Yoga, Nutrition, and Ayurveda Retreat

Event Highlights

  • The serenity of a Zen Retreat by a Maya village
  • Temazcal Ceremony
  • Amazing lake and volcano views, with river flow through the land
  • Morning yoga sessions – Deepen your yoga practice
  • Understand better alignment and mechanics of poses
  • Pranayama practices to enrich your energy and life force
  • Zen meditation
  • Osho Kundalini meditation
  • Zen Dance
  • Detailed workshops that will change the way you see the world
  • Yin Yoga to deepen flexibility and balance the body
  • Better understand the functioning of the mind
  • Practice gratitude – joy-enhancing techniques
  • Amazing teachings and hands-on assists from a well-seasoned international teacher
  • Lake swimming
  • Temascal / sweat lodge / natural sauna
  • Exciting evening fire-side Zen talks / chanting
  • Explore the distinct and charming towns of Lake Atitlan


Your days begin with pranayama (breathing practices), meditation, and yoga asana. This practice, which lasts a total of 2.5 hours, is the perfect way to start your day from a place of bliss. Practice is followed by a yummy, nutritious, super food breakfast. You then get a break to relax, read or go explore. We are happy to help with arranging activities such as stand up paddle, massage, market visits, Volcano hikes and more.

It’s also fun to just sit on your hammock, relax by the river on the property, or chat with new friends. It’s also an easy walk to the lake, where you can enjoy swimming or sitting on the dock by the water.

In the afternoons we will deepen yoga practice, dance, sing and play. We will soften into yin, relax into yoga nidra and understand better how to make resolutions actually work. Doron will guide you through meditations and intentions setting, that will actually help you reach your goals.

Prepare to laugh, dance, practice some powerful yet loving yoga, focus your mind like a Jedi and love yourself and others like never before!

About This Event

This amazing one week Ayurveda and Yoga program is designed to guide you in taking the first steps towards building lasting joy into your everyday life. By taking yogic lessons away from the yoga mat and into the real world, we can learn to approach life in a healthy, holistic manner. The course focuses on practicing four major pillars of a balanced lifestyle—physical yoga, breath and energy, food and nutrition, and training the mind.

Led by the author of The Yoga Lifestyle, Doron Hanoch, you will be encouraged to explore the negative patterns that are holding you back from integrating these healthy habits into your life. In addition to daily pranayama, zen meditation, and yoga asana practice, the program will include afternoon workshops on specialized topics such as Ayurveda and Zen Mindfulness.

Finally give your body and mind the attention they deserve. Spend a week living among the abundant natural beauty of Lake Atitlan, eating homemade vegetarian food, and enjoying the company of a supportive yoga family. This retreat is a perfect a way to reset from the stress of your everyday life, and provides practical steps to move forward with a new perspective of joy and gratitude.


The Doron yoga method (based in Ashtanga from primary through third series) mixes yin and yang, core work and strengthening, with deep stretching. The class offers a challenge and movements, but the flow is slow, mindful and focused. You will work hard, and laugh at the same time. There are lots of tips and teachings that will help you advance rapidly. Doron Yoga is a sustainable yoga system, where safety comes first and foundations of correct alignment specifically for each individual. Then, based on that we build up to the most advanced practices according to each student’s level and needs. Receive amazing hands-on assists from a loving, compassionate, enthusiastic, and energetic teacher with more than 25 years of yoga practice and studies around the world.

This inspiring workshops, which are an opportunity to dive deeper into the practice, gain more knowledge from an expert leader, and have time to ask specific questions.
Ayurveda: learning your body type (dosha) and what it means. How to balance your specific dosha, what are your strengths and where do you tend to slip. This is a very empowering session where you willcomprehend how to not only balance your health, but even relationships and communication in life.
Yoga Lifestyle practices: Morning routine– tongue scraping, oil pulling, nauli and more. Night routine– intermittent fasting. Sleep habits. Intentions vs. Resolutions, gratitude meditation,
The food and nutrition sessions: what to eat and drink according to your body type, using a variety of systems – Ayurveda, raw food, macrobiotics, the flexitarian method and new diet researches. Understand what are nightshades, should you eat raw food, fermented food or soy. Which dairy is better? Learn about dairy substitutes, oils that heal, and the most important veggies in your diet. You will also learn about some basic recipes and many cooking tips that are practical and quick for you to improve your eating habits in an easy way.
Yoga and your body: Q&A regarding your poses and practice, when to practice, how much to practice, what kind of practice for your dosha, alignment and some of Doron’s special secrets to make your practice shine.
Zen Mind: How does your mind influence your happiness? Tips regarding meditation, walking meditation, Improving how your mind functions during the day, and how to use it have a blissful life.

