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Escape without Running Away, Yoga and Counseling Retreat

Event Highlights

  • Daily yoga and meditation sessions
  • Enjoy practice in a small group setting (maximum 5-person)
  • Personalized retreat to attend specific physical or psychological aims
  • Yoga practice adjustment to your level, beginner or advanced
  • Relax with a 60-minute Reiki or massage session
  • Daily healthy meals, fruits, and snacks
  • 7 nights accommodation


Example Day Program

08:30-9:00 breakfast smoothie and tea
09:00-11:00 yoga in small group (in summer earlier and sometimes on the beach), special coffee / tea and healthy snack after yoga
12:30-13:30 individual session
13:30-14:30 hot vegetarian lunch together,
siesta (-: walk / swim / cycle etc)
17:00-18:00 massage
– light dinner (together or take it where/when you like)
– enjoy our infra red sauna in the evening if you like
– often we can offer a special option for mantra singing evening, or live music, a large sauna, a longer walk/cycle tour etc, let us know what you are interested in!

About This Event

Sharanam Retreats offers all year round retreats with daily yoga, meditation and personalised coaching. 

We enable you to give yourself undivided attention in a beautiful setting. You will enjoy all the benefits of Nature with the sea, mountains, trees and flowers nearby, with a wonderful Mediterranean climate. Our guests book yoga therapy retreats individually or with a partner or friend, together forming small groups. We host a maximum of 5 people at a time.

Aleid Warmelink is a qualified psychologist and yoga instructor with over 20 years of experience of therapeutic work. Doby van den Berg is a massage and Reiki therapist as well as chef. We facilitate the retreats working as a couple, sometimes adding other therapists to the household.

 There is no program on arrival and departure days. The escape without running away program is perfect for people with a wish for support or guidance either physically or mentally. We also offer packages with less individual / couple counselling. Please inquire and we will send you some options. However, the combination of daily counselling and yoga is our highly valued package with a sense of completeness in personal guidance, therapeutic sessions, yoga, massage and healthy food.

Thank you so much for that wonderful stay! I enjoyed your warm and welcoming home, the stunning nature around Cala Figuera and the excellent cooking by Doby. The Reiki- Massage was a whole new experience for me, and during the sessions with Aleid, I could finally work on issues I had been carrying around for much too long. All in all, I could really reload my batteries, which I definitely needed. Thank you! ~ Charlene

Venue Highlights

Cala Figuera. We are located in a house at the edge of a small fishing village located directly at where the forest starts and only one steps down to reach the beautiful natural port with small traditional fishing boats. Every day you can see the fishermen repairing nets and selling fish in the main harbour building.
The area is great for hiking, cycling, stand-up paddle, kayak, boat tours, climbing, bird watching. There is a famous and very nice market in the main village of Santanyi, at cycling distance (or bus). The nearest beach is at 5min cycling or a 30min stunningly beautiful cliff walk.
Also very nearby is the nature reserve of Parque Natural Mondrago.
In summer we take our guests often to a local outdoor music venue at the famous beach of Es Trenc.


We consider Sharanam Retreat Center more a home than a hotel.
The communal spaces consist of an open kitchen and living room and plenty of space in the tropical garden with sun beds and hammocks. We have a small infra red sauna and we provide bicycles. The sea is at 1 minute walk.

Our guests stay in 3 rooms with private entrances and private bathrooms. One single room is connected to the living room and 2 doubles have their entrances onto the patios of the house, one at the bottom in the garden and one at the roof. We ourselves occupy the mid-floor.
We only have guests share a room if they are a couple or friends, so if you book as an individual you get your own private space.
We provide towels and cleaning twice a week.


Breakfast, lunch, dinner, fruits, and snacks are included in the Sharanam retreats. Gluten-free, dairy-free, and sugar-free food is always available. Doby, the chef, is a vegetarian and world food specialist. He can tell you a lot about healthy alternatives and creative cooking at home.

Fresh fruit smoothies, home-baked bread, home-made marmalade’s, hummus, and tapas are among the daily delights.

For human and planet we advocate healthy variation and home cooked food, as much local and as much organic as possible. We love cooking and aim to inspire others to eat healthy creative food. We hope people learn more about the preparation, the ingredients and effects of what they eat on their well being.

We do not generally promote any long term strictness in dieting, except for people with serious allergies. A diet can be good for testing your reactions to certain nutritional ingredients, but learning to balance is key. Joy is also a very important ingredient for health!

