Vibrant Heart 5 Day Tantra Healing Retreat

  • San Marcos La Laguna, Guatemala
  • Feb 3 - 8, 2019 (6 days)

About us

Vibrant Heart
5 days Tantra Healing Retreat

Do you want to feel fully alive, vibrant, expansive and invite more freedom, courage, joy, sensuality, trust and love for life and people?
Are you longing for a deeper acceptance of yourself, to feel more complete, let go of guilt and shame and step into creating the deep intimacy that your heart fulfills? Are you ready to fully say YES to life?

Join us for the 5 Day transformational Tantra Healing Retreat - surrounded by the magical volcanoes and the sacred waters of the Lake Atitlán in Guatemala. The Retreat will be held in one of the most scenic places of San Marcos La Laguna - The Tribal Village - directly at the waterfront. Tribal Village is a visionary community and you have the chance to get a taste of community life during your stay.

This unique Retreat is designed to lead you into vibrant heart expansion, radical authentic self expression, trust, compassion, forgiveness and deeper self love. We create a safe healing space to transform your wounds into radiant energy, to shine and to go beyond your own image and story.
To discover, heal and integrate your hidden aspects and to balance your feminine and masculine qualities. To surrender to yourself and to life to create deep, heart touching intimacy.

The program is designed to:

• Become more free of your old ways of thinking, feeling and living your life.
• Integrate more honesty and authentic expression into every minute of your life and create much deeper and heart touching relationships.
• Bring forgiveness and get over anger, blame and past hurt related to the opposite gender.
• Gain much more access to your deep inner wisdom, connect to your aliveness , inner beauty, clarity, acceptance and compassion.
• Integrate a practice of being and communication that brings you in a clear contact with your desires and boundaries.
• Experience nourishing and conscious touch, give and receive touch in a way that is fulfilling, healing and expanding your sense.
• Get over old concepts of love, sensuality and relating and free yourself from your self made limitations and embrace life as it is unfolding in front of you AND inside of you
• Let go of the effort of controlling life and let life live through you.

As a group we will raise together in our vibration and create a powerful and safe container to deal with, to allow and to feel your way through everything that arises, your fear, anger, pain, love, lust, shame, guilt and joy. Through allowing yourself to fully feel, you will learn to go with the flow of your inner energies and stop resisting life and go beyond your own limitations, to let go of the past and heal yourself.

The Highlights:
• Daily morning practice
• Tantra Kriya Yoga
• Tantric Rituals - Shiva Shakti Puja
• Biodynamic Breathwork
• Radical Communication
• In group coachings
• Tantra Temple Night
• Cacao Ceremony
• Ecstatic Dance Ceremony
• Tantric Massage & Conscious Touch
• Emotional Release techniques

We will give you everyday tools and practices to stay in your moment to moment experience out of mind concepts. We will lead you into practices of love, self love, surrender, trust, full body forgiveness and authentic expression.
The practices aims to restore your natural polarity between inner masculine and feminine , attaining your natural internal balance, allowing better emotional awareness in order to heal your relations to yourself and others. From there your sensuality and sexuality can flow more naturally and free beyond conditioned shame and guilt.
This is the time for you to heal your heart, your relationships, your sexuality and to allow full contact with the beautiful love within you.

Tools / Methodology:
To connect deeper to your unique energy flow, your embodied wisdom and to become more present from moment to moment we use Dynamic Meditations, Tantric Kriya Yoga, Movement Meditation, Bioenergetics and Emotional Release techniques.
Conscious breathwork supports you in experiencing higher consciousness, greater awareness and presence that enables a more balanced inner and outer health.

Tantric Meditations and practices will serve you in creating present and intimate encounters with others and yourself, to let go of conditioning, to become still inside and vibrant in the heart. To connect to your intuition and trust through accessing your inner body wisdom.

Authentic Communication and Radical Honesty will be used to bring you into full presence in connection with others, to take full responsibility for your experience and to let go of self destructive mechanism in the mind and to practice full body forgiveness - yourself and others. And to truly ask for what you want and express what you don't want.
With Constellation Work you become more aware of conditioned roles, self limiting beliefs and judgements and you raise your awareness of the stories and your history that is still alive inside of you and in the way of your full expression.

To connect deeper to your unconditional love and to your natural Sensuality, we combine Conscious Tantric Touch, elements of the Tantric Massage and Bodywork.
The Wheel of Consent guides you into more clarity about your automatic roles you play in intimate encounters and will give you amazing tools for more clarity in feeling and expressing your desires and boundaries - as well as to create more lightness, playfulness and deeper intimacy.