What's Included

  • 6 nights accommodation
  • 3 Daily vegetarian meals, locally-sourced food, all cooked from scratch with quality ingredients
  • Hike to secret swim spot on the lake
  • Filtered water, herbal tea and coffee
  • Coaching to build a holistic yoga lifestyle, integrating mind, body, food and nutrition
  • Life in a spiritual community
  • All yoga instructions
  • Pranayama (breathing exercises)
  • Zen Meditation
  • Yoga guidance from a well-seasoned international teacher
  • Tips on integrating the Yoga Lifestyle into your life at home
  • Guided meditations, programs and workshops
  • Time to explore the distinct and charming towns of Lake Atitlan
  • Hammocks, chill out benches and mediation spots around the property

What's Not Included

Extra snacks and beverages
Transportation and transitions to and from the retreat (we can organize it for a fee)
Massage therapies or other consultations with our experts

Venue Highlights

Doron Yoga & Zen Center is a spiritual eco village, based on permaculture principles with touches of Zen. It manifests the power and energy of the magnificent lake Atitlan. The lake can be majestically viewed from our grounds, with volcanoes and local villages perfectly framing the scene. We are part of the Maya village of Tzununa in Guatemala. Located 7 min walk from the lake. Hammocks hang by the river and gardens, and connecting paths are all paved with local stone.

We may just have one of the most beautiful yoga spaces in the world, consisting of a sprawling cypress floating floor, surrounded by large glass sliding doors, held up by huge bamboo pillars, and featuring jaw-dropping views. High ceilings with extra insulation keep the temperatures perfect year round. It is a temple sitting along the Tzununa River, allowing for the sound of water to flow softly and soothingly into our practice. Unlike many ashrams, they did not cut corners, and you can see the beauty in the details. The place is kept very clean and has a wonderful vibe to it. The cane, Cyprus, pine, and rocks used in the construction are locally sourced, where local community workers built each house with care. Permaculture principles are followed to ecologically enhance the quality of the construction, garden, and design functionality of the center.

The Buddha café is a wonderful meeting place. It hosts a large deck with a variety of seating options and a gorgeous view of the lake. It serves super nutritious, delicious gourmet, vegetarian food. One of its primary highlights is the great company. Travelers meet to share stories, experiences, a cup of tea, and a hug. It offers a place to rest, connect with new friends, read and have some delicious food.

Permaculture principles are followed to ecologically enhance the quality of the construction, and design functionality of the center. We grow coffee, bananas, avocados, lettuces, beans, yams, radishes, herbs and around 30 other fruits and vegetables (yum, guacamole!).
We have a beautiful fire pit under the grand Jocote tree (which you may want to climb). Additionally, we’ve built a natural, large, ceremonial-grade sauna to help with detoxing and cleansing. We offer massages and can organize tours around the lake for you.
The DYZC was built on a high-frequency vibration land. We are sure you will feel it as you come stay with us. As one guest stated: “center” doesn’t seem to be the most fitting word- maybe something like dream village, or yoga farm, or riverbank Zen oasis.


Relax surrounded by the soothing sound of the babbling river that flows through the Doron Yoga & Zen Center (DYZC)’s grounds and views of Lake Atitlan, it’s volcanoes, mountains, gardens, coffee, avocado, and banana trees.

DURING YOUR FREE TIME, you can enjoy some of these activities:
Walk / hike around Tzununa, up the mountains or to next-door villages
Sit by the river, or on a hammock and relax
Swim in the lake or chill out on the dock with awesome views
Stand up paddle, in Panajachel or San Marcos
Get a massage in our “by the river” room
Venture by boat, tuk-tuk, or foot into one of the neighboring towns for some shopping for traditional textiles, paintings and crafts, sight seeing, and a feel for some local Mayan villages
Fire night with Zen talk


The rooms at the Doron Yoga & Zen Center (DYZC) in Tzununa are simple but beautiful; rustic, yet charming. Located up the hill from Lake Atitlan, coffee, banana and other trees and lush vegetation abound on the DYZC’s grounds.

