu Types

  • Vegan


You will be served vegan stews and soups and fruit.


Our venues are basic, except for the Cape Town venue which is a four star guesthouse.
It is my belief that to do the deep inner journey with ayahuasca you benefit from being taken out of your comfort zone.


You need to arrive at Cape Town International Airport and take an Uber to the venue which is about 90 km from the airport.

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