Tantric Rituals, as Shiva-Shakti Puja, incorporate several elements from the world of tantra: Loving contact, presence, the embodiment of Shiva - Shakti in the physical body, sacredness, couple kriya energy flow practices and dance. In the presence of deep intention you will recognise and honour the divine within yourself and each other, experiencing a glimpse of living in Bliss.

A beautiful Cacao Ceremony and touching Medicine songs open up the heart gently and empower self compassion and healing.
We will start every day with a group practice of Kriya Yoga, embodiment, movement or dance meditations, release work or breathwork to raise the level of energy, aliveness and to open up to our bodies.

Who is it for:
This workshop is for singles & couples, beginners & advanced and any sexual orientation and gender that wishes to deepen their connection to their inner wisdom and enter into a path of more awareness, freedom and love in their lives.

Tribal Village Community Lake Atitlan
The Tribal Village Community is a very unique place close to San Marcos La Laguna. Situated directly at the crystal clear waters of the Lake Atitlán, surrounded by lush green hills and fields. It is an oasis of growing consciousness and community building.

The beautiful community is an international family with a strong focus to teach and empower local communities, volunteers and guests with the knowledge and practices needed to ground the new paradigm on our planet.

Included in the package:
• 5 nights of accommodation in the Tribal Village (dormitory / tent / Tepee)
• 3 meals per day (vegan love food, locally sourced)
• Daily morning practice of Tantra Kriya Yoga / Yoga / Movement & Embodiment practices
• Biodynamic Breathwork Sessions
• Cacao Ceremony
• Tantra Temple Night
• Group sessions, workshops and coachings

Your investment:
Accommodation according to availability. It is high season, please book in advance to secure your desired accommodation.


Sign up:
We will ask you to secure your reservation with a deposit of 200€.


Please read and understand our cancellation policy before making a reservation at the bottom of the page.

About the facilitators:

Katerina Foltova:
Katerina is a free spirit and a natural healer of many paths of life. She is a Hatha and Ipsalu Tantra Kriya Yoga teacher, BioDynamic Breathwork & Trauma Release Practitioner, Shiatsu Thai massage therapist, Reiki & Deeksha giver, and she’s been initiated into plant medicine paths with Huichol and Shipibo tribes.
Her journey started 12 years ago in India through a 21- day Deeksha transmission process where she experienced profound healing and received initiation as a Deeksha giver into the path of a healer.
After years of travelling the world, working with different healers, energy and therapies, practicing and teaching yoga, releasing deep trauma, working with Tantric breathing techniques, shamanic rituals and plant medicines she realised the healing powers of the breath – the key to higher consciousness, greater psychic sensitivity, better physical and mental health, and a gift to reach full body orgasms.
She discovered that by breathing deeply through frightening experiences we have the power to transform them into marvellous adventures. And as we become increasingly aware of moment-to-moment processes within the body, we also become aware of our thoughts and feelings, transforming us into more conscious beings. Connecting to our breath, our life force, the free flow of life, allows us to become more authentic, healthy and radiant beings, unlocking our highest potential.
Katerina has completed the advance teacher training with Nayano Burdine the elder teacher of Ipsalu Tantra Kriya Yoga system, following Osho's red Tantra and Babaji's white Tantra teachings. She has the level 1 & 2 Cosmic Cobra Breath initiation which accelerated her healing of many deep traumas regarding sexuality, bringing awareness on how to effectively use her vital energy. She will be fully certified to pass on the initiations into kriya Cosmic Cobra breath by summer 2019.
In her workshops and sessions, Katerina combines transformational powers of Biodynamic breath with Tantra, ancient kriya yoga practices, Osho teachings, and shamanic rituals.
She organises Tantra retreats, Breathing ceremonies and gives one-on-one BBTRS sessions. She loves collaborating with talented healers, teachers, musicians, shamans and artists, with the intention to create safe spaces for conscious transformation, beauty, love and inter-connectedness of all. She is based half-year in Berlin and the other half she travels with her workshops to different parts of the world, mainly to Mexico, Peru and India.
Ipsalu Tantra -

Michael Kreuzwieser:
He is a researcher of Tantra, presence, deep intimate connections, conscious touch, consens, Radical Honesty and embodiment. He has a deep passion and love for people and to support each other to go beyond our conditioning into our natural beauty and full love for life and others. He is very committed to support people in expanding out of their routines and believes and to come to inner peace & silence and full authentic self expression. He is a creator of safe spaces to explore Tantra, deep honesty, sensuality, transforming touch and embodiment - to spread more self awareness, self love and finally self responsibility. To realise that I am the creator of everything, my joy and my suffering and that I am fully responsible for myself. The core teachings are self awareness & responsibility, embodiment, authentic communication and deep intimacy.