All DYZC accommodations are built for comfort and safety while being ecological . The base for all rooms is a stone wall, made of stones from our land held strongly together with concrete. The other walls are from wood, or at times bricks when we seek to have better sound insulation between rooms. Our showers have hot water, and we have western toilettes (eco treatment). Our water source is from a spring supplied by the municipality and from river water that runs through the property.

The dormitories sleeps 5 to 6 people and shares the bathroom area (3 western-style toilets, 2 showers, and 2 sinks).

We tried to give you a local experience, using local fabrics, building with natural materials, eco-friendly materials and following permaculture principles. However, we made sure you will feel at home, and hope you will love this unique experience as much as we love creating it.


  • Free Wifi
  • Sauna
  • Towels
  • Tour Assistance
  • Coffee/Tea
  • Cafe
  • Yoga Studio
  • House Keeping

Menu Types

  • Vegan
  • Vegetarian
  • Gluten Free
  • Dairy Free


Three vegetarian meals will be served each day with a mix of international, Guatemalan, and Doron’s special healthy, yummy, and Mediterranean touch. These are made from fresh local produce, organic when available. Gluten free and Vegan diets can be accommodated upon request.

Each meal is substantial, varied, and nourishing, to energize you through your practices, without leaving you feeling too heavy.

All food at the Doron Yoga & Zen Center is prepared as healthily and nutritiously as possible, under the guidance of the founder and director, who is also a trained chef and certified nutrition consultant.

To the greatest extent possible, food is organic and locally sourced, including from their own blossoming gardens.

You will get a great balance of raw food, cooked food (with healthy oils), fermented foods, healthy sauces and condiments, homemade jams and peanut butter, fresh homemade granola, baked sourdough bread, fresh made tortillas on wood oven, pizza from our clay and wood burning pizza oven and so much more.

We offer snacks and drinks for a pick me up or dessert. Try our chocolate chip banana muffins, vegan power super food rich bliss balls (made with local Mayan raw cacao), vegan black bean brownies, or one of our drinks: kombucha or probiotic ginger.

Notes: Be mindful of food and water hygiene, as travelers’ diarrhea is not uncommon in Guatemala. This can be quite challenging when embarking on a yoga program. Bring some grapefruit seed extract and for daily maintenance, add of seven to eight drops in water or juice. Remember to bring along any other supplement that helps soothe your tummy.


The closest airport to the center is La Aurora International Airport, which is located in Guatemala City. The airport code is GUA.

The airport is located 3-5 hours from Lake Atitlan depending on traffic. When planning flights, please be sure to consider this in your plans. It’s safest and easiest to travel around Guatemala and the lake during daytime hours. As such, We recommend booking a flight that lands before noon if possible. This will allow you to arrive with plenty of time to get to the lake and navigate transportation to the center during daylight hours.
Once in Tzununa, locals know DYZC as Casa Doron Yoga, so you can take a tuk-tuk from the dock (5 minutes), cost 5-10Q.

If your plane lands in the afternoon, please consider spending a night in Guatemala City and traveling to the center in the morning. Private shuttles can be booked for flights arriving as late as 3pm, but you must also be prepared to pay for a private boat on the lake if you arrive after the public boats stop running.

If your flight lands after midnight, we would suggest waiting at the airport until around 5am to begin your journey towards the lake, though private shuttles can be arranged at any time.

The Doron Yoga & Zen Center works with local travel agencies/shuttle companies to help provide you transportation from the airport and to other major centers of tourism in Guatemala. Shuttles run to and from the nearby town of Panajachel, not directly to the center. We offer help with arranging private shuttles, as well as shared shuttles provided by the travel company. The private shuttles are a more direct option. The shared shuttles from the city sometimes also make stops in Antigua, and therefore can take longer to arrive. If not coming from the airport, the shuttles can pick you up from addresses in zones 1, 9, 10 and 13. Please allow at least an hour and fifteen minutes from the time your flight is supposed to land to the time you book your shuttle.

Private shuttles can be arranged at any time, and are a total of $100 USD. The price changes for bigger groups (groups of four or more people). Please inquire about pricing if you have more than three people in your group. If arriving in the evening, please also be prepared to book a private boat from Panajachel.

Shared shuttles leave the airport at 11am and 2pm. Shuttles cost $30 USD per rider. For the 11 am shuttle, your flight must land by 9:45am. For the 2pm shuttle, your flight must land by 12:45pm.

Cancellation Policy

All deposits are non-refundable.
The remaining balance (total price minus deposit) is due 14 days before the retreat start date.
The remaining balance is non-refundable once paid.
Get full details...

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