Self-Compassion & Holistic Health & Spirituality... Awesome!

  • Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India & Pondicherry India & Aurovile
  • Mar 14 - 21, 2019 (8 days)

Event Highlights

  • Attention Spiritual Seekers…
  • Discover the Culture, Spirituality & Elegance of India
  • Are you ready to enjoy…
  • This exotic society based in peace & divine awareness
  • Premier 4 & 5 Star hotel accommodations
  • Delicious meals
  • Comfortable, air- conditioned autos with professional drivers
  • Plenty of personal leisure time to relax or venture about
  • A retreat custom crafted to enhance your life
  • Your own Spiritual Interpreter! Each area is filled with sacred lessons to embrace through the channeled messages.


Each day is unique and filled with wonders, befitting such a magical country.

What stays the same? Each day you will enjoy:
The beauty & luxuries of your 5 star hotel, including spas
A full breakfast of Eastern & Western delights
A lighter, but substantial lunch
A delicious dinner, where you choose from a full menu
Comfortable, air- conditioned autos with professional drivers
Plenty of personal leisure time to relax or venture about
Each Day we will have a gathering for meditation and healing graces
A spiritual interpretation of the land and how it directly aligns with your life path

Every day offers you such amazing experiences, which no other retreat can:

Visits with the Ayrvedic Doctors, who check your pulse & tongue for imbalances
No disrobing or embarrassing questions.

Massages, sacred oils & more in Ayuvedic wellness centers
Shopping for local jewelry, clothes & art
Discovering the City of Peace.. Auroville

Special Event to expand your consciousness within the Matrimandir. This one- of-a- kind building is a temple to Pure Spirituality. It is gold plated on the outside, with pure white marble within. It was built on the teachings of Sacred Geometry including the inside spiral up to the top place of meditation & prayer. It is not a tourist destination; reserved for spiritual seekers.

Your Spirituality and Health will Skyrocket!

About This Event

Transform your Life!   

Have you ever longed to go to India, to indulge in Aurvedic Wellness treatments & massage to bring you Holistic Health, but were hesitant because you thought it had to be rustic?  You can relax into this Wellness Journey, because I have delved into the magic of India 4 times, leading retreats that awaken the senses and enliven the mind, while elevating your spirituality.

You may find India to be the most culturally & spiritually adventurous country in the world.  While you are enjoying the luxurious comforts of one of the safest countries in the world, you can be Immersed in two of the major components which make India so unique; their deep spirituality & holistic wellness.   

Holistic Health! In Pondicherry, with its renowned center for Ayurveda Holistic Wellness, we can enhance our health with "4 hand" massages  & other natural curatives.  The Ayurvedic doctors will check your pulse & examine your tongue to teach you the best foods & activities for your constitution.  Self-care leads to Self-Compassion, which leads to JOY!  Envision being immersed in the culture & spirituality of India!

 Explore The Divine Community :  In the 1960's gurus developed Auroville for you and all sacred seekers, as a sanctuary for everyone, regardless of race or creed who wants to live in harmony. This city was founded  with the ultimate goal of becoming fully self-sufficient, growing their own food and making their own products.

This “City of Harmony” is now home to 2,500 residents from 52 nations. We will not be staying overnight in Auroville; however, it is so close to Pondicherry, you may choose to visit more than once during your retreat.

The Matrimandir is gold plated on the outside, with pure white marble within. It was built on the teachings of Sacred Geometry including the inside spiral up to the top place of meditation & prayer. It is not a tourist destination, rather it is reserved for spiritual seekers of wisdom through divine guidance. I was honored during my 4th retreat to India, to be accepted as a spiritual "tour guide", who is allowed to bring you within its inner chambers for this amazing experience. 

Have you been dreaming of such a retreat in exotic India?  Would you like to join us in March to make it your reality? Some Americans are looking for an exotic adventure, but are hesitant, due to the unique cultural norms of the country they desire to visit.  They feel stuck in a small space, when their heart wants more. That is why I started leading retreats in the Spiritual Capitals of the World

India is my absolute favorite for its friendly people, Ayurveda Healings and deep spirituality, which is why this is my 5th retreat to this blessed land.

I will be your American guide to supplement the knowledgeable and professional Indian guides. They all speak fluent English and are properly polite & professional.  Are you looking for divine inspiration?

My first trip to India gave me life changing wisdom. My spirituality went into warp-drive, while my emotions relaxed into a Peace-Filled Life. I have been a divinely guided energy healer & teacher for over 10 years, so in addition to guiding you through India, I will be providing healing energies, meditations & spiritual channelings, attuned to your personal paths.

You can enjoy India & Transform Your Life, just like Rene' stated after her retreat with Jacqui “…I am forever appreciative and grateful to Jacqui for providing this

eye-opening, spiritually enhancing and fun journey. Her spiritual

guidance along the journey transformed a vacation into my spiritual transformation."

I invite You to Discover the Culture, Spirituality & Elegance of India. 

Registration is your Commitment to Your Heart & Soul.

.“...I got to love her during our time in India living the journey!... WoW! What an  experience. If you've ever quested to go to India, ​ Jacqui Simpson ​ is your  gal. Not kidding. It's all good…the 7 Ladies of Vegas in India!” ~Valery  Brown Godino 

Venue Highlights

You will be staying in 4 & 5-Star Hotels and enjoying the stunning beauty of the cities in India. Each was hand-picked for you, because of their cultural charisma and enlightening spirituality.