He has been teaching and integrating Tantra in his life for several years, he teaches what he lives. His background is teaching a Somatic Coaching Bodywork since 2011, called the Grinberg Method, a powerful body awareness practice. He is giving tantric healing sessions since 2013 and practicing and teaching Radical Honesty since 2014. He is a trainer candidate for Radical Honesty and since 2017 a certified Forrest Yoga Teacher.
He facilitates transformative Workshops & Retreats in which he combines the transforming practices of Tantra, Conscious Touch and Radical Honesty.


Retreat cancelation policy:
It is your responsibility to read and understand our cancellation policy before making a reservation. Naturally, no one books with the intention of cancelling or postponing their retreat, but unexpected things do happen.

After a confirmation has been emailed to you, a deposit payment is required within 3 working days to secure your reservation.

If you cancel your trip 30 days or more before the start of the retreat
Vibrant Heart Retreat will refund the full cost of the retreat with the exception of your deposit. This deposit is non-refundable, but can be used as credit for another retreat. We will gladly transfer your credit to another guest as well.

If you cancel your trip less than 30 days before the start of the retreat
Vibrant Heart Retreat will refund 50% of your trip. The 50% credit can be used for another retreat, or we can transfer your credit to another guest as well.

Exceptions to our policy cannot be made for any reason. We do not offer credit for a guest arriving late or leaving early.

"At tribal village you can really see the beauty of utopian ideas combining with ancient wisdom to create working and wonderful designs of collaboration. Love the parties, love the spirit of community and simply every little thing about the smart ways things are sorted out, immersed and encompassed by a very particular line of thinking. Here's to the familia and both fingers crossed that this great strive continues, broadening and deepending our understanding of tribal trust, true purpose and spirited cocreation!"

Venue Highlights

Wake up at sunrise for a magnificent view of Lake Atitlan and welcome the morning with a group Yoga or Qi Gong class. We often have conscious workshops depending who are the co-creators staying with us at the time. For instance, Qi Gong, Acro Yoga, Sacred Water, Female Empowerment, Conscious Leadership, Sacred Geometry and Thai Massage are some of the recent offerings. During the evening musicians play guitar and drums and people can join in singing. Sometimes it’s Kirtan (devotional music) and sometimes original pieces depending on the musicians in the village at the time. Every Monday there will be a Sacred Song Circle where all San Marcos is invited! After dark we often build a fire and sing Kirtan and other songs around the fire. Sometimes hot cocoa is served. It’s wonderful to warm the feet by the fire, cuddle with your honey and sing together.


  • Free Wifi
  • Towels
  • Kitchen
  • Tour Assistance
  • Yoga Studio

Menu Types

  • Vegan
  • Vegetarian
  • Ayurvedic


In high season and during the week a breakfast is provided with lots of fruits and porridge. Lunch is prepared with love and joy and we will all eat together in the garden or in the terrace of the temple. For dinner you can prepare your own food or cooperate with other people using the community kitchen. In low season and during the weekends you can also prepare your own food in the community kitchen.


Dormitory option, located in the Temple House on the second floor with an incredible view of the lake can welcome up to 10 people. According to availability, you can have a single bed or one bunk bed.
Temple room option, located in the temple house at ground level has 2 rooms with double beds and windows on the terrace with views of the lake.
Glamping tepee option, located at different locations in the Tribal Village, all have a lake view, they are brand new and are traditional Sioux models. They have a double bed with a mosquito net, a wooden trunk with a lock to put your stuff, and electricity.
Iglo tent option, for people who want more privacy than the dormitory and still have the cheapest option, we have few tents available.
We provide bed sheets, pillows, blankets and towel.
You will share dry toilets and shower with warm water in the area of the tepee or in the temple house.
When you arrive you are asked a deposit (100Q) for the towel and you’ll get it back when you leave.


We are located between San Marcos and San Pablo. The easiest way to get here is a 10 min tuk tuk from San Marcos (5-10Q). You can tell the driver to go to Tribal Village or El Mirador. You will get dropped off at the top of a big on a colorful garage with a painted mural and with a small “Tribal Village” sign next to the garage. Take the stairs down towards the lake.
You can also walk for about 25 minutes from San Marcos.
From Guatemala City Airport you can take a direct shuttle to Antigua (80-120Q) where you might have to spend a night, depending on your arrival time. From there you can take a shuttle with a travel agency to San Marcos (70-100Q) or to Panajachel. From Pana you will need to take a boat to San Marcos (20-25Q).

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