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The Insight Dialogue Teaching Community (IDTC) is pleased to offer a series of talks with Gregory Kramer entitled The Dhamma Map.  Taking a view from above, as it were, we will be exploring the whole of the Buddhadhamma, its core structures, and what they teach us about the interconnectedness of all the teachings.

Within the wisdom teachings, certain basic domains are identified:

What is the human predicament?

What are the structure and function of the human?

What is the nature of this mind and how does it work to result in suffering and liberation?

What are the methods of freeing the heart?

Within each of these domains and between them, we discover how all of the elements are interconnected in sometimes surprising and inspiring ways. In its entirety, we see the holography of the Dhamma.  What is revealed is the beauty and efficacy of a teaching wherein all aspects reflect, support, and synergize with all others.

Viewing the teachings as a map, we are pointed towards discovering how this is all held within the six tenets of a whole life path:

Dhamma is the foundation—we learn the Dhamma as a support for a life lived well.

All teachings are practices—by knowing the teachings well, we can practice well. By knowing the interconnections among the teachings, our practice takes on the feeling of an integrating whole.

Nothing is left out—no teaching is left out, no moment is left out. This is about the noble eightfold path and more. It is also about the penetrating teachings on the nature of the mind and the meditation practices that are afforded by that.

All the teaching can be experienced here and now—we understand that this series of talks is offered from the heart and to the heart of every listener. Let’s enter this experience with a willingness to trust we can understand even what has heretofore been difficult to understand. We can experience and we can feel the truths in the Dhamma.

The teachings are to be let all the way in—this is the essence of how those attending these talks can receive the fruits. Let them in. Be inspired; be challenged.

Humans are relational.

While this series of talks has no requirements, we are all strongly encouraged to explore on our own, or with spiritual friends, the various topics covered.  Suggested possibilities for engaging with the material covered in the talks include:

Dependent Origination is one of the central teachings.  Reading or listening to Gregory’s other talks on this topic would be supportive, but is not required.

Meditation on dependent origination.

Practice groups or partnerships (pairs, etc.) to investigate any and all aspects of what is offered. In the course of four talks, over 5-6 months, effectively all of the major components of the Buddhadhamma will be touched. It will be far more useful to you if you follow up with Insight Dialogue practice, discussions, and other means of digesting the rich material that will be offered. This can also provide a basis for training cohorts, practice partners, and your own teaching.

Silent meditation that focuses on the Dhamma themes.

We look forward to sharing this experience with you and grateful to Gregory for generously offering this opportunity for the Insight Dialogue community to come together with this Dhamma focus.

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  • Deryk Wenaus   July 04, 2014

      Wakeful teacher in all experiences

    I worked with Gregory on helping build a website and even during mundane conversations on the phone he was transmitting authentic presence. He was always bringing back the view of wakefulness in everyday life. I really appreciated this and hope to attend a longer retreat with him some day.

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