Chennai: The capital of India offers you the modern look combined with the natural historic significance of the ancient country. You will have plenty of time to acclimate and rest from your flight.

After a quiet night in Chennai, we will enjoy a scenic drive along the seacoast which takes you to Pondicherry.
Pondicherry is a French-India enclave, known as the " Riviera of the East", with its own seaside boardwalk and French cuisine. It is considered the best shopping in India.
“…One of my favorite memories of India, is walking in
Pondicherry after dinner. The town closes seaside road, for
a family friendly "boardwalk" atmosphere with toys, games
and food. Families walk along…it was such a loving,
welcoming, fun and yummy (contact info blocked)”
Pondicherry has a world renown Ayurveda Wellness center, which will enliven you with massages, oils and uplifting treatments. There are no pharmaceuticals here, only a doctor who looks at you with the "Whole Person" view to suggest foods and activities to assist you to become the best of YOU!
There is plenty of time to enjoy the city.

Spiritual excitement in Auroville: Yes! We will be visiting The City of Peace, where people from over 54 countries live together in harmony, without a government or organized religion. The people of Auroville have decided to embrace Love & (contact info blocked) welcome you! !


Some people dream of international travel in exotic lands, but hesitate, because they aren’t familiar with the hotels, their amenities and the food. For your vacation-style spiritual retreat, I have chosen some of the “Crown Jewels” of India, each receiving awards for their rooms, service, amenities and delicious food.

Southern India has a noticeably different vibration than the North. The spirituality is a bit more subtle, while your wellness, takes a more predominate role in your activities.

Le Pondy celebrates your health building connection to the earth with 14 acres of beautiful landscaping. This is an enormous expanse of land for only 70 rooms. Your room is exquisitely furnished and sprinkled with luxury touches. The service is a delightful combination of professionalism and warmth.

Pondicherry is a premium leisure resort beautifully lounged at an estuary between Chunnambar River and the Bay of Bengal.
You can walk the promenade, exploring colonial buildings, churches, temples, statues, and enjoying the pure ambience.

Pondicherry, a former French colony is a combination of cultures. The unmistakable French connection, the tree lined boulevards, the quaint colonial heritage buildings, the spiritual scene and the endless stretches of unspoilt virgin beaches, provide a heady mix that draw travellers from near and far.


Styled in a contemporary manner, each room is fitted with wooden furniture giving it an elegant and classy feel. The cool breeze from the like invites you to enjoy the lake adds to the appeal of the room.

Le Pondy offers exceptional dining experience at a variety of settings. One can chose culinary delights from its open multi-cuisine restaurant, poolside bar, bar overlooking the sea or private dining gazebo.

Le Pondy’s rejuvenating Spa experience cleanses the senses and recharges the whole body. Its wide range of treatments is specially selected to nurture body as well as mind to bring out the inner essence of wellness. Le Pondy’s Spa center offers a time tested recipe to well being in tandem with the spirit of holiday and leisure.

TripAdvisor Reviews:

“Relaxing stay …Peaceful and calm atmosphere. Beautifully maintained rooms. A good sitting area in out balcony. A nice bar and restaurant with variety of dishes. Staff is very courteous and helpful. Real beauty is a clean private beach. ” Stayed: July 2018,

“Relaxing and refreshing We stayed in Le Pondy between 7th May and 9th May. This is our 3rd stay in Le Pondy and we stayed in the pool villa. We like the property and love the service provided in the resort… nice beach. Well maintained pool in the pool villa… Excellent service at the restaurant. Food was very good. Nice spread for the breakfast. The restaurant manager, Mr.Bala murugan was very attentive and ensured that every meal was special occasion. We ordered continental dishes, and they were delicious. Nice big lawn to play, and trees to rest. Play area for kids is well maintained. The rabbits and the birds are fun to watch.”


  • Air Conditioning in Rooms
  • Free Wifi
  • Spa
  • Sauna
  • Pool
  • Towels
  • Free Parking
  • Tour Assistance
  • Hot Tub
  • Coffee/Tea
  • Cafe
  • Restaurant
  • Fitness Center
  • House-Keeping

Menu Types

  • Vegan
  • Vegetarian
  • Pescetarian
  • Ayurvedic
  • Includes Meat
  • Organic
  • Gluten Free
  • Dairy Free
  • Nut Free


India is well noted for its vegetarian cuisine & unique flavors. I invite you to enjoy them to the fullest.
However, someday you want a taste of home. So, I have arranged for each meal to have a variety of Indian and Western dishes for your pleasure. The only food not available in most of India is beef. You will be well nourished, whatever your food preferences.

A full breakfast of Eastern & Western delights
A lighter, but substantial lunch
A delicious dinner, where you choose from a full menu


Your Holistic Wellness starts in Chennai, India, where you will be greeted at the airport, by our personal guide and his driver. They will escort you to your car and to the 5-Star Radisson Blu Hotel Chennai City Centre, where a Superior Room awaits for you to freshen up, nap or enjoy a freshly prepared meal.

In the evening we will gather for a delicious “Embrace Your Holistic Wellness" dinner.
Welcome to Mother India!
On March 21st we will return to the Chennai airport to return home.

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