Pancha Karma- Ayurvedic Detox and Rejuvenation St Croix, USVI

  • Maha Vidya Yoga and Ayurveda Maha Vidya Yoga and Ayurveda
  • Christiansted, St. Croix, USVI
  • Ongoing
  • $4,375.00 - 7 Day Program All Inclusive $6,250.00 - 10 Day Program All Inclusive

About This Event

Experience this unique program steeped in deep physical, emotional and energetic healing with detoxification or rejuvenation therapies all formulated just for you. On our seaside location on the beautiful island of St. Croix, US Virgin Islands we create a special program to support health, peace and gentle healing on all levels of existence.

Through daily consultations, therapies and individual workshops we share and support your inner development and transformation during your time here with us, offering you sustainable healing practices to carry with you as you venture home. Our program includes daily meals, comfortable private accomodations, and a staff ready to support your needs during this journey. We require a 7 night minimum for Pancha Karma or Healing Programs at our St Croix location. For 3-5 day program inquire for special dates or visit our mainland center in Southern Maine.


Program Variations Include:

Daily Ayurvedic Body Therapies

Gentle Movement Therapy

Daily Yoga Nidra

Ayurvedic Consultation Daily

Color Therapy




Room Services


Pool On-sight

3 Meals a Day



Why Pancha Karma?

Pancha Karma is the purification therapy used in Ayurveda as a means of prevention as well as working with a wide variety of health concerns, offering the most effective treatment for cleansing the body while seeking to eliminate the root cause of disease. Pancha Karma translates to the five actions, referring to the five primary procedures intended to cleanse, balance and restore the body, emotions and mind.


Ayurvedic medicine is the oldest healing system in the world, originating in India some 3,000–5000 years ago. Defined as the science of life, Ayurveda teaches us about the world we live in by understanding the elements of existence from a gross to subtle level, explaining the energetics of nature and how these fundamental forces interact and influence our body, energy, mind and spirit. Pancha Karma is founded upon these central concepts of Ayurveda, which state that disease is caused by not living in harmony with these forces of Nature, generating mental misunderstandings or imbalances and physical accumulation of toxic substances. When the body is the liberated from toxic build-up and the mind cleared of unwholesome mental habits, the innate intelligence of our physical system is free to exercise its inherent rejuvenating capabilities. The main tools of this practice support digestive health, the cleansing of toxins, and balancing of emotions of the mind to create a sustainable life of harmony between our spirit, mind, senses and body.

In Ayurvedic medicine, Pancha Karma is used to treat a wide array of imbalances, including ones that are chronic, metabolic or stress-related in origin.

Pancha Karma has been used to support treatment of:

allergies, arthritis, asthma, cancer, chronic fatigue syndrome, colitis, high cholesterol, depression, diabetes, digestive disorders, fertility complications, heart disease, hormone imbalances, hypertension, irritable bowel syndrome, immune disorders, infections, inflammation, insomnia, life changes, lyme disease, nervous disorders, obesity, skin problems, stress, trauma, ulcers, weight loss. Pancha Karma can also be used as general preventative health care to support cleansing, immunity and energy, as well as clarity of thought and movement.


What to Expect

To begin your Pancha Karma program there is a thorough examination and diagnosis by your Ayurvedic practitioner, who determines the details of your personalized Pancha Karma program.  Pancha Karma is designed to calibrate your unique constitution as we work with a specific and deeply individualized plan of approach. Herbs, dietary and lifestyle changes may be recommended before, during and after your stay. Upon registration you will receive your consultation packet that can be sent to us prior to your arrival.

Treatments can vary in length from a couple days to a few weeks. At the center here in St. Croix patients are regularly supervised and treated with dietary therapy, prepared meals, gentle yoga asana, meditation and/or breath therapies, yoga nidra, Ayurvedic massage, and other therapies such as shirodhara, svedana and basti. Daily schedule varies upon evaluation and goals of each individual program.


Located at the beautiful Chenay Bay Beach Resort on the East side of the island of St Croix guests can conveniently fly into the STX Henry Rohlenson Airport where a taxi will bring you to the location.

Private accommodations in your own private villa and bath overlooking the Caribbean Sea and on-sight pool will create a luxurious surrounding for time in nature outside of therapies and cleansing practices.




Meeting Carlisle and Zaplin has been a life changing experience for us. The two of them have so much knowledge, and a genuine passion in their teaching. They balance each other beautifully in all aspects and their teachings are so complete and rich. We feel every yogic experience we have with them, whether being asanas, theory lessons, meditation etc makes us open our eyes more, increases our understanding and makes all our daily experiences fuller and more meaningful.Having teachers like C&Z is a gift we wish everyone could have the chance to experience. -Line

Event Highlights

  • Experience this unique program seeped in deep physical, emotional and energetic healing, detoxification, or rejuvenation therapies all formulated just for you. Along the beautiful Caribbean Sea on the island of St Croix we create a special program to support health, peace and gentle healing on all levels of existence. Daily consultations, therapies and individual workshops are shared to support not only transformation during your time here with us, but sustainable healing to take with you as you venture home. Our program includes daily meals, comfortable private accomodations, and a staff ready to support your needs during this journey. We require a 7 night minimum for Pancha Karma or Healing Programs. For 3-5 day programs inquire or visit our location in Southern Maine.


Program includes daily ayurvedic consultation, movement therapy, pranayama, ayurvedic spa therapies, cleansing techniques and time in nature.

Venue Highlights

Our Pancha Karma Programs are located at Chenay Bay Beach Resort on the east end of the island of St Croix. With private villas you can enjoy the luxury of natural private living with ocean views, pool access and time for rest and rejuvenation.


Private or shared villas available with private baths, kitchenette, porches and access to ocean and the pool. Room service is included along with towels and linens.


  • Air Conditioning in Rooms
  • Free Wifi
  • Pool
  • Towels
  • Free Parking
  • Kitchen
  • Tour Assistance
  • Yoga Studio
  • House-Keeping

Menu Types

  • Vegan
  • Vegetarian
  • Ayurvedic
  • Organic
  • Gluten Free
  • Dairy Free
  • Nut Free


During Pancha Karma we use khichari as our main meal for a cleansing mono-diet. All spice blends, teas, and herbs will be included.


Located in South Berwick, Maine we recommend flights to Boston Logan International Airport or Manchester NH Airport. Shuttle buses to Dover NH are available upon arrival.
Our staff will schedule pickup from Dover, NH for $25 per shuttle.

For programs outside of Maine flight information will be provided at registration time or inquire.

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