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We invite you to a two-week transformation process based on being in isolation, contact with plants, hearing yourself in silence, cleaning the old to make space for what is to come. We invite you to an intimate diet in a traditional style in a family camp, in a very small group, under care of healers from the Shipibo tribe. 

Leading the diet is an experienced healer and amazing singer from Shipibo tribe, Matilda. Soft, loving feminine energy, very melodic icaros, picked from many, many curanderos we worked with and tested over the course of last years. She will work with you directly, this is completely different from group ceremonies with dozens of people you may have experienced. She is joined by other shamans, according to specific of the retreat and the schedules of the crew we are working with. They are also assisted by Western practitioners, so there is almost one to one ratio healers to guests, assuring safe and profound experience.

The concept of the dieta in Shipibo and some other Amazonian cultures is learning directly from the plant you are dieting, receiving messages in order to heal oneself, learn about reality, and learn tools of medicinal work, especially healing songs called icaros. It requires a lot of determination and sacrifice, and is for people dedicated to make a change in their life and in lifes of others. By silencing your mind, switching out external distractions, chaotic energies of everyday life, you can be still enough to hear subtle message, in your dreams, visions or in the forest surrounding you, the teaching from the plants. This is how shamans of these traditions learn.

The integration of Ayahuasca experience is even more important than the ceremony itself. Diet is something very similar to Vipassana - silent Buddhist meditation, or looking for a vision. The participant will spend time in complete solitude, away from all pastimes, to devote as much time as possible to introspection after the ceremony. Food during the diet is without salt, sugar, spices, fat, no fruit. It is suggested to refrain from reading, communication with the outside world, instead of concentration, meditation, and allowed yoga. It is a form of isolation, a process of symbolic burial, permission to let the old die, and the new to be born, what is worth emphasizing again, sacrifice, to change and learn. You will dieting in a private tambo, forest hut, protected against insects, without electricity and running water. Twice a day, a simple meal will be served.

Specific plants have their characteristics, some are better for opening heart and emotions, some give you a solid center and strength, defence against hardships of life, some make you more focused, able to do what you want but so far only claimed you want, including leaving your addictions. Some can heal stomach problems, rheumatism, depression. You should specify your intentions when applying, and the healer will choose one appropriate. Some are hard to find, so we need to know in advance.

The initial dietas are two weeks long. These are good for simpler plants, big trees require 3, 6 or more months. Don't be deceived by offers of dieting powerful trees in some places during 10 days, it is not enough to make a proper connection.

We set our price very moderately, to enable access for people with limited budget. At the same time we pay same kind of money to the healer she would get working with big groups. This is our effort to revive traditional Shipibo ways of learning and create intimate experience for you. The modest profit goes for people assisting you in the diet process and development of the place, as well as protecting the forest disappearing quickly near the towns of Amazon. We are not wasting money for luxuries, the whole point is to be immersed in simplicity of nature.

We prefer people with specific intentions, especially health issues they would like to work with, both psychological and physical. It may be also being on the crossroads, seeking new direction in life. This is something dieta is very good for, by stepping out of your ordinary daily trance you may gain new perspective, more clear than just be a weekend trip to a suburban ayahuasca ceremony.

Alongside the Shipibo healers, leading this event is Światosław Wojtkowiak ( Mundo )

Almost 20 years on a long and twisted path of exploration of magic, primordial beliefs, traditional cultures, shamanism and spirituality of the world. From Rastafarian camps in Jamaica, voodoo in Haiti and Africa, desert traditions of healing with trance, in Maghreb, Ethiopia, Pakistan, shamanism of Mongolia, Africa, Pakistan, mysticism of Indian subcontinent, transformative Sufi rites on three continents, Bwiti initiation in Cameroon, finally culminating in Amazon and Andes, learning its traditional medicine, sampling various sources of knowledge of the world and inspiration, understanding of self and bringing others safely through paths scouted before. Worked with shamans in Peru, Ecuador and Colombia, gringos, mestizos and tribes : Shipibo, Siona, Cofan, Tsachilas, Kamsa, Achuar, Kichwa, Witoto.

Traveler, journalist, guide, practitioner. Studying in the Amazon since 2013, including nearly three years of unbroken practice, with shamans from remote communities as well in large clinics and centres working with patients from all around the world, seeking solutions to their problems. Interested in issues of depression, trauma, attachments, drug addictions and unblocking of life purpose. Specializes in entheogenic plants used in the local tradition. Primal, ancient shamanism reinterpreted through body, breath and own, unique experience for the moment of NOW, improvisation, syncretism, song woven continually, rooted in ancient past and in various cultures with fruits here and for each case individually.

Cannabis addiction ///

This is a master plant dieta, guided by Shipibo healers ( 0nanya ) and a crew of Western psychologists and therapists. Now, it is important to stress we are ganja lovers with many years of experience ourselves, not grim moralists saying “mmm weed is bad”. We give praise for many positive changes and hints on our path it brought, but precisely because of this long relationship we know its dangers, and potential of addiction. It is a result of loosing balance in the relationship, like with a possesive lover, green bitch as some call her. What we aim for is what is aim of all master plant dietas, to establish connection and understanding through disciplined use and initiation, in structure and order of the dieta, aided by sacred shamans’ songs correcting flow of energy and of course the power of Grandmother, the vine.

