The Magic of Movement - A 5-Day After Summer Retreat

  • Corsica, France
  • Oct 7 - 11, 2019 (5 days)

Event Highlights

  • We will work with:
  • Rebalancing massage.
  • Dance, movement and music
  • Breath-work
  • Active and silent meditation


FAQ Magic of Movement

Could you say something about the fact that this is the first time the Dutch School of Rebalancing is organising an international workshop?
The Dutch School of Rebalancing exists already since 30 years in the Netherlands. In this time we have grown a lot and also learned to include techniques and modalities which complement and enrich Rebalancing. At this point we include movement, personal inquiry and meditation, in addition to the bodywork. We have developed into a holistic personal and vocational education which has drawn the interest of non-dutch speakers interested in Rebalancing. So far they could only participate in Master-classes offered by international teachers, in English.

We see this retreat as part of our growth and us wanting to reach more people with this beautiful work.

What results can I expect from this workshop?
That you go from your head into your heart and your body! In the west we are mostly living from the head, from our intellect. The result is stress and unhappiness. By learning to feel again and to trust your body you will have access to your felt sense and to the wisdom of your own being. You will not only learn to feel better but also learn how to better feel, to connect to what is really going on inside you. Your awareness increases, you will react less to your history and be more able to make conscious choices in the here-and-now.

Next to the life changing results mentioned above you will have a lot of fun in this workshop. Dancing, connecting, discovering, expanding, accepting and learning together with like-minded people from all over the world is in itself worth the time and the investment.

What is bodywork?
Bodywork is using touch, movement, voice and breath to be able to feel more, express more and experience more of yourself. Your unconscious, as well as your emotions, reside in your body. Whereas we in our daily lives often restrict our breathing and tense up our bodies in order to get through the day, you can literally discover new sides of yourself by breathing deeper, feeling more and getting more body awareness. You will become a ‘human being’ rather than a ‘human doing’, relaxing with who you are rather than being lost in the questions of your mind.

What is breath-work?
The way a person breathes says something about their past as well as their present state of being. By deliberately using connected breathing to allow more oxygen and nourishment into your system, you will be able to access those parts of you where you hold unprocessed feelings and old pain. Through processing energy blocks and old traumas space for personal growth, relaxation and inner peace.

Breath is a subtle and at the same time very powerful force that almost effortlessly awakens and moves energy. It will bring you in contact with a deeper knowledge, a felt sense, the wisdom of the body It is significant that the word ‘inspiration’ literally means ‘to breathe in’. So, breath-work will inspire you and move you.
In a breathing session we will also work with music and with touch.
I don’t consider myself a dancer. Can I still participate?
If you have a body, you are a dancer. In fact, nobody can dance like you do! You are the only one who can dance your dance and if you are not going to do it, who will? We invite you to not try to ‘do it right’, but to use this chance to discover new sides of yourself. The beauty of dance is that it is one of the most enjoyable ways to discover yourself.

Dropping your own expectations and allowing your body to move the way it wants, you will experience letting go. In this letting-go you will feel a mix of fear and excitement, but it will feel familiar (as a child you did this all the time!). It is a proces of learning to trust yourself again.

This a retreat with bodywork and movement. Can I participate if I have physical limitation?
Most people of all ages will be able to participate in the activities. When needed we will offer alternative ways to participate, to cater to special needs of the participants.

If you feel your needs are special, please let us know when you book.

I cannot speak English so well. Will that be a problem in the group?
If you can understand and speak basic English you will have no problem. There will be more people for whom English is a foreign language. When needed be we can translate into French, Dutch, German and Norwegian.

The most important language will be understanding the language of the body, especially your own! That will be an important part of your journey.

Can I attend with my partner, family member or friend?
Yes, no problem. However, we would like both you to integrate with the group. Sometimes you will work together in partners and sometimes with other people.

Is it possible to also have individual sessions Rebalancing?
In the two days before the start of the workshop, and also the two days after the group is over, you can book sessions with the group leaders.

The advantage of coming before the group starts is that you can have some time to arrive, feel at home, already get to know people and indeed take a session or two Rebalancing. By the time the workshop begins you are all ready to go.

Should you choose to stay longer after the group, individual sessions Rebalancing can help you integrate your experiences in the workshop. Another reason to receive Rebalancing is of course that it feels really good.

Why should I choose to do a workshop instead of doing individual work with a therapist?
They are different experiences and both have value.

In a group your learning is intensified by the presence of others. By watching other people grow and learn, you will be able to identify with them and apply what you see to yourself. The feedback you will get from others is also very valuable. We all have our blind spots. Telling others what you see and also listening to what they have to tell you really speeds up your growth. The other thing about participating in a group is that learning with others is more fun and you learn better when you’re having fun! That has even been proved by scientific research.

