Illahi Noor Initiation (3 hour workshop)

  • Tribal Village, San Marcos La Laguna (on the road to San Pablo, near El Mirador)
  • Dec 8, 2018 (1 day)

About us

Illahi Noor is an ancient portal of Divine Grace Energy, from the golden ray, originating in Ancient Egypt, that has been reactivated 15 years ago and that is now accessible to all, to bring the qualities and healing powers of Oneness, non duality and Divine blessings to your life, and to the world. It is an open source energy that you can to use to protect, enhance and heal anything.
It contains all the new codes and informations of the actual earth changes and of consciousness evolution, directly from the Source (God, Divine Mother…).
You can connect to it through intention and tune into this huge field of Non Dual consciousness. It is like an update on a software on a computer. You receive then the last codes of evolution and it becomes easier to handle the intense transformation that is taking place these days in human consciousness.
It is Open Source. It doesn’t require any initiation or it is not part of a specific lineage. Everyone can tune into it.
You can receive it from someone, with the hands on the head, and it becomes then like a shower of pure golden unconditional Love. It is really blissful.
After some time, this energy creates a bridge between the amygdala brain in the back of the head (fight or flight syndrome, survival) and the neo cortex (non dual thinking).
It is the energy of the divine Grace, the blessing from the Source to support our process of evolution and the transition into the new era or golden age.
You can use it with any other channel of healing energy you are already using. It blends perfectly with all other energies and even enhances them. It can be used for protection, for manifesting non dualistic intention, for praying, for healing…
In this 3 hours workshop, you will fine tune the Illahi Noor channel and learn how to use it, to expand your consciousness, to dissolve any conflicts within you, to send it to all your cells and body parts. You will learn how to share this blessing with other people, by putting your hands on their heads, and to send it to a remote person.
This 3 hours workshop is enough to give you the confidence  to channel this energy personally and to others, in a safe and efficient way.

Teacher : Demian Haye is a 42 years old french teacher that teaches all around the world since more than 15 years. His school is called Magic Vibrations Healing.

"At tribal village you can really see the beauty of utopian ideas combining with ancient wisdom to create working and wonderful designs of collaboration. Love the parties, love the spirit of community and simply every little thing about the smart ways things are sorted out, immersed and encompassed by a very particular line of thinking. Here's to the familia and both fingers crossed that this great strive continues, broadening and deepending our understanding of tribal trust, true purpose and spirited cocreation!"

Event Highlights

  • 3 hour workshop

Venue Highlights

This event will take place in Tribal Village on the shores of Lake Atitlan. The Lake Atitlan has a magical vibration and is the perfect place to learn healing techniques.


  • Free Wifi
  • Kitchen

Menu Types

  • Vegan
  • Vegetarian
  • Ayurvedic


If you want to spend a few nights in our incredible location, please take a look at our "Reconnection to self" Retreat event,


We are located between San Marcos and San Pablo. The easiest way to get here is a 10 min tuk tuk from San Marcos (5-10Q). You can tell the driver to go to Tribal Village or El Mirador. You will get dropped off at the top of a big on a colorful garage with a painted mural and with a small “Tribal Village” sign next to the garage. Take the stairs down towards the lake.
You can also walk for about 25 minutes from San Marcos.
From Guatemala City Airport you can take a direct shuttle to Antigua (80-120Q) where you might have to spend a night, depending on your arrival time. From there you can take a shuttle with a travel agency to San Marcos (70-100Q) or to Panajachel. From Pana you will need to take a boat to San Marcos (20-25Q).

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