Healing from Trauma: Journey of the Warrior-Mystic

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  • 375 Panterkill Road PO Box 70 Phoenicia, NY 12464 United States
  • May 2 - 5, 2019 (4 days)
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About This Event

PTSD is not a modern phenomenon. And yet a paradox of modern life is that almost everyone, male or female, combat veteran or civilian, ends up carrying the effects of some kind of personal trauma. This retreat is designed for both male and female participants, civilian or military, who are interested in exploring the time-honored archetype of the Warrior-Mystic.

Throughout time immemorial, the Warrior has returned from battle, traumatized, and thus been sent for healing to the mountains and the guru, the jungle and the shaman, the woods and the yogi, and the monastery and the priest. There, he or she would learn the path of the Mystic, in order to integrate their experiences, face and accept their daemons, and find communion, transmutation, and transcendence with their Higher Power.

This is the healing archetype of the Warrior-Mystic, and yet it is essentially unknown in today’s Western world, haunted as it is with millions of trauma survivors, both from endless war and the sufferings of modern life. Warrior-Mystic Therapy seeks to reintroduce this archetype into contemporary therapy, by fusing ancient mystic yogic practices and techniques with cutting edge healing modalities.

Led by Owen Powell, a 25-year military retiree (USMC, US Army) and combat veteran of Iraq, the Warrior-Mystic retreat will incorporate an Interfaith, interdisciplinary approach to healing from trauma.

Topics include: Kundalini Yoga. Guided meditation and visualization. Sound healing. Mindfulness training. Jungian depth psycho-analysis. Joseph Campbell and the 17 Stages of the Monomyth. Archetypal psychology. Shaman circle and journeying. Fire pit and drum circle. Group meditation hikes. Communing with Nature. Transmutative Alchemy. The study and practice of Interfaith Spirituality, Mythology and Mysticism. Individual and team-building events. Anima and Animus: your inner Divine Feminine and Sacred Masculine. Chakras and the Subtle Body Energy System. The Warrior-Mystic throughout History.

We will especially explore the transmutative aspects of the Fierce Deities of Vajrayana Tibetan Tantric Buddhism.

The aim of the course is to help introduce the participant to their own sense of the Divine, the joyous Light within, which is the key common denominator in all esoteric practices, and the experience of which is deeply, even magically, healing.

A key aspect of Warrior-Mystic Therapy is embodying the archetype in fun and innovative ways. To this end, if you have costume items that help you to embody your inner Warrior or Mystic, feel free to bring them to the retreat. Shaman ponchos, wizard robes, LARPing armor, ngakpa cloaks and the like are all welcome. Please, leave your sharp edged weapons at home, although play swords and lightsabers are welcome.

Interfaith, Open to all genders, backgrounds and levels of experience.


Thursday, May 2nd

3 – 8pm Check-In

6 – 7pm Dinner

7:30 – 9:30pm Course Orientation (Powell/Nanavati)–Overview–Introductions–Archetypes of the Warrior-Mystic through History–‘Battle Buddies’ pairing

9:30pm Fire pit

Friday, May 3rd

6:30 – 8am Shambhala Yoga class (Powell)

8:00 – 9am Breakfast

9:30 – 11:45am Class: Introduction to Interfaith Mysticism

12 – 4pm Day ‘Tactical’ Meditation Hike with Nature Shaman Circle and Cairn Building Lunch: MREs

4 – 6pm Fire & Ice Challenge (Fabian Kuttner)

6 – 7pm Dinner

7 – 9pm Sunset Qi Gong (Paul Bloom)

9pm Drum Circle/Fire Pit

Saturday, May 4th

6:30 – 8am Shambhala Yoga Class (Powell)

8 – 9am Breakfast

9:30 – 11:45am The Cadeceus and the Subtle Body Energy System

12 – 1pm Lunch

1 – 4pm The Cadeceus and the Subtle Body Energy System

4 – 6pm Spa/Free Time

6 – 7pm Tai Chi style Lightsaber

7 – 9pm Sunset ‘Tactical’ Meditation Hike and Tribal Dinner

9pm Drum Circle/Fire Pit

Sunday, May 5th

6:30 – 8am Shambhala Yoga (Powell)

8 – 9am Breakfast

9:30 – 12am Comparative Enlightenment: Ascension and Gnostic Light (Powell)-Closing Ceremony

7:30 – 11am Check-out

12 – 1pm Lunch & Departure

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