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Join us for this life tranforming retreat in the Amazon of Peru.  We facilitate 9 day retreats with 4 ayahuasca ceremonies with traditional Shipibo curanderos.  Take part hands on in brewing the ayahuasca medicine!  We offer a wide range of  healing modalities throughout your stay, such as yoga, meditation, art therapy, ceremony integration circles, plant baths, massage and much more.  Take this opportunity to heal with this master teacher plant and see how much your life will change with amazing success!

Ayahuasca Retreat

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Our shamanic retreats are designed to accommodate each individual on their path of awakening and healing. We offer a series of three or four Ayahuasca ceremonies per retreat with a local Shaman, also known as a Curandero or Ayahuasquero. 

Our healers have been well established in the shamanic ayahuasca practice for several decades. Our medicine is brewed with only the ayahuasca vine and chacruna leaves. Our ceremonies are facilitated with the utmost integrity and responsibility. There are always four to six of our staff members in every ceremony helping our guests through their healing journeys with the sacred medicine. Drinking the ayahuasca medicine during ceremonies allows the participants to expand their consciousness to a multi-faceted universe. 

 Ayahuasca takes the individual through a process of cleansing the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. The individual journeys through a series of visions often receiving profound realizations that lead them to a place of healing, understanding and balance within themselves. During the course of the retreat we offer facilitated group sharing and one on one counseling. 

We prefer our groups no larger than 17 people to accommodate an intimate and personal setting during ceremony. Our ceremonial maloca is very spacious, providing a comfortable environment for the profound experience. It is situated in the midst of beautiful native plants and trees where where natures orchestra graciously joins us in our sacred ceremonies.

Things To Do

Plant Baths

We provide for our guests with herbal and floral baths with a unique blend of plants and flowers from the surrounding  jungle after each ceremony.  The plant baths help to wash away any negative energies stagnant in the body and help prepare the participant for a more profound healing with the plant medicine Ayahuasca.  The invigorating and cleansing bath will help rejuvenate your  spirit.

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- Nimea Kaya offers a wide array of activities:

- Brew Ayahuasca           

- Yoga


- Massage

- Floral Baths

- Painting Workshop

- Heart Circles

- Boat trip excursion

- Nature walks

- Shipibo Art Exhibition

- Relaxing in a hammock

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Everything is created twice, first in the mind and then in reality.

~Robin S. Sharma


Our shared accommodations consist of individual palm leaf thatched huts & tambos, as well as rooms in our main house for accommodating two up to four persons each.  Rooms are provided with beds, mosquito nets, table & chairs, fan and a comfortable hammock outside.   All huts have electricity with 220V. 

Standard single tambo for couples or two guests:

Shared accommodations for three to four guests:

Standard private tambo for couples:

Private single occupancy rooms with balcony.

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Our shower facilities are tiled and spacious. They are designed with a grey water system that feed the the surrounding plants and trees.  It is recommended to bring only safe, eco-friendly, biodegradable soaps, shampoos and conditioners.  Dr. Bronners is a great example.    Due to the delicate eco-system and terrain of the land, composting toilets are provided in the place of flush toilets.

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Meals are made from the heart at Nimea Kaya. We serve a balanced                                                                             vegetarian diet of delicious & nutritious raw food & cooked meals.  

-We are dairy & gluten free.  

-Breakfast: Consists of a variety of seasonal fruit salads, superfood smoothies, granola, oatmeal, potato vegetable medley and eggs. 

-Lunch and Dinner:  We provide a variety of  fresh salads.  Here are some examples of dishes offered: Carrot & beet detox salad, Quinoa tabouli, Plantain burgers, Fresh veggie salads, Rice & beans and tomato pineapple salsa,  Summer squash soup and Andean choclo corn.

-The drinking water provided is filtered through three stage reverse osmosis system and also further purified with Miracle Mineral Solution drops.  

**Our health is of upmost importance to us during the dieta process.  Enjoy our super food smoothies consisting of local fruits, avocado, basil, spirulina, maca, algarabina and more made with our vitamix!

Drinking lots of water throughout the day is highly recommended.

What To Bring

Light weight pants, light weight long-sleeve shirts, shorts, t-shirts, sandals, umbrella or rain jacket, earplugs, bathing suit, towel, personal toiletries, flashlight/ headlamp, water bottle, mosquito repellent, anti-itch ointment (Gold Bond Cream works great for bug bites).  You may also bring a thumb drive, preferably 32 Gb,  to receive a collection of spiritual & awakening documentaries, movies & music.


Ayahuasca is a miracle medicine and has a power and intelligence about it that is completely indescribable.  I waken each day grateful for the opportunity to have had experienced its beauty and force.  Furthermore, I am equally grateful that I found Nimea Kaya where the power of this wonderful medicine is enhanced greatly by the abundant and positive energy found in your beautiful setting.  And, the beauty of the land is only surpassed by the beauty of the people (which includes all of the facilitators, staff, the amazing Curanderos and the other guests) all of whom came together to make a truly remarkable “set and setting”.  

-- Robert Holt

My time at Tierra Vida was extremely enlightening and humbling. The team there are so loving, supportive and understanding. It gives you peace of mind to know and feel that they are there primarily to aid in your healing, they define altruism. They put so much energy, time and care throughout the whole transformative process. If you are feeling the call to come take Ayahuasca and are looking for the right setting, I assure you that this is the place were miracles happen. It can be difficult at times and takes a lot of courage to undergo this type of soul work.  My advice is always remember to surrender and let go, come with no expectations as they will surely be exceeded.  Language fails to describe the power of the experience.  Before coming to the retreat I was lost, alienated and well pretty darn depressed.  Now I live on with great clarity and understanding of my place in the cosmos.  I get to truly live and to give and receive love again.

-- Baden Lucas

Upon returning home from Tierra Vida:

I stopped all caffeine and energy drinks and/or energy pills, and I have too much energy daily. It's like I'm on speed, until it's time to hit the bed. Then, boom, with no TV. I was a TV junkie. Now, I hold my hands over my ears when I hear the news. It attempts to suck my positive energy away. 
I sleep 8 hours per night having had insomnia since age 6. Nothing would make me sleep, e.g., warm milk, praying, reading, GHB, valium, 10 Benadryl, etc.
My tinnitus is gone having had this constant, loud ringing in my ears for the past 5-6 years. I was taking 4 Bioflavonoid pills per day to stop the ringing. It helped some, but now it stopped completely without any pills.

-- Joe Mapes

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9 Day Ayahuasca Retreat

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