To start with my personal story, I have been using the herb recreationally as well spiritually for 20 years. I have been travelling documenting and participating in fringe spiritual traditions of the world, where ganja is used as sacrament and tool of growth and understanding, starting with rastafarian camps of Jamaica, through ascetic paths of Indian sadhus and Sufi saints. You can see a lot of stories from these journeys here : (contact info blocked)110

The plant has for sure helped me a lot in opening my emotionality, an issue visibly present in masculine side of my family, it taught me how to make my decisions based on how it feels, whether it is professional path or personal life. It has taught me how to enjoy life, meaning to live in joy. But it was a long way from the centre, just first step, shaking me from ordinary trance, at a cost however, to be noticed after many years, of putting into another kind of dreamy trance state. Sure, much better than one of aggression directed outside, a trance of more subtlety, suitable to life of artist, sensitive to reality and working with it, but also falling deeper and deeper into certain illusions. The main one is perhaps feeling of doing something, while in reality being stuck on certain level, which until a point feels satisfying. But then slowly euphoria, joy, uncontrolled laughter become rare thing to be missed but not experienced, there is less and less of energy, and what was needed before to take me higher, is needed to know to keep some kind of normal. Of course, I prove to myself, it is my choice, I make breaks, even 6 months, I still enjoy shooting my photography being high, but kind of less. There is less and less focus, not so much of emotional stability, inability to stay in Now, looking out to happy elsewhere that never comes. Now becomes tolerable, when high. 

Well, if you are reading this, perhaps you know the feeling, so I won’t go into more details. This story is not to be about me, it is about empowering you to balance the feminine you may have overdosed with a healthy center, to make you grounded, to basically make this relationship healthy. It for you to decide whether you continue to use it afterwards, and when, with which purpose, not for her to use you. It is about bringing unconscious to the surface, and making you aware. Aware of what the long term use you might have been instinctively self medicating for, but in the end, never resolving the issue, compensating for. What have the clouds of smoke been hiding? What feelings, what memories can we help you to access?

We will not be coaching you, drowning you in words like your psychotherapist, unless your need for conversation comes. This is largely interior, independent quest you are embarking on. You will speak with the plants themselves, when you learn to silence your mind, first silencing the talk of outside world. There will be no distraction ganja fuelled mind loves so much, whether in form of great tastes, entertainment, music, videos, talking with friends. It is you and the plants, in seclusion of your jungle hut. You will start with kambo purge as first step in cleansing your physical body and energies that accumulated over the years of abuse. Plant baths will serve similar purpose. Then you retreat to your hermitage. Every couple of days you will leave it to join the other in ayahuasca ceremony. This will be further purge, until you are able to start working on deeper levels , which are hiding the reasons of imbalance.

But the purpose, as said above, is also talk to the plants. Their voices are subtle and ambigous, and may lead you astray if you use them indiscriminately. This is why you will be given non psychoactive infusion of cannabis as your diet plant, and very little else, including very bland food, so that you may start to train yourself in finding more in less, the very opposite of addiction. 

The paradox of this approach is that to bring balance to a relationship, you don’t run from it, but look deeper, become conscious, and in case of plants, it is done by disciplined and guided ingesting them, in contrast to chaotic use that is often uconscious self medicating. You did nothing wrong, your instincts were guiding you, but perhaps too far, and now it is time to start again, in a different way. The same is done for example in case of tobacco addiction, to heal it with tobacco diet. This plant will be present in your dieta too, in different ways used by the healers, to bring masculine strenghth and protection to your process. We are expanding your family, not forcing you to say goodbye to old love. In a healthy network of relations is the healthy life and growth.

You will of course be required to stop your recreational cannabis use during the retreat, and it is best if you can do it as long before as possible to facilitate your access to teaching of ayahuasca. There is also a period of post dieta required when it is important too to stay away from certain temptations, including your favourite herb. That sacrifice may be more than worth it, if you think about it, that it may be not only possible to release you from the grip of addiction, but to those more dedicated and focused, actually be able to use the very same plant as a healing tool, as it should be and was in many cultures of the world.

This is a genuine and caring community of people with deep knowledge of medicine, man, and nature. Beautifully situated in both the jungle and in the mountains they work closely with the locals and the land. My stay was very healing, and not the least tremendously fun! I wholeheartedly recommend anyone who are looking for real transformation to check it out, and also consider a longer stay. - Dabao Lu

Event Highlights

  • 4 ceremonies with Ayahuasca under the care of Shipibo Shamans
  • private integration sessions with a psychologist depending on the needs
  • shuttle service from Iquitos Airport
  • service and translation
  • medicine plants
  • two meals during each day of the diet,
  • accommodation in a private single-person house in the forest
  • plant baths
  • work in a small group, the maximum amount is 5-6 guests.

Venue Highlights

We realize our dream, living and working in the deep Amazon forest, near plants, close to nature, close to the local healers' community. We deeply believe in the power of medicine. We came to this piece of land in 2015, slowly and prudently built houses and infrastructure, so as to least interfere with the forest we found at the beginning. We designed the whole resort with the idea of deep work with plants during diets in the shipibo tradition.


All our guests during diets are accommodated in single-person wooden houses equipped with a mattress, hammock and mosquito net. In the resort there are two large communal houses in which live shamans and guides, and there is a shared space where workshops and ceremonies take place, kitchen available for everyone, ecological shower and shared toilet. We do not use electric generators for gasoline, we collect electricity from the solar panel. We collect water for washing and bathing from rain, we take drinking water from deep well and filter it with a specialized filter. We try to live as close to nature as possible, without disturbing its rhythm.



Our center is located in Peru, near Nauta, on a 24 hectare plot of wild Amazonian forest, 2 kilometers away from the Maranon River. It is best to fly to Iquitos in the Loreto region and then continue by car, taxi or public transport on route number 103. From Nauta you can reach the resort on foot in about 40 minutes. Usually, we pick up our clients from the airport or main square in Iquitos and provide a private transfer to our resort. So you do not have to worry about how to reach us, our carers will pick you up from a previously agreed, easy to find place.

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