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Reconnection: Amazon and Andes Medicine Retreat (part I) (sold out)

About This Event

Each of us would like to exist here and now, would like to act with childlike peace in accordance with its internal voice. Be in harmony and abundance. Have a sense of purpose, feel connected with each other, with people, with nature, with the cosmos.

Individualism, technology, ubiquitous consumerism, lack of time makes us feel more and more lost, tired and sad. Change is possible, if we confront what does not serve us, we will accept it and take action.

We invite you to Peru for a transformative trip into the depths, to rebuild and renew the lost connection, by silencing the mind, working with plants, living as a community, meditation, massages, contact with wild nature, with the elements. You can renew your potential, find a new way in life, heal your physical and mental illness, solve emotional traumas from childhood and adulthood, heal relationships, creatively inspire yourself, have mystical and spiritual experience, discover new or forgotten talents.


In the Amazonian part of the trip, we will immerse ourselves in the daily life of the forest settlement. We will live in wooden houses deep in the forest, in jungle conditions. We experience a very strong and intense energy that fills the constantly singing and evolving forest. Wild forest is litmus paper, there is no comfort in it, it will show all the complexities of the ego, it is a place of verification of views, a field for cooperation training. Therefore, during our event, we want to try to live as a collective tribe, a well-functioning collective organism. Together we will meditate, work, cooking ayahuasca, but also there will be time for internal explorations, individual work, body work, relax and intimate conversations. The central axis of our forest transformations will be the night juggling ceremonies where with the sounds of Shipibo icaros, in total present and mindfulness, we will throw away what is old and unnecessary for us, we will travel, heal, feel and understand. We will connect.

Each day we will start with a half-hour morning meditation and half-hour body work and breath work.

1 April 

We will meet in the city of Iquitos, a unique city of outcasts and runaways from the old world. The only such a large city in the world, with no road access, which can only be reached by boat or plane. We will leave Iquitos in the direction of Nauta and our forest camp. We will travel by bus and motocarro, and the last half-hour section is overcome by foot through the Amazon forest. We get acquainted with the life in the settlement : accommodation, shared lunch and meeting in a circle.

2 April

In the morning, we start working with ayahuasca, cleaning lianas, washing leaves, collecting wood. In the evening, we go to the first Shipibo ceremony to the nearby maloca. The traditional Shipibo ritual with the wonderful singer and healer with the soft, feminine voice : Matilda Gomez Silvano and her fellow shamans. They work together in the old style, create a sophisticated, deep ceremonial and healing experience.

3 April

That day we rest after the events of the previous night. After a light jungle breakfast, it is time to chill in a hammock or walk to the local waterfall. However, this is not a day without any obligations. Just after sunrise, we start the fire under pots with our medicine and watch over cooking late into the night.

4 April

We continue to brew our soup of the vine. It is also a day of expression. Before noon there will be an artistic workshop with intentions, and in the afternoon a session with ecstatic dance.

Ecstatic dance : Allow yourself to be a witness of your body, mind, (contact info blocked) the presence of awareness. To be a witness of your natural, authentic movement, which is not coming from your (contact info blocked) just is, as it (contact info blocked) through you, like a wave. With each exhalation we are going to release control, tensions, fears from our body and surrender. More and more into presence through hyperventilation, spontaneous movement, shaking, observation of what is appearing in us.  

5 April

Walk to the small fishing town of Nauta, we will see local life on the river, city market. In the afternoon a meeting in a circle. We devote our free time to meditation and preparation for the second night ceremony of Shipibo.

6 April

After breakfast, we will go by boat along the Maranon river. If we're lucky, we'll meet magical pink and gray Amazonian dolphins. In the afternoon a meeting in a circle - how to integrate psychedelic experience.

7 April

In the morning we will visit the forest camp of our shaman Matilda, then we will prepare for the last, third night with medicine. 

8 April

We start the day with a light jungle breakfast, 3-4 hour walk through the jungle, our goal will be to visit the huge tree. After lunch, the integration session - meeting in a circle, and in the evening the second part of the ecstatic dance.

9 April

Transfer to Iquitos. We will visit the most interesting parts of it, an eccentric market and port in the Belen district and a colonial passage over the Amazon. In the afternoon we have time to rest before an intense adventure in the mountains.

This part of the retreat costs 650 $ and includes: transfer Iquitos - Nauta, Nauta - Iquitos, full board and accommodation in Psychonauta forest base, 3 Ayahuasca ceremonies under the care of the Shipibo tribe, private diagnosis and consultation with Matilda, integration sessions and private consultations with a psychologist (if necessary), plant baths, rapé and mapacho ceremonies, boat trip on Maranon river, guide care and translation, and all activities described in the schedule.