In the preface of ‘Gut: The Inside Story of Our Body’s Most Underrated Organ’ Giulia Enders asks herself and all medics why it is that so little information is shared about the importance of nutrition and digestion. And why the heart and the brain seem to be valued much higher in medical education while in an embryo the first main systems to develop are the brain, the heart ánd the gut.

We offer juice detox and detox-light combined with any of the retreat packages. The detox-light program is a bit less serious than a week with only juices and has easy-to-learn cooking ideas. For many, it is already a detox leaving meat, alcohol, sugar, heavy food, and heavy old mind-patterns behind. When detoxing, at least a 30-minute walk or swim per day is advised, besides the daily 90-minute yoga classes. Most days, a guided walk will be offered. Feel free to choose between juices or this much lighter version depending on your needs.

The juice detox consists of six days (out of eight) with only juice, tea, and water intake. On booking, you will receive instructions for home preparation, for one week before, and build up suggestions for till one week after the retreat.

The juice detox is great for heightening your awareness and observing your emotional relationship to food. It is also an excellent first step towards change. So if you want to change unhealthy habits it can be your motivator. The juice detox in itself is not meant for weight loss. You may lose 3 kilos but if you don’t change your relationship to food/alcohol/drugs/medication then a juice detox is a temporary cleanse. Good, but it’s up to you to make more of it. We will offer all the support you need with massage, yoga, breath work and coaching/therapy around your patterns.


airport Palma de Mallorca (PMI)
Our center is at aprox 1 hr drive from the airport.
Cala Figuera is a fishing port of Santanyi in the South East of Mallorca.
there is a bus in high season.
we can organise transfer (aprox 40e one way)

Cancellation Policy

100% deposit refund for cancellation 30+ days before event.
50% deposit refund for cancellation 15-29 days before event.
0% deposit refund for cancellation 0-14 days before event.
The remaining balance (total price minus deposit) is due upon arrival.
Get full details...

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Reviews     To review this event, visit the page for the venue or retreat leaders (above).

  • Brian Connelly   August 19, 2019

      The Kickstart I needed

    After almost 18 months on leave from work due to anxiety/stress related illness, Sharanam was the real starting point in my recovery. Their holistic approach to mind and body worked incredibly well: - The therapy sessions with Aleid were relaxed, and allowed me to explore, & more deeply understand the root causes of my behaviors and ultimately the cause of my anxieties. Armed with a fuller understanding, Aleid took me through various cognitive exercises to embed into my life to change my destructive behaviors. - A yoga novice, the classes gave me an amazing range of exercises to do, which I still practice every day (a few months later). - Meditiation & breathing exercises were not so new to me, but Aleid's explanations tinged with a dose of scientific and a dose of spirtual gave me a great understanding of how daily practice can help calm and focus your body. - Doby's cooking was superb, healthy, and a great way to round off the various sessions. Spending a week with Aleid & Doby, quickly seemed like visiting a couple of long-time friends and their combined approach really helped calm my constantly "on-alert" body and give me the tools to modify my behavior and continue improving my mindfulness back in the "real world". I am sure I will back.

  • Mieke Van Overbeke   May 19, 2019

      A 5-star plus retreat

    I staid a week at Aleid and Doby's place. I came in quite high on adrenaline and left grounded again, ready to face the challenges of every day life with a warm and soft heart. Each day we (a small group of max 5 people) could choose freely to join in with the program or not. The combination of an authentic loving personal touch, the amazing veggie food, the selected yoga exercises that met our personal needs, the talks in the wood, the outstanding massages and the magical location made it a 5-star plus retreat. I definitely could like to come back, next time for at least 10 days!

  • Jane Bodie   March 19, 2019

      Fabulously authentic Healing Yoga retreat in beautiful location

    Had an amazingly healing time at Sharanam with Aleid and Doby. Though the retreat is in their home (a beautiful space) I had my own private area and roof terrace, and could either be a part of the house (for chats and with fabulous sunspots, gorgeous dog and cats and many secret garden reading areas) or take time out for myself and feel private. I felt they were both very experienced in their field (therapy, yoga, cooking and massage) and that they genuinely engaged with my need for rest and recovery. Two very special people, who really care about what they do and healing others. Walks around the area, the beautiful harbour and cliff strolls were a bonus - and morning yoga on a beach whilst waves lapped at the sand was blissful. Have done a lot of retreats and really this was one of the truest and best. I shall be back. Thank you A and D for all you give.