In a one-on-one situation with a therapist the advantage is that you can really focus on you; your issues, your emotions, your needs and your solutions. You get help specifically tailored to you personally. Some people prefer individual work as it helps them feel more safe and more able to open up.

What does the daily program look like?
Generally the program will look like this:
7.30 - 8.30 morning meditation
8.30-10 - breakfast and showers
10-13.30 morning program
13.30-15.30 lunch break
15.30-19.30 afternoon program
19.30-21 dinner break
21-22.30 evening program

We may very well change this frame work according to the needs of the participants. We will put in some integration time and free time.

Since the area is very beautiful and we are close to the beach, we will plan some of the activities outside.

What will be the accommodation and the food be like?
The group-room is on the beach. The individual accommodations are all on the same terrain. The nature is beautiful, the beach is quiet, the water is warm and the people are very friendly.

During the whole retreat, we will have our own cook, who will prepare every meal for us. The food will be vegetarian, very tasteful and prepared with love and attention.

If you have a special diet, please let us know. Our cook is curious and creative and loves to find out together with you what is possible.

What do I do if I feel a need for further guidance and development after the retreat is over?
If you’re living in Holland you can book sessions with one of the three group leaders (or other Rebalancers) to work on integration or simply move on in your personal growth. The School of Rebalancing also offer a number of courses for further education, also in English.

If you live in another country, you can choose to come for a workshop lead by an english speaking group-leader. You may want to combine that with one or more individual sessions, for example before the workshop and also after.

Sessions via Skype can be arranged. Connecting through e-mails is of course also an option.

If you feel the need to follow up on your issues after the retreat is over, or you want to train as a Rebalancer please get in touch with us.

What is it that makes you excited about this workshop?
Rebalancing combined with movement, dance and meditation is really my thing. I am a great lover of music and dance. Bodywork has been my saviour this lifetime. I want this group to be loving, fun and bring great healing to the participants. I know that so much is possible when we all pool our energies together and become vulnerable and trusting. I have 20 years of experience in group-work and I am still flabbergasted by the magic induced by movement.

I am excited about giving this retreat in such a beautiful place! I also look forward to work with such a lovely team of colleagues. We are offering such a rich combination of bodywork, breath-work, voice-work and dance that I know that we will touch people and help them transform. By bringing attention to the body and moving it, the outcome will be joy and aliveness.

I really like to work with people from different cultures. People are the same and unique at the same time. I expect a melting pot of different people, bringing with them their different ways of behaviour and values.
I am very thankful for guiding you into this journey.
I really look forward to meet many people from all over Europe who are interested in Rebalancing bodywork, consciousness and awareness! It will be a very special journey, moving and loving yourself. The combination of using the vibration of your voice, and letting energy flow through your body will give healing, excitement and joy.

I am teaching at the Rebalancing School in The Netherlands for 15 years now. With every new group I work with, I am excited about the group-dynamic and also for what will happen with everyone individually.
All this, in the environment of the splendid nature on Corsica. All ingredients are there: you, nature, the environment, professional guidance, trust, beauty, silence, curiosity, gladness, connection… Let the Magic happen!

About This Event

Would you like to be more in charge of your life? To become more connected with what you feel and what really drives you? To be more authentic and embodied? And next to that also be able to unwind and relax?

Get out of your usual rut and take the trip to Corsica for the international Rebalancing retreat, The Magic of Movement. Surrounded by splendid nature and guided by an experienced team of facilitators you will gain more awareness of your own mind-body connection and become the authentic and embodied person you always wanted to be. Accessing your own inner purpose will give you more confidence and ability to make the right decisions for yourself in the here-and-now.

Through Rebalancing massage you will discover you own healing abilities and learn to truly relax. Dance, movement and active meditation structures will get you moving and make you feel at home in your body. Bodywork will loosen up your tensions and get your energy streaming. Through personal inquiry, meditation and mindfulness you learn to trust yourself and attain greater inner peace. 

Our group-room is by the beach. You will sleep on the premises and you can choose whether to stay in a house or in a tent. You can extend your stay if you like to enjoy a holiday on Corsica. This 5-day retreat goes from Monday to Friday. Everyone is welcome regardless of profession, age or previous experience.

“The body is your friend. It is not your enemy.
Listen to its language and by and by, as you enter into the book of the body and you turn its pages, you will become aware of the whole mystery of life”. Osho 

Venue Highlights

The retreat will take place in Bravone on Corsica. The venue is called Bagheera and is beautifully situated by the beach.


Please see (contact info blocked) for information on accommodation.

Menu Types

  • Vegetarian

bodywork breathwork dance meditation movement rebalancing

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