Frequency Healing Facilitator Training + Spiritual Life Coaching

Event Highlights

  • Language of Light Healing Ceremonies: A Unique and Deep Sound Healing Experience
  • Haleakala Excursion and Activation
  • See the Whales and Swim in a Great Snorkeling Spot
  • Personal Energy and Life Purpose Reading
  • Structural Integration: Therapeutic Body Work Sessions ($150)
  • Lomi Lomi: Hawaiian Healing Massage ($100)
  • Private Yoga Classes and Instruction ($50 per class)


Haleakala Activation:

We jump into Jamie’s 4WD Jeep to the Sacred Volcano, Haleakala. We journey over the clouds, over10 thousand feet above sea level, witnessing spectacular views of Maui and the surrounding Hawaii Islands.

Jamie takes you to a vortex site unknown to tourists and used by Hawaii’s Shamans to conduct the Language of Light Ceremony and Activation. The views of the crater are astonishing and filled with Great Spirit, making this journey into the Ancient Mysteries one that will connect us deeper into the sacred heart of the planet. Initiations and Insights are usually revealed during these ceremonies. Please wear a jacket and warm clothes as the top of Haleakala can drop to temperatures 40° and below.

During the Ceremony, Jamie Lu becomes a conduit and messenger for Spirit, receiving guidance and messages for those who are initiated at Haleakala Vortex. She uses Vibrational healing methods; Crystal singing bowls and the power of Multi-Dimensional Frequencies (Language of Light) to facilitate this magical experience.

About This Event

All Retreats have been Postponed and moved online to Love Rising Academy.
Welcome to Maui, Hawaii, The Heart Chakra of Earth, where Vibrational healer, Jamie Lu, welcomes you to her Sacred Sanctuary for remote healing sessions, coaching and training that is known for magical outcomes, and connection to your Inner Self.

Learn Self Healing Practices:
This 1-1 experience is a sacred initiation into the untapped wonders of the Body, Mind and Spirit connection. It is a personal experience that provides greater Balance, Clarity and Spiritual Awakening by way of tapping into our innate connection with All That Is. We unravel subconscious tensions and shift our lives towards greater peace, prosperity, and harmony.

Sound/Vibrational Healing Sessions:
With the support of her Beloved Seth on Piano, Jamie Lu uses Vibrational healing methods; Crystal singing bowls and the power of Multi-Dimensional Frequencies (Language of Light) to facilitate a deeply healing experience that accelerates Embodied Ascension, cellular healings, and positive manifestations.

About Jamie Lu

Jamie Lu is a gifted Intuitive Healer hailing from a long line of Filipino faith healers. Her training in Energy Medicine began as a young adult when she experienced sudden catastrophic health failure.

She found herself over-achieving, over-stimulated, and surrounded by an environment that was not helping her body to heal. This caused her to travel the world, leaving her corporate American life to pursue the depths of spiritual awakening and authentic living.

After much self investigation and training, she began to unlock inner abilities, Wisdoms, and the healing power behind her Voice.

Through her vibrational healing practice, she has assisted countless other's in achieving healing and awakening.

She sees true healing as a deeply personal transformation into wholeness and holds the door open for others to gracefully find the light within.

A Clairvoyant and Telepathic communicator, Jamie offers high-level intuitive guidance and Language of Light Transmissions that facilitates shifts in consciousness for self empowerment, cellular healing and embodied awakening.

Her vibrational healing method is extremely effective in releasing trauma, stuck emotional energy, anger, and other sources of chronic pain and anxiety with grace and ease. She frequently travels the world to share in her transformative medicine that many have called “Liberating” and “Angelic”.

She is the founder of Love Rising Retreats. The Retreats are held in Sacred Sites around the world and provide community gatherings centred around compassionate healing. This service impacts the Planet by way of working with the frequential grid lines, restoring Balance to Earth Elements.

She trains students in self-healing and self-realization practices, and personally mentors healers through the Love Rising Online Academy.

How you may feel after this retreat:

- Physical problems and symptoms dissolved
- Renewed voice and inner strength
- Lighter and brighter, more connected to your authentic essence
- Feeling your connection to the Source of All Life
- Clear, Grounded and Balanced
- More self-appreciation and appreciation for others
- In touch with your Inner Guidance and Intuition
- Confident and in aligned flow with your life's purpose
- Ready for your true Soul Mate or Soul Aligned Connections (community), Business Partnerships, and Friendships to enter your life
- Dissolving of tension and newfound ease with your family and close relationships
- Dissolving of tension with money and finite resources
- Opening of new opportunities and increase in positive manifestations