Additionally available:

Sessions with Kambo /donationAdditional private ceremony with ayahuasca / 120 USDFascial massage / 1,5 h - 50 USDTemple Hawaiian massage Lomi Lomi Nui / 1,5h - 50 USDShamanic elemental massage - Kahi Loa / 1h - 40 USDTantric massage / 50 USD

Temple Hawaiian massage Lomi Lomi Nui - a ritual of touch, full body massage excluding intimate places with warm oil, the touch is smooth and deep, the masseur moves around the table, working mainly forearms and treating the client's body like an instrument, trying to enter into the state of flow . It allows relieving and gradual removal of baggage accumulated in the body of trauma and tensionS. This massage is a tool for transformation, harmonization and holistic healing of the body, mind and spirit. /about 1,5h

Shamanic elemental massage - Kahi Loa - It is a deep energetic work with the qualities of the 4 elements (fire-burning of what is in store, old, already unhealthy for us, water-cleansing of what has been burnt, moisturizing, nutrition, wind / space - opening to new possibilities, perspectives, directions; / stone - building solid foundations, strength, efficient power) then with the energy of plants, animals and people supporting us. It is a holistic work with the body and spirit that enables us to release what no longer serves us, heal and transform traumas, wounds, emotions, experiences, Deep work with the subconscious that brings relief, freshness, space for new, healthy, what we are ready to accept. The session lasts up to 1h, no oil is used, it is performed on a person in clothes, work is done mainly at the energy level

Fascial massage - the myofascial energetic dis-armouring works on three levels: physical, emotional and energetic. In the physical sphere it removes fascia contraction , dissolves pain and increases the range of body movements. It improves blood and lymph flow and restores body's natural ability to detoxify. In consequence our movements gain more grace and the body becomes more receptive.In the emotional level - the removal of fascial tension releases old emotions and traumas. Massage also removes energy blockades and improves energy flow in the body so as a result we feel more vital and we can go deeper into energy practices. The aim of this practice is to learn how to contact with our body which after each session will speak to you louder and louder.

Tantric massage - The touch of the soul, the touch of the heart, the massage of the physical and energetic body, being a presence for another human being, in accepting what is coming. Full-body oil massage, with the possibility of yoni, lingam, anus massage - at the first session, excluding these areas. In respect of the borders of the receiving and giving person. Adapted to the needs of the recipient. It can be performed without physical touch, only energetically. This is not an erotic massage. Person who is receiving the massage remains passive and does not interfere with the massaging. Recalling the connection with the heart, with the source in us, raising the energy of the body, harmonizing the flow, clearing nadis, releasing tensions and traumas. It can be a therapy and a return to oneself, interior, unity. Bringing bliss, lightness, peace, reminiscent of the pleasure of being in the body again. The touch in the tantric massage is delicate, performed very slowly in the total presence of the massage, bringing a feeling of love and taking care of yourself and your body, deeply relaxing. The session lasts from 1h to 2h - the price is constant regardless of the duration

Maximum 12 participants

Trip guide:

Błażej Czwojdziński „Blez” 

A traveler and psychologist, one of the builders of the base in the Amazon forest. Fascinated by the potential of plants with psychedelic properties in the transformation process. In his work he helps to pass border experience safely, is a translator and guide in contact with local healers, and conducts integration sessions.  (contact info blocked)

The whole retreat program : (contact info blocked)35469/reconnection-amazon-and-andes-medicine-retreat#partner

This is a genuine and caring community of people with deep knowledge of medicine, man, and nature. Beautifully situated in both the jungle and in the mountains they work closely with the locals and the land. My stay was very healing, and not the least tremendously fun! I wholeheartedly recommend anyone who are looking for real transformation to check it out, and also consider a longer stay. - Dabao Lu

Event Highlights

  • PART I - JUNGLE MEDICINE RETREAT 1-9 April / costs 650 $ and includes: transfer Iquitos - Nauta, Nauta - Iquitos, full board and accommodation in Psychonauta forest base, 3 Ayahuasca ceremonies under the care of the Shipibo tribe, private diagnosis and consultation with Matilda, integration sessions and private consultations with a psychologist (if necessary), plant baths, rapé and mapacho ceremonies, boat trip on Maranon river, guide and translation, and all activities described in the schedule.

Venue Highlights

We realize our dream, living and working in the deep Amazon forest, near plants, close to nature, close to the local healers' community. We deeply believe in the power of medicine. We came to this piece of land in 2015, slowly and prudently built houses and infrastructure, so as to least interfere with the forest we found at the beginning. We designed the whole resort with the idea of deep work with plants during diets in the shipibo tradition.


All our guests during diets are accommodated in single-person wooden houses equipped with a mattress, hammock and mosquito net. In the resort there are two large communal houses in which live shamans and guides, and there is a shared space where workshops and ceremonies take place, kitchen available for everyone, ecological shower and shared toilet. We do not use electric generators for gasoline, we collect electricity from the solar panel. We collect water for washing and bathing from rain, we take drinking water from deep well and filter it with a specialized filter. We try to live as close to nature as possible, without disturbing its rhythm.



Our center is located in Peru, near Nauta, on a 24 hectare plot of wild Amazonian forest, 2 kilometers away from the Maranon River. It is best to fly to Iquitos in the Loreto region and then continue by car, taxi or public transport on route number 103. From Nauta you can reach the resort on foot in about 40 minutes. Usually, we pick up our clients from the airport or main square in Iquitos and provide a private transfer to our resort. So you do not have to worry about how to reach us, our carers will pick you up from a previously agreed, easy to find place.

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My last retreat at SMC was so inspiring and so relaxing. But i'd love to have more time there to spend at the Stupa, visit the Kami shrine, and generally interact with the beautiful enlightened society happening on that entire land. Brett

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