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Isolation Master Plant Diets and Initiation

At the Rainforest Healing Center, we currently offer three Master Plant diets:  Ajo Sacha, Chiric Sanango, and Uchu Sanango.  The decision to administer one of these diets is based on careful observation, discussion, and analysis by our Shaman and administrator.

When the diet is initiated, one will go into isolation in their Tambo (jungle bungalow) for eight days with no contact with anyone except the Shaman administering the diet.  The Mind, Body, and Spirit will go through an intense cleansing and reboot while opening new doors within the Self and the Spirit realm.

These diets require full commitment, dedication, and discipline from beginning to end, and can be a very difficult and challenging journey.  Dieting guests will be carefully monitored throughout the eight-day period and will receive expert support from the Shaman.

Please understand that Master Plant diets are for those who have experience with Madre Ayahuasca and want to take their healing to the next level.  These diets are for those who feel a strong draw toward a specific plant or have a certain ailment they feel a plant diet could help heal.  We screen very carefully to make sure an isolation diet is a good fit for all involved.

Shamanic Consultation

Customized Master Plant Diet Program

Harvesting and Preparing your Master Plant for Diet

Ajo Sacha Welcome Bath

Solitary Jungle Tambo w/ Bath

All Meals, Water, Tea

One-on-One Integration Support co-lead with Shaman During Retreat

Gifts and Educational Items

Post-program Counseling for Integration

Pick Up/Return to Iquitos

I have traveled all over the world, and I have never been to a place with such RAW BEAUTY. Simply breathtaking! - Paul L. (Dubai), Thank you so much for giving me my life back. - Robin O. (Norway), The POWER of the MEDICINE is beyond imagination! - Fabian C. (Switzerland), So much care and attention to detail has gone into ensuring that we are best positioned to truly immerse ourselves in the great work. I am so happy I found you! - Jeff A. (USA), I was totally blown away by the beauty, power and life changing experience at Rainforest Healing Center. - Chris L. (Australia), The mother of the jungle gave me an opportunity for a DEEP SPIRITUAL journey. My soul loved it! - Anita M. (Canada), I felt like I was unplugging out of the Matrix and lucid dreaming in an Avatar-like environment while feeling the CONNECTEDNESS of all life. - David D. (Holland), My time at Rainforest Healing Center was nothing short of AMAZING! - Lee C. (Thailand), Each person who steps foot on that sacred ground will be FOREVER CHANGED. - Michael (Atlanta, GA),


Venue Highlights

The Rainforest Healing Center is based on a parcel of land (160 acres / 65 hectares) of pristine, virgin Amazonian rainforest on Kilometer 45.5 of the Iquitos/Nauta Carretera (highway).
This rainforest backdrop breathes life and healing energy into every soul who enters this sacred space. One can receive healing benefits just from being in this part of the rainforest as it is saturated with over 110 documented species of healing medicinal plants including the Mother Vine herself.

Along our varied paths, guests are immersed in a tropical Eden where they can witness numerous varieties of sparkling butterflies including our resident colony of Blue Morphos, chattering monkeys, curious sloths, and various other jungle life. The hum and vibration of the forest is felt throughout the space, welcoming you back to nature’s incredible beauty and grace.

Throughout the property runs a stream (called a ‘quebrada’ in Spanish) that also boasts potent healing powers. Rain trickles down from the upper canopy of the forest, passing through many more layers of dense jungle growth, collecting its healing properties from all the medicinal plants on its way to the vegetation and roots below. Forest soils filter this frequent rainfall into the crisp and clean ‘quebrada’ that meanders through the center. Our guests bathe in this healing flow and receive love from each plant that the rain has touched on its journey to the stream.

As a small and intimate healing center, we’ve designed the property to create the optimal environment for self-reflection, introspection, growth, healing, and deep awakening. We deeply honor our connection with Mother Earth and therefore utilize renewable resources whenever possible. We are powered almost entirely by solar energy, compost, and Love, far away from the distractions of Western culture and technology.

Ayahuasca ceremonies will be held in the Maloca (ceremonial hut), which was constructed by a master carpenter and architect from Pucallpa and is a powerful and beautiful space.


Your retreat investment covers room and board. We’ve built seven Tambos (mosquito-screened, palm frond or corrugated metal roof huts) on the property. Five of the Tambos sleep two people, with the other two sleeping three. Tambos are furnished with writing desks for reflection and hammocks for relaxing when space allows.

Each of our Tambos is hand-crafted with love in carefully selected locations to provide a quiet and cozy place for guests to relax and reconnect with themselves and nature. The jungle radiates through these beautiful Tambos, and creates a unique and unforgettable experience. Each Tambo offers solar power for lighting, its own bathing area, and compostable toilets to cycle nutrients back into the land.

While they are rustic, we’ve designed them to be very comfortable and enjoyable. It’s important to understand that you will be sleeping in the jungle and life’s wild hums and vibrations will be ever-present. In time, you’ll find the jungle sounds to be a living white noise machine that will help you fall asleep.


  • Kitchen
  • Hot Tub
  • Coffee/Tea
  • House-Keeping

Menu Types

  • Vegan
  • Vegetarian
  • Pescetarian
  • Includes Meat
  • Organic
  • Gluten Free
  • Dairy Free


Guests will enjoy three healthy and balanced meals a day. On ceremony days, guests participating in the ceremony will have breakfast and lunch, but no dinner. This restriction helps ensure that your stomach is empty by the time ceremony participants drink the Medicine. This allows your body to absorb the Medicine fully and efficiently, and also reduce the amount of materials thrown up if your purging includes vomiting.

Master Plant Isolation Diets will be on a stricter, blander meal schedule that is prepared and brought to your Tambo to reduce interactions with other people.

We DO NOT serve pork, salt, coffee, or sugar. We strive to feed everyone according to their needs and we don’t want anyone hungry or frustrated. We do request that you adhere to this diet; it greatly improves Ayahuasca’s ability to work effectively and efficiently during ceremony.


The traditional route is to fly into Lima, and then take a domestic Peruvian flight on either Star Peru or Peruvian Airlines to Iquitos.
You’ll want to plan to stay at least one night before your retreat or course start date. The Amazon is a very different place and takes a little adjustment. Having the time to relax, clean up, and get prepared for your journey is a great pleasure. Plus, you can visit one of the many wonderful cafes with WiFi to let your family know that you’re alive and well!

Our staff will meet you in Iquitos at a pre-determined location (typically Dawn on the Amazon or Chef Paz), date, and time. From there, we’ll take you to Rainforest Healing Center, which is located one hour’s drive from Iquitos on the highway Iquitos—Nauta. From the highway the walk is ~3.5km (approx. 40-mins to 1-hour) through some amazing jungle on a wide and friendly path. If it has rained you will need rubber boots since the path can get quite muddy. You can buy these in Iquitos at the Belen market for roughly 20 soles, or purchase them online prior to your trip. We also encourage people to leave their boots after their stay for use by families in need.

Please use bags that can be carried on the shoulders of our workers, e.g back packs, shoulder bags (no suitcases). If you are unable to walk this distance due to medical reasons please inform our staff in advance so that other arrangements can be made.

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