"Jamie is an incredibly beautiful soul with so much wisdom, light, and compassion. It is obvious from her work that she is being guided by angels and higher beings of light. I had the absolute fortune of being able to spend 7 days with her in private retreat and experienced deep and profound healing on many levels, not only emotional and spiritual, but physical shifts that unraveled in just 7 days. This speaks to her powerful gifts of healing, but her approach is not one geared towards temporary relief or instant gratification. Rather, she aims to align each individual to the highest frequency possible and in their own unique soul signature so that holistic healing may occur naturally, and the results speak for themselves. I feel grateful and blessed that our paths have crossed and hope to continue to work with her as I continue on my spiritual journey. She is truly one to look out for."
-- Simone, Taipei

"I’ve been to some retreats with Jamie Lu, and they’ve been ABSOLUTELY LIFE ALTERING & just so alivening, with NONSTOP MIRACLES occurring ever since my first one in October 2017!"
-- Avani Shah, California

"Jamie has the most beautiful energy. I have never felt so relaxed during a treatment and when It finished I felt lifted, calm and full of light. Even weeks after the session when I returned back to England I felt full of love and gratitude and aligned back to my highest self. Having a session with Jamie was one of the best experiences of my life and one of the best things I've done for myself. Thank you Jamie for gifting me with an experience so beautiful and uplifting. I've had a lot of energy healing and my session with Jamie was the most amazing I've ever experienced. One of the most amazing experiences. The world needs more people like her. Full of pure divine love and light."

-- Cate, London

"The severe physical pain I had at the time practically vanished within hours after her session. I was astonished that I was able to recover so quickly and walk again. I was also able to understand the deeper messages of my physical manifestation. Deep gratitude  to Jamie and her loving presence. I highly recommend anyone who is looking for alternative therapies. I believe that her work is one in a million and will continue to touch many other lives with her pure gift from source."

-- Maria Deller, Bali

"Jamie is truly the most humble, incredible healer I have seen. I have had what the doctors would label CFS for over 10 years and have seen countless practitioners. Jamie is able to see so clearly how the physical, emotional and physic bodies are interrelated and work on the specific area that needs to shift. Her treatment had me in a deep theta state, which is hard for me to slip into due to my physical pain. But I knew I was safe and held in the beautiful space she creates. She uses sound healing and her incredible voice to go even deeper. I set an intention at the start that has been abundantly fulfilled. Just one of the examples, I was having really bad sugar cravings and self sabotage patterns coming up continuously, as well as anger that was being stored in my liver causing a lot of pain. After Jamie's session I had this new found peace and wholeness inside of myself. I'm also able to connect to my inner truth and guidance, which has allowed many layers of denial to be removed, by trusting and surrendering. Be prepared for miracles to happen when you see Jamie. She has truly changed my life and I'll be forever grateful. Thank you Jamie."
-- Saskia Herbert, Bali

“I’ve been to some retreats with Jamie Lu, and they’ve been ABSOLUTELY LIFE ALTERING & just so alivening, with nonstop miracles occurring ever since my first one in October 2017!”

What's Included

  • 4 Nights and & 5 Days
  • Lux Accomodation, Private Bedroom and Bathroom
  • At Home Meals, breakfast lunch and dinner
  • Healing Activities and Outings with Jamie Lu
  • Transportation Available during your stay

What's Not Included

Personal Expenses and Dinning Out
Transportation to/from airport

Venue Highlights

Haiku, Hawaii - A lush and less populated part of the island of Maui that is removed from tourisim traffic and perfect for personal healing and deep connective experiences with the sacredness of Hawaiian land and history. This property is 25 min from Paia and 40 min from the Airport and is set amongst mango, banana and lemon trees beside a pristine natural reserve. With dramatic rugged cliff top and ocean views from every room in the house, enjoy incredible sunsets, gentle sea breezes and the soft sounds of the sea below. From the kitchen, balcony or bedroom, you'll often catch sight of Humpback whales playing in the waters below!


Your Bedroom is a private space with it's own double bed, toilet room and outdoor shower. It has a small fridge and portable stove top. The room is also a library, stocked with fascinating books from around the world. This room is set up to be an office, guest or in-law suite with its own WiFi. It has its own exquisite private garden veranda with deck chairs / sun loungers. The room faces the garden, offering tranquil views of tropical flowers and the sounds of birds calling from shady trees.


  • Free Wifi
  • Pool
  • Towels
  • Free Parking
  • Kitchen
  • Coffee/Tea
  • Fitness Center
  • Yoga Studio
  • Ceremony Space

Menu Types

  • Vegan
  • Vegetarian
  • Pescetarian
  • Organic
  • Gluten Free
  • Dairy Free
  • Nut Free


A Vegetarian or Vegan diet is encouraged during this retreat to help with the detox process. Specific dietary needs are fulfilled on request.

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  • Brian Blankenship   January 04, 2020


    I’ve been to some retreats with Jamie Lu and they’ve been ABSOLUTELY LIFE ALTERING & just so alivening, with NON STOP MIRACLES occurring ever since my first one in October 2017!

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