Holigral Authentic Self Retreat

Event Highlights

  • We use our own Ark Angle technology, which is an extension and accelerator for the different processes which will allow for an open eye exploration of our own mindscapes. By way of gentle movements along with your own body/mind signals, our Ark Angle shifts positions in order to locate personal definitory moments (trauma) which are healed naturaly by your movement of awareness.
  • The focus of our job is to reintegrate dissociated aspects of self, created by early trauma -mostly womb and birth experience- and by it´s healing, mind structures collapses and people properly embody in the here and now. This worl as it is integral allows as well to reintegrate shadow aspects and begin a process of adjustment and relearning which is supported along 3 months with remote assistance after the retreat.


We abide by only one rule: "Not to comment about other people or their work.". From this we then hold 3 meals, snacks, etc. according to your own personal schedule.

About This Event

Holigral “grows people up”, genuinely, into adults without fears, with no “inner child”; healthy, balanced human beings - without emotional dramas, without judgmental or busy minds, to a beingness where all is seen in due proportion. Not all of this is pleasant viewing or even explicable to others, but at least one has a true appreciation of the sickness and distortions inherent in society and an idea of how to make the changes required.
As terrible as it is to say, most adult human beings are composed of many child elements and with only a little smattering of truly adult in operation within a person’s range of behaviours. To show how endemic this is, even in the apparently highest of places of responsibility, just look at politicians talking about “economic growth”, when any rational consideration of the world’s resources and burgeoning population would surely be talking about “sustainability” and equitable balance.
Holigral delivers its processes through “Authentic Leadership Programmes”, where you shed all the stuff no longer serving and become at peace with your true self. All flows from there. 

We do not use a goal-oriented approach because that is always seeking to fix what is rather than working with it. Emergence creates results at right- angles to goals or expectations, but always better ones. The worst way to proceed is using goals if you want permanent solutions. Just look at the accelerated mess of humanity since goal-oriented coaching and business target-setting became commonplace.
Rather than pushing to evolve consciousness into “higher memes”, we undo the structures. By reconnecting to the apparently lower evolutionary aspects one evolves more.
Rather than using “doing-to” healings, we use simple radiant osmosis of beingness. Accepting the delegates as they are, enforcing a rule of no-one commenting on anyone else, and using the emergent processes, peace naturally emerges, and healing with it. If someone needs to exorcise some personal demons then they are helped on their way. 

By navigating the personal collective, all the dots of the selves are joined up and migrate to fill the body.
Rather than seeking ascension, descent into the body is the real answer; embodiment. You can tell systems that are “off with the fairies” because their focus is on the stars rather than here - because some of them is dissociated into the stars. 

By using momentum processes with habits and patterns they are undone effortlessly, by having no more structures, one is now-ing, living the real “power of now”, not by meditating, not by focussing awareness, but just by being. 

Holigral helps to re-understand the world, at a fractal level, all the layers, all the cycles and the phases, to get the underlying games, stories, influences, historical causes and even projective magic that happens unconsciously.

We welcome brave hearts and souls into a most fulfilling experience in Mexico, in an ancestral village surrounded by mountains 1.5 hrs from Mexico City.

I'm not sure there is any way to adequately describe the end result of a 7 day Holigral retreat but I will try. Every participant comes with their own set of life experiences, goals, and issues. However, one thing is certain, you will never be the same. The results, insights, and benefits are permanent. Mary Oliver, Victim Services Coordinator / Law Enforcement. Austin, Texas.

Venue Highlights

Our venues are in the Sacred Valley of Tepoztlan, an energetically charged set of mountains which hold a perfect space for our retreat. We cater mexican and author meals and enjoy ourselves with sun, pool, nature and all the commodities to make our stay and journey into ourselves an extraordinary experience.


Our choice of venues allows for comfortable rooms to enjoy privacy and comfort. We choose venue according to the group and always in a garden with pool setting and ideally with a mexican taste in architechture.


  • Free Wifi
  • Pool
  • Towels
  • Free Parking
  • Kitchen
  • Coffee/Tea
  • House-Keeping

Menu Types

  • Vegetarian
  • Meat

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  • Yolanda Aaliyah   July 14, 2015

      Self-awareness on steroids

    I have attended several retreats led by Jorge Carrillo and Steve Saunders. I am impressed by and grateful for the effectiveness of the Holigral method to address deeply-rooted trauma and existential pain. I find the method human, non-intrusive and enlightening (for the lack of a better term). Although I still have some retreats to attend to understand my own mental and emotional structures, I feel very happy about the new level of self-awareness and inner peace I have obtained after this inner work. I believe there is no better investment than the one we make in our own selves. Thank you, Jorge and Steve. - Yolanda Bello, Mexico City

  • Joanna Sullivan   May 10, 2015


    My friend had spoken to me about the method of Holigral as a way of achieving what an expert person who meditates might achieve in a lifetime. He said Holigral could do this in significantly less time, while fully conscious and without drugs. After attending workshops I understand how this is possible. Expert facilitators lead you through a process of self expression intertwined with sets of questions requiring answers. Through the self expression, patterns arise that are identified by the facilitator. What ever it is that underlies the patterns, is addressed and "deconstructed" through questions from the facilitator and answers from the subject. The questions are posed in a way that eventually makes thoughts loose their structure and sense. At the end of the process, there is a literal relief felt mentally and physically. It is as if the facilitator engages the subconscious mind by asking it to speak of that which affects it but is not obvious to the conscious mind. When the issue expressed in a pattern is brought into consciousness and is "deconstructed"; you feel as if a burden has been lifted from you. By the end of a workshop you get to understand what it means when people say "just be". It is as if you have gone back to a moment in childhood when there were no responsibilities or demands and you just exist. The mind empties and all of a sudden you understand what it is like to be in the cliche of the "Now"and fully present. It is almost like magic taking place before you and inside you. It is not a walk in the park. No effort no gain, but it is toooooootally worth it. The internal dialogue inside completely vanishes. Holigral to me now is a method of achieving an altered state of mind and being; while fully conscious and without narcotics.

  • Dalia Oliva   May 05, 2015

      Holigral Retreat

    I was profoundly surprised with the elegance and ease in which the method allows a personal journey of self discovery and healing through self applied exercises using patterns of questions and the information that emerged from several creative activities or just anything that might happen during the same processes. My personal experience of the retreat was of deep transformation in matter of days from which I´ve released my self of any stressful responses to everyday challenges and doings. My inner dialogue reduced to it´s minimal expression giving way to a deep and powerful intuitive connection with myself and others to the point that its amazing the ease and clarity in which I can now see and understand -even anticipate- situations and reactions in people or contextual phenomena. My performance has improved beyond belive and my health is vibrant and energetic. After years of meditation and practicing several healing modalities, I see in the Holigral Method a radical approach to human development and healing. After a couple of years of my experience, the results have been permanent and integral; they have brought a new understanding on the unconscious ways life emerges at every level, an adventure worth living beyod belief and certainly, the best set of skills for this complex modern age.

Thank you!

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