High Land Ayahuasca near Pisaq, Sacred Valley

  • Quello Quello, Pisaq, Peru
  • Dec 1 - 2, 2018 (2 days)

About us

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The only chance in the Valley in December for intimate ayahuasca ceremony, led by Tata Mundo, one off event happening between jungle dietas.

On the edge of highland forest, in peaceful mountain native community 20 minutes from Pisaq, in new ceremonial space connected to indigenous owned project.

We are working in own, unique style, combining influences of Amazonian maestros and paganic, shamanic heritage of the north, primordial roots, sounds, breath and smells. This focused but non orthodox work, very different from new age vibe of the ayahuasca in Sacred Valley. We go deep, using powerful medicine and techniques, and many confirm that they never experienced something like this before. We only use time tested formula good for your body, pure ayahuasca brew we cook ourselves in own jungle centre, from chacruna and vine only, no other addictives, or substitutes like syrian rue.

Spaces are very limited, so book early, contacting us by private message. Cost 150 soles per person. This includes bed after ceremony in indigenous owned guesthouse.

Tata Mundo :

Almost 20 years on a long and twisted path of exploration of magic, primordial beliefs, traditional cultures, shamanism and spirituality of the world. From Rastafarian camps in Jamaica, voodoo in Haiti and Africa, desert traditions of healing with trance, in Maghreb, Ethiopia, Pakistan, shamanism of Mongolia, Africa, Pakistan, mysticism of Indian subcontinent, transformative Sufi rites on three continents, Bwiti initiation in Cameroon, finally culminating in Amazon and Andes, learning its traditional medicine, sampling various sources of knowledge of the world and inspiration, understanding of self and bringing others safely through paths scouted before. Worked with shamans in Peru, Ecuador and Colombia, gringos, mestizos and tribes : Shipibo, Siona, Cofan, Tsachilas, Kamsa, Achuar, Kichwa, Witoto.

Traveler, journalist, guide, practitioner. Founder and leader of medicinal camp in the jungle of northern Peru, place where patients from all around the world come seeking solutions to their problems. Specializes in entheogenic plants used in the local tradition. Primal, ancient shamanism reinterpreted through body, breath and own, unique experience for the moment of NOW, improvisation, syncretism, song woven continually, rooted in ancient past and in various cultures with fruits here and for each case individually.

Some testimonial of previous guests :

" I was with Mundo.. I survived the hardest, and at the same time the most beautiful moments during the ceremony...Thanks"
[ Tomas ]

"Great integration of cultures. I clearly felt my Slavic roots in this work. thank you for not pretending to be who you are not."
[ Yana ]

"I had a fantastic aya ceremony in Pisac with Psychonauta (Mundo). The experience was very deep and strong, carried out professionally. The place where the ceremony took place was very nice, clean and prepared for such events.
If you are ready for life changing event - this is the ceremony for you!"
[ Marcin ]

"Wonderful ceremony, Mundo is a great space holder, grounded, humble and intentional. I felt safe to let go and the ceremony was deep for everyone."
[ Darya ]

"Beautifully organised and lead ceremonies, no dogma and brainwashing, really good boundaries. I felt safe and taken care of "
[ Lana ]

[ Castellano ]

Ultima opportunidad en Valle en mes de Octubre para ceremonia intima de ayahuasca, guiada por Tata Mundo, unico evento occuriendo entre retiros de dietas en la selva.

En el borde del bosque bonito y las ruinas de los Incas, en una tranquila comunidad nativa a 20 minutos de Pisaq, estamos abriendo nuevo espacio ceremonial, con duenos indigenas.

Estamos trabajando en un estilo propio y único, que combina las influencias del maestros amazónicos y la herencia pagana, chamánica del norte, las raíces primordiales, los sonidos, el aliento y los olores. Es un trabajo muy enfoquado pero no ortodoxo, muy diferente del ambiente new age de la ayahuasca en el Valle Sagrado. Viajamos muy profundo, usando medicina y herramientas poderosas, puros icaros improvisados, nada de canciones populares, y muchos confirman que nunca antes habían experimentado algo así. Usamos solo pura ayahuasca cocinada por nosotros en nuestro centro en la selva, unicamente de chacruna y de la soga.

Los espacios son muy limitados, así que reserve con anticipación, comunícandose con nosotros por mensaje privado. El costo es de 150 soles por persona. Esto incluye alojamiento en hospedaje de una familia indigena.

Tata Mundo :

Mas que 20 anos de estudios y practicas espirituales, no solo trabaja con plantas, pero tambien siguiendo caminos de chamanismo del norte, tradicion Sufi, trance curativo de desierto, desde Marruecos hasta Pakistan, del norte de Europa hasta Ethiopia, iniciacion de iboga en culto Bwiti en Kamerun, aprendizaje en Amazonia con tribus y etnias Shipibo, Siona, Cofan, Tsachilas, Kamsa, Achuar, Kichwa, Witoto. Es fundador y jefe de un campamento medicinal en la selva en norte de Peru, donde pacientes de todo mundo vienen para solucionar sus problemas fisicas, psychologicas, emocionales y espirituales.

Algunos testimonios :

"Las practicas ancestrales en manos adecuadas y la medicina ayahuasaca te pueden llevar a una comprensión extrema del alma y el cuerpo, el espíritu y la mente, donde la mente se pone al servicio del corazón y podes entenderte, amarte y tolerar te más... Gracias Mundo!! Esa tu nave, en esa sección fue muy reveladora, pasificadora y renacedora en mi travesía personal... Espero poder tener más experiencias en tu compania... 100% garantizado medicina desde el corazón del bosque(amazonia) para la Luz de todos... Muy bueno, Gracias Mundo!!"
[ Franck ]

"Fue la mejor experiencia de mi vida, mundo es muy buen guía, me sentí seguro y fue reconfortable"
[ Dych ]

"Hice una ceremonia con Mundo. Fue la experiencia la más increíble y intensa de mi vida.
Le recomiendo.
Gracias por todo"
[ Maxime ]

"Beautifully organised and lead ceremonies, no dogma and brainwashing, really good boundaries. I felt safe and taken care of " [ Lana ]

Event Highlights

  • This is one off event, as we are focused on master plant dietas and longer retreats in our center in the jungle, but we want to offer possibility of sampling our style of work in the mountains too.

Venue Highlights

The place is owned by indigenous family, and you stay in their guesthouse, with your money supporting their urgent needs, as it is poor area with tourism being the only alternative to subsistence agriculture.


It is a simple guesthouse, with double rooms for ceremony participants. There is possibility of breakfast for additional 10 soles per person.


We will have meeting to pick up participants from Pisaq in the afternoon on the day of ceremony.

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