  • Manuela Roschi   February 09, 2019

      A place to re-connect with yourself

    Aleid and Doby created a unique place that allows you to re-connect with yourself, disconnect with the outside world if you wish and to look closer at your patterns, your current situation or whatever. Besides that you will get inpired by Dobys meals, Aleids Yogalessons and guided meditations as well as the place itself. There is always enough space and time for whatever else you would like to do (hiking, cycling, reading...). I would go back anytime and I am happy that I discovered this awesome place of peace.

  • Elena Starynkevich   January 04, 2019

      Great retreat on Mallorca

    Aleid's yoga instructions were very professional and insightful. The environment was very welcoming and warm. Doby's cooking was excellent and generous. I've never eaten so well and so light. Every meal was a revelation. I forgot all my worries for awhile and it felt great! The location is fantastic.

  • J G   November 08, 2018

      Couple therapy and ‘pet therapy’ (-;

    Aleid and Doby certainly live up to their name. We came from the grey, wintery skies of Scandinavia hoping for some sunshine in Majorca but somehow chose the odd week when it was rainy and cloudy. However, the warmth of our time with Aleid and Doby more than made up for the lack of warm weather and was the ideal setting for our couple's therapy. They are a link to warmth through their home which they have transformed into a center of holistic healing. Unlike traditional office based counselling, Sharanam Retreats treats the whole person (mind, body, and spirit) through amazingly good and healthy food, yoga, massage, and reiki. Holistic awareness helped to reveal areas of tension in our bodies. We could probably spend years doing a traditional model of counselling and still not reach the same breakthroughs that we experienced at Sharanam. The small community we formed with the other guests also contributed to a sense of holistic healing since traditional counselling usually deals with couples or individuals in isolation. We especially enjoyed the 'animal therapy' of their pets :) The location is incredible and therapeutic in and of itself- close to amazing beaches, world class deep water soloing, and great rock climbing. I have been to many counselors in the past and Aleid is the most talented therapist I have ever met. Some counselor's are eerily detached and almost inhuman, but Aleid's warmth flows into the therapy in a way makes it easy to talk to her about extremely difficult subjects. She is a magnificent couple's therapist and perceives how to offer couple's practical techniques tailored to their unique situation. We also enjoyed the flexibility of the time and meeting space- it's the first time we've done psychotherapy outside! Steph and John Sweden and USA December 2017 and May 2018

  • J.Saurit   November 01, 2018

      An opportunity for real healing, both personally and as a couple

    In 2016 my husband and I went through a very challenging period in our relationship, and decided to dedicate a week to relationship repair, discussion, and therapy. We wanted to find a retreat that could also include yoga, as we felt that body alignment would assist with aligning our minds and healing our hearts. We did a yoga and couples therapy retreat, which included all our meals, plus a set number of yoga sessions and therapy sessions. We filled out an extensive biographical intake form before arriving, and in this way, we were able to “hit the ground running” in the therapy sessions, without needing to spend the first few sessions recounting our history and background details. Upon arrival we were made to feel completely at home with Aleid and Doby. They are extremely warm and welcoming, and also give you freedom to go off and do as you please with your free time. One of the best aspects of the retreat is the food!! Delicious, fresh, healthy, and different everyday -- thanks Doby! We really connected with Aleid, who we felt gave us an incredible amount of warmth and focused attention. She also gave us real tools to help us talk to each other, understand each other, and develop empathy for each other. We were very dedicated to our relationship repair work during that week, so we diligently completed the homework assignments Aleid gave to us. These we ended up using in interesting ways during the therapy. Ultimately Aleid was able to provide us with the tools to learn new and insightful things about each other, our childhoods, our triggers, and how best to work through these topics and remain emotionally connected to each other. We are very grateful for this work she is doing, and feel that she is a true talent. This ability of Aleid’s combined with the daily yoga, and incredible food, made it a week we will never forget. This year I decided to take on a new career path and felt like I needed guidance in the process. Since I am unable to come over to Mallorca at the moment, I receive counselling with Aleid via Skype and it has been extremely helpful. She is very good at extracting the key elements that need attention and work, offering clear advice and much needed questions to work on, all of this in one hour. At the end of our sessions I always feel like my needs have been met, feeling truly understood. Nothing can compare the experience of being in Mallorca for the retreat, but until I am able to come over the remote counselling has been a fantastic alternative in my path. Thank you Aleid for the opportunity, for your deep insight, your kindness, flexibility and warmth.

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