Ceremonial BreathWave & Voice Activation Retreat in Costa Rica

  • ​Rama Organica, Tinamaste Valley, Costa Rica
  • Feb 17 - 23, 2019 (7 days)

Event Highlights

  • Activate your voice
  • Transform through the medicine of your breath
  • Tribal Heart Song harmony singing workshops
  • Find your soul's song
  • Heal the past and call in new beginnings in ceremony


Each day we will be led in movement before breakfast, 1 - 2 BreathWave ceremonies per day, plus daily deep dives into activating our voices, and uniting the family through song in full harmony. We will be blessing each delicious meal with song and opening our voices at any opportunity! We will be doing frequent heart sharings and prayer circles, as well as enough time to integrate our strong experiences and relax in the sun!

About This Event

Singing the Breath, Breathing the Song for 6 days 7 nights in beautiful Diamante Valley, Costa Rica with Susie Ro and Robin Clements

A deep ceremonial dive into the power of our voice and the medicine of breath as our most direct path tools for connection, joy, healing and collective evolution.

- Sing - Breathe - Pray - Celebrate - Love - Repeat

Each day we will be serenaded in ceremony with live music and collective prayer through the elements of life with breath and song.

This Tribal heart song is unifying all hearts through the Harmony of our voices and the medicine of our breath.

Singing together is an advanced technology to bring us instantaneously out of our minds and into our hearts. Breath is Source connection. It is now time for the human family to celebrate a new life of connection, humility and enjoyment of heaven on earth.

Susie says: "When I was in Canada I met an amazing human called Robin Clements - as soon as I experienced the epically transformational and prayerful work that he gifts the world I knew that I would go to any lengths to experience this medicine again, in any part of the world. When I led his Level 1 retreat group in song and played them my music I was overjoyed to discover the feeling was mutual! Within 2 days of our meeting Robin and I were excitedly dreaming up a retreat together in COSTA RICA in February, both with huge yeses in our hearts. I have exprienced breath-work a number of times, and although I felt its ability to unlock blockages I never once experienced such a deep ceremonial holding, exceptional transformational unlocking & spiritual awakening in the container of Robin's strong prayer and presence. He has done years of deep medicine work in a number of traditions - North America, Mexico & the ancient wisdom of South American (contact info blocked) the work Robin does is answering a call for something I didn't even know I was searching for - finding the deeply powerful medicine that already lies within us - our breath. He has founded a new work called BreathWave and we are so excited to combine it with activating our voices and using the medicine of singing to aid this transformation and to unite. I also love serenading the group with heart songs while everybody integrates the journey that they have just been on. I am delighted to launch this facebook event and booking form - I hope you can join us in the valley of waterfalls to Sing the Breath & Breathe the Song"


Susie's uplifting heart songs and soulful, original medicine music seems to inspire a sense of joy where ever she goes. She tours internationally with her harmony singing workshops and beautiful songs on guitar, connecting with the global light family, and ancient traditions of the world, and weaving what she learns into a stream of free-flowing music to awaken the heart. This year she released her debut album ‘Song of a Thousand Leaves'.

Diving deep into the song of our souls as we breathe ourselves awake and sing ourselves home.

Susie has many layers to her work and through this week of deep transformation you will receive the gifts of each string of her bow. Everything from being serenaded with the deep medicine of her channeled spirit-voice during your breath journey, to being guided through the technicalities of your instrument, Susie will weave all she has collected, cultivated and created over a whole life time of singing. From the Tribal Heart Song full-power joyful harmony choir of our collective voices to deeply prayerful tones of our inner most temples, we will sing, breathe, pray, celebrate and transform together.


Robin Clements offering of BreathWave is a gentle and deep, ceremonial experience of life's sweet, simple power through the direct path of breath.

Robin has been guiding breath for over 20 years, now traveling the world with his family and global breath tribe, offering Facilitators Trainings to co-create peace at the centre of the storm of our lives and ripple this prayer to all of our relations.

Robin's gift is showing others through their breathing pattern where we are holding or resisting and how we can cultivate our souls freedom as we ride this wave.

This retreat qualifies as a Level 1 credit towards BreathWave Facilitators Certification

Our venue and paradise home for the week is nestled in the arms of stunning nature in our favourite valley along side beautiful waterfalls. Photos coming soon!

There are 3 tiers of shared accommodation (for both individuals in separate beds and couples in double beds) ranging from basic to luxury – the price for the retreat differ depending on this range. We’ve tried to make this transformational weeks as affordable as possible.

Full retreat price including all food and accommodation:

Basic: $1,280 dollars per person

Semi-luxury: $1,400 dollars per person

Luxury: $1,520 dollars per person

Spaces are really limited in this retreat. Your $500 deposit reserves your voice in the song, your place in the circle.

"I couldn't believe the power that my own breath had, within 5 minutes i was filled with light, shaking and crying out so much past pain. I felt so held in Robin's ceremony, by his prayer and his presence. And when i thought it couldn't get any more magical Susie started singing. I felt like she was channelling angels, i felt like it was my own heart singing but through her voice, every word she sang came from my own soul. Extraordinary"

Venue Highlights

In the heart of nature surrounded by Waterfalls
Close to the beach
Gorgeous land and structures looked after with love


There are 3 tiers of shared accommodation (for both individuals in separate beds and couples in double beds) ranging from basic to luxury and the price of the retreat depends on which tier you choose.


  • Towels
  • Free Parking
  • Kitchen
  • Coffee/Tea
  • Yoga Studio

Menu Types

  • Vegan
  • Vegetarian
  • Ayurvedic
  • Organic


All organic high-vibe healthy activating foods. Mostly if not all gluten-free and vegan.


The nearest airport is Juan Santa Maria International Airport (SJO) near the city of San Jose, which is about a 3 hour journey to the venue.

We will do our best to help organise transfers from the aiport to the retreat centre for those of you flying in.
We'll contact you closer to the time to ask for your flight details, so we can try and co-ordinate the transfers. ​

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